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Memories of Glen

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BC: Why I Oughtta... | GLEN-ISMS | Ar! Ar! | Whadda Beez Like? | Yo Mamma!! | I yah you! | Keep your bra on! | Why can't we all just get along?


1: For 47 years, he shared his life with us... The following pages reflect the hearts he touched and the memories he created...

4: I couldn't think of one outstanding thing because well there are so many things about Glen but I got to thinking and the one thing that I guess I would have to say is I think it was Tod and Lora's wedding and I danced with Glen and he loved being in the lime light and if you look at the pictures many of pictures that were taken, Glen and I were in most of them (in the back ground) so that's just one of the many crazy things I remember and stand out in my mind. Glen loved life and loved having so many sisters that he inherited when he married into this family, I still think of him often....almost 10 years's hard to believe that much time has past. -Jane Pastorek-

5: One of my fondest memories of Glen - besides his addiction to his camera - was his devotion to family. No matter what the situation, Glen was there to help as much as he could. Because of him, I have video memories I wouldn't otherwise have. But as for my memory, here it is: As you know,Glen didn't drink. I remember at family get-togethers he would order "Lake Michigan on the rocks"! But he never judged us because we did have a drink or two. Back in the 80's, I was working at the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) when it was based in Franklin/Hales Corners. Before they moved to their new facility in Oshkosh, they had a party for their staff at a local restaurant/bar on Highway 100. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of it anymore. Anyway, I had a bit too much to drink and didn't want to drive home. It was after 1:00 a.m. and Bob couldn't come to get me, so I called Glen. Without hesitation, he said he and Ellen would be there in 10 minutes. Glen drove my car and Ellen followed in theirs. Glen teased me a bit while we were in the car and called to see how I was feeling the next day. After that, he never said one more word about it - and neither did Ellen. Glen was one-in-a-million. Always positive, always joking; but he certainly could make his point in a non-confrontational way. He was a real hero in so many ways and we miss him. But most of all, he loved Ana, Sara and Ellen with his whole being. I feel so blessed to have been able to call him my brother! Uncle Bob always got a kick out of how Glen always referred to his sisters-in-law as "all these white women" whenever we'd get together at the house to go swimming. Another great memory is the nickname Glen gave to my Dad. After Glen found out that Grandpa had been a sergeant in the Army during WW II, he'd always call him Sarge. It was really endearing. I can see him walking into the family room at the house in Franklin and greeting Grandpa . . . . Hi, Sarge! with that big grin of his. I know it meant a lot to Grandpa. When we'd all get together, all of us girls (white women) would be sitting around and talking. Sooner or later the discussion would turn to PMS and our problems with "Aunt Flow", and it seemed that's when Glen would inevitably walk-in on the conversation. It got to the point that when he'd see us all talking, he'd make the comment: Are we talking about PERIODS (he'd always emphasize the word period) again?! And just the way he said it, we'd all bust into laughter. Only Glen could make our "monthly visitor" funny! He definitely was one-in-a-million. -Cherie Seeger-

6: My memory of Glen is his ability to control any situation. I never really saw him get mad. His diversionary tactic was humor (why I oughta) He was kind and considerate. Great father, husband, and brother-in-law. Most of all I remember what it felt like when he was gone. Like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. No time to prepare and no way to ease the pain. When Glen left, the world stopped for all of us. Nothing was more important to any of us than Ellen and the girls. Everything went on hold in our life's for those three Because of Glen. -Jay Sakwinski-

7: As I write this, I have tears in my eyes. I miss Glen. He was truly a wonderful, kind and funny guy and I felt privileged to be part of his life. I have so so so many memories of Glen and all are great. My first memory was when we double dated for a haunted house at Halloween time. I was so scared and never should have let him know that. So many great memories at Grandma's. Swimming and just hanging out. I remember how he loved the camera, on himself (lol), as much as he loved taking pictures and videos of his girls. I remember when Tim was about 5 years old and Glen took him to Franklin for swim lessons. Jay and I got off of work too late and Glen was more than happy to take him. Of course, he was the only guy there with a bunch of moms. But that was the type of guy he was, willing to help anyone out. Holidays and birthdays were special to him and he never missed a one. He always insisted on bringing something, even if it was just a gallon of milk. More often than not, Tim received Cousin gift certificates as a birthday gift from him. I remember when he would borrow our CB when they vacationed. When he returned it, he was so excited to tell us all the fun they had. I remember Jay, Tim and I standing up in Glen and Ellen's wedding. I remember it like it was yesterday. Glen was soooooo handsome in a tux and Ellen beaming like a princess ready to kiss her prince and live happily ever after. Yup, he was one of a kind and I loved to be around him. I don't ever remember seeing him angry or upset, just this kind loving strong handsome big guy! -Sue Sakwinski-

8: I just would like to add that Glen was the BEST back scratcher, man his hand took up half my back, and he didn't stop after two swipes of your back, he just kept going, It was the BEST....and then of course there were all those odd but funny noises that he made and those faces. OH wait maybe that was just the face (lol). On a personal memory which JUST came to mind YEAH.....when I was learning to drive, Glen took me out quite a few times to practice. We went into South Milwaukee because back then that is where they did it. Also one other memory, when I was about 18 or 19, I was really mad at Uncle Greg, he had been drinking to much and I had to take him home and then take myself home. Well out of my anger at him I was driving to fast and hit a crane that was in the middle of the road, (keep in mind I KNEW it was there from driving that road with Uncle Greg daily). Well I did damage to his car not bad, but I really flew and hit my head on the top above the front window. I was really scared, when I got home it was late 11:00 - 12:00 and I called Glen, because it's what he did for the fire department. Any ways he came over and checked me out and said it didn't look like I had a concussion. He really put my fears to rest, and that is just the type of guy Glen was. He made others feel important. -Lisa Roberts-

9: Glen was ALWAYS willing to help me no matter what, he always said " Greg when ever you need help, call me I'd like to learn from you so I can do somethings on my own " So when we started the renovations on our home, Glen was the FIRST one to come help tear down the living room and bedrooms and the front entry walls that we had at that time. That is something that I will always be very grateful for. -Greg Roberts-

10: The best memories I have of Uncle Glen is when he would come up to me and and use the line from gone with the wind "oh Ashley .. do you love me Ashley?" it always made me blush and I never understood why he said that to me until I got older and actually saw the film =] He had a way of making everyone feel important and included. -Ashley Roberts | I loved it when we would go to the house and Uncle Glen would play cars with us. me and Matt really liked those buggy cars that were on the glass shelf so when Uncle Glen would see us staring at them he would always take them down and play cars with us. and he had that cool police flashlight that we could play with too. -Joshuah Roberts- | i always thought that it was funny when Uncle Glen would call me Harold. he would always do those crazy cartoon noises and say "hey there Harold" it was confusing back then because i was thinking "no its Matt actually" but he always made me laugh -Matthew Roberts-

11: My Uncle Glen: I admire my Uncle Glen because he was truly an amazing person. First of all he NEVER and I mean NEVER cut people down or talked about anyone behind their backs. He always tried to find something nice to say about anybody. That’s the first thing I really liked about my Uncle. The second is he was always a ton of fun! He was the FUNNIEST person I knew. I still don’t know anyone with his sense of humor. He always made this noise arr, arr, arr (I guess you had to be there). He was pretty laid back and easy going, anyone who met him liked him instantly. My Uncle Glen was a very loyal guy to anything that was important in his heart. After being married for a while they had two daughters Sara and Anna. Uncle Glen LOVED being a dad. He took this as his most important job ever. He was a GREAT dad too. From what I saw they had a lot of fun as a family. Plus all of the video he took, Uncle Glen always had a video or camera. They have the most pictures and video of anyone I know. That is how both his daughters got into loving to take video and pictures. Lets face it they were both always in there faces (the cameras I mean). Another reason I admire my Uncle is because his mom was diagnosed with Paget’s disease, a muscular disease. They eventually had to put her in a nursing home, which was extremely hard for their family to do. But in spite of this My Uncle Glen went to visit her everyday. Seriously when I say everyday I mean every single day after work he went to see his mom. Again I tell you he was a very, very loyal person. That was the saddest day of my life was when my uncle died. I think if it was this hard for me, how hard did it have to be for my two cousins and my aunt to loose there dad, and husband. To this day it is hard, he was really a neat guy who really did give a lot to everyone he met. Personally I think everyone should try to be the kind of person my Uncle Glen was. I know the world would be a better place if everyone were, or even if they tried. -Benjamin Roberts- (excerpts from 'Uncle Glen' paper)

14: How can one describe in a few words what one feels about such a man as Glen? My kids captured some moths summer of 1999 and put them in their Bug Hut. We added sticks, leaves, and other bug habitat to their new home. When Glen, Ellen, and the girls came out for a visit, the moths had built their cocoon's. Me and the kids were going through a very hard time. For various reasons, we all pretty much felt down in the dumps. Glen, in true Glen fashion cheered us all up. He looked at those cocoons and asked me... | "Barb, what will come out of those cocoon's, so drab and dead looking?" I said, "Butterflies." He said..."When you come out of this hard time, you and the kids will be beautiful butterflies. Changed, beautiful, and you will bring cheer to those who see you." At that point, we all cried. I'll never forget that. Also, during their visit here, our kids were over at Glen and Ellen's hotel room. They were all sitting outside eating pizza and having a great time. Our son, Kevin, is a real clown. As they ate | pizza they talked about funny movies. At this point, they all heard a sound, and in a very loud voice Kevin said to Glen..."Who fahhted?" Well, that was all it took to get everyone laughing. When I think of Glen, I smile. He was the eternal optimist. He never knew a stranger...he made instant friends with most everyone he met. I am so thankful our family got to see him that summer. Glen... I look forward to seeing you soon again. And in Glen's way of closing, he would say, "Peace." We all love you, Glen! -Barb Cruikshank-

15: My favorite memory of Uncle Glen - I was staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a week, and they were going to a funeral one night. Obviously, being the youngster I was, I didn't want to go.Uncle Glen was busy helping someone move in/remodel (I don't quite remember), but he drove all the way to get me from Grandma's house, drove back to his friend's house, I helped out/watched, and then he drove me back. It was a whole afternoon/evening with just Uncle Glen. He made jokes the whole way during the trip as we drove through the country side. I remember laughing so hard, especially about some cow. I'm almost positive he knew that I was a little homesick. It's funny the things you remember. But, we got home late - I feel asleep in the car, and he carried me inside. I remember Grandma was up watching I Love Lucy :) He didn't have to come get me, let alone spend the day with me. But he did. Miss him, and his "ar ar" during the Happy Birthday song. -Melissa Jankowski- P.S. I'm sure he has some GREAT home videos of us all :) I remember him and his video camera too

16: We have lots of memories and some of the things that come to my mind about Glen are... ~ I remember Glen didn’t drink alcohol. It was his personal philosophy, way to live. ~ Being silly at our kitchen supper table on Woods Road with Jen and Dan (when they were about 4 and 2 years old), totally distracting being a goofy uncle which could get exasperating! ~ Glen and Ellen being ‘second parents’ to Jenny, planning outings and taking her places before they had a family of their own. ~ That memorable September night in 1979, when Glen and Ellen were ‘on standby’ when I went into labor with Danny. We made the phone call and there they were at our place to stay with Jenny overnight. ~ Photography and Glen just went together! And he was one of the go-to guys for taping family functions. ... Not to mention that Glen was a ham for the camera himself! :) Just check out some of those VCR tapes! ~ Veggies-Links... Veggie Burgers!!! Glen and Nancy were fellow vegetarians for awhile - sharing a few recipes here and there. He made a really yummy baked spaghetti. And I gave you guys Meatless Loaf. I had a bunch of vegetarian recipes and info. | ~ The smile and twinkle in his eyes. ~ Childlike happiness and playfulness. ~ Getting ready for another Al’s Run, designing and crafting a costume (always unique), usually taking a prize. ~ Glen was a jogger in the early days of knowing him. ~ Glen liked people. He had the gift where he could simply mingle and be with people he might not even know and chat with them. ~ Glen had positive things to say and had a very positive outlook. ~ Loyal and loving. ~ His family was the apple of his eye - his wife, his daughters. ~ Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder. ~ Popeye the Sailor laugh. ~ Clown Honking Voice. ~ I believe Glen looked for the best in people.

17: Mike Gilchrist and the Cruikshank boys: Glen, Tod, Terry and maybe even Steve trekking out to Colorado in our little Chrysler Champ, with at least 3 of those big boys in the car, with many of those wintertime trips out to Colorado. It’s a guy thing. I think they hiked Pike’s Peak once, maybe more. (Correction by Uncle Mike - we did not hike it, we drove it.), we had a great time doing our guy bonding on those trips. CELEBRATE and Y.M.C.A. were some of Glen’s favorite songs at family parties. How many times did we hear ‘Sarge’, Glen’s nickname for Grandpa Sakwinski when he greeted him. Every spring Glen and Mike Gilchrist took the jaunt from Franklin over to the Fieldhouse in Madison to watch the high school basketball tournaments. They continued their tradition even after we moved to Lodi. We remember a time Glen and Sara stopped by in Lodi for a visit during a Father-Daughter outing. The many years we would gather on highway 36 in Franklin for the 4th of July Parade. We would decorate Uncle Mike’s work pickup truck, setup with folding lawn chairs and a tarp (it was usually hot out). Family members would notice the truck and we watched the parade together. Glen was involved in directing traffic as a volunteer cop/fire fighter and he would stop by and visit for awhile. From time to time hangin’ out in out backyard on Woods Road just chatting and visiting. Those early lazy, hazy crazy days of summer when you kids were little, swimming in grandma and grandpa’s pool; the food, the fun, and all the video that Glen would capture. Glen had a happy heart, genuinely liked his fellow man, and delighted in seeing people be happy too. He had a wonderful gift of reaching out and he was a gift to us. Thanks for the memories Glen...ark ark!! | “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints in our hearts, and we are never, ever the same” -Mike and Nancy Gilchrist-

18: The best part of every family wedding was when Uncle Glen would lead the train all over the reception hall (and sometimes into the next reception hall!) when the DJ played 'Celebrate Good Times' ...and of course, no one could do the Village People and YMCA like Uncle Glen. I remember Danny and I going to the fire station when we were little and getting to climb on the fire trucks with Uncle Glen. At a birthday party for Danny, Uncle Glen was video taping the event (what else would he be doing?!) and he caught me on camera eating birthday cake. It took me a minute to realize that he was also providing the sound effects - which sounded like a very loud and hilarious scarfing of cake. Even funnier on playback with me rolling my eyes at him and yet sounding like a pig every time I opened my mouth to take a bite! I went to the State Fair one year with you guys when Uncle Glen caught a classic photo of me coming out of the port-a-potty. Just where a college-aged woman likes the paparazzi to show up! (Pretty sure that was the same year of wearing the garbage bags) :) When I was little, I looked forward to the 4th of July almost as much as Christmas. And the best part was the parade: sitting out under the tarp that my Dad rigged up for shade with that ladder rack on his work truck, and waiting for Uncle Glen's fire department to roll by, because, hey it was awesome that my uncle was in the parade! I remember one year when Sara was just a baby, when he came by Aunt Ellie brought Sara to him for a kiss and he gave her a carnation. I loved swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Sakwinski's pool especially when Uncle Glen was there, because he would throw us up in the air as far as he could...and he was really good at bouncing on the giant inner tube. I remember how much we used to look forward to going to visit Aunt Ellie and Uncle Glen and having them come over to visit us. And I remember waving goodbye with our hands out the car window until we couldn't see them anymore. Uncle Glen was one of the most fun-loving and silly people I've ever known, but he also had a wise and serious side. I remember a story he told me once that I've never forgotten. I think he had picked me up at my Mom and Dad's house in Franklin and I was coming over either to babysit Sara and Ana or for a sleepover. We passed by a restaurant where he told me he had once been on a fire department call there, where a couple had been out to dinner and had a bad argument. One of them left the restaurant and started walking down the side of the road and was struck by a car and

19: killed. He recalled how distraught the surviving partner had been, not only about the loss but how terrible their last time together had been, and told me (I don't remember his exact words, but something to this effect) how much it hit home for him to never leave any doubt to the ones you love how much you love them, and to never take any moment spent together for granted. Though I wasn't very old at the time, definitely no older than sixth grade, I feel so grateful that he decided to share those thoughts and memories with me. It's a truth that's stayed we me ever since. -Jennifer Gilchrist-Walker- | My first memory of Uncle Glen is that he thought up the nickname Dapper Dan. And it seemed to catch on with everybody. Also I remember your parents stopping by the house at Woods Rd. with an extra ticket to a brewer game. I was around 7 or 8 at the time, but it was the first Brewer game I ever attended. I will never | forget that because they unexpectly stopped by just for me. It was an awesome time, what a nice thing to do for a nephew! -Dan Gilchrist-

21: I remember vividly the last Xmas we spent with Glen. As he and grandpa were leaving he thanked me for inviting him. I was surprised, because we always invited him and it wouldn't have seemed right to do otherwise. I said of course he was invited, always and he gave me a big hug. And sometimes when people sing “happy birthday,” I still hear honking. Steve and I went to pick up a pizza near our house. Steve had just mentioned how he had gone somewhere to do a pick up another day and someone behind him asked if he knew Glen. We said “Cruikshank” for the pizza and sure enough, the man behind us said it. We laughed and said yes, Steve is his brother. The man remarked about what a nice man Glen is. -Darlene Hawkey-Cruikshank -

24: Two things that come to mind are the goofy things he did on our wedding video and, of course, the funny noise he'd do when the family would sing (especially the "Happy Birthday song"). Uncle Glen was just a really fun guy to have around and could always make everyone laugh. He touched a lot of lives with just the small things he did and because he had such a big loving heart. -Tracie McGuire- | Two things I remember the most about Uncle Glen is, First when I was around 10 or 11 he would come and pick me up to take me watch him play basketball at Alverno College on Saturdays in the Gold Fiero he and Aunt Ellie had at the time. After that once in a while he & I would go to Webbs. Second was when I was in little league he came and filmed me in the All Star game when I was 13. I still believe we have that video. -Chris Pastorek-

25: My memory of Glen is his contagious silly grin and bubbliness..the clown. Always there to make people laugh and have fun. Also as we were kids playing dress up,wearing our scraped together costumes to perform for our families and sing for them and sometimes have it put on a homemade record with my dad.on that note...the mock Beatles performance in the Cruikshank garage with our cousins from California..complete with adoring And the many neighborhood bike rides. -Cher Jung- | The memories that stand out the most for me was the costumes that he would wear during the marathons that he ran, and the little noise he would make after the word "you" in the happy birthday song...."ar". Those are the two that stand out the most. Uncle Glen was a great man, he was probably one of the most non-judgmental people that I have ever met, and is definitely a person to aspire to be like. I miss him a ton. -Jeff Seeger-

26: Ellen and Glen were dating at the time.....and all three of us were at Southridge and Glen was at his limit of shopping and was ready to go.....and we were heading out and leaving thru JCPenney but then Ellen saw the 'bra' section and quickly said, I just want to run real quick and see if they have my bra, she said, i'll be real quick......Glen stopped.....looked a bit frustrated.....stopped short of begging Ellen to possibly do it another time....but she said, 'we're right here' i'll be a second.....this 6 foot 3 guy the MAIN aisle of Penneys BRA down on his knees and mimicking crying (tantrum like) saying.....please lets go i just wanna go......** in a kid like voice*** Ellen looked SHOCKED and walked away! I started laughing and went right out the door waiting for the two of them outside! Ellen and I didn't want to be known with him. The first time I met Glen, I was driving in the backseat of the car with them and Ellen had to run up to her apartment to get something so GLen and I were in the car waiting.....and he didn't say a word.....was really quiet.....VERY UNGLEN like..... ;o). A fun memory of Glen taking me out to drive (when I was learning) coming home from Southridge and I was talking and driving....well, talking a little too much when we were fast approaching a stop sign and I was showing no signs of slowing down (since I was busy gabby hazing) when he said in the most utmost calming voice......" might just want to slow down here....." Everytime I go by that area.....I remember that. -Lora Cruikshank-

27: A couple of memories come to mind. The earliest one that I’ve tried to suppress was when Glen was in High school we had to share a bed. Glen moved around a bit and snored which was always a pain in the butt. One night Glen must have been having a dream and he rolled over and put his arms around me and was trying to kiss me. I kept yelling, Glen, Glen it’s me. I finally got him to wake up but not until he planted a big wet one on my cheek. I was in therapy for months. The next memory was on our tenth anniversary we went to Door County and we found a little shop of novelties. We found a can of Flarp. It was a rubbery substance that if you pushed you fingers in, it made a very disgusting fart noise. We went to Glen and Ellen’s house and secretly tried it out. Ellie kept saying Squeeze those cheeks Tod. Glen could not stop laughing I think he about peed in his pants. After he know what it was, he could not keep his hands off it. We went to a movie and I must say the can of Flarp got a very good workout. I don’t think they will ever let us in that theater again.:) -Tod Cruikshank-

28: Well for one I'd have to say the whole Agatha nickname, he was really the only one that stuck with it... even after I hated the name. haha. But it was like my name at that point. Or the happy clown laugh he did.... that we would ask him to do ALL the time! -Samantha Cruikshank-

29: We have two particular memories of Glen .... One is that he was always ready to take a group picture !! I LOVE McDONALDS !!!! And the other, which we still practice, is when he would say, "walk this way ..." then do something goofy and we would follow along behind him copying his wackiness. Glen was an enthusiastic, interested and just plain ol' great guy. It is great to celebrate him. -Dave and Rusty Millin-

32: Of course when I think about Uncle Glen you can't help but remember how he would refer to his little girls as Princess and Blondie!! I can close my eyes and vision us at Grandma and Grandpa's pool and he calling his girls that. And of course you can't forget him referring to Grandpa as “Sarge” instead of Sergeant. Birthdays were always a special treat when we would sing “Happy Birthday”You could always count on Uncle Glen putting in a few “honk – honks” during the song and it would make us all laugh. “Happy birthday day to youHonk – Honk” A classic moment that will always remind me of my childhood. Last, but certainly not least is my favorite memory. You have to save the best for last of course. The best memories I have of Uncle Glen was his handy work with a Camera or Camcorder. I used to love Thanksgiving when we would all gather and after we all ate it was game time in the backyard for the family football game. Each year Uncle Glen would record the game as if he were on the NFL sidelines recording and giving his commentary on what was taking place. The family football game was fun in and of itself; however Uncle Glen made it even more special and extra exciting getting to relive the moment after the game on TV. I can remember all of us gathering around the TV and watching afterward and laughing at some of the things that took place. That there will always be a memory I will keep with me for years to come. One day I wouldn't mind sitting down and watching those old movies and reliving past memories of the good times we all used to have. -Tim Sakwinski- | As I reflect back on the memories of Uncle Glen, the first thing that comes to mind is his bubbly positive attitude. Out of all the years that I’ve known Uncle Glen, I don't ever recall seeing him ever in a bad mood or having a bad day. If he was having a bad day, he never showed it that's for sure. If every one of us that ever knew him could take the approach each day to be positive and put a smile on our faces, the day ins and outs of our lives would be so much more enjoyable.

33: First in Glen’s life was his family and his country. He was very involved in both. Loved his family and also loved his country. He did many things. He was in the service. Volunteered in many activities. He was in the 4th of July parades. He volunteered for the Franklin Fire Department and the Franklin Police Department and many other things. Every new years day, Glen would go up by our swimming pool and look like he was diving into the ocean. He sure wasn’t shy from the camera. He was very active with the 5-mile Al’s runs. He figured out different costumes, made by himself, his mother-in-law and his mom. They were always different. -Chester 'Sarge' Sakwinski-

34: My favorite memory of Glen is kinda corny but definitely pure "Glen". It was during our wedding and Glen was Terry's best man, he was the epitome of a brother, best friend, uncle and son. He coordinated guests and family when Terry and I were "waiting in the wings" for the ceremony to begin. As usual he was the hit of the party, at ease with everyone and making no one feel like a stranger. Like all big days, everything had come to and end, guests left, food was packed and the reception area was cleaned up. So grandparents, all cousins (old and new), Glen and Terry and I made it home to unwind, change clothes, eat cake and watch the videos of the day... Everyone was settled and ready for the day to be revealed on film. All the kids were quiet, an odd occurrence in those days, so I looked behind me to see if they had fallen asleep already. Glen was just sitting there on the floor with his back against the couch. He had this quiet half-smile on his face and all of the kids were leaned up against him. Some were propped with their heads on his knees, a couple of the girls were cuddled together under his arms and one of the boys was laying on the couch with his head resting on his shoulder. It was a quick look between Glen and myself, a half a second maybe, but it was a moment of "pure family" and that's how Glen always made me feel, like we were all one big new family. Just being able to be comfortable in each others presence. He was at ease with everyone and loved being surrounded, even literally, by his family. -Phyllis Cruikshank-

35: Howdy- So many memories, but when I was in college and Glen would always come out to visit me ,and take pictures , and just always be supportive , that was very special to me. -Terry Cruikshank-

36: I had stayed over at Uncle Glen and Aunt Ellie's house when I was about 10 or 12. I was taking a shower and I heard Uncle Glen call out. I thought he said "Kellie" so I said what. He came into the bathroom (thank goodness the door opens to block the shower) to which I panicked and he said (frantically) "you're not Ellie". When I got out we laughed!!! My other one is he was ALWAYS throwing us in the pool when we were kids! He was our own personal launch pad!!! And finally....on our wedding video.....when he found some nice shaded trees and turned the camera around on himself and pretended to be Howard Cosell!! It was so funny and we still laugh out loud every time we watch it!! I truly miss him and I am SOOOO very glad we didn't wait until 2000 to marry!! It would have NEVER been the same! -Kellie Nelsen-

37: I'll always remember him as the caring person he always was, the goofy guy he always was like the noises he would make when singing songs like happy birthday, but the best part of Glen was the love he had for Ellen, Sara and Ana. I have that picture of Glen and his family on my desk in my office so I look at him every week when I dust and remember I much I miss him and his craziness. -Mary Jankowski-

38: The 15 years I spent with Uncle Glen were some of the best of my life. Of all the times filled with laughter and love, my most favorite memory is when we went to Pikes Peak and we were all piled in the car singing songs. The best line ever was Uncle Glen saying "Who fahted?" To this day, it still makes me laugh. I think back to the times following his untimely passing I smile when I picture his warm smile, loving eyes and amazing sense of humor. He will forever hold a special place in my heart, and the memory of when we were all truly a family will remain one of the best memories of my life. -Erin Edwards-

40: The best times I can think about are our Florida vacations. Waking up at three in the morning to leave, could hardly sleep! I was so excited, and there was Dad with the video camera. The video camera was basically a part of him while we were growing up. I loved the drive to Florida, just being there with Dad, Mom, Ana, Aunt Lora, Uncle Tod, Paul and Sami. Dad would have the CB radio and talk to the other truckers under the guise of 'The Preacher Man From Beer City'. One time, he pretended to talk like a woman and was 'flirting' with another trucker. When we came up to the place where they were going to meet, we continued driving. I don't think he ever pretended to be a woman again. | Dad singing 'Back Home Again In Indiana', on the CB Radio, when we crossed into Indiana. He would always interview us on the camera when we were on vacation, 'What's your name? Where ya from?' I think it was in 1998, we were walking from out hotel, the Delta Orlando resort, over to Universal Studios. While waiting to cross the street, Dad shouted, "Look everybody! It's Brett Favre!!" We all turned and saw... a man wearing a Brett Favre jersey. The fake Brett Favre waved and played along. We all laughed the whole way to Universal shouting, 'Look, it's Brett Favre! :)

41: Dad and Uncle Tod would talk in made up jibberish languages holding entire conversations that usually ended up in laughter. There is no way to even mimic it, it was one-of-a-kind. 'soo pa, ching on' 'song quon gee' 'cha ha ha ha ha' The teacups in Disney World, Dad 'throwing up' and videotaping us all the while.Just being there, spinning around, laughing at what he was doing, how he was videoing us. | For some reason, Dad lost it, and started laughing uncontrollably. His laughter was contagious, and Uncle Tod started laughing too. Their laughs were the type that you knew something was absolutely hilarious! Before you knew it, we were all laughing uncontrollably! Dad loved Colorado, loved nature, loved the mountains. One of my favorite pictures of us was taken in 1999 with Pikes Peak in the background. He helped instill the need to appreciate God's creation in our hearts. | When in Florida all together, we didn't have a care in the world, there was nothing wrong with life, life was perfect. Dad would start laughing and then stop. Start laughing and then stop. It included a raising of his hand, and lowering of the hand as he started and stopped. Classic. I can't remember if it was at the Budget Cinemas or not, but we were with Aunt Lora and Uncle Tod, Paul and Sami, and Dad was waiting outside of the Bathrooms, a poor man came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

42: We were at the pool at our hotel with all of our Colorado Cruikshanks, and we were all being silly. Something smelled bad, like a gas line or something, and Kevin said 'Who fahted?' and Dad with his true comedic timing shouted out for the whole world to hear, BEANIE!!!! (from Patch Adams) This joke became the theme of the trip. Driving up the twisting road of Pikes Peak, you'd hear, 'who fahted?' 'BEANIE!!' we'd all shout and then giggle hysterically! Just being together on Father - Daughter nights. Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work. I loved seeing where he worked and spending the day with him. I remember thinking, that I wanted to work there when I grew up! All the embarrassing moments when you wanted to crawl into a hole and hide, now I'd relive those moments in a heartbeat. | 'Beating him up' in the living room, and he would be saying 'oh, stop it, stop it, you're hurting me' in a crazy little kid voice. The only time I ever got him was when I tickled him in the armpit. All the 100's of pictures Dad would take of us, almost every single time he would tell us to take off our glasses. Even though it drove me nuts at the time, I'm so glad he did it, because you don't have the glare from glasses. Those turned out to be the best pictures of us, and I'm thankful that he told us to take off our glasses all the time! His 'Billy' voice, his 'Popeye' laugh.... When he would be in a suit ready to go to a wedding, and he would pick up our bags for preaching, and would prance around the living room pretending to give people the Watchtower and Awake magazines. 'Would you like the Watchtower?'

43: It meant so much to me that Dad came to my baptism, a very important date in my life that without hesitation he came and supported me, even though he didn't share the same faith. When I failed my first driver's test, I called him and he sympathized with me, but then immediately helped me reschedule for another appointment. He was so excited and happy for me when I passed my drivers test on March 3rd, 2000. Even though nothing in particular sticks out, I loved going to State Fair every year as a family. We got our regular food items, potatoes, cream puffs, complete with powdered sugar in his mustache. Summers at Grandma and Grandpa S's pool were perfect. It was never boring, there were always people to play with. Sometimes, we would ride our bikes there as a family from our house. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa C and going to Michelangelo's was a wonderful family tradition I won't soon forget. | Mom and Dad always got a little gift for us on our first and last days of . school. It was always exciting to run to our rooms and find our gift. It may seem insignificant, but looking back, it was the little things that made life so special with him. I loved how he called me Princess Sara. It's hard to lump sixteen years worth of memories into a few paragraphs, there are too many to even recall to mind. Trying not to sound too cliché, he truly was, simply the best Father, ever! I miss him dearly, and look forward to when I will see him again. (Revelation 21:4, Psalms 37:11) Sara 'Princess' Laik -

44: I think there is truth in the thought that ‘you don’t really know what you got, til it’s gone.’ I knew that I had an amazing dad. But it wasn’t until after he was gone that I realized how much i depended on him. As a child, you never think that someday you may be without one of your parents. That reality hit me one Friday afternoon. In one instant, I lost a mentor, a role model, a father, and a friend. As a mentor and a role model, many times my Dad taught me how important family is, by putting his first. Every Friday night was a family fish fry. Almost always with Grandma and Grandpa Cruikshank. Many Saturdays were spent helping them clean up the house, as their older age limited them to what they could do. In the fall, we would go help with the many leaves in the yard, I remember raking the leaves into piles and then pretending to ‘catch a football’ as we fell into the leaves, a perfect cushion. Mainly the fact that hits me about always being by Grandma and Grandpa’s makes me realize how important they were to him. His affections were not limited to his parents or his siblings. His family grew when he married my mom. He adopted her parents as his own, her sisters and their families as his own. He never spoke down about anyone, he was always positive and upbeat. Loved making people laugh, and rarely had a bad day.

45: Summers were spent at Grandma and Grandpa Sak’s pool. I can remember spending afternoons at the pool, waiting for Dad to get off work and come over to the pool. Dad made everyone around him smile. I think that may have been an unspoken goal of his: to make everyone's day a little brighter. I often wonder what the world would have been like without Glen Cruikshank, a kind of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ storyline. Dad’s view of family first has shaped my own view of family. I only hope that I am able to touch as many lives as he did. Dad was very resourceful, he always concerned with saving electricity and recycling. I find myself turning off lights that don't need to be on and smiling to myself thinking of my Dad’s example. He wanted to make sure that we were doing our part to not destroy our beautiful planet. He didn't spend money needlessly, on one occasion pouring rain did not get him to spend money on rain ponchos. Garbage bags would do the trick. Why spend good, hard earned money on a silly poncho? Things that then I was completely embarrassed by, are memories that I cherish and may someday need to repeat. As a Father, Dad put his wife and kids first. Again family was a priority. But Dad realized that each of the three ladies in his life was different and special for different reasons. He dedicated time to spend with each of us. I can remember him taking mom out on ‘dates’.

46: Going so far as to bring flowers, come to the door, ring the doorbell and say, “Can Ellie come out and play?” Sara and I always got a kick out of our Daddy asking us permission to go on a date with our mom. Wednesday nights were Father-Daughter Nights when we just would hang out together. Whether it was going to the movies, the auto show, going to Kopps, Solid Gold McDonalds and the Classic Car Show, maybe even going to Brewer games. Or just relaxing at home with Michaelangelo’s and a movie. Dad and I went to the ground-breaking for Miller Park, evening saving some of the dirt! He was very nostalgic. Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day was an event that I looked forward to every year. Waking up early and being able to see exactly what my Dad did to support his family. Seeing how he valued a day’s work and kept a positive attitude even at a seemingly mundane job. | Even on days when we had off, Mom would pack lunches or we’d pick some up and we’d drive to Delphi and eat lunch with Dad in the parking lot. The lunch hour always flew by and we always tried to lock him in the car to keep him as long as we could, never wanting to say goodbye. Something important to him was making sure that he was able to have a schedule where he could devote time to family during the week. The few times he had to work 2nd shift he would leave before we got home from school, and get home as we went to bed. But when that happened, we kept a little correspondence paper, where we would tell each other we loved each other. He would wake up in the mornings and walk with me to school. We were able to spend so much quality time with Dad. Our 'special song' was My Girl by the Temptations. I always think of him when I hear that song.

47: Dad loved the oldies station. I can still hear him singing along to the Beatles. Whenever 'I Think We're Alone Now' by Tommy James would come on, he would blast it when the crickets came on. I carry on that tradition for him. Dad helped shape who I was then, and even more so now as I’ve grown into a young woman with a family of my own. His example as a Dad will no doubt help me I become a mother someday. And I look forward to telling my children all about their one-of-a-kind Grandpa Cruikshank, so they too will be a better person because of him. As a friend, my Dad took the time to find out what was on our minds, to listen to us. He was never harsh, never judgmental, never rude and never crude. He was just a stand up guy that everyone loved being around. He always had some type of camera in his hand, whether video or still. He loved capturing life and the world around us. The 1000’s of pictures he took and around some 50 home videos help us keep our memories of him in tact. I feel so privileged to have known him, even more privileged to call him family, and words cannot express how proud I am to call him my Dad. I cannot wait to see him again in paradise, to introduce him to his new son, to show him how I’ve grown, the woman that I’ve become. To thank him for teaching me, for sharing his life with me, for showing me how to be a better person, and for loving me. I wait for the day when I will see him again...but until then I have some amazing memories of him... -Ana 'Blondie' Vorpagel-

48: On September 23, 1977 Glen called me at work to ask me out for a fish fry and to go see Star Wars. We went to the Tyrolean Townhouse and the Spring Mall theater. I remember sitting in the theater and he was squeezing my arm. I thought he would be thinking what a skinny arm this girl has. I remember he didn't kiss me good night and being disappointed. I wondered if he would call me again.... When I lived in my upper flat on 76 and Morgan, I always knew when Glen had arrived. You could hear the door downstairs open, he would take two steps at a time and have a special knock at my door. When he left after a date, as he was driving home, he would flash his dome light on and off a few times as I waved from the window. | One time Glen came over to my flat for dinner and to watch TV. We were sitting on the couch watching TV and I remember looking at him thinking something was different about him. I couldn't put my finger on it. I even went to put on my glasses. It finally hit me. I screamed "you shaved your mustache!" He just grinned at me and said he wondered how long it would take me to notice. I told him to grow it back and he never shaved it off again! We went to see the movie that had as its theme song "Endless Love" which we later chose as "our song", but the actual movie was pretty bad.

49: One of our Colorado trips before we were married. We were in the car with Terry and Barb. The guys were in the front seat and Barb and I were in the back. All of a sudden, at the same time, both Glen and Terry sang out "for me and my gal" at the same time. They looked at each other and Barb and I looked at each and we all burst out laughing. Our Engagement, September 27, 1981 We were at Glen's folks house just visiting for their 34th wedding anniversary. I was living on 76th and Morgan at the time. Around 10 p.m., we left for Glen to take me home. As we were approaching Drexel, Glen looked down toward the watertower and asked where the light was coming from shining on the tower. I was really tired and said I didn't know. He said that he wanted to check it out. I wasn't thrilled about him doing that because I wanted to get home. Anyway, he didn't listen to me and drove down Drexel | to where the Fire Station is. The watertower is located behind it. We pulled up and were looking up at the watertower when he handed me the old-fashioned kind of envelope that processed pictures used to come in. Anyway as he handed it to me he said "Here, you can get this enlarged later if you want". I was puzzled as to what he meant. I looked inside. There around a cigar was my engagement ring. At one point while we were dating I had mentioned that I didn't care what kind of a ring he got me; it could even be a band from a cigar. I was sooo excited. I looked at him and he was grinning that famous grin of his. I told he to ask me, which he did. Right at that moment, a squad car pulled up to check out the car parked by the watertower. It was an officer we both knew and I excitedly told him that I was engaged. Well, at this point I was no longer tired. We drove to my parents and shared the news with them and then later back to his folks. I got home a lot later that night and called up Aunt Barb who was dating Uncle Terry at the time and shared my news. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night, but I didn't care. The man I knew I wanted to marry for quite some time, had really proposed.

50: Our Wedding Day, March 20, 1982 At that time, video taping was really new and a friend of Glen's video-taped our wedding. I was so happy to have that done. The most vivid thing I remember on that day was how Glen took my arm after Dad walked me down the aisle and held it tight, because it was shaking so much due to my nervousness. I remember saying the vows I had written and my adding the word "finally" to the part were we said to each other that "my dreams are coming true". The next day we were at my parent's house and we all sat down and watched the video. That's when I realized the crazy antics that Glen performed for the video. Lipping "Hi Mom" while he and Terry were waiting for the bridal party to walk down the aisle. His winking his left eye and then his right eye repeatedly at the camera while the priest was giving his sermon. Everyone roared with laughter while watching it. Glen later told me that he had to do those crazy things to keep himself from being overcome from the emotion of the day. We enjoyed watching that tape every anniversary we had together. I still watch it on every anniversary........ | Summer, 1983 Glen and I were trying hard to start a family and we were pretty certain that I could be pregnant. That was before the days of the home pregnancy tests. I had gone to the doctor and was at work waiting for them to call and give me the results. I received a phone call and it was Glen. He said, "Are you sitting down?" I said, "yes". He said, "Congratulations, Mom!". He had called the doctor to get the results. So my husband was the one to inform me that we were going to have a baby! Spring, 1984 Sara was a baby and I was invited over the Janie's for one of those home parties. I think it was some kind of clothing. Anyway, Cheri had picked me up and Glen was going to take care of Sara for the first time on his own. He asked me how long I would be and I said I wasn't sure. Not long after I got to Janie's, he called and asked again how long I would be. I said, I wasn't sure and reminded him how I had come with Cheri. About 20 to 25 minutes later (however long it took to drive from Franklin to Cudahy) Glen arrived at Ed and Janie's....

51: Sometime after Sara's birth: Glen said to me that Sara had brought him so much "joy" that if we had another daughter, he wanted her middle name to be Joy. And along came "Anna Joy" Fall, 1985 Again we were waiting for the doctor's call to see if I was pregnant again. We were at home and Glen answered the phone. It was the doctor. Glen wanted them to give him the news to he could tell me again like the first time, but they wouldn't because they could only tell Ellen. He was so disappointed. Summer 1987/88 or 89 We took a trip with Tod, Lora, their kids and Tim to the Dells. We all shared one hotel room with the adults having the beds and the kids camped out on the floor. Tod and Glen were on the inside of our respective beds and there was loud snoring. Lora told Tod to hit Glen so he would stop snoring, which Tod did. Out of the dark you heard Glen say"It's not me". It was me. Glen never told me that I snored so loud. | Summer, 1996 I had been one of Jehovah's witnesses for almost 9 years. We had had our ups and down regarding our religious differences. It was probably the one thing that presented the biggest challenge in our marriage. Things were going pretty good. I remember talking in bed together about stuff and Glen said to me, "You know Ellie, we've had our ups and downs when it's come to your religion, but I feel we've finally reached our plateau. Our love is like the strongest glue, so I guess we're stuck with each other." That same summer at our annual District Convention I was asked to be interviewed about my circumstances of having a husband not sharing my faith. I told Glen about it and he came to the morning session of the convention to watch my interview. In the interview I shared his above comment (with Glen's permission).In my final comment I said to the audience something to the effect "My husband is here today and I'd like to tell him that glue is the strongest glue and I wouldn't want it any other way". I was really emotional and holding back the tears. When I got back to my seat Glen was sitting with the girls smiling with tears in his eyes. We hugged and hugged.

52: - Holding his hand. (His wedding ring formed into the shape of his finger. Just my looking at it, I can feel how it felt when we held hands together) - How he always kept our anniversary special. We always spent the day together and would watch our wedding video. We often would go back to where our reception was held and would dance together on the dance floor. - When I got a pager, he would send a special code that meant "I love you" - We would go on "dates" and how excited the girls would be when daddy rang the doorbell and they answered the door. He would ask them if "Ellie was ready" - Our family vacations. How I loved being just us together for 10 days. - He and Tod laughing uncontrollably for whatever reason. - His crazy sense of humor that always made me laugh. - His Al's Run costumes. - His messages on the answering machine - His great big hugs - Dancing and dipping in the kitchen - How much he loved his parents and brothers and "sisters" and all his family. He really loved our big, crazy family. - Mostly I remember just being extremely happy and content with Glen as my husband. He was worth the wait. Ellie 'Little Bit' Cruikshank | One time while at one of our meetings at the Kingdom Hall, I was paging through my Bible looking up scriptures when I came across a piece of paper. It was a love poem that Glen had wrote to me entitled "You Are". I still carry that poem in my Bible. The little things - Glen always called me "his bride", "Ellie " or "little bit" - When I was pregnant and he loved when we were in bed and I put my belly up to his back and he felt the baby kick. - How proud he was to hold his new-born daughters. - How very, very much he loved his daughters. - How secure I was in his love for me. - His hugs - Our walks together

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