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Memories - From the Corners of OUR minds

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Memories - From the Corners of OUR minds - Page Text Content

S: MEMORIES from the corners of OUR minds

FC: from the corners of OUR minds

1: This book is a collection of memories of our Dad and Grandpa, W. Brent Hardy.

2: Kids | My Dad. Now there’s an awesome and wonderful subject! I have always felt very important and special to my Dad, almost like I’m his favorite child. This is pretty amazing considering the fact that I believe each and every one of my siblings feel the same waythat they are Dad’s favorite. It seemed he never let a kind word or praise for his children go unspoken. He always spoke of and demonstrated his trust and faith in his children. I believe that this quality had very much to do with our wanting to please the Lord and choose the right in our lives. We wanted to please our earthly parents too and live up to their very special expectations. I have tried to emulate my Dad in this way (and in many other ways) with my children and grandchildren. I wish I could remember every specific time he told me how proud and fortunate he felt to be my Dad. It was many, many times! When I think about growing up with my Dad I remember when he came and apologized for getting angry with me. That was so impressive to me as a child. I remember him telling me that he had never been a parent before and that he was learning too. Although I knew my Dad was my parent and authority figure, he always made me feel like we were in this mortal journey together, as equals. That we were going to work hard to be an eternal family. Also, in looking back to my childhood, it seems like my Dad was very in tune with the Spirit and my childhood was a series of spiritual teaching moments. It felt as though he never let an opportunity go by to teach me how the Spirit works and the value of choosing right over wrong.always letting me choose for myselfbut expressing his faith in me that I would make the right choice. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with Dad and Mom in Hong Kong in 1999-2000 over Christmas and New Years. That time is so special to me because I got the distinct impression that it was a foreshadowing event into what the Celestial Kingdom will be like. We spent two weeks together exploring Hong Kong and listening to Dad and Mom share missionary experiences and then come home to the Hong Kong temple at night. It was such a joy being together and seeing our parents love for the Lord in action. I am so grateful for the great legacy I have been given. I’m so thankful for an earthly father who made it easy for me to believe in and accept an eternal and loving Heavenly Father because of who he is and how he loves me. I am eternally grateful for my Dad and love him with all my heart. | Dianne

3: Howard | My first recollection of my would-be future father-in-law includes when I was at our stake conference in the Tonopah and Civic Center chapel. I was seated in the back of the overflow area. With curiosity, I watched him make his way up to his place on the stand before the meeting started and he looked quite impressive as our young stake patriarch. There was a special air about him. I think I knew even then that he had quite the unusual background of having served as a missionary and young mission president in the Southern Far East mission. That stake conference meeting was the one where I first saw Dianne. She was kind of directing her siblings into their chairs in the front part of the overflow area just before the meeting started. My next recollection was when I went to receive my Patriarchal blessing at Patriarch Hardy’s. I felt very comfortable in his home and enjoyed the pre-visit and then the blessing. He gave me a bear hug after the blessing was finished. Ever since Dianne and I got married and when I would relate how it came to be that we got married, I have been able to refer to that portion of my Patriarchal blessing that said I would choose a choice daughter to marry. Brother Hardy had to accept my choice because he gave me the direction in my Patriarchal blessing (ha ha). I remember arriving at the home for like my second date with Dianne, and Brother Hardy greeted me at the door. Dianne was still up stairs, and he asked me where we were going. I said that we were going bowling. He then said, “she doesn’t like bowling”. I wasn’t used to that kind of straight forward in your face stark reality but hey I had been on a mission so it didn’t faze me. I think my comeback must have been okay because he let us go anyway. We didn’t end up bowling by the way. We went and played Rook at my home. I remember a family home evening where we were taught by Dad about the cosmos from The Pearl of Great Price. He said that he wasn’t always able to share with just anyone some of those insights and that he was only able to do so as the Lord allowed. He talked about how the great star Kolob which was nearest to God was set to control other stars and planets in there successive and connected systems and which included our solar system. He referred to the setup as circles within circles and made some impromptu sketched illustrations for us. I enjoyed the spiritual/scientific insights.

4: It is impossible, in any space provided, to begin to even scratch the surface of the good memories I have being the eldest son of W. Brent and Elaine Taylor Hardy. As I was thinking of what I might write in such limited space, Carol asked me one day if I have any negative thoughts or memories of my parents. It was at that moment, for the first time in my life, I realized that I have not a single bad memory or negative experience in my relationship with my parents. I am certain most people would be incredulous that anyone can have a life long relationship with their parents unfettered by a single negative thought or bad memory. Nevertheless, my experience has been exactly that. I can remember Dad losing his temper only twice, once at a person in LaVerkin who was dealing with his mother (Grandma Hardy) in an unscrupulous way and once as a teenager when I was talking very disrespectfully to Mom, unaware that he was home. That’s the day it was explained to me in very clear terms exactly why I would never again disrespect his wife. I hope since that day I have not. Neither of those occasions counts as a bad memory because they both taught me very important lessons about what it means to be a man. All of my memories of Dad, including the above, are of a kind, generous, wise, Christ like man with a quick, dry wit and a powerful intellect. The kind of man I have always aspired to be. I am reminded of the lyrics from songwriter Dan Folgerberg’s song tribute to his father, “My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man”. I know what you mean Dan. First, the quick dry wit. I remember coming home during my senior year and announcing to Dad that the slogan we had chosen for the Rancho High School Class of 1981 was, “The Best Is Yet to Come”. Without hesitation or expression Dad looked at my friends and me and said, “I certainly hope so”. Easily the funniest moment in my 18 years of life to that point. I cannot even begin to relay the things I have learned from Dad, but I am fortunate to be able to say that every single meaningful lesson I learned in life was from my father. Many, many people have enhanced and built on those lessons but they simply added to the foundation I received at home. Like all of my siblings, there is no question that I learned every spiritual lesson of any import from Mom and Dad and it was on their testimonies I leaned until I earned my own. However, I was more fortunate than some of my siblings to be able to learn business ethics and wisdom from him during the years I spent every day with him at the tire shop. I was taught things there that I still use in my business practices every day. Gems of wisdom that could fill volumes. For example, Dad would always tell me that we would rather make 10 dollars from a customer ten times than one hundred dollars from them once. That is a profound business philosophy that drives all other actions and decisions. So much of what Dad teaches is that way; a simple idea, principle or concept that turns out to be a guiding principle. Dad has always been very careful never to usurp our agency or make hard decisions easier for us when he knows we could learn something from the experience of “working it out for ourselves”. I recall one weighty decision I had to make that I hoped Dad would just make for me. I really pushed him hard to just tell me what to do. Instead he smiled and asked, “do you want me to talk you into it or out of it?” I cannot even remember what I was struggling to decide but I will remember forever the importance of “working it out for myself”. When I entered the rough and tumble world of politics and one time expressed some concern that I did not want to make any political enemies Dad assured me firmly that there is no shame in having enemies, in fact he told me “never trust a man who has no enemies, that man stands for nothing”. In my life’s experience that is the truest statement ever uttered. Another time he told me that I could judge a persons character by who his enemies are. Very profound stuff that I have quoted to others as recently as last week. Again, like everyone, I could go on and on and on, but space will not permit. Suffice it say that, like my siblings, I was born with an unfair advantage in life. I am “Brent Hardy’s boy”. No matter what other titles I attain in my life, none will ever mean more to me than that one. It has always been a source of joy and pride and has never, not one single time, been a burden. I love you Dad.

5: Kids | 26 years in this wonderful family, I have plenty of memories. The very first one I have is when I first met Dad when I started to date Warren. He had run up to his room and Dad and I had a visit, or should I say an interview?? Haha he had LOTS of questions for me! I guess I passed! Dad has the best stories. Every time we go to Utah and pass Toquerville Warren likes to tell us about the truck that turned over and how dad and the rest of the town came and got free cheese. Heard it probably 500 times and my kids never get tired of it. I love that Dad drinks out of his big metal cup and loves to chew on ice. I love that he pours milk on his cake. I love that he always has a smile and seems to always be in a happy mood. I love that we can go to him when we need advice and he seems to always have the answers. I love his knowledge of the gospel, and the spirit I feel when I’m around him. I love that he adores his wife, and treats her like a queen. I love that he never complains or seems in a bad mood. I love the memories that we’ve had with him camping. Those are treasured memories for my children especially. I love that he has raised righteous children, and that I see many of the same qualities he has in my husband. Dad is truly one of the best men I know. For a girl who grew up without a father it has been a wonderful blessing to be able to call Brent Hardy mine. He has loved me unconditionally as if I was born to him, for that I am truly grateful. I love him with all my heart. | Warren | Carol

6: Kids | When I was getting baptized I remember two things; how nervous I was going up to the font and how calm and safe I felt the minute I saw Dad in the water with his hand out to me. When I think about Dad I realize that every memory is associated with a feeling of safety and security. I always knew I was safe because he was there. I was safe because he always made sure I had the things I needed in this life. I remember the feeling of security and joy when I would hear him whistle up the walk at the end of the work day. I could smell the oil and tire smell on his shirt when he would hug me. That smell calms my heart to this day. (Whenever I walk into an auto repair shop, I stop for a minute and take in the smell.) I feel safety in the way he loves Mom. I have always known he would never do anything to hurt her or our family. I love knowing she is the light of his life. I always have a warm safe feeling when he speaks to us as a family. I know he leads our family in the safety of obedience and righteousness. I love that it makes him stronger in my eyes when I see him tear up with emotion. I am the most grateful to him for the gift of the gospel he has taught me. I always knew it was safe to believe him because I knew he would always teach me truth. I have had the safety of those teachings throughout my life to carry me when he couldn't and I have been able to teach my own children how to be safe. The safety and security he has given me is one that I will carry with me through eternity. I love you Dad. | Becca

7: I met Dad Hardy for the first time on Christmas eve 2002. I was a little apprehensive about meeting a former Temple President, Mission President etc... I wondered if they would think that I was not quite up to snuff. After all, I was going to propose to their daughter that night in front of the whole family. There was no need to worry, of course, as Dad and Mom Hardy welcomed me into the family with open arms. I remember him performing the marraige ceremony in the Las Vegas Temple, ( one of the last " for time only" performed in the Las Vegas Temple.) I'm sure it was an emotional time for him as was evedenced in his voice. I have been impressed with the manner in which Dad conducts himself always. He is always very kind and gracious. He always says thank you, even if you are the one who came to him for something. I am thankful to be able to learn from him and be associated with Hardy family. | Wade

8: Kids | Hardy’s OK Tire Looking back I realize how lucky I was to be able to go and work with Dad at Hardy’s OK Tire. I learned a lot of skills and an appreciation for work. My first memories of working were of showing up after school and being on garbage patrol. I would go through the entire shop and make sure all of the garbage was taken out and areas were swept up. My favorite thing to do was to open up the Pop machine and refill it! I would hope to see a few coins laying underneath the machine that someone had dropped so that I could purchase a soda for myself! I now realize that these jobs were not something that was needed on a daily bases but were something that could help me to grow and to appreciate earning money for my own needs. I remember how proud I was when I was able to progress to the point of getting my own work uniforms and to be able to bust tires and hold my own in the tire department. He further showed me how to do real mechanic work on Volvo’s. I could fix blower motors or repair a broken door handle with ease. I loved the blower motors because I got real good at it and was able to do a 6 hour job in 1 hours. The extra bonus in pay that I got for it also was really nice! I could put aftermarket air conditioning systems in and retrofit cruise control systems. That graduated into doing some restoration work on older Volvo’s. I would strip them down to almost nothing then go through them bumper to bumper and make them like new. I realize now what trust Dad placed in me to do that! I had those cars stripped down with parts everywhere! I must have been 15 or 16 at the time. Not many dad’s would let their son at that age do that for a customer. He let me rebuild his personal Volvo P1800 but this time he showed me how to build the engine from the block state to completion. His way of showing me was to supervise me doing it. He probably wanted to take the wrench out of my hand and make sure it got done right but he showed me great patience and trust. I remember the day that I turned the ignition on and heard that engine start right up! I must have been smiling from ear to ear! Dad always made me feel like I could do anything. I never even had the thought that I couldn’t. I am grateful for that time. I learned many things about responsibility and hard work. I learned to have confidence in what I can achieve. I was able to earn money to pay for my mission. Thanks Dad for providing me with that opportunity and for taking the time to teach me by word and deed. | Hance

9: Home work There were projects at home that I remember helping Dad do. At the time I don’t think I loved being a part of them but I look back now with gratitude for the experience. One was remodeling the garage into two rooms and a laundry room. That is when I learned how to frame a wall, hang a door, insulate, hang drywall, paint, run electrical, build storage shelves that could hold a ton. Dad would joke that he was a glue, nail and screw type of guy. It was true, anything that he put together had two other forms of backup in case the first one failed! The finished product would survive an atomic attack! I feel pretty confident that if there is something to be done around the house I know that I can do it. I realize now that this comes from these experiences. I’ve done many remodeling projects where I’ve had many first time experiences but I’ve never felt like it wasn’t something I couldn’t do. Thanks Dad for showing me how to do these things and letting me have an active role in doing them. | Squeaky Cheese I remember many trips to Utah. Riding in the car late at night and Dad would have the radio tuned in to Mystery Theater, that is when mom didn’t have Eddy Arnold playing. I guess that was my experience of how the old days must have been when there wasn’t tv. You had to envision what the people in the story looked like and had to follow along closely to stay with the story. It helped the trip not seem to take so long. It was also funny that we always seemed to be driving by Beaver at the exact time the cheese factory was selling their fresh batch of cheese curd. That was when it was most squeaky! I wasn’t much of a cheese eater but Dad taught the finer side of cheese with this “squeaky cheese”. I still enjoy it to this day! | The Playground When I was in kindergarten I remember looking forward to recess. It was fun to go and climb on the monkey bars and play games. I remember that Dad donated two huge tractor tires for the kids to play on. We could climb on top of them and fit inside of them. Boy did I feel important during recess. I think that all the kids got sick and tired of me telling them that my dad had provided those tires for us to play with.

10: Christmas Christmas was always a magical time. Mom and Dad always made our Christmas time memorable. I remember there was always so much excitement that we would just be bouncing off the walls on Christmas Eve day. Dad came up with a new family tradition to help us get out our wigglestree trimming! He would go out and trim the trees and we would have to help him and bundle up the trimmings! What? Yard work on Christmas Eve? I couldn’t believe it! It did help pass the time however. What’s funny is that it may have only been one time that we did this but it really stuck in my memory. On Christmas morning dad would always go downstairs first to see if Santa had shown up and to start a fire. We had to wait at the top of the stairs. It seemed like those fires took forever to start! I remember yelling down the stairs “Are you ready now?” and hearing “not yetalmost ready”. We got smart in following years by getting the fire totally ready and setting a match on the hearth the night before! Dad always was one to try different food combinations. You couldn’t ask him to fix something twice because it was always different. This proved to be dangerous one holiday when mom asked him to bring home some ice cream for dessert. He brought home several flavors, one of them being Holiday Fruit Nut! It was pretty nasty. I think it is still in the freezer. It certainly raised the bar on enduring holiday desserts. Fruitcake pales in comparison | Don’t Fall Asleep Going to church was something we always did growing up. It was and is an important part of my life. As a young child it can be very difficult to keep your eyes open during Sacrament Meeting. It was easy to lay your head down on mom or dad’s lap to “ponder” what was being said from the pulpit. One Sunday I learned the hard way that this is not always a good thing to do. After a sacrament meeting, where I had fallen asleep, I was walking in the hallway and my friends were pointing at me a laughing. I had no idea what was so funny. Well, during my slumber Dad had taken his pen and drawn earrings on my earlobes! I tried to be more attentive in sacrament after that! | Kids | Hance

11: Some of my favorite times spent with dad have been talking with him and listening to his amazing stories. When Hance and I lived next door to them on Renada Circle I used to go over to their house after church. Dad would tell me all about the adventures he had as a kid and growing up. He’d talk about his mission and the people he taught and knew. I loved it! I’d sit or lay on the big pillow in the living room while he talked. I could have stayed there forever listening. There was such a great feeling of happiness listening to him. He is really great story teller! Mom and dad always made big bowls of popcorn with their stir crazy maker. A lot of time when we were done talking mom and I would watch Ann of Green Gables while dad took care of church stuff. Going to the temple and doing sealings with him is also amazing. He never rushes through the sealings. It’s a reverent feeling for the families or couple that he seals. It’s beautiful. Hance and I were his very first sealing when he was made a temple sealer in the Las Vegas temple. What a sweet and tender experience that was! I always knew I wanted to be married in the temple growing up, that it would be the place to start my very own eternal family. It’s very special to me that my husband’s father would not only love me from the start like a daughter but that he would seal me to his son forever. I feel a special bond with him. He’s done so much for me and my family. My children love him. He’s taught them so much and has been a wonderful example to them. He’s taught me so much about love, family and the gospel. I love him very much and am very “well pleased” that he is my dad. | Cyndi

12: Kids | My most favorite memories with dad are of course fishing trips. Those memories start with all of the trips to Trial Lake in the Uintah Mountains. I’ll never forget the summer we went and there was still 3 to 4 feet of snow on the ground. We walked across the top of the chained campground gate. Dad was a dedicated fisherman and he turned me into the same. At one point I distinctly remember losing the feeling in my toes, I complained and dad replied, “Just wiggle them, you’ll get the feeling back”. I didn’t think that was funny at the time but I think it is hilarious now. Thanks for all of the fun memories and for having me tag along as you took me all over Utah; these are the times that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I love you and will always be grateful that you are my dad. | Jared

13: I have so many memories of dad that I don’t know where to start. I do know that I have always loved having deep doctrinal discussions with him because I have learned so much. He has really helped me in my knowledge of the Gospel and has increased my testimony by listening to his many stories. I am so grateful that he has been my “dad” for these past 15 years. I am the luckiest person to have such a great father in law. I loved taking pictures of our boys, Jared and Dad all fishing at Tushar. Those memories have been wonderful and I will always cherish them in my heart. He has brought out the best in all of us and made us strive to do more. I loved it when he and mom would come and visit us in Layton, those were some fun times. We had you all to ourselves and didn’t have to share well, too much. I remember when Dad spent all that time in our garage sanding all of the cabinet doors for me so I could paint them, thank you again for all your love and help. I love the fact that he wants me to continue my education and is very supportive of this difficult task. Dad you are so genuine and I am a better person for knowing you. I love you so much and really look forward to knowing you more.we do all have eternity after all. I love you and will always cherish every moment I have ever spent with you. | Nichol

14: Grandkids | I have so many memories of Grandpa. I remember going to Grandma and Grandpa's house a lot when I was little. I think mom and dad used to take us at least every Sunday. I remember Grandpa would often put me on his lap and talk to me, telling me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me. I don't think he knows how much that really meant to me. Throughout my whole life Grandpa has always made me feel special and loved and that's one of the things I appreciate most about him. I remember having roast dinners on Sundays when we would come over and all of our aunts, uncles, and cousins were there too. Grandpa made the roast and I loved how he would stuff it with garlic cloves. His roast and gravy were so good! I remember how he used to eat his gravy with sourdough bread and how I thought he could probably eat anything, which many years later was confirmed to me when we were having dim sum with him in China. He ate and seemed to enjoy every strange concoction put in front of him. The most amazing experience was visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Hong Kong while he was serving as temple president there. I was in complete awe of his life experiences there and his ability to speak Chinese. He has touched countless lives in that part of the world as well as here at home. When I think of Grandpa, the thought that has always and will always stand at the forefront of my mind is what a righteous, faithful servant of the Lord he is and how much I love him for that. The way he has lived his life is a witness of his faith, full of selfless service. He has been such an influential example to me. Whenever I've heard him bear his testimony, his words have pierced my heart and I know without a doubt that what he knows to be true, is true. I am forever grateful to be among his posterity. I love you Grandpa! | Emily

15: After I returned from my mission and became engaged to Emily, it became readily apparent that I would be involved with numerous family gatherings on her side of the family. Leading up to our wedding in May of 2002 I had the opportunity to mingle, as a newcomer, at the Hardy family activities and I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible not only because I was the rookie in the family but, meeting new people can be a hard thing especially when the people I’m meeting are going to be a residual component of my married life. I discovered immediately that I could not just be a fly on the wall. I was not simply welcomed but, embraced as a beloved son in this Hardy family where there was to be “no empty chairs”. Naturally, the expansion of familial joy was focused in Grandpa and Grandma Hardy. I remember one instance that reminds me of the importance of right choices and the exponential affect they have on the lives and hopes of others, especially those in my own immediate family. Grandpa and Grandma came to me, I remember not when, but it was one of those moments between general conversation and the activity for which we had all gathered together, most likely Christmas Adam 2002, although I don’t clearly remember when as there seemed to be many different events at that time together with my fiancée's family, where the busyness of the event creates a moment or two of spontaneous privacy. They took me by the hand and thanked me with great emotion for taking their firstborn grand daughter to the temple. I hadn’t known their goodness, nor Grandpa’s ability to be so sensitive to his own feelings and to the Holy Ghost. I was touched to be so completely loved and appreciated. I discerned by the power of the Spirit truths at that moment for which their gratitude served as conduit. I felt in my heart how much and with what great faith they had prayed over their grandchildren, of how much joy it brought them to know their Emily would marry in the temple, the literalness of temple blessings, and the full power of what is meant in their sweet axiom “no empty chairs”. I came to appreciate that Grandpa’s sensitivities when it came to his family, the Lord, the church, missionary work, and the temple were not uncommon and I started to notice that each individual felt the same sense of gratitude for them as I did. They had been exceptionally good at expressing their love, which is often not the case in families I have known, trusting their children to make right choices, and bearing pure testimony. I have come to know that because of these things the Spirit freely flows in the Hardy home and it has become an inviting place for my family and me. For this moment and many others, I express my gratitude to Grandpa Hardy for helping to create within me a burning desire to fill my eternal chair with all that it entails. Your leadership has inspired me not to have to be there but to want to be there. You have made the choice of gospel living inviting and warm. You have succeeded in making righteousness an attractive alternative to the options of the world. Thank you for your abiding example. | Steve

16: Grandkids | One fond memory I have of Grandpa is when my family went to Tusher. I think it may have been the only time my family went to Tusher! Grandpa took Emily and me fishing along the creek. I had an absolute Blast! It was hilarious though because I wasn’t very good at all. Grandpa would take the time to prepare my hook and then I would proceed to get it caught in some debris, and I did this repeatedly. He was so patient with me and kept getting my hook “unstuck” and handing it over to me again. I really appreciate him spending that time with Emily and me, even when I must have been so ANNOYING. I remember different times when Grandpa would tell us stories from his different missions. I LOVED listening to those stories. I could tell that he always thought he was “making” us listen to his stories, but I SERIOUSLY LOVED those times and remember thinking I didn’t want him to stop. I remember our trip to Hong Kong as being one of the most wonderful trips I have ever been on in my life! It was like Christmas everyday! It was so much fun to watch Grandpa show us all the places from his mission and then to be able to return to the temple every night was awesome! I remember being so impressed when he drove us to church. He had to drive on the wrong side of the road and he had to drive aggressively. I was amazed at his skills! I remember when we went to China from some dim sum. I sat by Grandpa and would just watch him try every little thing they brought out and was inspired to do the same. I am grateful for his adventurous spirit! Grandpa is and has been one of my greatest examples of the type of person I want to be. When I think about my Grandpa, I think about all the things that he has done in his life in the service of his God. He seized every opportunity to build up the kingdom in a way that just seems fearless to me. As I get older, I just become more amazed of some of the choices that he and my Grandma have made, like moving to Hong Kong with their young family. I have a young family now, and can understand more of the gravity of that decision, and therefore, feel more awe and inspired by it. My grandpa truly inspires me to be fearless and faithful in serving my Heavenly Father. I feel so blessed and just plain “lucky” to get to have him as MY Grandpa. | Becky

17: Kris | Ryan | I recall one Sunday, where I was attending church with Becky, and we had just become engaged to be married within the past few days. Grandpa Hardy had come over to the pew where we were seated and began to talk with us. His main question was whether or not we were engaged. When we both told him yes, we were officially engaged, he had a huge smile on his face, gave a pump of his arm and clenched fist, and gave a triumphant "Yes!" It surprised me to see that he was so excited for us and I was equally grateful that he was so approving of me as a spouse for his granddaughter. From that day forward, my love and respect for Grandpa Hardy has only increased. His love for the Savior has always been prominent in his words and actions. I am honored to be a member of his family.

18: Grandkids | One of my best memories of grandpa came when I was getting close to leaving on my mission. My parents and I went over to grandma and grandpa's house to have grandma tailor some of my baptismal clothes to fit. While Grandma did her work, Grandpa and I started talking about missions, a subject to which Grandpa of course is a master. He told me, from a mission presidents point of view, what a missionary was and what a mission president expects of his missionaries. I couldn't tell you exactly what he said, but I can tell you ideas he gave me: 100% obedience, faith, love for the work. I can also tell you that as we left their house that day I was on fire! No other experience to that point had made me more excited about my mission. I remember leaving and vowing to do everything Grandpa had told me. He has a way of inspiring you and making you want to be a better you. Thank you Grandpa! | I think that our Grandpa is the ultimate Grandpa. He's everything a Grandpa should be, I feel so blessed to have him as mine. When I was a kid, he used to make a drink that looked like water, but tasted like punch, and I loved it! My favorite was to drink out of his metal mugs; those will forever remind me of him. One of my favorite memories is camping with him at Tushar Lake, and how much he loves it. It's such a great tradition, and I have so many happy memories because of it. He also just cracks me up with the things he says and his wittiness. My absolute favorite thing about Grandpa, however, is that he always has a smile on his face. Sometimes I wonder if he even knows he's smiling, and when I see him, I can't help but smile too. Grandpa is one of my favorite people in the whole world. He always has the best stories and advice. Whenever I have a choice to make, he crosses my mind and I think "What would Grandpa do?" He is such a wonderful example, and he makes me proud to be a Hardy. I love you, Grandpa! | Wade | Regan

19: I have so many wonderful memories with Grandpa! I remember when Grammy and Grandpa lived on Renada Circle. I remember Grandpa always racking up the leaves from the trees in the front yard and him always letting us jump in them! I remember Grandpa's media room in that house. That room is what first got me interested in film and technology. I can remember watching him in there just working with the wall of machines he had collected thinking, 'there is nothing Grandpa can't do!' I remember the "secret" closet in that house. I always thought it was meant to be kept a secret because the opening to get in was behind all Grandma's clothes. You could climb through the little opening and discover a whole room filled with treasures. I remember going in there and spending hours imagining where Grandpa got all the books and trinkets that stocked the shelves in that secret room. I think Grandpa is cooler than Indiana Jones! (and that means a lot coming from me!) Grandpa has always been so fascinating to me, I can always count on Grandpa to have the most amazing stories from his first hand experience! I've always wanted to someday have as many amazing experiences to share as he has, but I'm not sure it's humanly possible for anyone else! I remember wearing a toe ring one time, he asked me what it was and I tried to explain that toe rings were a new fashion and everyone was wearing them now, I thought he would tell me I shouldn't wear it or something, but instead he left the room only to return with a huge ornate Indian toe ring. He told me if I was going to wear a toe ring, I should wear the real thing. I still have that huge thing, I'm tempted to wear it all the time! I remember him taking a bunch of us for a drive in a red convertible and how his head was getting sunburned but we all wanted to keep the top down so he put on a hat. Grandpa introduced me to salt and vinegar chips that day, I've been hooked ever since! I remember Grandpa's tire shop. I can distinctly remember the smell and every time I smell a shop like that, I think of Grandpa. I remember his hands covered in oil from working hard on all the cars. I remember him laying his clean hands on my head to give me my patriarchal blessing. I remember Nate and I going over to their house after we took bridal pictures at the temple. We went over, Nate in his suit and me in my wedding dress, and had a wonderful talk about the temple. Grandpa explained what endowment meant and he talked to us about the covenants we were entering into in just a few days. It was an honor to sit at his feet and to learn from him amazing experience and wisdom. Then, a week later, Nathan and I had the privilege of being sealed together for time and all eternity through the priesthood power Grandpa has, something I had dreamed of and looked forward to since I was a little girl. I remember the joy I felt in seeing Grandpa with our little Curtis the first time and having Grandpa in the blessing circle. Grandpa has always been my mentor. I have always gone to him when I needed advice or counsel. I can always count on him to tell me like it is! In every aspect of life, Grandpa has taught be the way to be, how to be a good member of the church, how to be a good citizen of our country and how to be a great person in general. I often look back on times I have had with Grandpa, and remember his teachings. We will be forever grateful to Grandpa for living his life the way he does, he has always been an example to us of what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. | Heather

20: Grandkids | A very vivid memory of grandpa that i have is when we went to see him and grandma in Hong Kong. They took us to monkey mountain to go see the monkeys. Previously, before leaving, grandpa gave us grandkids these little balls of fruit which he called Dragon Eyes (Lychee). We each tried one and then headed up the mountain. Grandpa was carrying a whole bag of these dragon eyes in which he would throw them individually to the monkeys for them to eat. As the monkeys were thoroughly enjoying these balls of fruit, for some reason or another grandpa took the hood of my hoodie and put the whole bag of dragon eyes in it. I remember feeling nervous that some monkey was gonna jump out of a tree and land on top of me and attack for the gold mine of dragon eyes.haha. I never will be able to forget grandpa. I remember always feeling that I never wanted to make him disappointed in any of my actions. He was my little ctr ring (since I have a habit of losing those little things). I couldn't lose grandpa. Not only will I be able to not forget him because of the impact he has made in my life because of his example, but also because I inherited his hair line. Everytime I look in the mirror I will be able to see him there. I now appreciate my hair line because if I grow up to be anything like grandpa, I will have endured well. | Ashlee | Chase | What I remember most about grandpa is all of his wisdom. If I ever had a question or a doubt about the church or even in everyday life he had a way of explaining things to me in a loving way. I remember when I lived at grandma and Grandpas we would run into eachother I'n the kitchen some nights I'n the middle of the night and he would be getting a "midnight snack" so he called them and we would chat and he would tell me stories. He always had perfect scenario to relate to my issues in life.I love you grandpa, thank you for all the love you've shown me. I couldnt ask for a better grandpa. I love you!

21: Grandpa, thanks so much for the eternal perspective of things you've share with me. I have always known that the things of God were always first to you. I remember when I became a Priest and would have the opportunity to bless the sacrament. You gave me a reminder that changed my life forever, some words of wisdom. You told me that I, throughout my everyday life, could check myself to see if I was worthy to do what the Lord would have me do in my assignments and callings. You told me I could look at my hands and ask myself, "Am I clean to, at any moment, do what the Lord may need me to do." You told me if not, it could be fixed, but be sure as I looked at my hands I could feel the way I should; clean and worthy. All in all from you two, Grandpa and Grandma, I have learned of the importance of families here on earth and in the eternities. I have learned that there is nothing more important. I want the exact same thing for the family of my own. I know all you would ever want of me, and all of us, is to follow the example of our Savior and live according to the plan of our Father in Heaven. I just know that you have lived the way you are for us to see and understand that. Grandma and Grandpa, know that I have seen it and felt it, and all of us, your posterity, have seen it and felt it. I remember your testimonies of it whenever we are together as a family, whether in words or example, thank you for that. I love you. | Taylor

22: Grandkids | There was this one time Grandpa took me to the Mongolian BBQ in St. George and it was one of the greatest places I have ever eaten!! I was with Tay and Parker Lecates and we were goin to the Greenwell Reunion. Grandma told Grandpa not to put too much spicy stuff in his food because her food was gonna be cooked right behind his on the circle grill! It was funny :) | Jordyn | Wesley | One thing I can always say about Grandpa is that he ALWAYS has a smile on his face. He can light up any room he walks into. Giving him a hug or even something as simple as being in his presence makes anybodys day better. Another thing about Grandpa is that he has so much wisdom, he is so wise in every subject, and gives the BEST advice. He's been through it all and knows the answers to everything, and if he didn't he would jump right up and find out. Grandpa loves his family and grandkids more than anything, he would be willing to do anything for us, or anyone else for that matter. I have had numerous people walk up to me and tell me how lucky I am to have the grandparents that I do, and I realize that he has been such a blessing in my life, he can turn ANY bad day into a good one. Not many people have the kind of grandpa that I have and I am EXTREMELY blessed for that. I love you more than anything Grandpa, and I know that we will be together forever.

23: My fondest memory of grandpa was when I had the privilege of going up to Utah with him and grandma. I can't remember if Trevor was there too, but I absolutely had the time of my life. That trip was the first and last time I ever caught a gosh dang fish! I've never been able to catch those slippery buggers, but just grandpas presence made me the ultimate fisherman!! | I remember when I had my permit in high school, Grandpa wanted me to drive him to the post office. This was in my earlier stages of driving so I was pretty nervous about it. haha, He offered his own truck for me to drive him in too, so I was even MORE amazed that he asked ME out of everyone he could have asked. When we started out, I remember saying to him that it might be a rougher ride than he was probably expecting. He just said, "I'm not worried!" I was though! Haha. I think my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. Haha. The whole ride Grandpa and I just talked, he wasn't worried one bit. This gave me some confidence for sure. It was nice to know that he trusted me to drive him to the post office safely in his own truck! We returned home safely, no problems at all. Why am I sharing this memory? Because I've learned a lot from it! Being here on my mission, I've often thought, "Why me out of everyone in the world to be lucky enough to be able to serve a mission- a mission in Italy!?" I've been underestimating myself. The lord knows perfectly well that I am capable of fulfilling this mission and returning home safely. "Why would grandpa choose me to drive him when I'm inexperienced?" Because he knew perfectly well that I was capable of doing it. (Or seemed to be, haha.) Thank you so much Grandpa! I learn so much from you, and I aspire to be like you someday!!! | Winston said he remembers laughing last Christmas Adam. The boys have had this ongoing "game" for years where they shoot each other with imaginary weapons that can paralyze and so forth. One of them is a blow dart where they put both hands in a fist, one on top of the other and then hold them to their mouth and blow. The unfortunate guy to get hit with one of these imaginary blow darts is then paralyzed until someone injects them with the imaginary antidote. Last Christmas Adam Wade was joking about the chimes and telling Grandma, "How about on more?" Grandpa looked at Wade (and teasing him) said, "You can leave now." Then Grandpa put his two fists on top of each other (for whatever coincidental reason) and held them up to his mouth like the boys do in their game. Winston saw it and surprised leaned over to Waylen and said, "Did Grandpa just shoot Dad with a blow dart?" He got a good laugh out of that one. | Andrew | Winston | Trevor

24: Grandkids | One of my favorite memories I’ve had with Grandpa was when he and grandma took me & my siblings to Utah. While we were there we went to the St. George temple where we watched the videos in the visitor’s center. They also took us to Brigham Young’s house. It was really cool being able to feel the spirit at each of those places. We also got to see some of the places where grandpa grew up. That was really cool! I loved that trip. Being able to spend time with my grandparents and my brothers and sister was really a great time. I loved it! Some things I love about my grandpa are how happy and positive he is. He always manages to keep a smile on his face. Even in really tough times, there he is, smiling! I love to hear his stories, from super crazy things he would do as a kid, such as hitchhiking races, and days spent in the rivers, to spiritual uplifting stories (and he has had many in his life!) I love how much he loves and knows about the gospel. He knows so much! And when he talks about the church, you can just tell he truly loves and knows this gospel is true. He is truly a great person and grandpa. Grandpa is an amazing example! I am so grateful to have had someone like him to look up to throughout my life. From gardening in his yard on those super hot summer days, to sitting down in the living room on a cold Christmas Eve, I have learned so much from him and have had many great times with him. I just love him! | I remember the time he came to our fireside and talked about living in China and taught us some of the language. | Waylen | Aly

25: One of my favorite memories with grandpa is getting to do service for him :) me and him would have nice conversations, while he taught me in his yard. I have visited grandpa AND grandma more this past summer (2010) than I have, probably EVER! And I have loved every minute of it. It's been a privilege being his plumber, air filter cleaner, palm tree cutter, and grass killer, haha :) It was fun eating ice cream with you one of those days I came. I'm so glad (and proud...shhh), haha, to call you my grandpa. It makes me sooo happy to see you smiling when we come visit. Love you grandpa! | Mason | Isaac | One of my favorite memories of Grandpa is when I went to help grandpa with his yard and we started to cut his grapevine. He told me stories about how Grapevines grow. I found it so interesting. I still remember it to this day. I like that Grandpa is so close to Heavenly Father, his religion is so precious to him. I can always feel the spirit when I’m around him. I love listening to Grandpas war stories. One time when we were at Tushar, Hunter had something written in Chinese on his back and Grandpa translated it. My friends were all so impressed. He was a hero in our eyes! Our trip to HongKong was a incredible experience for me. I loved seeing the place where Grandpa did his work for the Lord. I have wanted to go to HongKong on my mission ever since.I am so happy to be named after my great grandpa that was such a good person and am so happy that I inherited his scriptures. Thank you for sharing those with me and Thank you Grandpa for being such a great example to me. I’m so happy that your my Grandpa and I love you.

26: Grandkids | My favorite memory of grandpa is the Christmas family get together. I love when he shares his stories that he has. Also, the piñata! It’s fun getting all the kids together and whacking a piñata with a stick! But I think my most favorite part is when we do the chimes. Sometimes it sounds crazy, but grandpa just sits there in his chair and smile! | My memory is when Grandpa has his big chair at their house that's off-limits to anyone but him and how he always has a big smile on his face." (Funny how we all made that chair off-limits, Grandpa never did!) | Taylor loves it when grandpa says “Hi Taylor.” He loves to get and give hugs to his grandpa and he really loves the special way that grandpa is with him. Grandpa knows how special Taylor is and this is what Tay feels the most when he is around grandpa. Taylor loves to visit grandpa’s house and eat his M&M’s that he leaves out. Taylor knows how much grandpa loves him and always has big smiles for grandpa every time he sees him. Taylor loves his grandpa Hardy. | Brynn | Lauren | Taylor

27: When we asked Nicholas what he loved the most about grandpa, he said he loves camping and fishing with grandpa. He loves spending time with grandpa in his trailer and he said, “I love Grandpa Hardy.” Nicholas also loves coming over to visit grandpa and to get all his extra special hugs. He tells us how much he loves Grandpa Hardy and talks about him everyday. Grandpa has a special place in the heart of Nicholas. | My memory with Grandpa was when we went fishing together for the first time at the lake. It was the most fun time with him. It was when he gave me his special bag for fishing. Grandpa if you are reading this thanks for making my childhood worth it. Well it started when we where in camp. Grandpa asked if I wanted to go fishing with him and I said yes. We want down there and he gave me his bag and it was awesome because it doesn’t just hold fish, thank you grandpa. When we started fishing he taught me how to hold the rod and do the bait and how to swing. Well I tell you, that was the most fun time I ever had. So that’s the best memory. Thank you grandpa I love you the most. | Nicholas | C.J.

28: Great Grandkids | Landon | Cason | Evie | Maddie

29: Gracie | Curtis

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