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Military Heroes

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Military Heroes - Page Text Content

S: William Joseph Klarman 1925-1995

FC: William J. Klarman 1925-1995 US Navy 1943-1946

1: February 12, 1995

2: Rose & Al Klarmann | Bill was born on September 25, 1925, the fourth child of Rose & Al Klarman, Columbus, Ohio. They lived on the south side. He had a sister & two brothers. His parents divorced when he was very young & was raised by his single mother. He spent time with Aunt Mary Castrop's family as well. His mother ironed for Columbus Lace Cleaning. His father was a Bexley police officer.

3: Bernard, Bernice, & Bill | Jack 1923-1926 | Bernard 1921-1992 | Bernice 1919-2011 | Bill | Bill 1925-1995

4: Buss Martin with/Bishop Ready & Al Martin 1947 | MOTHER ROSE M. WEBER KLARMAN MARTIN | Rose & Al Martin 1947 | Bernard, Bernice, Bill 1989

5: US NAVY | New York with Russ Popp 1944 | Ship Plaque mounted and shellacked on wooden board

6: Bernard, Bill, Bernice, Dad Al at Buckeye Lake | Bill, Uncle Bob's 2 sons, Bernice, Bernard, Marilyn, Grpa Jacob, LaDonna | Grandpa Jacob, Uncle Bob, Bill & Billy 1961 | FATHER ALBERT E. KLARMAN | Nora Klarman | Grandpa's 91st Birthday

7: Signalman 2c US Navy Ship USS LCI (L) 604 Pacific Front WWII | Bill always told us he crossed the International Date Line on his birthday (Did he lose a year then?) | William J. Klarman

8: Bill crossed the Equator & got his Neptune Card! He said you could fry eggs on deck. | Souvenirs of Japan He spilled a bottle of ink on the Japanese flag and his Signalman flags | 48 Star Flag | Kimono, sandals, & chopsticks for Lorraine | Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, American Area Campaign Medal

9: X | X | "First natives seen on Liberty island, New Guinea "

10: Bill and I met the summer after he graduated from St. Mary's High and I was going into my senior year at South High. He was one of my brother, Bill's friends. Bill joined the Navy in order to avoid the draft. He didn't leave until September, so we had all summer to get acquainted. We continued to write while he was gone. When he came home we became engaged & were married in 1947. Because I was not Catholic I chose to go through the six week of instruction so we could be married in the church. Lorraine | Bill

12: Lorraine & Louise Neff | Lorraine & Mother Rose

13: ripped photo! | Bill's puppy Ginger | ripped picture | Lorraine at Schiller Park wall of names of active military from Columbus, Ohio | Bernice & Mother | Pictures from home

14: Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Klarman | April 12, 1947

15: Best Man - Bill Kaiser Matron of Honor - Bernice Kuhner Flower Girl - Evelyn Rutherford Willard Rutherford,Jr. Bernard Klarman Jeanette Rutherford Louise Neff | Mother Rose, Bill, Lorraine, Mom Katherine & Daddy Willard

16: Back home to buy first home on VA loan - September 1950 | 2396 Meredith Drive Columbus 19, Ohio | love

17: 4900 Ridgerun Drive Columbus, OH 43229 1977 | 1333 Thurell Road Columbus, Ohio 43229 1965

19: Graduated from St. Mary's High School June 1943 | There may have been some distractions going on during catechism class since Ohio State Football seems to have been what was on his mind! | Honeymoon in Washington, DC

20: 39 years at Ohio Bell

21: 1967 1972 1977

23: Christine Marie | Teresa Ann (Terry) | William Charles (Bill) | Lori Ann | Lisa Ann | 1968

24: Bona Pizza Team

25: Bill loved music & dancing. He belonged to St. Gabriel & St. Anthony Choirs. He loved to play baseball, a Klarman tradition. Carpentry was his artistic outlet that we all benefited from. Growing roses & feeding birds gave him joy. Nothing could beat a good card game though! (another Klarman tradition) He was the last one to leave the party & made sure to have a good time. But most of all he loved his wife, children, & grandchildren!

27: The REAL Santa is here!

28: HomeGarden | Visionary Vicka with Pilgrims | MEDJUGORJE | Bill & Lorraine traveled to Medjugorje twice. They wanted to go the place of prayer, where the Blessed Mother had been appearing since June, 1981. They sought her message of peace & the peace she brings to each heart. They saw many wonders, including the spinning of the sun & lights at night around the Cross on the mountain during the visions. Mary's message is one of love & requests for us to pray to her Son for all to turn to Him. Among the miracles they experienced was that their rosaries have turned to gold. At home they began a Marian Prayer Group at St. Anthony's that met weekly and they said all 15 mysteries of the rosary each Sunday night. Bill loved the Lord, the Blessed Mother, & the Catholic Church. They gave him a joy that was there for all to see. | "...those who find God find a joy in their hearts from which comes peace." | "Pray. Pray. Pray."

29: Jay Janszen helped Bill make it up the rocky and steep Cross Mountain | Apparitions on Cross Mountain | YUGOSLAVIA BOSNIA | 1987 & 1989

30: January, 1995 Florida | Terry & Denny's wedding 1975 | 1946 | Columbus Zoo 1984 | 1981

31: Chris' Wedding 1969 | 25th Anniversary 1972

32: Pacific Front | Washington, DC | InMemoriam William J. Klarman Willard A. Rutherford, Jr.

33: World War II Memorial | Lorraine donated to the World War II Memorial on behalf of Bill and her Brother Willard (Bill). She visited in 2009.

34: DAD Dad & I argued about me being able to remember things as far back as when I was two, but I always proved him wrong. So, I remember lots, but mostly I remember his spirit of easy going & how much I loved that, even though it drove Mom crazy because he wasn't getting things done she wanted done! I feel he taught me to pray and love to celebrate the liturgy at church. Our family praying of the rosary is a powerful memory. I sang in the choirs like he did even though I don't sing much better that Mom does. We went for Sunday drives and we just sang the whole time - "I've Been Working on the Railroad", "O Suzanna", "She'll be coming' round the Mountain", ... We played cards endlessly. No matter how young he never let me win. It was a joyous day when I did! The sailor in him had to play cutthroat even with a child! When he cut his little finger off on our neighbor, Tad's saw, he came home holding his hand in the other hand, as he dripped blood all over the kitchen and down the hallway. I don't think I was supposed to see that! But most we loved to dance. For hours we would sing to the records and dance. My last day with him was dancing at Lisa & Roger's wedding. He loved to twirl the ladies around & did with me and I loved it.. CHRIS I remember crackly knees, nicknames on Easter eggs (chicken, kelly, Dutch & hands)., dancing on dads toes, his tickling my feet, his lack of camping skills & putting up Christmas trees and learning how to put icicles on the tree "correctly"! The last thing that I remember is all the "pleases" and "pretty pleases" I had to go through in order to talk to mom on the phone. The last time I talked to dad I had to give him a "pretty please with a cherry on top". I'll always remember and treasure that conversation. TERRY So many things to remember. In my early years I always remember him pretending like he was taking your nose off and asking you where it was. He did that with the grandkids too. One of my fondest memories was going to the swimming pool with him and we'd gang up on him to try and dunk him. In fact it was this very memory that prompted me and Roger to call home while on our honeymoon and that was when we found out that they had rushed him to the hospital. Who can forget playing cards with him! What a battle it was to beat him at any card game, even if collectively everyone one at the table was trying to beat him. Didn't happen too often. I also remember his love of music. I can still hear him singing in my head some of his favorite songs. And in his later years, after I was married, it was his faith and sharing of Medjugorje that changed my life so completely. Had it not been for him and mom on this journey, I'm not sure where I would be today. I thank God for that everyday. And last but not least, after he died when we were listening to his and mom's prayer group tape of the rosary, smelling the roses while he prayed his decade. To me that was Jesus and Blessed Mother's confirmation that he was with them in heaven. LISA

35: My memories of Dad are someone who was Happy, Hard Working and Honest. If Dad wasn’t at work or choir, he was always doing something; a wood working project in the basement, making wine, helping out at St. Anthony or coaching one of my teams. Dad was always doing something (now I know where I get it from). I remember Dad taking me to see Dirty Dozen when it came out at the movies. It amazes me just how many people Dad touched in his life. I was an altar boy at St. Anthony’s for a long time and served many weddings and funerals. I have never seen that many people show up to a funeral, let alone a wedding, to honor anyone as they did for Dad. That really says something about the kind of person he was. Thank you for the example you left behind through your actions and deeds. BILL Dad was a very sweet, soft spoken, easy going, and loving person 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, not so much... Like when he lost his cool when he was trying to teach me how to drive a stick shift car in the Saint Anthony parking lot, or getting thrown out of one of my basketball games for arguing with the referee, or when he would use a few choice words trying to fix something and it was not going his way. I remember him flirting with mom and pinching her on the bottom when she was in the kitchen. (I thought that was sooo gross!) One thing I do NOT remember about dad was him ever cooking or cleaning. (My how times have changed!) The first time we ever saw him run the sweeper was at a family party at one of my apartment clubhouses and everyone took pictures to document this momentous occasion. That was probably the last time he ever touched a sweeper too! :) Dad loved his grandchildren and one way he showed them was by teasing them. He would always snitch their noses or walk his fingers along the table and up the kids arm saying "dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee". They would just want him to do it again and again. I loved the smell of the saw dust when he was using the saw in the basement. I also remember the smell of his pipe (and when he snuck down the basement to smoke it, thinking no one would know) Dad was always a perfectionist. It may have taken him forever to complete what he was doing, but it was always just right. He had meticulous hand writing and took pride in whatever project he was working on. You knew the butter on his toast would always be painted like a fine piece of art. Dad always loved to sing! And the louder the better! Whether it was in the choir at church or just singing along with the music at home. I remember being embarrassed sometimes. Now what I would do to just hear him sing one more time! He loved Christmas and Christmas music! I remember during my teenage years on Christmas morning (when I was the only one living at home) that he would turn the Christmas music up as loud as it would go to "hint" that it was time to wake up. He loved being "Santa"! I remember his black glasses and how he would ring the bells outside when he had arrived. And then he would peek in the kitchen window and all the little kids would be in awe. Love you Dad miss you dad! LORI

36: GRANDPA I remember how he used to pinch my cheeks/dimples. He always punched me in the arm too and asked if I wanted to fight At a girl scout meeting he came and taught us signaling. It was quite entertaining and we had a lot of fun trying to demonstrate it. JENNIFER I remember sitting with him for hours in his recliner looking at the WWII book. That what has sparked my interest in the history of the war. Another memory I have is at Lisa and Roger's wedding reception. Got a chance to sit with grandpa and have a beer with him. It was nice talking to him as an adult not knowing that would be the last time I would see him. TONY I remember how Grandpa always use to steal my nose and I would steal it right back then get his. To this day I can still see him smoking his pipe and how I loved the way it made the house smell. For some reason after about the age of 10 I always seemed to be at the house when the fire wood got delivered. Grandpa was always bigger than life to me! I always thought it was cool how Grandpa was missing part of his pinky. Was never sure if he was adding coffee to his cream and sugar or cream and sugar to his coffee. I will always cherish the time I spent in his wood shop learning how to use his tools, helping him with projects and making muscle men wrestling rings. Grandpa always seemed to be humming the easy listening music that was always playing on his car radio, I catch myself humming the same tunes. To this day I am still in awe of the amount of people who came to his funeral. It speaks volumes to the person he was and the impact he had on others lives. I can only hope I can become half the man he was. Who doesn't remember the candy jar. "Grandpa can I have a piece of candy?" "Sure if you give me one." Sleeping in his recliner with his hands folded across his belly. We should have taken a picture. Grandpa and Santa will always be synonymous to me! AARON I remember him teaching me to play gin and then playing and still never winning . JAY (born September 25, 1977 just as his grandpa said he would be!) I remember grandpa in the choir & when he was on the altar if made eye contact his face would light up with a grin. I remember sitting on his lap whether he was Santa or not. It was one of the most comfortable places to be. Hugs in the hallway cry room after church. MISSY Grandpa being Santa Claus. CRAIG I remember sitting in the kitchen every Christmas with Grandpa while we both meticulously decorated sheet after sheet of Christmas cookies. TIM (All comments in words of their own. Thank you all.)

37: Aside from Grandpa's playful side always asking me, " Hey, you wanna fight?" and the fact that every Christmas Santa Clause always seemed to resemble Grandpa... my favorite memory of him was one sunny afternoon when my Mom, Roger, Tim, Grandma, Grandpa and I rented a pontoon boat and set sail on one of the Akron lakes. It was a peaceful, fun relaxing afternoon. We played games and really enjoyed each other. Grandpa decided he wanted to takeover as "captain" and drive the boat. Five minutes later, he had crashed the boat into the dock right outside the restaurant we had intended to have lunch. Every bystander was looking at us and laughing. A teenager at the time, it was extremely embarrassing. Although looking back on it years later, it's one of my favorite memories of Grandpa and I can't help but laugh and miss him every timeI think of it :) MOLLY Watching him sing in the choir. His eyebrow expressions. Scaring me with the Halloween mask. He used to call me "Dutch Girl" because I used to dress up & wear wooden clogs. BRITTANY I remember grandpa dressing up as Santa Claus at Christmas, and being that young, it was really exciting to get to see Santa at Christmas. ROB (WILLIAM ROBERT KLARMAN) I don't remember a whole lot of Grandpa Klarman, but that everyone told me all he cared about was sitting in his chair and reading the paper and that he could sleep through an earthquake. I don't know how true that is but that's about what I remember. SCOTT | Soon after Grandpa died Lauren & Jack's Dad found our Lori. Coincidence? We don't think so! | Two weeks after he died the great-grandchildren began to arrive. Andrew, Adam, Alyssa, Hannah, Josie & AnnaSophia

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