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Memories; The Legacy We Leave Behind

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Memories; The Legacy We Leave Behind - Page Text Content

S: Happy 85th Birthday - March 16, 2012

BC: "Mother" is such a simple word, But to me there's meaning seldom heard. For everything I am today, My mother's love showed me the way. I'll love my mother all my days, For enriching my life in so many ways. She set me straight and then set me free, And that's what the word "MOTHER" means to me. Thanks for being a wonderful mother. Mama! Happy Birthday!! | Made especially for you by your children Jimmy, Larry, Shari and Jill | 2012

FC: Happy 85th Birthday | Mama | A mother holds her children's hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime

1: Mama, This a tribute to you. You are an extraordinary woman, mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, cousin, mother-in-law and friend. You have blessed so many people with your kindness, generosity, patience, loyalty, and love. This is our time to recognize and thank you for all you have done for so many, but especially your children. We hope you enjoy this trip through "memory lane". Many happy times shared with your family, children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren and friends that can be seen in the notes and photographs in this book, and many more memories that you hold deep in your heart. You have many qualities that we admire such as, your determination, inner strength, faith in God & thoughtfulness. You have sacrificed and put everyone else first with no complaints. We love you and respect you for all you have done for us. With all our love, your children, Jimmy, Larry, and Drenna, Shari and David, and Jill and Steve

2: Happy 85th Birthday | Our Beautiful MAMA | 2 | Alice Lucille Trujillo March 16, 1927

3: Love | 3

4: 4

5: Love | 5

6: Happy XX (censored) Birthday MOM! My wooden friend is speechless! | 6

7: I remember the fun times as a small tyke playing in Grandma's house, yard and garden and when Larry was born (actually I don't remember that since I was only three). Then there were the summers spent in Thief River Falls, Minnesota and Missoula, Montana. What great times we had when we lived in the house on Milwaukee Street and when Shari was born in 1953. There were the good times we had when we lived in Billings, Montana and later in Bismarck, North Dakota. Last, but not least, was the short time spent in Thornton, then the house on McElwain Blvd during which time Jill was born and I worked during summers with Grandpa. What great memories I will always cherish! Love, Jim | 7

8: The memory I remember most, is when we went to Chicago, IL. We lived in little town outside of Elgin, IL called Carpentersville. Talk about a one horse town, but NO horses! We lived in a house that had squirrels running around the roof day and night! Anyway, I would go outside and walk through the wooded area just to keep myself occupied. I decide I would trim a branch from a tree and make a baseball bat out of it. I made a good bat and would go out to our very extensive driveway covered with rocks and take my home made bat and hit those rocks into the woods. One day you came out and said, “What are you doing?” I explained, I was playing baseball. Somehow you found me a little league baseball team to join. I played and our team went to the city finals where I hit 2 home runs! You always took me to those games and cheered me on. After that, you and dad took me and Shari to the old White Sox Stadium where I got to watch my then favorite team the New York Yankees. I got to see Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford play. We also went to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs play! After all was said and done that was the best summer of my life! Happy Birthday Mom Love Larry | 8

9: 9

10: 10

11: HAPPY 85TH BIRTHDAY MOM! I have a few good memories with Mom. For instance she was cooking fudge and it never set up so, She and I, with tablespoons no less, sat digging it out of the pan & eating it! What about the "Unforgettable Burnt Dinner Rolls"! Mom became famous for her "Burnt Buns"! NO family dinner was complete without this! The times our grocery store trips ended up at the Dairy Queen! "Hey", we had to replenish calories burnt in the grocery store! He he! The evenings we sat knitting and crocheting. It was nice and we had fun. Just at dusk we are off and she is driving as we are going shopping. All of a sudden she says, Oh man I can't see! I said WHAT? She then proceeds to tell me she has "Night Blindness"! I said "PULL OVER"! and I resumed the driving for the remainder of that night! Whew! My best memory is when She welcomed me as one of her own children and made me feel loved and wanted. I will never forget all that She has taught & done for me. I Love You Mom, So Much! With All My Love, Your Daughter, Drenna | 11

12: 12

13: Mama, You are my dearest & most cherished friend, you have been there for me in good times & in bad. You laughed when at 12, I didn't realize I had to cook the Lasagna noodles first. Here's to the memories we still have to make! Love you always & forever, Shari | 13

14: Mama, I have so many fond memories with you. I think the one that means the most to me, is letting me stay home from school on Wednesdays. We had the best times; shopping, going out to lunch, driving up to the mountains to do measurements. It was our day! I think the memory that has impacted me throughout my life is when we went to the mall and you bought all kinds of clothes for Terry and Cindy's children (Larry Bateman's little brother). You didn't even blink an eye at the cost - your comment, "I would hate to see those babies go without!" Throughout my life I have heard you say those words over and over again. It is because of you that I know how to love and bless others | 14 | HAPPY BIRTHDAY Love you so much Mama, Jillybean | Mom, from the moment I met you, you treated me as your son. Love you, Happy Birthday Steve

15: 15

16: Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you never knew was empty | Joey & Danelle | Mark | Paul & Carol | Sue & Jody | Bob & April | Jason | 16

17: GRANDCHI LDREN | Heather & Mark | Stephen & Heather | Josh & Jackie | Larry & Kelsey | Tony & Monique | 17

18: Happy Birthday Grandma! Love Paul and Carol & Alec | Best | 18

19: Happy Birthday Grandma! Love Joey and Danelle | Wishes | 19

20: 20

21: Happy Birthday Grandma! Love Mark | 21

22: Grandma & I went to see Star Trek The Voyage Home in 1986. It was action packed with Spaceships, time travel & teleportation. We didn't take our eyes off the screen the whole movie. With the happy ending, I was smiling when the lights came on and I look over & Grandma is crying. I thought to myself, that wasn't sad why is she crying? I asked her what was wrong and she started saying, things are happening so fast. The technology is so advanced. I just can't believe how far we've come.Then, me being 16 ...enough said really..., with a weird look on my face, I say, Grandma you know that stuff wasn't real right? She laughed wiping her tears and said yes Jo, I know. I was confused. All these years I have thought of that. Most of the time not understanding it. The older I get the more I understand :) Grandma, You have the sweetest, biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. I love you so very much! Jody | 22 | GG, we are amazed at how you never forget to send us cards every year for holidays and our birthdays. We know how many kids, Grandchildren and great grandchildren you have and you do the same for each and everyone one of us. We Love you GG, Jason & Spencer

23: 23

24: Grandma, I remember as a little girl coming to visit you. One time when I flew to Denver with the flight attendant and they were paging you to come find me. I was so happy when I saw your face. We have had so many fun times traveling together like when we went to Chicago and recently Ojo. You make the best spaghetti and enjoy making it for all your grand kids.I really loved having you come help when the boys were born. Here's to more adventures with my amazing grandma! Love, Heather, Mark & The Boys | 24

25: 25 | 24 | 24 | 24

26: Zack Bobby Robbie | April Ayden | Jason & Monique | Bobby & Monique | 26

27: I think everyone should have that amazing person in their life that they completely adopt you and you completely adopt them and your life just wouldn't be the same without them. That's my Grandma Alice. She makes the best stuffed bell peppers around, and the brightest part of my workday was when she'd come in for an appointment, and we'd get to visit. One of the most important days of my life was my wedding. I couldn't have imagined it without her in the front row. I love you Grandma Alice beyond words, I will treasure you for a lifetime.... Love You, Monique and Tony | 27

28: Grandma, I have so many wonderful memories with you, but the one that stands out the most is when you took me to dinner at Texas Road house. It was right before Grandpa passed. He did not feel like going out, so you decided to just take me. It was my Reserve weekend, so I showed up at your house still in my uniform. We had just had an inspection that day so I was in my Dress Blues. You told me how handsome I looked, and that you were so proud of me. What really made it feel special was that I could see the pride gleaming from your eyes. You loved taking me and “showing me off” as you put it. I felt very proud to be there with you, knowing how much joy it brought to you. Thank you so much Grandma for everything. I love you., Stephen | 28

29: Hi Grandma! I remember when you came to Hawaii for Nathan's first birthday. We were sitting in our tiny kitchen talking about the bugs on the island. I had just finished saying "we don't really get many cockroaches inside" when a HUGE one crawled up the wall right behind you! Then we talked about lizards and I said "we don't really see many lizards inside." Well, when we went into the bedroom where you'd be sleeping, there was a lizard on the wall!! | 29 | Another memory I love from when you came to visit is how much Madison loved you - you were that kitty's little buddy! Going to the beach every other day was also nice! You said you liked how the buildings looked along the shore in Waikiki. And who could forget Pearl Harbor? Even Nathan recognized the significance of the memorial and was somber. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was amazing - you stayed on dry land and read your book! And you looked so pretty with the flower in your hair! We need to plan another trip to Hawaii! Love you lots, Heather

30: Grandma, you're so old... but with that age comes many memories. Aside from getting caught, and scolded (on several occasions), for throwing away all your old, expired food and eating all your good, non-expired food, my favorite memories are simple; coming over for dinner on the weekends, spending Christmas together and helping with spaghetti sauce that took days to prepare, taking you and Grandpa out for your birthdays and various holidays, spending hours on end with you and my parents fixing your computer that you somehow always managed break since the weekend prior, and playing rummy. Overall, I just loved spending time with you and Grandpa. Thank you for allowing us to be part of those memories. I look forward to creating more. :) Love Josh, Jackie, Caleb and Austin | 30

31: 31

32: I remember when I was about 6 Grandma and Grandpa took us to Heritage Square and they watched us go down the big slide. it was awesome! But what stands out about that trip wasn't the slide it actually happened afterward. After we finished up at the park, Grandpa took us to go fishing on Mt Evans. It was here how he taught me how to bait a hook, and cast the line. I did it "wrong" the first time, and yet was still able to catch a fish off the first cast. Grandpa looked at me dumb founded and Grandma proceeded to laugh at him Happy Birthday Grandma Love You, Larry | 32 | Grandpa taught me well!

33: I love sitting at the table with you solving crossword puzzles while eating leftover Christmas sweets way too early in the morning! Happy Birthday Grandma Love Kelsey | Birthday Wishes | Birthday Wishes | 33

34: Holding a Great-Grandchild makes getting old worthwhile | Spencer & Jason | Alec | Jordan | 34

35: G R E A T G R A N D C H I L D R E N | Benjamin | Xzavior | Michael | Nathan | Caleb & Austin | Ayden, Zack & Robbie | 35

36: Nathan | Caleb | Michael | 36 | Caleb

37: Austin | Benjamin | Jordan | 37 | Austin

38: Memories of days gone by | 38

39: Alice (Lucille), I remember when you were about 8 or 9 and you took accordion lessons and Aunt Ethel and I would take you to your recitals. You were so good at playing the accordion. I enjoyed so much going to listen to you play. When you ran off with Jim to get married after High School - I moved in with Uncle Emil and Aunt Ethel. You had left all your clothes and shoes and with us being the same size, I wore them Happy Birthday Lucille, Love Grace | 39

40: 40 | A few short years ago, oh just close to fifty, Armand and I decided to purchase wall to wall carpeting. Our floor was a cement slab so we were really looking forward to having warm feet when we walk around the house in winter without shoes. We went to the carpet store where Alice worked to ask her for advice. She recommended a particular brand and we looked at all the sample colors available, finally deciding on the rust color. Alice took care of everything, from ordering the carpet and pad, to arranging the installation. She made it easy and fun for us. I have many fond memories of family and friends spending time in my home on Alice's carpet. That carpet is still keeping my feet warm and I’m still getting compliments. Happy 85th birthday! Love, Nomi

41: Viola's Wedding Day | 41 | Alice asked Nomi to fill in as a bridesmaid for Viola's wedding, after a member of the wedding party had to pull out due to an illness. Nomi accepted with great pleasure to be in Viola's wedding since Viola would then be officially off the market. It seems Viola and Armand were quite the item at one time.

42: I remember when you were living on McElwain, you came out of the bedroom dressed to "the nines". You looked like you just stepped off an 5th Ave runway! I admire your fashion sense not to mention your ability to create those fashions with your own two hands. This didn't only apply to your clothes but also to your home. I remember you decorating and redecorating. I wish you the happiest of all 85th birthdays. Love Always, Katherine. | 42

43: 43 | I remember living with Nomi, Armand and the kids around 1961 for about a year with little Ricky and Gary. Ricky started school while they were living in Thornton. Rich was stationed on a light house island for eight to ten weeks at a time and would catch a flight to Colorado a few times when he was off the island for a week or two. Alice had Me come over one day to give me a perm so my hair would be beautiful when Rich came for one of his short visits. Happy Birthday, Love Mae

44: “The Street Car Child” As Jim and Alice were going on one of their “hot dates” they took the then very high level modes of transportation—the Denver Streetcar. They also took Jim’s little brother “Ducky” with them. Ducky was about five (5) years old and like all 5 year olds found it very difficult to sit for a very long time. So Ducky would get up and run up and down the aisles. Alice would get up and run, almost as fast as Ducky, to attempt to keep him in the coach seat. This happened several times and finally she was successful in subduing Ducky. When Jim and Alice arrived at their destination and began to depart from the streetcar a kind old man said to Alice, “what a fine young and ambitious son you have. Alice grinned and Jim frowned because Alice was only fifteen (15) years old!! Happy Birthday Alice Much love Don and Mikii | 44

45: “The Naughty Girls of Rocky Lane” Alice and Nomi lived together at Alice's father's (Emil) and mother's (Ethel) home for a few years, during what they called “the early years”. Being of members of the gentle sex, from time to time they both wondered what it would be like to be a little risqué, and from time to time they would lie on their backs, on the floor of their bedroom, and dream of being one of “those girls”. Now, taking their dreams into reality and riding on the Denver Streetcars, they “would live the dream” by going to “Rocky's”. Upon arrival they would do the “Covey Dance” and as a result gained the reputation of being “The Naughty Girls of Rocky Lane”! | 45

46: I would like to say that I am eternally grateful that you introduced my Mother and Father. If I remember part of the story, my Mom was living with your mom and dad, for a time. You knew my Dad from a mutual friend, Bill Kline (If that is not true, I know you you will straighten the story out.) Obviously, if they would not have met there would be no me! I am also extremely proud that you are not only my Aunt but also my Godmother. Happy Birthday Love, Bob | 46

47: In 1969 I was invited to Home Coming at Adams State College by a guy who was I hope to get to know better. I had a beautiful midnight blue dress I purchased in high school but the hem-line was out of style for 1969; it was a couple of inches below my knees. Since I had very little experience alternating clothes, especially with an expensive dress made from a delicate material with a flimsy lining, I immediately thought of asking Aunt Alice for help. Aunt Alice made her own clothes and she always looked fantastic! Before she would do anything, however, Aunt Alice gently, yet firmly told me that hem lengths change all the time and if I wanted to sit down comfortably and wear the dress in the future I should keep the length “tasteful”. We arrived at an acceptable compromise and I have extremely fond memories that day with Aunt Alice, how she had made me feel so special, the wonderful dress, and the dance with my soul mate. Brian says the dress really worked. Aunt Alice, Have a wonderful special day for your 85th birthday! Hugs and kisses, Darlene and Brian | 47

48: I must have been around 5 years old and Uncle Jim and Aunt Alice came to pick me up to go with them to buy a house! We were in one of the models of a new development talking with the salesman and I said I was hungry. The salesman fixed me a bologna sandwich. Mom tells me it was the house on McElwain!! Most of my memories were in this house. I remember when mom and dad went to Don and Marge's wedding. They took Mark because he was the ring bearer. Michelle and Dave stayed somewhere else but the rest of us kids stayed with you Aunt Alice. We were playing down in the basement and we thought it would be a good idea for Mary to spin us in a circle by our feet. It was so spacious down there. I was the last to get spun. Mary was so dizzy from spinning she fell letting go of my feet. I slid headlong into a table and cut my head open. It was an accident. The rest of the kids had to take a nap and I got milk and cookies and a band-aid! Love Always, Susan | 48

49: Since we left Denver when I was 5, I have little memory of the place. But what I do remember is coming over to your house and playing in the basement. I remember jumping on a couch or bed that was down there. It was lots of fun Happy Birthday Aunt Alice, Love Gerri | 49

50: I want to wish you, Alice, a great day. I have always appreciated you. When Steve became part of your family you accepted us (Steve's family) as your own. What a blessing that has been down through the years. We have lived in harmony as a family and not as two families. "The Lord bless you and keep you in all your ways. The Lord make His face shine upon you. And be gracious to you. The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace." Numbers 6: 24-26. Clara Mathias | 50

51: Alice I so appreciate how you have always been there for me and my children. You were even there when some were born, and are a part of our family. We love you Grandma Alice . Praying you have the most wonderful blessed birthday! Love Dorothy Ellis | 51

52: Make new friends But keep the old One is Silver And the other Gold | 52

53: If there's someone you can talk to, Someone no one can replace; If there's someone you can laugh with, Till the tears run down your face; If there's someone you can turn to, When you need a helping hand; If there's someone you can count on, To advise and understand; If there's someone you can sit with, And not need to say a word; You're a very lucky person For you've found a Special Friend | 53

54: Alice, you have always been a beautiful person! You are a friend who was there when I needed you. Wow! did I ever need you in 1965 and all the years until I left in 1974. You urged me to stay in Denver, but I failed to listen to you. I regret that I didn't listen!!! You were always calm and supportive. I could share so much with you. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Love Marilyn Reynolds Andrews | 54

55: News Years Eve at the Covey's | Shari, Alice, Sarah Davis | Delores Casey, Shari, Frank Casey | Jack Davis, Alice | Jim | 55

56: Alice worked for us at More Than Floors for around fifteen years. She was a tremendous blessing to us both as an employee and as a friend. Right away she became Grandma Alice to our son, Craig. The customers loved Alice too. Bill always said that by the time Alice sold a customer carpet she knew how many children and or grandchildren they had, their respective names and birthdays. I think most of them felt like they had a “friend in the carpet business.” | 56

57: Alice always had cute little definitions and or sayings. For example she usually called decorators, "desecrators" and her parting words to installers were “remember fuzzy side up.” Another applied to difficult customers. Her favorite comment about them was, “Oh that Anso-4.” Often when someone did not come through with a promise she would say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When others had a “deal” her comment was usually “Right, that and a $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee.” One carpet installer she called a brain surgeon because he was good with a utility knife and sewing needle. One of the things Alice and I had in common was shoes. We both had many pairs and I remember her telling me she always had her car trunk full so that Jim would not know how many she owned. (I hadn't thought of that) Most mornings around 11:00 Alice would start asking what we were going to have for lunch and it usually took us to about 1:00 to decide. Then one of us (usually Alice) would go and get it and by 1:30 or so we would finally eat our cold lunch. Sometimes she would surprise us with a milkshake or frostie yum. An “inside” joke was regarding “pink chicken” sandwiches. Bill remembers Alice running around the show room for about a half hour helping an installer catch a kangaroo mouse so he could take it home to his little boy. Bill and Alice had a running feud regarding toilet paper. Bill always complained that the girl's restroom used too much TP so Alice accused him of putting sequential numbers on the sheets we could use or we would have to recycle. Thank you Alice for the many fond memories of the years we spent together. Though we do not see much of you these days I always look forward to your e-mails. We Love You, Sharon, Bill and Craig Knapp | 57

58: To Alice The best neighbor I ever had! I miss being able to step out my back door and drop in for a cup of coffee. We could always solve our problems- and those of the world together. So easy to get into trouble with you! I miss "us"! See you when the weather is more predictable..... Love you and have a great birthday--celebrate all week! Judy Faucett | 58

59: Church just isn't church unless I am sitting next to Alice. She is always there with a smile on her face and a warm hello. Alice is one of the best dressers I know. At church she always looks so regal,dressed to the "tee" with matching shoes and everything, and I am just happy to make it there before service is over in my jeans and sneakers! In my mind, I call Alice "Mom", she is like my Colorado Mom when I can't be with my mother who lives in Michigan. Just a look from her makes me think of home. She is a rock and such a wonderful person. She is a blessing to me and all who know her. See you in Church! Love, Becky Cipriani | Becky always has her Starbucks coffee with her at church | 59

60: I miss seeing you so much. I am sitting across from Judy having lunch. We are planning to come see you in April. I can't wait. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Fondly, Pat Caldwell | 60

61: Happy Birthday Alice, Love Dwayne Edwards | 61

62: Alice, you are an inspiration to me. I enjoy our Bible Study together but most of all when I am down, I get that warm nice hug on Sunday morning and that lifts me up. One chocolate lover to the other Love you, Irene Dempsey | Alice, when you started coming to our Sunday School class an it was a real blessing. I have learned to love you and enjoy you very much. I don't have much family here but you and the class are my family now. Thank you for all the prayers and God bless you for you are always in my prayers. Love you and God Bless you, Joann Vigil | I love you and think the wold of you. You are the sweetest and loveliest woman I've known. I enjoy you in Sunday Bible class and your company. You are also the kindest person I know Love always, Jackie Cedillo | 62 | Happy Birthday Alice! Larry Langston | Happy Birthday Bob & Diane

63: Alice, you are such a sweet, generous and dear little lady. It has been a privilege and a blessing to know you as a friend Love you, Vivian Furbay | Alice, I look forward each Sunday when you greet me like I'm special. Thank you for your wisdom & love. Thank you for being a prayer warrior. Love you, Sue & Dale Dishaw | “Mom”, I always look forward to attending Sunday Bible class because I will hear a friendly hello and wink from you. It came so natural for me to call you “mom” and you don't mind it at all. I know “mom” includes a history of people in your family and I feel so blessed to also be a part. Your spunk and wit make you feisty and so lovable while that light in you eyes gives me a sense of a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom. Your faith in God knows no bounds and provides a legacy for all to see. I want to thank you “mom” for teaching me how to crochet better. I can't believe how you can see those tiny stitches and make such beautiful work at 85 years old. You just amaze me!! Happy 85th Birthday “Mom” and always know you have made a difference in my life that will last forever. Love you, Joni Barta | 63 | Alice Fresh

64: My Dear Alice, It was such a delight when I met you for the first time in ABC Sunday School Class. I liked your spunky attitude right away. Your beautiful smile & humorous humor makes all of us feel so blessed. Your generosity knows no bounds. We must not forget Fred, he thinks the world of you too. he calls you his girlfriend! (should I be jealous?) Seriously, we both love you! Have a wonderful 85th Birthday & many more. Fran Wiesner and Fred Underwood | Her smile & warmth I feel when we meet I am so pleased she calls me her friend a Lovely Lady Charlotte Schubird | 64

65: Thoughts about Alice! Where to start. I guess my first thoughts are of a small feisty lady with a little vinegar in her speech but also filled with the love of God. I have always liked her thoughtful outlook on life and ready wit at the right times. I thoroughly enjoy the bantering between son-in-law and mother-in-law and know its all in good fun. I put Alice in a category all her own surrounded by family, friends and the Lord. Her generosity and love fill my heart with joy. I can hear a lot of singing and good old time religion filling heaven when she is called home. But for now I get to be blessed with her presence and unending love Thank you for just being you and a very Happy Birthday Love, Paddy Stevenson | 65

66: Mazatlan Mexico | England | 66

67: 69 | Travel Adventures | Travel Adventures | 67

68: 68

69: 69

70: REMEMBER ... | "A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever" | Sitting on the edge of the bathtub... solving the world's problems | Sunday drives to Johnson's corner to get the best piece of pie ever | playing solitaire at the kitchen table for hours | When you got on the highway going the wrong direction | When you sent Jimmy to the store to get you some special occasion napkins! | The fun times we had at our Bridge and Beeline parties! | 68 | When we walked to the library and feed the ducks? On the way home we'd get an ice cream | The Bronco parties at Felsen's | Fishin in our backyard when we lived in Minnesota | When we went horse back riding and your horse took off...

71: Shari all of a sudden says: "Oh man that was a BIG pig" and I laughed and told her it was a steer/cow. She wouldn't believe it. I told her: "that cow was lying down" then added "You can sure tell you are a city girl"! | We were traveling at night (a long time ago) with the trunk on top of the car and the lid opened and clothing began flying all over the road behind us? We had to backtrack along the highway and retrieve our belongings using the car headlights. Oh what fun that was! | Sitting around the wood stove to keep warm | Your beautiful Iris Garden, You would garden for hours | When Daddy brought home that awful aluminum Christmas tree with the color wheel | 69 | Dad ran the toll gate coming back from the baseball game

72: Pg. 2 1. Alice Lucille Trujillo, Emil Higgins Trujillo, 2. Alice Lucille Trujillo, Harriet Hamilton 3. Alice Lucille Trujillo, Ethel Florence Trujillo 4. & 5. Alice Lucille Trujillo Pg. 4 1. James Donald Covey, James M. Covey, Larry Allen Covey 2. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Larry Allen Covey 3. James Donald Covey, Emil Higgins Trujillo, Ethel Florence Trujillo, Larry Allen Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey 4. Larry Allen Covey, James Donald Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey Pg. 6 1. James Donald Covey 2. Paul David Covey, James Donald Covey, Mark Christopher Covey, Joseph James Covey Pg. 8 No Pictures Pg. 10 1. Jody Lynn Covey, Larry Allen Covey, Drenna Rose (Edwards) Covey 2. Drenna Rose (Edwards) Covey 3. Larry Allen Covey, Drenna Rose (Edwards) Covey | Pg. 3 1. & 2. James M. Covey, Alice Lucille (Trujillo) Covey 3 & 4. Alice Lucille Trujillo 5. Alice Lucille Trujillo, Harriet Hamilton Pg. 5 1. James Donald Covey, Larry Allen Covey, Jill Haley Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey 2. Jill Haley Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey Pg. 7 1. James Donald Covey 2. Larry Allen Covey, James Donald Covey Pg. 9 1. & 2. Larry Allen Covey 3. Alice Lucille Covey, Jody Lynn Covey, Larry Allen Covey 4. Larry Allen Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey Pg. 11 No Pictures | Names to go with faces

73: Pg. 12 1. Sharmayne Gayle (Covey) Hare, David Allen Hare 2. Sharmayne Gayle (Covey) Hare, Heather Amy Hare, David Allen Hare 3. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Alice Lucille Covey 4. Alice Lucille Covey, Heather Amy Hare 5. Larry Allen Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey Pg. 14 1. Jill Haley Covey, Alice Lucille Covey 2. Alice Lucille Covey, Jill Haley Covey Pg. 16 1. Paul David Covey, Carol (Filaway) Covey 2. Jody Lynn Covey, Sue (Bell) Covey-Bell 3. Bobby Lee Bateman, April (Tennis) Bateman 4. Danelle (Pate) Covey, Joseph James Covey 5. Jason Andrew Bateman 6. Mark Christopher Covey Pg. 18 1, 2, 4. Paul David Covey 3. Paul David Covey, Carol Covey, Alec Joshua Covey Pg. 20 1 - 4. Mark Christopher Covey | Pg. 13 1. Sharmayne Gayle Hare, Heather Amy Hare, Alice Lucille Covey, Ethel Florence Trujillo 2. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Alice Lucille Covey Pg. 15 1. Jill Haley Covey 2. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Henry, Jill Haley Covey 3. Jill Haley Covey 4. Jill Haley (Covey) Mathias, Stephen Mark Mathias 5. Jill Haley Mathias, Stephen Mark Mathias, Joshua Adam Mathias, Stephen Mark Mathias II, Larry Patrick Mathias Pg. 17 1. Heather Amy (Hare) Martinez, Mark Martinez 2. Jaquelyn Grace (Alford) Mathias, Joshua Adam Mathias 3. Stephen Mark Mathias, Heather Dawn (Kern) Mathias 4. Larry Patrick Mathias, Kelsey Shea (Murry) Mathias 5. Anthony Sitinsky, Monique (Bateman) Sitinsky Pg. 19 1. Danelle Covey, Joseph James Covey 2., 3, 4. Joseph James Covey Pg. 21 1. Mark Christopher Covey

74: Pg. 22 1. Jordan Claire Covey,-Bell, Spencer Allen Fitzsimmons, Sue Covey-Bell, Jody Lynn Covey, Jason Charles Fitzsimmons Pg. 24 1. Heather Amy (Hare) Martinez, Xzavior James, Mahan, Benjamin Gary Martinez, Mark David Martinez Pg. 26 1. Bobby Lee Bateman, Zack Bateman, Robbie Bateman, Ayden Bateman, April Tennis Bateman 2. Bobby Lee Bateman, Monique Rochelle Bateman 3. Jason Andrew Bateman, Alice Lucille Covey, James M. Covey 4. Jason Andrew Bateman, Monique Rochelle Bateman Pg. 28 1 - 3. Stephen Mark Mathias II 4. Stephan Mark Mathias II, Heather Dawn Mathias, Michael Jacob Mathias, Nathan Alexander Mathias Pg. 30 1. Caleb Stephen Mathias, Jacquelyn Grace Mathias, Joshua Adam Mathias, Austin David Mathias | Pg. 23 1, 2 & 4. Jody Lynn Covey 3. Ethel Florence Trujillo, Jody Lynn Covey Pg. 25 1. Heather Amy Hare 2. Heather Amy Hare & Pooh 3. Stephen Mark Mathias II, Heather Amy Hare Pg. 27 1. Tony Sinitsky, Monique Rochelle (Bateman) Sinitsky Pg. 29 1. Heather Dawn Mathias, Alice Lucille Covey, Jill Haley Mathias Pg. 31 1 - 3. Joshua Adam Mathias | Names to go with faces

75: Pg. 32 1, 3, 4. Larry Patrick Mathias 2. James M. Covey Pg. 34 1. Spencer Allen Fitzsimmons, Jason Charles Fitzsimmons 2. Jordan Claire Covey-Bell 3. Nathan Alexander Mathias, Alice Lucille Covey , Austin David Mathias, Michael Jacob Mathias, Caleb Stephen Mathias 4. Alice Lucille Covey, Alec Joshua Covey 5. Alec Joshua Covey Pg. 36 1. Nathan Alexander Mathias 2. Caleb Stephen Mathias 3. Michael Jacob Mathias Pg. 38 Family Memories No pictures Pg. 40 1. Armand Carabello, Nomi Clara (Covey) Carabello 2. Nomi Clara Carabello Pg. 42 1. Kathrine (Evans) Covey 2. Benedict Sigmund Covey | Pg. 33 1. Larry Patrick Mathias, Kelsey Shea Mathias Pg. 35 1. Benjamin Gary Martinez 2. Xzavior James Mahan 3. Michael Jacob Mathias, Nathan Alexander Mathias 4. Caleb Stephen Mathias, Austin David Mathias 5. Ayden Bateman, Zack Bateman, Robbie Bateman, Pg. 37 1. Jordan Claire Covey-Bell 2. Austin David Mathias 3. Benjamin Gary Martinez Pg. 39 1. Alice Lucille Trujillo Pg. 41 1. Viola's Wedding Pg. 43 1. Richard John Covey, Mae (McKimmey) Covey

76: Pg. 44 1. Donald David Covey 2. Donald David Covey, Mikii Covey Pg. 46 1. Bob Carabello 2. Bob Carabello, Sherri Carabello 3. Nomi Clara Carabello, Bob Carabello 4. Bob Carabello, Darlene Carabello Pg. 48 1. Alice Lucille Covey, Susan Covey 2. Geri Covey Pg. 50 1. Clara Ann Mathias Pg. 52 Friends 1. No pictures | Pg. 45 1. Nomi Clara Covey, Alice Lucille Trujillo Pg. 47 1. Darlene Carabello 2. Brian Pieper, Darelene (Carabello) Pieper Pg. 49 1. Back Row; Dan (?), Gerri (Covey) Gilbertson, Tom Gilbertson Front Row; Corin (Gilbertson) (?) Elissa (Gilbertson) (?), Renee (?) Pg. 51 1. Back Row; Dominic Allen Ellis, Troy Ellis, Nicholas Franklin Ellis. Front Row; Ashleigh Nichole Ellis, Dorothy Ann (Mathias) Ellis, Amanda Elizabeth (Ellis) Pletcher 2. Back Row; Kristin (Thomas) Ellis, Dorothy Ann Ellis, Ashleigh Nichole Ellis Front Row; Maddison Ellis, Amanda Elizabeth Pletcher, Amelia Pletcher, Clara Ann Mathias, Alyson Pletcher, Ryleigh Ellis Pg. 53 Friends No Pictures | Names to go with faces

77: Pg. 54 1. Marilyn Reynolds Andrews Pg. 56 1. Sharon & Bill Knapp 2. Sharon, Craig & Bill Knapp Pg. 58 1. Alice Lucille Covey, Judy Faucett Pg. 60 No Pictures Pg. 62 1. Irene Dempsy 2. Larry Langston 2. Jackie Cedillo 3. Joann Vigil 4. Bob & Diane Fresh (center) Pg. 64 1. Fran Wiesner & Fred Underwood 2. Charolette Schubird | Pg. 55 1. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Alice Lucille Covey, Sarah Davis 2. Delores Casey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Frank Casey 3. Jack Davis, Alice Lucille Covey 4. James M. Covey Pg. 57 No Pictures Pg. 59 1. Becky Cipriani Pg. 61 1. Dwayne Edwards Pg. 63 1. Dale & Sue Dishaw 2. Vivian Furbay & Jacob 3. Joni Barta Pg. 65 1. Paddy Stevenson

78: Pg. 66 Mexico & England Trips 1. James Covey 2, 3. Mazatlan, Mexico 4. Alice Lucille Covey 5. Big Ben! Alice Lucille Covey, Larry Allen Covey, James M. Covey, Jody Lynn Covey 6. Royal Guard, Jody Lynn Covey, Alice Lucille Covey, James M. Covey 7. Alice Lucille Covey, Larry Allen Covey, James M. Covey, Jody Lynn Covey Pg. 68 Collage 1. Larry Allen Covey, Emil Higgins Trujillo 2. Larry Allen Covey, James M. Covey, Alice Lucille Covey 3. Sharmayne Gayle Covey, James M. Covey, Larry Allen Covey 4. Larry Allen Covey, James Donald Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Jill Haley Covey 5. Emil Higgins Trujillo, Ethel Florence Trujillo, Drenna Rose Covey, Larry Allen Covey, James M. Covey, Alice Lucille Covey, Sharmayne Gayle Covey, Jill Haley Covey 6. Mark Christopher Covey, Paul David Covey, Joseph James Covey, Heather Amy Hare 7. Ethel Florence Trujillo, Larry Allen Covey, Jody Lynn Covey 8. Ethel Florence Trujillo, Emil Higgins Trujillo, Paul David Covey 9. Jody Lynn Covey, Heather Amy Hare | Pg. 67 Hawaii Trip 1. Larry Patrick Mathias, Heather Dawn Mathias, Nathan Alexander Mathias, Jill Haley MAthias, Alice Lucille Covey, Stephen Mark Mathias 2., 3. Alice Lucille Covey 4. Hawaiian Boy, Jill Haley Mathias, Nathan Alexander Mathias Stephen Mark Mathias Alice Lucille Covey, Heather Dawn Mathias, Larry Patrick Mathias, Hawaiian Girl Pg. 69 Collage 1. James M. Covey, Spencer Allen Covey, Jason Charles Covey 2. Jordan Claire Covey-Bell 3. Alice Lucille Covey, Michael Jacob Mathias 4. Alice Lucille Covey, Nathan Alexander Mathias, Michael Jacob Mathias 5. Alec Joshua Covey, Paul David Covey, James M. Covey, Mark Christopher Covey, Alice Lucille Covey, Joseph James Covey 6. Xzavior James Mahan, Alice Lucille Covey, Benjamin Gary Martinez 7. James M. Covey, Jackie Grace Mathias, Caleb Stephen Mathias 7. Alice Lucille Covey, Michael Jacob Mathias, Nathan Alexander Mathias 8. Nathan Alexander Mathias, Stephen Mark Mathias, James M. Covey, Caleb Stephen Mathias, Michael Jacob Mathias, Joshua Adam Mathias 9. Alice Lucille Covey, Austin David Mathias | Names to go with faces

79: Can't forget the Kittys!!! | Oreo She was one feisty kitty! | Stars & Stripes Then | Stars & Stripes NOW!!! FAT Kitty Cats! ...and not spoiled at all!

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