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Mikaela Age 3 to 4

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Mikaela Age 3 to 4 - Page Text Content

S: Mikaela Samone, Age 3 Years to 4 Years, December 2011 through December 2012

FC: Age 3 Years to 4 Years | Mikaela Samone

1: Made for Mikaela With Love. ~Mom~ | Published in 2013

2: December 17, 2011 | Santa Clause came to Dad's work to meet with everyone. He brought Mikaela a Barbie and Barbie car. There was also a pinata that Mikaela decided to take a swing at!

4: December 20, 2011

5: We celebrated the first night of Hanukkah at home by spinning Dad's homespun dreidels and opening a gift...Pillow Pets!

6: We celebrated Hanukkah with Nana and Papa. We lit the menorah, made potato latkes, and opened gifts. The girls even received an awesome pedal car from Papa! | Dreidel Games | December 21, 2011

8: We celebrated Christmas with each other and had a great time. Even Abby got into opening gifts this year. Mikaela received a Leap Pad from Mom and Dad! | December 23, 2011

9: The 1st Day of Christmas


11: Santa even left footprints on the fireplace!


13: It took us hours to open all of the gifts from Santa. | The girls received a bunch of Barbie items and an Xbox! | December 24, 2011

14: When we were all done upstairs, Mom found one more gift wrapped under the tree. It was a note that told the girls to head downstairs... | ...Santa brought the girls a new roller coaster! We spent the rest of the day riding the rails!

15: December 24, 2011

16: Christmas with the Mayhews | First, we made a stop at Nana and Papa's house to see Sam, Cathy, Karla, and Spencer. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's and spent the rest of the day there. Mikaela got a robotic dog named Biscuit!

17: December 25, 2011

18: Goofy Girl!

19: December 2011

20: Let's Bounce! | We met Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma at Bounce for the morning.

21: January 2, 2012

22: L I V E | L A U G H

23: After Bounce, we all headed back to our house to play some games. What fun! | January 2, 2012

24: FIRST DATE | January 12, 2012

25: Mikaela had her first ever date with Papa. He always brings flowers for the first date, and brought this pretty bouquet for her. Her lunch place of choice: Olive Garden!

26: S*T*O*M*P

27: We met Brad and Jen at the Lincoln Center to see this fantastic show. The girls were banging on everything for weeks after! | January 14, 2012

28: January 17, 2012 | We needed a few photos for a Valentine's day project we were doing. These turned out great!

29: These girls have great smiles!

30: January 17, 2012 | Yep, we made lego puzzles for the grandparents!

31: January 2012

33: Snow Day | February 3, 2012

34: Let's Dance | February 3, 2012 | All prettied up to go to the Butterfly Kisses dance!

35: These girls were ready to dance the night away with their prince charming. After dancing, they went to Red Robin for dinner. | Look at Mikaela's curls! | Dad gave them each a necklace!

36: We Love Cheesecake!

37: February 4, 2012

38: Wells Fargo Theater February 4, 2012 | Phineas & Ferb

39: These girls love Phineas and Ferb, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see "The Best Stage Show Ever!"

40: SNOW ANGELS | February 5, 2012


42: my | February 7, 2012

43: Mikaela made valentine's for all of her friends by painting them pretty sun catchers.

44: February 12, 2012

45: happy valentine's day! | We celebrated Valentine's day early so everyone was home. Mikaela received a talking Belle doll!

46: Happy 2nd Birthday, Abby

47: Blowing out her candles... | Of, course, we had to help her celebrate. We got a cake for her and Mia, and a cake for us humans! | February 13, 2012

48: Squirrel | We had a squirrel in our yard that would just not go away. He loved using the girls' swing set to get between the trees. | February 14, 2012

49: This squirrel loved torturing the dogs!

50: Our goldfish Garfield kept getting stuck in the rock!

51: February 2012

52: PARTY TIME | March 4, 2012

53: The girls were invited to a birthday party at Pump it Up for their friend Rebecca. Mikaela's dress kept getting in her way on the slide!

54: Beaujo's for Dinner | March 4, 2012

55: After bouncing all afternoon, we were hungry, so we went to our favorite pizza place for dinner. Mikaela was SO animated that day!


57: We love celebrating cake days. This time, we helped Great Grandma celebrate her 80th! | 80 | March 11, 2012

59: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | March 16, 2012

61: This year, that silly leprechaun left the girls a few fun things on the table. He also used our toilet! We made sure to eat all green foods that day, including green strawberries & cream scones for breakfast and green mac 'n cheese for lunch. Yum! | March 17, 2012

62: March 17, 2012

63: Of course, we had to put on clover tattoos an dye our hair green to celebrate the day, too!

64: Mom was asked to assist the Disney princesses in creating a princess wonderland for their fairy tale ball. All of the princesses were there, including Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Ariel, and Rapunzel. We had a great time listening to them sing and then meeting them afterward! | Fairy Tale Ball

65: March 24, 2012

66: Mikaela held Rosie for the first time! | March 28, 2012

67: Butterfly Pavilion | After, we went to Gunther Toody's for lunch.

69: March 2012

71: Day at the Museum | April 2, 2012

72: Fried Marbles

73: April 2, 2012 | Mom found this idea on Pinterest and we just had to try it. The idea is you heat the marbles up in the oven, then drop them in a bucket of ice water and they crack beautifully on the inside. We tried 5 different batches to find out the best method for cracking!

74: Look at these cool toys she earned! | Dad met us for Pizza at Chuck E. Cheese

75: After pizza, we made a stop at the Buttercream Cupcakery to pick up some delicious cupcakes. Then, we took them over to Great Grandma's house and shared them with her! | The water shooting game was Mikaela's favorite this time! | April 3, 2012 | Game Time

76: We went to Roller Land in Fort Collins for a morning of fun! | Skating Time | April 4, 2012

77: We met Dad at BeauJo's for lunch after we were done. | She didn't want to leave! | Go, Mikaela!

78: LIVE | L A U G H

79: We spent Nana's birthday in Estes Park, and then celebrated that night at home with cupcakes and ice cream! | April 5, 2012

80: Time to Paint

81: April 7, 2012

83: We went to Grandma's work for an Easter egg hunt and some games. We even met a live bunny! | April 7, 2012

84: The night before Easter, the girls wrote a nice note, left out some milk and a carrot cake cupcake, and headed off to bed. | April 7, 2012

85: Preparing for the Bunny

87: He Came! | April 8, 2012

88: More Egg Hunting | After hunting for eggs at our house, the girls got all dolled up and we headed to Grandma and Grandma's house to hunt for eggs there. | April 8, 2012

90: making | Mikaela was becoming a pro at bowling. She even refused to allow us to help her put the ball on the rack! Look at those muscles!

91: April 17, 2012

92: April 18, 2012 | We went to the WOW museum with Grandma | Mikaela put on an AWESOME

93: puppet show!

94: On Grandma's birthday, we spent time at the zoo. It was fun exploring all of the different animals!

95: Swetsville Zoo | April 19, 2012

97: Grandma's 50th | The girls helped prepare for Grandma's surprise party by making a cake like Brad and Mom had made for her when they were little. They had done a great job keeping the secret for the past 4 months! | April 20, 2012

98: SURPRISE! | Mom had pulled together a party that had a bunch of fun facts about Grandma throughout the house. She was VERY surprised when she walked in and found everyone standing there!

99: April 20, 2012

100: April 30, 2012

101: The girls were preparing for their spring ballet recital. The theme of the recital this year was Cruising Around the World. | We love dancing!

102: We went to a Colorado Ice Arena Football Game. | Mikaela was so excited when we got her a cow bell.

103: April 28, 2012 | It was superhero night!

104: Swing, Mikaela, Swing! | How fun!

105: What a silly girl! | April 2012

107: Weather & Science Day | Brad works for Steve Spangler and video taped Weather and Science Day | May 2, 2012

108: Play Ball! | Of course we stayed for the game, then! Go Rockies!

109: May 2, 2012 | The girls were excited to meet Dinger!

110: Mom took the ballet formal photos this year. They turned out great! | What cuties in their sailor outfits! | Dance Photos

111: May 5, 2012

112: Recital Time | May 20, 2012

113: The ballet recital this year was adorable! It was held in the Magnolia Theater at the Lincoln Center. The girls had a little time to play and get ready before their big debut on stage!

114: Mikaela's first dance was to the song Sea Cruise. Her class came out first and led the show! Mikaela was so intent on getting all of the steps just right! | Showtime

115: Mikalea's second dance was to Little Grass Shack. They hula danced and listened to the music. Dad brought roses for Mikaela after the show was over! | May 20, 2012

116: Butterfly Pavilion

117: May 23, 2012 | Addyson's class took a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion and Mom and Mikaela got to tag along!

118: First Train Ride of the Year

119: May 28, 2012

120: What a pretty smile!

121: We love the parks! | May 2012

122: We threw an end of the year bash for all of our friends! | Record chandelier | Hamburger cookies | Licorice Sticks | Our garage was transformed into a 50's dance hall!

123: Let's Go to the Hop | French Fry cookies | Lemonheads | Pudding root beer floats | Ice cream cake pops | Records galore | June 2, 2012

125: June 2, 2012 | We danced, played games, and ate at the soda shop! | Limbo, Hula Hooping, Bubble Blowing contests and more!

126: June 3, 2012

127: Sandbox Time

128: Time for a Haircut | Before | After

129: June 4, 2012

130: Park #1 | We decided this summer to do a tour of the Loveland parks. | Centennial Park | June 5, 2012

131: Park #2 | June 8, 2012 | Civic Center Park

132: Park #3 | Derby Hill Park | June 8, 2012 | This was by far our favorite park!

133: Fishing with Papa | June 12, 2012 | Boedecker Lake | Although no fish were caught, the girls enjoyed driving the boat!

134: Fire Hydrant 5 | Uncle Doug ran this year with us.

135: June 9, 2012

136: High Park Fire | On June 9, 2012, the High Park Fire started due to dry conditions and a strike of lightening. Over the next few days, thick smoke settled over Loveland and Fort Collins. The fire wasn't contained until June 30, 2012 and destroyed 87,250 acres when all said and done. | The planes dropping fire retardant flew right over our house.

137: Park #4 | Dwayne Webster "Canon" Park | June 13, 2012

139: That's Right, More Bowling! | June 13, 2012

140: Mikaela attended a party for Haley at the Farm. She got to ride a horse named Brownie! | June 16, 2012

142: Park #6 | Edmondson Park | June 16, 2012 | Park #5 was Eagleview on June 15. We forgot to take our camera. Oops!

143: Park #7 | Estrella Park | June 21, 2012

144: June 17, 2012

145: We celebrated Grandpa's birthday with a larger than life Jenga set!

146: June 20, 2012 | Hiking

147: DAD: The Man, The Myth & The Legend | We enjoyed a beautiful day with Grandma and Grandpa in Rocky Mountain National Forest.

149: June 20, 2012

150: Park #8 | Fairgrounds Park | June 21, 2012 | Addyson's friend, Michael, was there! | Dad got soaked at the water park!

151: Park #9 | Kirkview Park | June 24, 2012 | Park #10 was Kroh Park, but the storms rolled in so our camera stayed in the car.

152: Park #11 | Loch Lon Park | June 26, 2012

153: Park #12 | Loveland Sports Park | June 26, 2012 | This was our least favorite park.

154: Park #13 | McKee Park | June 26, 2012 | We got half way through the parks in the month of June. We'll pick up where we left off next year!

155: We're Moving | We all knew living in a mess would be hard, but that our hard work would be well worth it in a few weeks... | July 2, 2012

156: July 3, 2012

157: Frosting cookies for Independence Day!

158: July 3, 2012

159: We went to the Drive-In theater and saw Brave and Avengers.

160: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

161: Aren't they adorable! | July 4, 2012

162: It had been so dry this year, that we weren't allowed to have fireworks. We also weren't sure if they were going to be shooting off fireworks at the lake, so we didn't go. We found a good spot to watch from a local field at the last minute. We had perfect seats! | Since we couldn't shoot of fireworks, we did Mentos & diet soda instead.

163: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

164: 1

165: EMBARKING ON AN | July 6, 2012 | We spent a weekend as a family in Vail before our big move.

167: Sometimes, it's just nice to get away. It was SO foggy the next morning! | July 7, 2012

168: We got lost in the maze and rode the alpine slide a few times! | Our first stop was the Breckenridge Peak 8 Fun Park. | July 7, 2012

169: Then we got to go mining for gold. | Mikaela loves rocks, so this was perfect for her!

170: Don't forget the horseback rides! | July 7, 2012

171: MIKAELA'S FIRST ROLLER COASTER | That's right, she rode her first coaster and had a blast barreling down the mountain!

173: We'll definitely be taking another summer trip to Peak 8 in the future! | July 7, 2012

174: Moving Day | The day had finally come to move into our new house! We couldn't be more excited!

175: July 14, 2012 | All of our stuff was packed and ready for the movers.

176: Welcome Home | The girls were nervous but excited for the big move. Once we had the keys to our new place, we headed straight over to take a look.

177: We closed on our new house on July 13, 2012. We spent that day cleaning the place up. | Our new house was a lot bigger than our old one, at just over 5000 square feet! | The girls were most looking forward to spending time at the neighborhood pool.

178: July 2012

179: Finally Settled

180: Our new home has a beautiful garden, complete with daisies, roses, and several butterfly bushes! | Our Garden

181: We also battled several hornets nests that year! | July 29, 2012

182: Mikaela's favorite part of the fair this year was the Jumping Jumbos Dumbo ride. She got to ride with Grandma.

183: We played in the early afternoon at the fair, checked out the animals, and then stayed late to watch the fireworks at night. What a fun day at the fair! | Larimer County Fair | August 4, 2012

184: We got up early to catch the Sweetheart Balloon Rally. However, it ended up being too windy and we only saw one balloon inflate. So, we headed over to the fairgrounds for free pancakes! | August 5, 2012

185: Pancake Breakfast

186: Turtle

187: Dad found this turtle in the road. We brought him home for awhile then released him in a pond. | August 7, 2012

188: Putt - Putt with Grandma | August 8, 2012

190: Aerial Tramway | August 8, 2012

191: After putt-putt, we all rode the tram to get a great view of Estes Park.

192: Helping Grandpa | Dad | So pretty | Stretching with Grandpa | Preparing to race | Valley 5000

193: After the race | What a pretty girl! | Go, Dad, go! | Almost there | Aunt Carm | August 17, 2012

194: Fireside | Even Abby liked them roasted!

195: One of our favorite places to be this summer was on our new patio next to our new fire pit roasting marshmallows! | August 2012

196: Dad turned 30 this year. We celebrated with close friends and family and a pasta bar at home.

197: August 25, 2012 | Of course that's his favorite...carrot cake!

198: August 27, 2012

199: Mikaela started Pre-K on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Bright Horizons. Her teacher's name is Ms. Rhonda.

201: August 2012

202: September 3, 2012 | We went to North Lake park | and of course some play time, too! | For the last train ride of the season

203: Silly girl!

204: The New Ride | September 6, 2012

205: The girls have their own Mini Cooper! Mikaela helped to clean it up a bit!

206: We chalked up our new drive way for the first time. We also had some fun with bubbles!

207: September 8, 2012

208: Fun on Two Wheels

209: September 14, 2012 | One thing is for certain...Mikaela loves to roll on two wheels! She was hesitant to get rid of the tricycle, but became more confident the more she rode.

210: Going to the Zoo

211: "September 15, 2012

213: September 2012

214: Sprague Lake | September 29, 2012

215: Two bull elk followed us all along the trail while we took photos on this beautiful September morning. | Family Photos

217: After finishing up at Sprague Lake, we headed to the Alluvial Fan for more photos. We couldn't believe it, but it was even more beautiful than our first picture spot! | September 29, 2012

218: Mickey Here We Come!

219: We made a Disney countdown chain out of paint swatches we found at Home Depot. Mom felt bad taking so many, but knew that the end result would be worth it. When we got home, we all sat around the table punching Mickey heads out and writing down numbers. On the date we made the chain, we had 38 days left before our trip! | October 3, 2012

220: Pumpkin Pickin' Time

221: October 3, 2012 Miller Farm

222: The girls were invited to Carley's 3rd birthday party, at which, Cinderella made an appearance! | October 6, 2012

223: P


225: When we got home from the birthday party, we found our house over run with giant spiders...inside and out. Ewww. | October 6, 2012

226: October 7, 2012 | Viestenz-Smith Park

227: Photos | Mayhew Family

228: Kuzmich Family Photos

229: Benson Sculpture Park | October 13, 2012

230: We met Bob, Carm, Grandma, and Grandpa for some fun | October 21, 2012

231: Fritzler Corn Maze

232: Happy 8th Birthday, Mia

233: October 26, 2012 | Mia's cake was once again peanut butter flavored. And we found this awesome puppy human cake at Walmart. Yum.

234: Fall Harvest | party | Mikaela's school had a fall party, in which the girls painted pumpkins and other fun games!

235: October 26, 2012

236: Mikaela was into carving for about 30 minutes this year. Each year, it seems she becomes more and more interested! | October 27, 2012 | Pumpkin Carvin'

237: We even carved the little pumpkins! | Yum, Pumpkin Seeds!

238: Mikaela's First School Party | Mikaela was Jewel Sparkles this year!

239: October 31, 2012

241: Trick or Treat | October 30 and 31, 2012

242: October 2012

244: We have less trees at our new house, but made a pile big enough to jump in.

245: November 3, 2012

246: Party Prep | Mom and Dad were making props for Mikaela's upcoming party... | November 4, 2012

247: ...Like this life sized dog house!

248: Melted Crayon Art

249: Mom had been wanting to try this art form for awhile, and they couldn't have turned out better! Mikaela had fun watching it take shape! | November 6, 2012

251: November 10 through 17, 2012 | Our Disney trip this year was a blast. Mikaela rode the Barnstormer for the first time, Dumbo several times, and really enjoyed the characters. Although she had croup AND the flu while we were there, we made the best of it!

252: BIRTHDAY | celebration | Addyson turned 6!

253: November 30, 2012

255: Even Mikaela got to blow out the candles! | November 30, 2012

256: Howdy, Cowgirl | December 2, 2012

257: Addyson was having a cowgirl birthday party and our house was turning into the perfect ranch. Mom made pool noodle horses and we had plenty of food to make our cowpokes happy.

258: The doorbell rang and...surprise! Four horses showed up at our house. Two were for ridin' and two for pettin'...these cowboys and cowgirls had a great time.

259: December 2, 2012 | We got lucky that it was such a beautiful day!

260: Time for Cake

261: "Good times are even better when they are shared" | December 2, 2012

262: Aladdin and Jasmine | Belle

263: Our family was lucky enough to attend a sing along with the princesses. All week after, Mikaela would always say "The princesses sang that" if we heard a song on the radio! | Ariel | Rapunzel | December 8, 2012 | Princess Sing Along

265: Mikaela's First Holiday Program | December 13, 2012 Bright Horizons

266: We celebrated Mikael'a's birthday early this year, because her real birthday fell on the same day of her party. You can tell what interests her this year...puppies and Lalaloopsies! | Look Who's 4

267: November 13, 2012

268: December 15, 2012

269: We met Santa at Grandma's work this year.

271: Time to | ........................................... | December 16, 2012 | It wouldn't be a Kuzmich party without themed food!

272: Mom made leashes, collars, dog blankets, themed stickers, and more to go along with the theme! | Paw-ty Decor | .............................................. | December 16, 2012

273: The theme of the party was Mikaela's puppy shop. There were four stations...the adoption station, Puppies 'R Us, the grooming station, and the vet station.

274: December 2, 2012

275: All in all, the puppy dog theme really came together! | We even had paw prints and balloons leading to the front door!

276: The entire family was ready to paw-ty! December 16, 2012

279: The guests arrived and the party began! Right down to the puppies on the cake, this party was a dog-gone good time! | Woof, Woof! | .............................................. | December 16, 2012

280: Hard to Believe | ................................ | December 16, 2012 | Mikaela and her guests had a fantastic time. Her favorite gift this year was her pink poodle puppy Cuddluppet from Grandma and Grandpa.

281: We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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