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Memoirs of Our Family

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FC: Our Wonderful Family!

1: Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Me, 2 Chapter 2 – My Brothers, 6 Chapter 3 – My Parents, 12 Chapter 4 – My Family As a Whole In Everything We Passed Through, 14

2: CHAPTER 1: ME I was born on January 6, 1995. I was named Nico. I am the last of us brothers in the family. I first studied at Morning Star. After that, I then studied at Mayfield Montessori during my nursery up to my kinder years. For my prep, I studied at Claret School of Quezon City. It was really funny remembering that when I was at prep up to grade 2, I always wanted my parents to stay with me outside the classroom and I cry if they would be out of my sight. I really don’t know why I got pimples too early.

3: For when I was in grade 3 or 4, I already have it and lots of it. I was very, very chubby when I was still young. It was just grade 5 when I started lessening the food I ate. | Then there in grade 6 I saw the change in my weight and I really saw that I got slimmer. Also during grade 6, I and my parents are planning to move to another school to avoid grade 7. I thought that maybe there were lessons taught in grade 6 that I missed for other schools. So then, we had our decision. I will continue studying at Claret.

4: When I Graduated grade 7, I started feeling that I already got far in life. I was really happy, for I really tried my best. I continued studying at Claret for high school up to now. I’m just a simple person. In seeing me for the first time of your life, you might think I’m obnoxious. Well, I’m not. I’m fun to be with if you want me to be with you. I’m helpful, if you want me to help you. I’m a loving person, if you want me to love you. I can do everything you want me to be, if you would just tell me to.

5: Anyone can be my friend. I’m not a snob. Just approach me and feel nothing bad. I’m just a type of person who can be anyone you like. I easily adapt with anyone. You can tell me anything about me. For my whole life I bring this quotation saying: “hear what you have to hear not what you want to hear.” In my family, I act as one who really is worried when one family member is not at my sight. I make noise for our family to be happy one. I love bonding with my family in anyway. I do not let something bad against my family to be said by anyone for I know it’s not true. I will always treasure my family. I know with my whole heart and mind that my family is the happiest family in the entire world.

6: CHAPTER 2: MY BRO’S I have three brothers. They are Theodore John, Laurence Alfred and Krister. I really love my brothers even if sometimes they always make me mad. To start is with my brother Krister. He is third from the oldest of us brothers. He was born on April 24, 1990. He is now 19 years old. | He studied at Claret from prep to high school. He is a member of batch Grandeur. He really is good in playing basketball. In fact, he really became a member of the varsity. He didn’t like the training for it was very tiring, so he stopped. He is now studying for college at University of Santo Tomas. The course he chose was Civil Engineering, like my father. He is already at the 3rd year and there are 2 more years to go for him to graduate. I believe that he is the one in our family who is quiet. Sometimes he is also high-tempered. For I always make fun of him every time and he gets angry.

7: Also there are times where he is very happy and we play ps3 or basketball together. I believe that up to now, his love towards our family is really thoughtful. | Next is my brother Laurence Alfred. We call him “LA” for short. He was born on November 22, 1988 at Cardinal Santos. He is second in from the eldest in our family. He is already a Registered Nurse for he already PASSED the BOARD EXAM. He studied at Claret School of Quezon City during his grade school and he transferred at Colegio de San Lorenzo at high school. At course of nursing, he studied first at Trinity. Unfortunately he failed one of the battery exams. He then transferred at Capitol to continue his course.

8: Before the Board Exam I really saw the determination of him in his studies, because for 2 months from April to June 2009. He reviewed at Merge. After the reviews, the big day came, the board exam. It was on June 9 and 10. He then waited for the results. The release of the results was exact with the birthday of my father it was on July 24, 2009. He PASSED. All of us were very, very happy! Also when his girlfriend, Ate Fatima, became pregnant. At first mom and dad was mad, but as the time goes on, they were very happy for they knew that the baby of Ate Fatima and him was a girl. For mom and dad wanted a girl as a daughter. Also that my brother already passed the board exam and he was ready. On November 7, 2009, we were really in sorrow, all of us. My brother LA and Ate Fatima’s daughter was premature and has Dwarfism. On November 17, 2009, Laurice Angela, named after my brother, died. We can’t even go out for our family day (every Sunday) during those times. Still my brother kept being strong. Until now, I know there is still sorrow inside him.

9: He is also good in basketball for I believe all of us brothers do. His attitude towards the family is he is the one who is very “makulit”. He makes our family laugh of his “kakulitan”. Also when we were young he was my “mortal na kaaway”. It’s very funny remembering those days. He is now matured, as I see for he already lessened the non-sense activities. Also we are now close, we play games together. I believe that he really loves and cares for our and his own family. | Last is my brother Theodore John. We call him “TJ” for short. He was born on February 14, 1986. He is already 23 years old right now. He is the eldest of us brothers. He already graduated at course of Computer Engineering. He works at Sea Change.

10: He also studied at Claret School of Quezon City during grade school and transferred at Colegio de San Lorenzo for high school. For his course of Computer Engineering he studied at MIT. He then graduated on 2007. At first he worked at Paycheck at Makati and then He transferred at Lakeside Technologies. During his early times at Lakeside he was already sent to United States of America for their Company’s client called A.T.I. He was very close with the bosses in that company. He stayed there for, at first they said, 4 weeks. Because of the GOOD WORK, he was extended for 4 months. His extension affected the Christmas season. It was the first time for us to celebrate Christmas with incomplete family members. It was very sad. Then came the global recession, actually he really was not affected by the recession, but the benefits of the company. He transferred at Sea Change located at the techno hub. It was very near at our house, only two jeepneys. Right now, he still works there.

11: His attitude towards the family is very nice. He makes sure everything is alright. I believe that he is very hardworking and together with that is being nice to others. He is also sweet towards us and acts what a big brother should be to his younger brother. Also he protects us from the bad people around us. I really believe he loves us very much.

12: CHAPTER 3: MY PARENTS My father is Teodoro Quebec Crisostomo. We call him daddy. He was born on July 24, 1956 at Carigara, Leyte. He was the 9th child of Mrs. Irlanda and Mr. Trinidad Crisostomo. He obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1978 at Divine Word University. My mother is Elizabeth Crisostomo. She was the 2nd child of Mrs. Leoty and Mr. Alfredo Chua. She was born on March 18, 1955 in Makati City. She obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service at Lyceum of the Philippines in 1977.

13: My mother work at Bayer Philippines, Inc. In 1981 as an Administrator-Supervisor while my dad worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia as a Civil Engineer. My mom and dad were introduced by my mom’s officemate in 1982 when my dad had his vacation here in Manila. They became close friends and after a couple of months became sweethearts. On December 10, 1983, they married at Our Lady of Grace Church in Makati. They were blessed with four children; name Theodore John (23 yrs old), Laurence Alfred (20 yrs old), Krister (19 yrs old) and me. My parent’s main objective in their life is to provide best education for us and a successful career, as well as a happy family life of their own in the future.

14: CHAPTER 4: MY FAMILY AS A WHOLE IN EVERYTHING THAT WE PASSED THROUGH: When I was not yet born, Mom, Dad, and my big brothers TJ, LA, and Krister lived at project 8 since 1983. They transferred at Tandang Sora on 1989. As I have said, we are a very happy family. In every problem we pass through nothing had broken the toughness of the knit of our family. One BIG problem was on my brother LA, when ate Fatima got pregnant and the daughter of them got premature. We were very, very sad and still we stood strong. For the time that we knew the child was a girl, we were really happy. It’s receiving a priceless gift from God, but everything stopped.

15: Every summer, we always go to Carigara, Leyte, our province, to visit my grandmother and my other cousins and uncle and aunts. We are close-knit family. We love going there for it is a very nice place. We go to different places for we love adventure. We love swimming. We already went to Boracay, Puerto Galera, Cebu, Bohol, Subic, Clark, Leyte, Hong Kong and Macau. To end with my story is, I believe that there are many families not just in the Philippines but the whole world are having family members separated with each other and some are having a bad brother or sister and worse, bad parents. For us who have a great relation with our family, we should treasure each moment with them for we are lucky, love them with your whole heart.

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