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Miner Family 2012

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Miner Family 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Miner Family ~ 2012

BC: of 2012

FC: a Year to Remember...

1: Family hold on to the things that last

2: Max is now13 months~ He is an official walker, so along with that have come many bumps and bruises, and even a little blood. Grew out of 9-12 months clothes, but is still wearing size 3 diapers. His favorite foods are chicken alfredo, chicken nuggets, french fries, bananas, pears; you love frosting and a taking sips of soda here and there. Max loves to smile at everyone and love playing with other kids. He doesn't seem to be shy when it comes to playing. He has become a little biter with his 8 teeth and he started cutting 3 molars this month. Max seems to be getting into everything these days and we can't seem to up with him sometimes. Max loves playing with Chloe and Macey, we just aren't too sure how much they love playing with him! Max is always chasing them around and yelling gibberish at them it, it's pretty funny! He still loves building towers and knocking them down, and is also enjoy sorting toys and placing them in different containers. Max has a love for being outside and still enjoy going for walks in his stroller. Eric and I love this age and really enjoy playing with Max and watching him grow and change everyday!

3: January 2012

4: Boys will be boys!

6: Max is now 14 months old. He is on the move constantly. Busy, busy, busy, go, go, go!!! I believe that is his motto. Max enjoys being outside in the backyard playing with the dogs and anything else he can find to put in his mouth like rocks and dirt. He is an expert walker, moving right into running! Max loves playing with cars and racetrack. He also really likes to build towers and knock them down. Something new that Max started doing this month....... He would bring us books and want to sit on our laps and have us read to him. It was so cute and special.

7: you | the best thing about us is

8: Dancing Machine

9: cute as a button

10: MARCH | 15 MONTHS ~ 21 lbs 5 oz ~ 32 1/4 inches long

11: Max had his first trip to Mexico and he loved every minute of it! Max is busier than ever before! He is discovering new things to get into everything! He loves opening and shutting the doors, playing peek-a-boo, reading books, chasing the dogs around, carrying things around the house and he LOVES shoes! Max is starting to understand commands and we have begun the timeouts already! Max is such a happy and loving boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses! He makes the funniest faces and is full of personality for sure!

12: let the adventure begin......... | We stayed at Playa Grande

13: Max's first trip to Cabo San Lucas March 2012

14: Max was famous by the end of the trip. Everyone loved his red hair and bright blue eyes. They told us he brings good luck and called him the "pink one"!

15: Grandma and Grandpa were trying so hard to get Max to smile!

17: Deep Sea Fishing in Cabo San Lucas Everyone caught a Blue Marlin and had a great time

18: Water Taxi Ride | We saw lovers beach, Scooby doo rock and lands end. Sheree and Wayne were on a cruise and were able to meet up with us for the day.

19: Walking like a boss!

20: Outdoor Adventures: Zip line, rock climbing and repealing all in one day!

21: adventure

22: Max loved the beach, he even ate the sand by the handful! He wasn't too sure about the ocean but thought the noise from the waves was pretty cool.

23: Beach

24: Parasailing in Cabo! Eric and I had such a great time! Even though Eric is afraid of heights, he still did it and even went first! My parents went with us as well. We all had a blast and want to do it again!! It was a great way to end our trip in Cabo!


28: April was a busy month for our family! We went to Salt Lake for Easter and Max had a great time hunting for Easter eggs. We finally took the bottle away this month and Max started sleeping through then night! It's been wonderful to say the least! Max is still a busy body, he still loves shoes and loves to bring them to us when it's time to go anywhere. Max enjoys being outside and playing with dogs in the dirt. Everything he sees goes straight to his mouth, we are hoping he grows out of this soon!

29: #1 Stud at the Miner House!

30: EGG | hunt

31: happy | The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Cluff's house! Max had a lot fun looking for eggs and finding the yummy candy that was inside!

33: Max had a great Easter this year! He loved hunting for the Easter eggs and even more so what was inside the eggs! He got books, pj's, candy, socks and a new playhouse with a slide from the Easter Bunny! What a lucky boy!

35: Zion's National Park

36: 17 months old Max is always on the go! He is full of energy and life! He is our sunshine everyday! | M A Y

37: Max has become a little helper this month from cleaning the floors, to picking up dirty laundry off the floor. All we have to do is show him where to put it and off he goes! It's so cute! | Helping Grandpa Gray install the new dishwasher!

38: pad

39: Max loves to play outside!

40: Mother's Day | A Mothers Love Never Ends

41: Mother and Son

42: 5/20/2012 The day of the Solar Eclipse! It was pretty cool to watch. Grandpa Gray made this wonderful contraption to watch the progress of the moon crossing over the sun. He took a piece of cardboard and made a small hole in the middle, then you just take a white sheet of paper and hold it in front of the cardboard and the image shows on the white paper. It was pretty neat!! Way to Go Grandpa John!

44: This boy has a love for the WATER! | JUNE

45: Max is growing and changing so fast! He love every minute spent outside and playing in the water. Max loves to copy his daddy's every move and is starting to pick up on a lot! He talks in his gibberish a lot but slips in a few real words here and there that we can pick up on. Max loves to talk on the phone to Grandma Miner. He is the happiest little kid on the planet! Everyday is filled with adventure and surprises! Max loves his puppies and has become quite the little dog trainer these days!

46: A father's love warms the hearts of his children forever. | Max loves his daddy! He is always copying things Eric does, like talking on the phone and making deals on the computer! Max, Eric and the dogs go for runs almost every morning. Max loves spending time with his dad. He also loves to go visit him at work, plus he always get a snickers bar when we go! | Happy fathers day to the best dad in the whole world

48: Peek-a-boo and kisses...

49: "Home of the free... Because of the Brave" ~Author Unknown | Let's Celebrate! | OOOOOOooooo! Aaahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!!!

50: Bear Lake July 6-8

53: Weekend Getaway Trip

55: Max and his babysitter Courtney! Max really loves Courtney. She is always doing fun things with him and takes him swimming over at her house. Max loves whenever she comes overs and has started getting sad when she has to go. They are best buds!

56: Miner Family 2012

57: 19 | Months

61: Yeah it's Mine...

63: July was filled with fun activities between holidays and trips to Bear Lake and two trips to Las Vegas! We took Max down to the parade for the 4th of July, and then had friends over a BBQ and an awesome firework show put on by Eric. Eric has a love for fireworks, and seems happier than a kid on Christmas when he lighting them. It's pretty funny to watch how excited he gets about each one! We took a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas one weekend and took Max to the aquarium. He seemed to be more interested in running around, than looking at the fish, maybe in a few more months he'll enjoy it more. Max loved watching the fountain show at the Bellagio! Eric put on another great firework show for the 24th of July, the neighbors were quite impressed! Eric and I also went to Vegas for an early anniversary vacation. We had a great time together. Eric took me to see The Phantom of the Opera, which was amazing and I'm so glad we got to finally see it. I've wanted to go for some time now! Kent and Joyce stayed at our house to watch Max, so this was the first time we had been away from him over two nights. It was a nice break, but we were ready to come home and see our little man! | JULY

65: Playing with Grandma and Grandpa Miner while Mommy and Daddy are in Vegas! It's PARTY TIME!!!

67: Celebrating like Kings and Queens in the SkyBox Suite!

68: Stratosphere ~ Phantom of the Opera ~ Aria ~ The Strip ~ Fashion

69: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Cupid shot Eric, and I am working with the Transformers! | Show Mall ~ Stratosphere ~ Phantom of the Opera ~ Aria ~ The Strip

70: August 2012 This was a huge month for our family... Eric bought a second store in Taylorsville We moved from St. George to Holladay We went from nice warm weather to snow country From living in our own home to moving in with Eric Parent's Yeah, I think we might be crazy!!

71: Max loves watching Fireman Sam

72: Summer Time Fun... playing the backyard with Daddy! | Max loves to play outside! We think he would live outside if we'd let him! He has so much energy and keeps us running. This was one of the last times Max got to play in the backyard before we moved to Salt Lake City.

73: It's an Airplane

74: Pear Tree Picking | September

75: Well Eric decided that one store in Salt Lake wasn't enough, so we bought a third store in West Jordan. He is very busy getting everything up and running. Max loves being at Grandma and Grandpa Miner's house... They have a huge yard and lots of places that need to be discovered by him. Max loves to pick pears off the tree and play with hose. He is getting really good at sneaking up on you and hosing you down with water and a huge smile on his face! We are going to put our house up for sale in St. George. It was a really hard decision to make but we both knew it needed to happen. We are going to be living with Eric's parents in their basement. We are excited about the new chapter in our lives but we will miss St. George a lot. Especially when it snows in Salt Lake!

77: Words that we can understand: Grandma - Grandpa - turn on - turn off - logan - mama - cindi - dad - candy - sucker - hi - bye | Max is still busy as ever! He loves being outside and has a lot of room to run at our new home! Max loves to help Grandma clean the house and is great little helper. Max started gymnastic at the Little Gym. He loves it, and is now climbing everything in sight. Max also started taking swim lessons twice a week.

79: Max loves going for walk, playing in the backyard or just chilling inside watching tv.

80: For my birthday this year, I went to Tuacahn and saw Aladdin! It was so amazing! I went with my parents and Joyce. We all had a great time! | OCTOBER

82: Logan and Max Best Buds

83: FOR SALE | We are selling our first home together in St. George. It's a very bittersweet moment for us. We are excited for our new beginning in Salt Lake, but we love our home in St. George. We are going to miss the easy going lifestyle and the super warm weather.

85: It's Fireman Max to the rescue!

88: Pumpkin Carving

91: Trick or Treat! | Gray Family Halloween Party at The Nehmer's House

92: Time is going by too fast, next month Max turns 2! It's crazy to think of all the changes Max has been through this year. He is growing up so fast, we wish we could press pause sometimes. Max is starting to talk a lot more and is saying 2-3 words together. He amazes us everyday with something new. Max has loved being at Grandma and Grandpa Miners house, he has them whipped! Max shows Grandma every spot he wants tickled and always wants to help Grandpa in the basement. He is doing really well in swim lessons and doesn't cry the whole time now, which is nice for everyone! He loves going to gymnastics and even had his first real kiss there with miss Kloey Jones! Max still loves to help out around the house and loves the vacuum and mop the most! He is quick study for sure. If he sees you doing something interesting, he will have mastered it by the next day. So we have to be careful what we do in front of him. Max loves bath time and I think his favorite part is getting blow dried afterwards! He lies in a little ball with his towel over him while we blow-dry him. It's pretty cute to watch! He loves brushing his teeth and has to sit on the counter with his feet in the sink. We finally got rid of the binky this month! I thought it would be the worst thing ever, but it turns out it was pretty easy! We lost the only binky we had left so Max just had to deal with it at nap time and was fine, who knew it would be that easy! Max has such a cute personality and has the cutest cheesy smile! He makes us laugh everyday! Eric has his two new store and they are both are going really well! It's been an adjustment moving back to Salt Lake but it seem like it was the right move. We should be moving into the basement by the end of the month!! We can't wait to have our own space again! It's been nice to be close to our family and old friends. We miss St. George a lot and try to get down there at least once a month.

93: November

96: 2 | years old

102: Getting into everything these days.....

103: Playing with cousin Ryan! They loved playing underneath the desk, and they both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Fireman Sam!

106: Max: 2 year check up 25.8 pounds - 35 inches

107: December | It always seems to be a busy month for us. Max turned 2 this month! We had a party for him at a bounce house, and everyone had a great time! Then we had a few Christmas parties we went to. Max loves opening presents and we wonder if he thinks this time of year is just for him with all the presents he gets to open! We moved into the basement this month as well. Its been so nice to have our own space and our king size bed! We spent Christmas morning at home, then went to my parent's house for open presents with all my siblings and Max's cousins. I love spending time with our families during the holidays! Max is growing up so fast and is getting so smart! He is starting to talk a lot more but still seems to favor his gibberish over real words! Max loves his grandpa, every morning he yells up the stairs for him. It's pretty cute! He is very active and is always on the move! We have to watch him like a hawk! Max loves babies and is always trying to give them loves, it's really sweet. Max loves his fireman hat, and wears it almost everyday! He loves playing with cars, trucks and animals. Max really enjoys to color and doesn't need our help. We are looking forward to what the new year brings us! 2012 was a great year for our family!

108: Swim Kids Max is doing so well with his swim lessons,! He loves it and is starting to become very brave. He can float on his back by himself and hold his breath for a long time for a 2 year old. Max loves his teacher Karrie!

110: Sound the alarm! Slide down the pole! Grab your gear! We're ready to roll! We had Max's birthday party at Bouncin' Off the Walls! We all had a great time playing and running around!

112: PARTY!!

116: Playing with cousins and daddy! Maybe we should have just gotten you a box for Christmas! You loved playing in it!

117: Cluff Family Christmas Party

118: Let it Snow

119: Max's First Snow Day


125: We Believe

126: Max loved every minute of Christmas morning! He was so excited to open his presents! | Family Is The Best Part Of

128: Our Christmas Tree

129: Christmas Morning at the Miner House! Santa was good to us this year!


133: Out With The Old And In With The New...This Year Is Going To Be Great!

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