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Memories of Dad

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Memories of Dad - Page Text Content

S: Clarence James Thramer

BC: We Will Miss you Dad

FC: Clarence James Thramer 1923 -2011

1: Dads early years in Elgin | Dad's early years in Elgin, Nebraska

2: High School Days

5: A Perfect Match | Wow!

6: Wedding Day October 5, 1944

10: Air Force Days

11: Grandpa Thramer and Dad

13: With Honor and Courage

14: From the President of the United States in Appreciation

17: My Grandfather was inducted into the service at Fort Crook, Nebraska and then sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where he was given an IQ test to see which branch he would be best suited for. He was placed in the Army Air Corp. He was then sent to Miami Beach for basic training and further testing. He then was sent to Biloxie where he attended Pre-Flight and further basic training. Nashville was next, then University of Tenn, then Maxwell Field Alabama for three months followed by Colorado for armor gunnery school. Barksdale Field La. for B-26 Flying school. Here he was given a crew for the future, however B-26 school was terminated. Then he went to Gulf Port Air Base for B-17 training where he was prepared for combat flying overseas. Next it was Iceland and finally England. They were assigned to the 92nd bomb group at Wellingborough, England and were there until the war ended. His Group was then broken up and sent home on the Queen Mary. They were supposed to go into B-29 training but the war with Japan ended. He had enough points and citations for the Battle of Northern France and the Battle of Southern Germany to get his honorable discharge. By Joey Sinkule

18: so many

24: Manager of Baker's Shoes

25: Stilen Picnic at Chalco Hills Park | At home on Lincoln Blvd.

26: Grandchildren | Jennifer | Elizabeth | Jerrad | Kristin

27: Audra | Jennifer | Kristin | Kristin | Brenner | Jennifer, Brenner, Kristin Joey, Jerrad, Jessica | Augusta

28: Grandchildren | Kristin | Joey | Kristin and Elizabeth

29: Kristin | Elizabeth | Jessica | Brenner and Jennifer

30: Family Celebrations

32: Family Celebrations

34: Best Friends

38: Dad's Favorite pastime

40: Australia

43: J O Y | Merry Christmas

45: J O Y


47: Birthday Celebrations | 86th Birthday at The Knolls


49: Birthday Celebrations

51: Happy 40th Anniversary | Happy 50th Anniversary

54: As a lasting memory for our family please write on the following pages your fondest memory of our Dad, Clarence Thramer. | Favorite memory of dad: When we would make the long trip from South Dakota to Grandma's in Omaha, Dad would always stop at this little hole in the wall place in downtown Omaha and buy us each a foot long hot dog before we went to grandma's. He also took us to the circus and hunting trips. After hunting trips we could pick out a pop and it always tasted soooo good since they never brought food or drinks along on the excursions. I'm glad my Dad made time to take us on family picnics with relatives it was always such a good time. Dad would never let us win at cards...we had to earn it. It was years before I beat him and you better believe I jumped around and rubbed it in big time. He also had this one card trick that had us baffled when we were kids. He would only show it to us once...but we figured it out around the 100th time. Love Nancy

55: When I was about 7 years old, I so wanted to learn to ice skate, Nancy and Mary Lou would go to McKennen Park rink every day with their friends, they would skate and even sometimes jump barrels and just glide across the ice. Dad gave me some money to buy a used pair of skates and told me he would teach me how to skate. He said he still had his hockey skates in the garage and that he was a pretty good skater, he would teach me that evening after work. The evening was a beautiful clear winter night and Dad walked us girls up to the rink. Daddy helped me get my skates on, he held on to me as we worked our way around the ice. My ankles kept collapsing under me and try as I might, the push off with one foot and glide on the other just didn't work the way other people did it. But Dad just kept encouraging me to keep trying. After a few hours and still no improvement on my part it was time to go. Dad said "don't worry you'll get it next time." I know he was tired and as he was helping me off the rink, he caught his blade on some rough ice, took quite a bad fall and broke 2 or 3 ribs. Over the years when ever others went skating Dad would always say that he has hung up his skates for good, and I would say that I too have hung up my skates for good. Then he would wink at me as we both had a good reason never to try to skate again. Love Kathy

56: MY BEST MEMORIES OF GRAMPS ~Enjoying his gentle smiles and invitations for a chat when we walked into the room ~The bristles of his whiskers against my face when I'd give him a big hello kiss on the cheek and his lovely welcoming hug after a long absence ~Card playing: his confidence, his one liners (don't speculate, watch what you throw me) His graceful wins and my catastrophic losses. His willingness to continue "schooling" me. ~ How he used to take me to the horse races, especially simulcasting, and tell me about the races and odds books. I'd just choose the horses with the best names and he'd put something down for me. I rarely won, but Gramps was particularly talented at picking the best horses. That's why Granny always used to say when he had gone to the track, "oh, he's at work." ~Loud talking and TV volume, but even louder snoring -- cute! Warring over the remote in my teenage years. ~ All you can eat at Buffy's Buffet ~ Seeing him sit and watch the tomatoes grow -- he always swore they did when he was around. ~ Long drives in his Lincoln listening to talk radio ~ Gramps talking back at the broadcasters, always "mister opinionated." ~ Much of the time, silently enjoying his company ~~ he will be missed. LOVE YOU GRAMPS!! Kristin Kern Lowe

57: My favorite memories are when we went for Sunday afternoon picnics at the lake and Dad baited all the hooks on our cane poles. He always had to take off any fish we caught. We girls couldn't stand to touch the worms or fish. We always had to hunt for sticks so we could roast our hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire. One time I went fishing with Dad and I innocently stepped in a red ant hill. What a panic we both had when those ants started up my legs biting as they went. Dad always loved to tell the story about when I was little and he took me to church. The priest gave a sermon about coming late and leaving early. When a woman tried to sneak out that same day. I screamed out several times "good-bye, good-bye," as she sheepishly continued on her way out. Lastly, I yelled "come again." Dad said the priest had a smile on his face. Love, Mary | Clarence and I were castaways in South Dakota. Zeal for fishing overcame prudence on a windy day. Our boat took water over the gunwales until it went down. We washed ashore on a deserted beach. Were there natives in this place? Yes. Inland through the trees the first sight of humanity was a tepee. A Wahpeton Sioux with a cell phone rescued Clarence and me from shipwreck on Lake Enemy Swim. Clarence went to the horse races on a fairly regular basis. He was a little peeved that Vietnamese would crowd to get behind him at the betting window. His theory was that to them he resembled the lucky Buddha and they wanted to duplicate his bets. Love, Tim

58: My favorite memories of Dad: Driving down the road and Dad breaking into a chorus of 'Cab Driver Driving Down the Street', Going to Goodrich dairy after mass for Chocolate Rumba Ice cream Cones, How pleased / proud he was when Judy named her company Thramer Corporation, When Dad would bring home new sample dresses and let us try them on, When we were little kids in Sioux Falls and Dad would take us to the local swimming pool and play with us in the pool - us climbing all over him and vying for his attention, Dad and Mike sitting down for hours talking about his war years and how it was being a bombardier, Dad giving us his blessing to get married - saying that at our age it was good not to wait too long, The time Ricky and Dad came around the corner of our house with their rifles when a boy brought me home late - Lastly playing cards in the hospital while everyone was at lunch Dad kept struggling to pick up his card off the deck, the drugs were effecting his vision I think because he kept missing the pile - I took his hand and put it on top of the pile while saying "I Love You Daddy" and he looked up at me with a beaming smile and mumbled me too... Love Debbie

59: Dad and I went road hunting one time. We had our dog Tiger in the car. Tiger had never been known to be a hunting dog. Dad knocked down a bird in a patch of weeds. After the two of us looked about twenty minutes for the bird, Dad said to let Tiger out of the car. Tiger went to the patch of weeds and immediately ran over to one corner and lifted his leg to urinate. The bird started flapping his wings in the same spot. Dad always said Tiger must have been thinking, "If you two idiots can't find this bird then piss on it!" Love, Rick

60: My favorite memory of Dad is the twinkle in his eye and his laughter right before he was going to beat me at cards. The times he came to Australia and taking him to the races. The time he gave me the winning numbers 3,6,9, and I forgot to bet them in time and would have won over 10k, Dancing with mom on News Years Eve at the Hyatt in Australia and the band dedicating the song to them. That same night we lost where he was when we were leaving and found him at the corner of Collins Street with a crowd of people around him having a great time talking to him The last time I saw him on Skype from the hospital and he blew me a kiss and said I love you. Love Judy

61: To set the scene, this was my first time visiting Clarence and Millie with Judy and of course I wanted to make a good and lasting first impression. Millie had made a wonderful chilli casserole the first night we arrived and within a few hours of devouring this meal – it had an adverse effect on me and as I sat quietly in the lounge room watching college football, Clarence had fallen asleep, I took this opportunity to relieve myself of a little wind (very quietly mind you), however, the aroma perhaps was not that quiet! Suffice to say at that very moment Millie walked in and it almost knocked her over! She yelled at Clarence, who disoriented, said he was very sorry –but could not recall the moment! I could not bring myself to own up to it (remember first impressions)! The following morning I had woken early and as usual snuck into the kitchen fridge to see what was on offer – yes there was a little chilli left – had one, two, three maybe ten spoonfuls – heard Millie walking down the hallway, so rushed into the lounge where Clarence was sleeping in his chair. Millie opened fridge to discover that half of the left-over chilli was missing and proceeded to once again blame Clarence!! Poor guy was almost going to apologise all over again – I just could not do this to the big guy – I owned up to the missing chilli!! Love Ron

62: I will never forget the one and only time I beat Grandpa at gin rummy. After over twenty years of trying, I finally had won. I gloated, I bragged and the smile that Grandpa gave me truly displayed his pride in me. He then proceeded to murder me in the next set of games we played. I'll never forget how much he taught me and the love he showed. But he certainly never let me win, he made me work for it. What a true testament of love. Love Elizabeth | The best memory I have is when I told Grandpa I was going to Texas A&M for college. He teased me about becoming an Aggie, but I knew, and he showed, how proud he was of me. He certainly never missed an opportunity to gloat about Nebraska's football wins (except that one year we don't talk about). Love Jennifer

63: Grandpa , dad and I went hunting when I was a child. I remember little from my early childhood, but one of the memories that stands out is the experience of three generations of Thramers going hunting. I can remember the place very vividly, and although there was nothing specific about that day of note, the whole memory seems very childhoody to me and it was a warm one of my grandfather.I also have plenty of memories about him kicking my ass in gin rummy/poker, but I'm guessing that everyone has those kinds of memories . Love Jerrad | I remember my grandfather as a great man and a great Husker fan. He ingrained Nebraska football into me and still to this day I cheer for the team (and I’ve been known to cheer against OU if the condition is right). I always remember how he mentioned the next recruiting class as “the best Nebraska has ever had.” He always was able to make me smile and I will miss him greatly. I love and miss you, Grandpa. I never once could beat him at gin rummy Love, Brenner

64: I remember the first day I met Clarence at the old Shermont Ballroom, when I was a senior at Tech High School. Clarence was going to Frye aircraft school in Omaha to learn how to fix planes. I was with all my school chums at the dance. He just walked up and asked for a dance. He lived close by the ballroom, renting a room at a boarding house - he was only 19 yrs old. He monopolized me the whole night dancing with me as much as he could. At the end of the night he asked for my number and wrote it on the back of a little matchbook cover. That was on a Wednesday and he called 2 days later for a date. He took me to the Orpheum Theatre and then on to the Music Box for dancing - I thought he was the last of the big spenders. He spent everything he had that first night on the date and he said he couldn't go out again until the next weekend as he had to stay home and write letters home to his mother etc. We did go for a walk on Sunday afternoon - walking hand in hand through Hanscom Park.

65: In loving memory of our father, Clarence Thramer | Clarence worked at the airplane plant at Offutt Airbase before the war. One day I was window shopping and saw him downtown walking into C.B. Browns Jewelry store (the best jewelry store in Omaha at the time) so I had a hunch he was going to pop the question soon. Some time later he took me out to dinner with some friends in his parents' car. Before meeting them he pulled over around Miller Park and popped the question. After I answered affirmatively we met up with his friends and celebrated. Then we went back to his mom & dad's house in Omaha and told them the good news. Two days later he left for basic training in Florida (Miami Beach). We got married October 5, 1944 and many wonderful memories followed. Love Millie

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