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Mixbook for Mom

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BC: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" - Abraham Lincoln | 2012

FC: 50 Years of Memories | To: Stacey From: Your loving friends & family Happy 50th Birthday! | "You may grow older, but you may never grow up"

1: In this book you will find the stories, memorable moments and wishes written by those who love you in honor of your 50 years of life. Enjoy | Memories. . . . . . Ahead

2: My favorite thing about Stacey: When she's laughing & having fun – it makes her forget all her problems The funniest thing I ever saw Stacey do was when we went mushroom hunting! Watching her hug the trees and then rolling down the hill almost to the river was hysterical. The happiest I ever saw Stacey was up-north mushroom hunting! I knew I was going to be friends with Stacey when she was playing kickball. She kicked the ball to the 2nd baseman and we won the game My most memorable and favorite moments are when we have heart-to-heart talks around the campfire, after beer thirty 50th Birthday Wish: I wish she finds the happiness in the life she's looking for and she'll be able to live the dream and walk the walk that she wants and deserves. Love you, Stacey! Richie

3: "Mirror Mirror On the Wall" becomes more true everyday! But, I really don't think that's so bad! You've accomplished lots of amazing things in the past 50 years and the next 50 will be just as great. You've taught me a lot - including how to spell and use the words "tenacious" and "immaculate" in a sentence (words of the week!), but the thing I find myself saying frequently is "if everybody's breathing it's just not a crisis!" THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you have made in order to provide a healthy, happy life for me! I love you beyond words and am grateful I've been able to spend 23 of the last 50 years with you! Love: Shelby


5: My favorite thing about Stacey is that she's always up for having fun! The funniest thing I ever saw her do was whens she got free shots from the bartender at a gay bar . . . what straight girl makes that work!? The happiest I ever saw Stacey was... well she looked pretty happy in Las Vegas My most memorable moment with Stacey was when I was little watching her put on her makeup. I still wear Maybelline mascara because that is what she wore. I always looked up to her. Birthday Wish: Just remember, whenever you feel down follow mom's advice and just "take a hot bath". According to mom, that solves everything :) Love: Mindy | "I remember that Aunt Stacey drove 14 hours to get to my birthday party . . and that she's nice!" Referring to when she came to visit and went to Brady's 6th birthday party at the skating rink Love: Brady Beard

6: I enjoy those long nights with mom drinking beer and chatting. Happy 50th Birthday. -Brad

7: My favorite memory with Stacey is the trip to Grandpa's funeral. We had to fly and I REALLY hate flying. So, Stacey tried to keep me occupied and that worked fine until we got to the puddle jumper plane. I really panicked when I saw the plane had propellers. We had to offload because the plan was too heavy (were we supposed to use actual weight or Secretary of State weight?). I asked what a machine was in the back of the plane and a man said "a fax machine, so you can send in your will before we crash". Her & I had the entire plane rolling in laughter. Love: Stephanie

8: My favorite thing about Stacey is her tenacity. The funniest thing I ever saw Stacey do was when she was the lead actor in a 6th grade Christmas play and her pants fell down during her performance. The happiest I ever saw Stacey was when she graduated! 50th Birthday Wish: Stick around for's the best :) Love, your Dad & Mom | My memory was when we went to your house for Shelby's high school graduation and that was the first time I had ever been to Michigan. We stayed in this nice house, plenty of room and Stacey and Rich slept in a tent in the back yard. I just remembers waking up and seeing Rich's feet sticking out of the tent and wondered..who is that guy? Also Stacey was so nice and very friendly. Everyone else went to bed but Stacey and I stayed up talking by the bonfire. That is quite a feat..everyone knows I am not a talker but Stacey can make friends with anyone! - Todd Beard

10: Live well, laugh often, love much | My favorite thing about Stacey is that she is selfless. She would help anyone in need. She has treated me like one of her own children (examples: cleaning the gutters, helping with technology). One of my best memories with her is sitting at Shelby’s high school soccer games; she was always really nice and made me feel welcomed. I hope her next 50 years is greater than the first! -Evan

11: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. - Cathy Allen | Happy 50th Birthday Stacey - When did we get so old? I have so many memorable moments with you it's hard to pick just one... From the first time I met you I knew we were going to be friends. Someone had to take this city girl under her wing and help her adjust to the quiet country life on Lehman Road. You supplied us with may laughs with your "Hoover Maneuvers" (too numerous to list). Some of the fondest memories I have are those spent out by the pool on Sunday afternoons with you, Denise and all of the kids, NASCAR on the TV, and a cold Bud Light in our hands. We solved a lot of world problems on those lazy Sundays. And to clarify....I did NOT get a black eye jumping in your pool! Thank you so much for being a good friend through the thick and thin. Love you! -Darla Hufnagel

12: Stacey, How the heck did you get to the big 50 when I'm still only in my late 30's? I think the first time I met you was at Slam's pond. They actually trusted us to take a vehicle and go to Don's Party Store for, I believe, more beer - or it may have been cigarettes. We actually made it there and back without GPS. Talk about the blind leading the blind? Many more adventures have happened since then . . . better known as "Hoover Maneuvers". Some involved snakes - others, bar stools (they really need to make seat belts for those darned things) and hair pieces. And, who the heck parked that trailer behind your car? Geez, didn't they know we had a party to go to? Remember, you can have a slumber party at any age. Just give me a heads-up so I can get new batteries for my head lamp. Those darn years have flown by without permission, but as they say, the alternative really sucks. So, here's hoping 50+ many, may more don't suck. Enjoy your birthday and CHEERS TO YOU! -Betty Champagne

15: From: Annette Foster My favorite thing about Stacey is when she laughs really hard..from the very bottom of her tummy!! My most memorable moment with Stacey was(is) all the limo rides we have shared! 50th Birthday Wish: Happy 50th Birthday, Stacey!! Remember all the times we never thought we'd make it this far :) ?! Love you! | The funniest thing I ever saw Stacey do was when shew as going to teach Shelby not to be afraid of snakes! The neighbor's dog (Rocky) had cornered a snake in the bricks around the fire pit. So Stacey took Shelby out to show her the snake and was telling her not be to afraid of them when Rocky grabbed the snake and shook it so hard the guts came flying out every direction! Stacey screamed and took off running, leaving Shelby to fend for herself!

16: "She's still a hot babe, but now it comes in flashes"

17: My favorite thing about Stacey is her laugh I knew we were going to be friends when we met. Brad & Amanda were newborns, so we shared that bond. My most memorable moment with Stacey was on our first trip Beer Hunting. She turned the car around after driving past the Beal City Bar on our way home. She feared that she would be un-invited the next year if we didn't go back to join the rest of the crew! Sure am glad we made that U-Turn!! 50th Birthday Wish: Fifty is a great number with all the best yet to come! Looking forward to sharing many more fun times with you as we grow up (?) together! Sincerely: Sharon Kus | My favorite thing about Stacey is the many years we were allowed to share a room and synchronize snore :) The best memory is the year she was a virgin jager bomber and we did at least 10 and nobody thought we were ever going to be able to sleep - we showed them! Sincerely: Amy Fedewa | One time when we were in FL on a really hot night, we ended up drinking until the wee hours of the morning and almost got kicked out. (The screen door really needed some WD 40). But, we are invited back. Happy, happy day on this zero birthday! Sincerely: Dorothy "Dot" Cornwell

18: JOY | My favorite thing about Stacey is her sense of humor, she can laugh at herself! The happiest I ever saw Stacey - She's always happy and easy to laugh My most memorable moment was staying up really late (early) in Miami on the last night before flying home and making up a story with P words (the pathway is particularly precarious). 50th Birthday Wish - I wish that you can always laugh easily and enjoy life! It cracks me up that she has such a terrible sense of direction and she travels all over the place for her job. Thank God for GPS! You gotta love her! Love: Kim Smith

19: IT'S NOT WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE, BUT WHO WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE THAT COUNTS. - J. M. Laurence | The moments I remember the most are when Stacey and mom would hang out (NASCAR races at Stacey's house). They were both so happy, laughing and just glad to be around everyone! - Braxton Kuhnle | Stacey, Well all I have to say is "growing" up at your house during every summer of my childhood was the best ever! Skinny dipping at the age of like 8, catching fireflies and u always having jars for us to put them in, and all of the back porch picnics. I hope u have a great birthday and I hope you still can remember all of these memories (because we know at your age your memory is some times shot - just kidding) wishing u the most bestest birthday ever! Love ya! -Marnie Hufnagel

20: My favorite thing about Stacey is that she truly cares about her family and friends. She would do anything for them. The funniest thing I ever saw her do is when she and Shelby kept up with each other on Shelby's 21st Birthday. The happiest I ever saw Stacey was when she watched Shelby get her college diploma and get on her OWN bank roll (teasing)! I knew I was going to be friends with Stacey when I met her for the first time and she treated me like one of her own kids. 50th Birthday Wish: I hope she enjoys her day and has a wonderful celebration with friends and family. 50 is the new 21. Love: Alexandra Marner

21: I hope your ride down the hill is just as good as the ride up was! -- Emily Heimsoth

22: My favorite thing about Stacey is that she's always laughing and making others laugh The funniest thing I ever saw Stacey do was when she sat on the beach lounge chair in Florida and broke her cell phone, then tried to fix it and then threw it in the trash. And, being denied entry in to Rum Runners because one of us was too intoxicated. 50th Birthday Wish: You are an awesome person. Hope you have many more happy birthday's!!! From: Martha Simmons | My favorite thing about Stacey is she's ALWAYS willing to have a drink! The happiest I ever saw Stacey was when she was floating in her pool. I knew I was going to be friends with Stacey when she started bowling at Redwing Lanes. Something memorable that Stacey says is "PRICELESS" 50th Birthday Wish: Lots of good luck, love and laughter to you! From: MaryAnn Baxter

23: My favorite thing about Stacey is her personality! She can make anybody smile with her wit and charm! You can't help but be happy when your around her! I can't really think of one funny thing in particular I remember Stacey doing, I just know she's a crazy girl and does lots of crazy things that make people laugh(in a good way)! I think the happiest I ever saw Stacey was on my wedding day when she hugged me and almost started crying, I could tell that she was just that happy for us! I knew I was going to be friends with Stacey from the first day I met her, she was just so fun to be around and reminded me a lot of myself when she found humor in most things like I do! My most memorable moment with Stacey was when we went to Michigan's Adventure and took my girls, we had so much fun that weekend and I will never forget how she took me in like her own! Stacey, you don't seem 50 to me, you seem more like my sister and we have so much fun together! I am so thankful that you are a part of my life and family! Luv ya sista! Happy Birthday! - Love: Shanda Brunner

24: friends

25: By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found out that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but not ourselves. - Marie Dressler | My favorite thing about Stacey is her kind and caring heart! The funniest thing I ever saw Stacey do was - too many mention, and are they legal to say?! LOL. She's sitting in Crystal Lake in a folding lawn chair, her sunglasses somehow broke in half, but she continued to wear them anyway. I knew I was going to be friends with Stacey when we first met (oops, that sounds like a date!) My most memorable moment with Stacey was when we were at the cottage and a bunch of us were standing around the kitchen island. Stacey got in the fridge and dropped a container of some kind of salad dressing, and it went EVERWHERE and all over EVERYONE! This was a few years ago, and we're STILL cleaning it up. We love you Stacey, so no worries :) 50th Birthday Wish: I wish for Stacey to have good health and happiness. Love: Trish Paradise | More than anything - I wish Stacey happiness and as much (or more) fun as she had in her first 50 years. From: Wendi Eldridge

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