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Memories - Page Text Content

S: Happy 80th Birthday!

BC: May your birthday bring you as much happiness and love as you've brought to so many others in the course of 80 wonderful years!

1: Memories that make you smile Moments to savor awhile Here is to the 80 years you have lived. Thanks for all the love you give!

4: Make a wish!

5: family

8: Meals at Jorge's

14: Today is your day! | The Hamptons

15: Golden Memories for my friend Gwen!!!! Where do I start??? Oh, so many years ago, 1967.... I first met Gwen at "our" beauty shop owned by Sudye...remember? (I think that Johnny and Jack already knew each other in the oil field). I was so impressed because you had twins and I had always thought that I wanted twins! (Little did I know). The next episode occurred when our Tom was in the fourth grade and brought one of the twins home to spend the night... Tommy cooked breakfast the next morning and your son was so impressed that he went home and wanted you to teach him how to cook eggs...his report to Tom was.... "Mom didn't want me to mess up her kitchen!" True story??? We now skip to the mid-nineties when we all began to need knee replacements and then rehab at the COM (due to skiing? or too many kids to chase after?)... what fun we've had each morning these last few years visiting and exercising in that "lovely" warm water....I still miss 'good old COM' even tho' I've found a great facility at Forth Worth. Time progresses through Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries together at the Petroleum Club...so many fond memories for all of us. I also remember the disappointment that Johnny and I had when you couldn't make it up to Vallecito to see us when you and the family celebrated your 50th in Colorado! I know that you and Jack are in your 60th and we are now in our 61st year together. Unbelievable!!!! I once read that if you have at least six 'true friends' throughout a lifetime that you are indeed "Blessed". Dear Gwen... I am blessed and you are at the top of the list!!!! May WE have many more years to go....All my love, Syl

16: Remember when we lived a street over in Abilene. Lots of backyard parties and bridge. Going to Hobbs, New Mexico to a golf tournament and watching Fred & Jack play golf and dancing the night away. Going to A&M football games. We went to a drive-in movie while the boys went to the game. | Have always loved you as one of my best friends and miss you so much. Thank you and Jack for being so good to me after Fred died. Would love for you to move to Ft. Worth!

17: How was I to know that a chance meeting at the door of Mabee Health Care Center would lead to one of my most treasured friendships.- Gwen was coming in and I was going out. She was fighting back tears and I wanted her to know that I too had been there. We bonded immediately and were there every day (at Manor Park) shared tears, laughter and promised one another that we would be role model mothers if we were faced with nursing home care. Gwen I have been so blessed to have you and Jack in my life. You are always just a phone call away. Love always, dear Gwen. Pat

18: Remembering after Kelley you taught me how to clean house, fix 3 meals a day, care for the baby, do laundry, and have makeup and fresh clothes on all before Bill came home from work! Amazing!!! All my friends wanted to know your Secret! I call you my "Martha Stewart" Mom! I'm so glad you're my Mother. You could mow your lawn, wash the car, house be in order, kids fed and bathed all ready for the sitter and you be dressed "to kill" and go dancing with Dad and friends or clients. "I could never do all that in one day."

19: Of all the wonderful memories, the one that stands out the most is when I called Susan the day after our "all night party" and you were swatting her with the fly swatter telling her "don't tell him you love him!!"

20: Gwen, First let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I just can't believe we are 80. Old age is not always golden but having you as a friend along the way makes it golden. It is also said Old Age is not for Sissies, and Boy! is that true, due to all our aches and pains! What Beautiful Memories we have of all the fun times we had no matter where we were. The Memory I will always cherish of you, Gwen, is the New Year's Eve Party when you did the Indian Rain Dance to bring us some needed rain. To everyone's surprise it really poured down that night. Did we ever try to solve all the problems of the world at your bar or my kitchen table over a toddy. By the time we finished solving all those problems it would be dinner time and a call to Jack and Don took care of that. What fun we had going to your Mom's, and then on to Susan's. At Susan's our going to LaBares was surely an eye-opener-fun and many laughs. All of our Bridge games with such a fun group of ladies was a memory not to be forgotten. Sometimes we talked more

21: than playing bridge. Without saying more I know you remember all the fun and not so fun times we had at the Egyptian Room and 007. I could go on and on, but had better stop-- Gwen, I shall always cherish the memory of the beautiful flower arrangement you made for Don, and brought to the funeral home! You and Jack were truly my anchors during both Mike and Don's deaths. To a very special Friend. I love you, Patsy

22: Our Holidays Together | Your Annalee Dolls.

23: The Christmas Stockings you made for everyone that hung over the fireplace. Even the cats had one. | Santa coming to your house. Place cards on tables. | Your beautiful Christmas Trees.

24: The Pilgrim Troll Doll table favors. The beautiful embroidered Christmas stockings you made, | Christen's poems. Shopping trips together. | Making and eating snow ice cream. Drinking Eggnog.

25: The party's here! | Our quarter books.

27: Good Times!

28: Aerobics in cold diving tank. Marlyn | You were the best "swing kick backward" we had. Ellie | Miss you working out next to me! Love, Nell | COM | Helping us learn water aerobics. Martha and George Tope | Gossiping at water aerobics. Ava Jane Fuller

29: These pictures tell their own story. Lois Bell | Janie Mackey's Costume Party | Birthday 1972 | Cooling off in the river at Hunt, TX | 1972 Girl's Trip. Hunt, TX

31: Birthday Wishes | Our trips to Colorado

32: Make a Wish!

34: I remember you serving breakfast every morning to Granddaddy and the rest of us who visited. I remember working on puzzles and playing cards with you. I remember going to the craft store to find fun things for me to do while staying in Midland...shrink e dinks, sewing kits, and so much more.

35: I remember planning, preparing and celebrating my birthday parties in your backyard making sure everything was perfect - and it was. I remember sharing our thoughts about books we've read, watching you and granddaddy dance at our wedding, all the time you made bread pudding for me after countless surgeries, and all the fun times spent with you and granddaddy....thanks for the memories grandmother!

36: Our fond memories go back to our first home on Pecan. Gwen and Jack lived on Pine one block away. Our daughter Peggy, "baby sat" for the James'. Gwen and I would visit by phone, I always look forward to our talks. We have talked about our love of meatloaf sandwiches, which consist of meatloaf and miracle whip salad dressing! One time, Gwen and I were in Connecticut on our way to Nantucket and we were waiting for the fog to lift so we could fly to Nantucket. It kept getting later and later in the day so we rushed to catch the boat to Nantucket before the last trip of the day. We really had fun on trips when the wives met the men on the sailing trips- Bermuda, Bahamas, Florida, St. Thomas, New England or Nantucket.

37: The Brown's

38: Lighting up the room with your laughter while singing the songs Jesse wrote. | All the times you knew I needed a "love pat" to show I was not alone and loved. All the times you listened. But above all believing in me... Our trip to the Midland laundry mat in your yellow LTD and our countless trips to Albertson's.

39: Wishing you everything happy for your birthday! | Sitting on the couch looking through all of the family photo albums and listening to the stories.

40: A Favorite Remembrance of Gwen James by Sue Conly I do not know the exact year we became friends with Jack and Gwen James- had to be around 1984 or 1985. We were enrolled in the same Country and Western Dance classes and we danced many, many hours in many different places and towns. Gwen with her favorite drink, Old Crow Bourbon and Coke, others choose Scotch, vodka, rum and better Bourbon, Gwen loved her Old Crow. There were five couples, John and Delores Davis, Jack and Gwen James, Fred and Mary Margaret Byrom, Bill Dillon and wife, and Bert and Sue, we partied together celebrated birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and holidays and traveled to our house at Horseshoe Bay frequently for many special occasions. This memory of Gwen came from one of those trips. All five couples were at Horseshoe Bay for a New Year's Eve celebration. We planned to drive over to a great Dance Hall-A Little Bit of Texas located between Marble Falls and Kingsland. The dance hall did not have a liquor license, but informed their patrons they could bring their own Igloo coolers (ours was the longest they made). We loaded the cooler with assorted liquors, Bourbons, beer, wine, scotch, vodka, and even champagnes. We danced and partied, and celebrated the New Year with GUSTO. Time came when we loaded up our Igloo cooler, a happy group of people, pulled out on Marble Falls highway to go home. We had only gone a short distance when Gwen noticed a State Trooper behind us. Bert "our designated driver" was not speeding, was sober, and all was fine until Gwen rolled down her window, put her head and arm out the window, and started yelling and motioning for the trooper to pull us over, because she knew our driver was sober, he did not have a drink all night. So Gwen continued motioning until John Davis was able to pull Gwen back into the car, told her to be quiet before she got everyone of us arrested- we were all holding our breath until the trooper pulled around us, waved us on and was out of sight - What a relief!! We got back to Horseshoe Bay, Gwen still in party mood- she changed her clothes, putting on her bright red flannel with a drop seat, she did a little dance in front of the fireplace, had another old Crow Bourbon drink and finally called it a night. Everyone was in bed before daylight. What a great trip!!

41: A Favorite Memory of Gwen by Bert Conly My best memories of those early years as friends of Jack and Gwen included many fun, happy, great experiences. The one thing that I remember so well was on my way downtown I would drive down North I Street, side street of their house, and daily there would be Gwen, rain or shine, hot or cold, doing her yard work - mowing, edging, pruning, trimming, watering with a garden hose and sprinkler, both front and back yards. One morning I was driving by when I saw what looked like a big whirlwind, dust and dirt and leaves flying everywhere and sure enough there was Gwen down on her and knees, raking out the flower bed. I stopped and watched-asking her where was Jack, her reply-"Oh! He is in the house watching T.V.!" Gwen worked very hard in her yard. Their yard always looked better than all their neighbors. After many years of Gwen being the official Yard Man, she tired and asked Jack to please hire a regular yard person, and soon after Jack filled her other request-an automatic sprinkler system, front and back. Gwen really loved that, she thought it was the best gift ever. These are two very wonderful people, great friends, and they have a wonderful loving family. The boys and their wives, daughter Susan and husband and many loving grandchildren and great -grandchildren living all over the State of Texas. Bless the James Family our wonderful friends.

43: Joy!

44: Friends for a life time! | You are truly my BFF Love, Barbara

45: My Memories of Gwen There is not enough paper to write all my memories of Gwen -but I remember the first time I saw you --- moving into 1601 West Pine. I thought "that is the biggest stomach I've ever seen". We didn't know we were about to be blessed with two babies, or I was about to be blessed with a new best friend. I remember your "schedules". Everything at your house was done at the appointed time. I would come visit, and you always made me feel welcome, but I had to follow you around while you dusted, cleaned bathrooms - or whatever was on the schedule. You were like the "Energizer Bunny", even though we hadn't heard of him yet. You were the original. In those days, we had an old Brother Dave Gardner record, and one of his routines was about the lady who got up early to wash the windows, wash the car, mow the lawn, etc. and the lady across the street would peek through the curtains and say "She's on dope". That was you and I was the lazy neighbor!! I remember when you ran over your foot with the lawn mower and Russell told me Never to Mow The Lawn--- like I was planning to. I also remember when you spilled hot grease on your foot. Your feet really took a beating!! I remember the day Susan ran in my garage door and said "Come quick - Jeffrey fell out of the attic". With knees shaking I ran, and there you were talking on the phone to the Dr. while Jeffrey sat on the counter with a baseball-size knot on his head. You were as cool as a cucumber, and I was begging you to hurry up and leave for the hospital. I remember all the Christmas Eves we spent together, assembling toys, snacking and drinking. One year, one of the boys got a Gunsmoke Village set and when we dumped it out, it had about 10,000 tiny plastic pieces. What fun we had. I remember the day we moved to Humble Street. You came, bearing a plate of fried chicken, and we cried together.

46: I remember when I had "had it with Kelly, you'd take her home with you, put her on your cabinet, talk to her in your "sweet little baby" voice, and she'd sit there like an angel. She would've jumped over the moon, if you asked her to. I remember when Jack started playing his guitar, and he'd sing that sad song about a boy named Scotty, and we'd shed a tear every time. Oh so many memories---all of them good for me. You taught me so much, and you were always there for me--more like a sister than a friend. When I had John--and then Elizabeth-- I knew you were there, and you'd help me figure it out.The years I spent being with you everyday were the best years I remember. I loved you then--I've loved you since and I still love you. You are truly my BFF. Happy Birthday!! | Your 80th Birthday is a day to remember with pleasure, Days filled with memories and joy in full measure.

48: The Three Musketeers up a tree, Not Unusual! | HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Dear Friend And Many More Oh Blessed Gwen | So many wonderful memories and fun times with the birthday girl to mention. It all began in May of 1964, when we moved into our new home on Pine Street. A few days after we moved in, a pretty petite dark headed girl came over and introduced herself. She invited me to a morning coffee to meet the rest of the young mothers on Pine Street and this was the beginning of a very precious and lasting friendship. | I found out quickly just what a kind and thoughtful person my new friend was. One afternoon soon after we met I developed a terrible bug of some kind and ended up in bed. It was troublesome in that our younger son, Ben, had invited several of his friends over to spend the night. When Gwen heard this, she wasted no time. She invited all six of the boys to her house where they spent a fun night in the back yard topped off with a big breakfast the next morning. Ben still remembers that with great affection. So do I because the next day she shows up in my bedroom, jerks the sheets off the bed, remade the sick bed and then proceeds to my laundry. That is only one of the millions of thoughtful and kind things she has done. So many others, through the years but I don't wish to embarrass her with those stories. Let's move on to the ones that John and I remember so fondly. There was the time she looked out the window on her birthday and noticed Jack struggling to get out of the car with a large carefully wrapped, unusually long box. She groaned and said to herself, "Oh Lord, please don't let it be a weed eater." It wasn't. It turned out to be a fine set of golf clubs. But I do believe she would have used the weed eater more often. I love that story. Many times we catch ourselves saying before opening a package, "Oh Lord Don't Let It Be A Weed Eater."

49: The time our bridge club piled in Barbara's new car for a girls only weekend out. A new experience for most of us. We set off for Barbara Bruno's cabin in Hunt. We were giddy with excitement at leaving home with hubby's left at home to watch the kids. Six young women, Lois, Mary Ann, Juanita, Barbara, Gwen and me, laughing all the way until--. We had almost reached our destination when Barbara's car suddenly refused to go on. It does that when it runs out of gas. Barbara, in her haste for the fun to begin, had forgotten this most important part of a road trip. What to do? There we were, stranded on a deserted country road, few cars or houses to be seen. But later, a Utility Truck stopped and two men got out and offered to help. They had an extra can of gas which they graciously poured in the car and with many thanks we were off for Hunt once more. Clever us-- we now realized we needed more gas to keep the car moving. So upon arriving in Hunt we pulled in at the first service station. Amid lots of laughter over our predicament, we sat and waited for the young service station attendant to check under the hood. Precisely at that moment, the familiar utility truck, with our two new friends, drove past the station. Blessed Gwen, exuberantly honked the horn loudly as we all waved at our new friends as they waved back. Unfortunately the young man under the hood was last seen holding his head and weeping. We filled up the next time in Kerrville. | Big smile from the Little Lady! | Canoe going nowhere

50: My next memory is a favorite. One I have told many times. Several of our friends decided one night to visit a favorite haunt in those days, called "Bless Your Heart". We were seated at a round table waiting for the first good number to begin so we could hit the dance floor. As we sat there waiting, Deborah Bench walked over to the table. Deborah was what they now call a "Hottie". Her husband was a tough, macho, ex-prizefighter, and men usually crossed over to the other side of the street downtown to avoid him. Well we know for sure Jack and Sappington did. Deborah zeroed in on Jack that night and began a friendly conversation, to his obvious embarrassment, (You Think?). Then Deborah asked him if he would care to dance. Blessed Gwen, in a menacing unfamiliar voice snapped, "He doesn't dance". As she said that, she kicked Jack under the table. He didn't dance that night for sure. At one time we had a loving adorable dog, Hannibal, a St. Bernard, who loved the world and everyone in it. His size, 145 pounds, was intimidating to most people but not our Gwen. She shoved him aside like a stuffed toy each time he greeted her. Hannibal never gave up and no one but Gwen ever pushed Hannibal around. But now on to her more loving maternal side -- a touching story concerning her visiting grandchildren when they were very young, rambunctious and noisy. Gwen especially enjoyed entertaining them with the game of Hide and Seek, and wonder of wonders, it was always terribly hard for them to find her. You see, she had a special niche, hidden in the back of the hall closet, where she kept tons of blankets. You know how Indians are about blankets. She could stay hidden for a long, long time while the little ones happily ran about the house and yard calling for Granny. I remembered that when my own grandchildren came along. John and I have dozens more happy memories of our great times together with Jack and Gwen, two very special people. So Happy Birthday, my dearest friend, and God grant you many, many more. Love always, | Delores & John xoxo

51: Happy Birthday! | I remember when you took me to Vail. I was in the fourth grade and I felt so special to be included with the adults. | You always remembered my mother on her Birthday and at Christmas. | Going to Whataburger and playing Dominos after school.

52: The large refrigerator boxes, to build forts in the backyard. Making breakfast every morning. Vacuuming every day. Picking your thumb nail, nearly gone. Picking tobacco out of your mouth, while smoking. Drinking Old Crow every afternoon, who could blame you. Birthdays always in the backyard, every other venue must have been closed. Catching an alligator gar at lake Amistad, mom yelled as it came to the surface,"It's a shark, throw it back." | Taking care of you after surgery, carpenter ants and all!

53: Grandmother was such a "Hottie" in her pictures. She has "?" under all the boys in the pictures...not knowing their names. | Chicken Strips every Wednesday, after picking me up at Midland Christian School. Taking me to Furr's after every sporting event. Love pats. Shocked reaction as I named my balls (privates). | Going to your house every Wednesday and digging in the backyard for Rollie Pollie's, and putting them in the pink Rollie Pollie Farm.

54: I remember the week you spent organizing well balanced time consuming meals, like pot roast, tenderloin etc. - but on the 7th night you relaxed and decided to serve chili dogs. I commented, "Finally something good!"

55: I remember Grandmommy taking me to the pottery place. Also, I enjoyed racing the other cousins to the eggs at the Easter egg hunts on Easter at Grandmommy's house. | I remember the family meals at the kitchen bar. When you would warm Donuts for the family and the donuts would be crispy on the bottom, but soft and hot on top, ummmmmmm , very good!

56: These pictures are 1977 - Johnny & our 25th Anniversary. May 16 - We had a little party and of course Jack and Gwen were invited. Johnny met Jack in 1948 and me and Gwen later. And have been great friends ever since. When Johnny left Core Lab in 1971, Gwen and Jack were the first friends to come over and help us through that period - so when Trey died in 1996, Gwen and Jack were the first friends to arrive at our home on Pine Street. They knew what to say and do. We treasure their friendship. | Gena and Johnny Caldwell

57: Tommy Carpenter

58: Gwen It was proposed that I write memories of mine to be presented to my friend Gwen James at her birthday party, so let me start at the beginning. Jack James has been a friend and integral part of my life for more than 65 years. He introduced me to Gwen in 1950, which began another friendship that became another integral part of my life both of which happily continues to this day. As a young college freshman, out of school for a holiday, she was dutifully bringing her father's hot lunch to the drilling rig where he, as tool pusher, was in complete charge of the well that was being drilled and Jack was the lowly mud logger catching samples of the cuttings and examining them for fluorescence that might indicate the presence of hydrocarbons. Jack's practiced eye connected with her classic beauty and immediately set about using his considerable and highly practiced conversational skills of impressing her to consider the possibility of a more formal (date) opportunity to continue this happenstance meeting. In relative short order this became a reality and developed into a love affair and an accepted proposal of marriage. Jack passed muster with the father pretty quickly as they both spoke the same language of the oil field community and he could be expected to be a good provider as an up and coming young Petroleum Engineer. Despite several hiccups along the way, as her mother had lots of doubts about a paleface from Texas without any birthright, right up to point that the bachelor party was winding down where she solicited the groomsmen to help instigate a disturbance of such a nature to cause the local police to throw the prospective groom in jail long enough for her daughter to sanely reconsider this decision. The scheme did not work and the marriage went off wonderfully and I became a lifelong friend of her mother. After the honeymoon was over and Jack was back at work Gwen was happily recounting the recent events to me when she inadvertently blurted out the only problem was the loud squeaking bedsprings, followed by an embarrassed pause while her entire face became crimson red.

59: As the years went on through their various peaks, valleys and plateaus of life, in random and indiscriminate order, I worked overseas and even though I had family in Dallas both Abilene and Midland became my second homes as Jack, Gwen and subsequent family, as they both were only children, grew probably beyond their original expectations. On one such visit to Midland I was visiting with several of my friends in "The Pub", one of several available hangouts in the area listening to them lament as to how much trouble they all seem to get into every time I came to town and caused them to get home later than usual. In order to minimize their problems and to assuage the matter at hand I suggested they all call their wives and advise that I was inviting them all to the hottest dine and dance club in the area. They all accepted and we began the rounds of having another drink at each house while we waited for the subject wife to get ready. While waiting for five wives, including travel time between them and the "Red Rooster", located in the next town, we arrived right at the peak of the activity in the club. With all of the action we figured that the service might be slow so we ordered two large stew pots from the kitchen to be filled with ice and one filled with two quarts of scotch and the other with two quarts of bourbon. We ordered dinner and the ladies caught up quickly as we all just dipped our drinks from the respective pots and did not have to wait to get the attention of a waiter. The hot band was as reputed and Gwen was a good dancer. At one point the band broke into a Latin number and I asked Gwen to dance. She was not up on Latin music but caught on quickly and as we maneuvered around the floor she complained that her skirt was too tight for the long steps that were required so I told her just to pull it up a little. Well, it was pretty tight and she was having troubles with it so I helped her and while we were tugging to get it up a little it abruptly passed the point of maximum tightness and the whole thing came up around her waist. With her exposed garter belt and the latches holding up her hose causing increased difficulties to get it back down the band broke into the striptease number "Take if Off" and while their speakers were putting out at their maximum volumes the whole club began stomping their feet clapping to the music and Gwen's gyrations as she worked on getting that skirt back down while Jack crawled under our table trying to hide from one of his best customers that was seated at a nearby table and who was happily keeping time with the music.

60: The number ended and as our pots were about empty and other people began requesting more Latin numbers and "Take it Off" to be played again we decided it would be a good time to leave. As we gathered our crew off the dance floor to take our leave Gwen thought she might have turned her ankle in all the excitement and was having trouble walking. Since Jack had already gone for the car I suggested she hop on my shoulders, which with the help of first a chair and then a table, she did and we were off. That worked pretty well, except for the skirt thing again, until we started to enter the elevator where she did not duck and her nose tangled with the big mechanical arrow that tells what floor the elevator is on. I backed off for another attempt and with ample instructions from the crowd that had gathered, as to when to deck, we successfully entered the elevator and with prior practice unobtrusively exited the elevator. She took the honors of riding home in the first car of our caravan as we returned to Midland. As it turned out that invitation, with all of its good intentions, sort of cut several ways. Everyone did have a good time but later I was advised that it had brought up both questions and comments such as "is that where you always go" or "no wonder you are always so late" and Gwen quit believing anything. If space permitted we could also review the "Egyptian Room" action, "Club 007" and etc. Tommy

62: Dear Gwen, Happy 80th birthday! I have many happy memories of you with our family! You, Jack and Susan were the first friends of Bill's that I met after we became engaged! We went to a Drive In movie in Abilene. What fun! and Susie was so good! We bought our first home in Abilene on the same street with you all - and didn't we have fun with our morning coffee meetings! We were pregnant together with our Gary and Rhea and I went to you many times for advice! When we brought Rhea home from the hospital you were right there to give him his first bath! (I'll bet you can still remember his screams)! On our move to Midland you were once again right there- helping us all the way! You've always been such a good friend and we'll always love and appreciate you! Have a wonderful Birthday and many, many more! Love you, Char | The Womacks

63: Gwen It was a warm, blustery afternoon in North Lamesa, Texas. The date was around the last of May (I think) in 1951. After having worked several months 'bustin' core for Core Lab in Midland I accepted a position on a logging unit operating on a Gulf Oil Corp. well in North Ector County. Rufe Bynum had given me a slip of paper with the address of Jack James, the crew chief. As I waited for an answer to my knock I stared at the expanse of cotton fields across the street and the hefty deposit of sand on the threshold. Just before I decided to leave this miserable town, the door opened, a hand was outthrust and a pleasant, Texas voice said: "Hi, I'm Jack James, You're Bill Womack?" In response to my answer, the door was thrown open and I was invited in. The wind under the door had created a wide fan of sand in the living room. Suddenly, I came face to face with a winsome young woman whom I guessed must have been all of eighteen. "Hi, I'm Gwen. Welcome to Lamesa." She looked at the floor. "My, the wind did blow this weekend. We just drove in from Dallas and I haven't had time to clean up all the sand from under the door." "Oh! You're from Dallas?" "No. Jack is from Dallas. I am from Shawnee, Oklahoma." Gwen saw my car a few days later and noticed a Greek fraternity sticker on the back window. She remarked, "The other logger hates those frats. He won't like you." I explained that the sticker was on the car when I bought it and I never belonged to anything like that in college. Jack was on the well a few days later and Gwen asked me to drive her around town to look at a new apartment, one away from the cotton field. I learned that they were expecting a baby. A month or two later, we finished the Gulf Well and I was sent to another unit. I sort of lost contact with Jack and Gwen, but I heard they had been transferred to Abilene to run the lab there. In the spring of 1952 I hired on with Prue Oil Company in Abilene. The first thing I did was to find a place to live then I looked up Jack and Gwen. Jack opened the door and said "Hi Bill, come look at our little girl." Then I met Susan. A few years later and we were living across Jefferson Street from each other and rearing our families. I guess we could be called "Life Long Friends." Love, Bill

64: The unconditional love you provided for the family. Your selflessness. Always putting the family first. | Phillip shooing the straggly dog away after he peed in your purse. Happy New Years in Korean, "Catch a monkey by the tail". The lemonade stands.

65: Taking us to Ranchland Hills. Your "love pats" and "Howdy do's" The quilts you made. The cool Birthday cakes. | Trip to George Bush Library. Helping us when the kids were born. The signs you made for the house, "It's a Boy!" & It's a girl!" Making Christy and Raegan coffee with cream and sugar.

66: It seems just a few years ago when Jack's 50th Birthday (the BIG one) was approaching and Gwen was planning a surprise party for him, Jesse and I were assigned the jobs of taking him out for a drink and stalling long enough for everyone to arrive before we took him home, and the party began. Everyone was having a great time, and Jack's Aggie friends-as was their custom- presented him with a rocking chair. Amid the jokes and laughter, the door bell rang, and in came a beautifully veiled belly dancer, who turned on the music and danced around Jack in his rocking chair. When she left, one would have thought the party was over -WRONG. Someone mentioned Jack's old girl-friend, and jokes and stories were told. It seems Jack still had her picture and Gwen was urged to bring it out. At that point ceremonial toasts were offered, and our Gwen burned it in the fireplace while everyone cheered. The party started winding down and the guests finally went home. NOW THAT WAS A PARTY!!! | Gwen's energy has always seemed boundless-she was always doing something, but was never too busy to help a friend. She learned how to decorate Christmas Trees with lights, bows, and ornaments to look like Miss Casey's Xmas Store had done it. Even though she had done it many times and was sick of it, when I called and asked her to help me she said "yes". She gave me a list of things to buy, and we spent a whole day doing my tree. Now, every Christmas when I get my tree out, I remember that day with such fond memories, and feel so lucky to have Gwen for my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND Earline Wright

67: Gwen has always had a cute way of expressing herself, that I smile just thinking of some of the things she comes out with; for example, she told about the time she went back to the small Oklahoma Town where she grew up, and after looking around she said "Oh, thank you Dear Jack, for taking me away from here." Gwen pretends to be naive, but don't ever think you can fool her. There was the time when Jack had spent a long night with his buddies, and he wanted to slip into the house without disturbing Gwen. So, he came in as quietly as he could, and started removing his clothes in the living room, whereupon Gwen heard him, and got out of bed and confronted him, asking what he was up to. He replied that he needed to get to the Lab early, and was trying to dress without disturbing her. She listened, and without showing any signs of being upset, simply said "okay", and then she stood there and watched him put his clothes back on, and go get into his car and drive away. | HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY TO GWEN Jesse Wright

71: Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday dear Gwen, Mother, Grandmother, Happy Birthday to you!

72: memories | When I saw you in your wedding dress, I thought, "I am such a lucky man."

73: Thank you for 60 plus years of Love and Happiness, Jack

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