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Mom & Dad's 50th

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Mom & Dad's 50th - Page Text Content

S: Gary & Sylvia's 50th Anniversary

BC: All because two people fell in love!

FC: Celebrating Gary & Sylvia March 12, 2011 | 50 Years of Sharing, Caring, and Loving Each Other

1: There was a boy. . . | there was a girl. . .

3: Gary and Sylvia went about living their young lives, never suspecting that fate would take them on an adventure that would start with a simple carpool they shared while working at Thiokol. It would then continue on to a life filled with marriage, five babies, grandbabies, many adventures, and endless love.

6: 1961 Disney releases 101 Dalmations 1962 John Glenn orbits the earth | 1960's | 1966: Startreck series begins | I can remember the reunions we used to have back in the 70's and 80's, but all those were before Bev and I were married. The only get-togethers we have in common are the weddings and funerals for the last 13 years. We could always count on Sylvia and Gary to be there, no matter when they happened. As this will probably be the last 50th Wedding Anniversary in the family among the brothers and sisters it will be special. We wish Sylvia and Gary the best of everything and will be happy to share in this Anniversary. Congratulations! Arne & Bev

7: 1967 first heart transplant 1969 first man on the moon | 1963 Kennedy assassinated

8: A trip to Las Vegas: About 1970 Gary and Sylvia called and invited Sharon and I to go with them to Las Vegas. Gary had recently received his pilot’s license and wanted to fly there from Brigham City and we were very excited to go!! Our daughter Sherry had agreed to stay with Gary and Sylvia’s children for a night while we were gone (I think there were only two at that time). Gary called to get find out how much we weighed, and then calculated how much luggage we could bring, the little tri-pacer airplane had four seats but the weight limit was very important. We drove to their home, Sherry and the girl got their instructions and good-by kisses, we weighed our luggage again and headed to the Brigham City Airport where we left Gary’s car. After a detailed inspection of the plane we loaded up, we were so excited! This was Sharon’s first time in a small plane, so she was a little nervous, but the take-off was smooth, no problem! The trip down was great! The view from the plane was wonderful! If I remember correctly Sharon’s stomach was a little upset, but Gary had thought ahead and had brought a few little bags for that purpose (We all commented later that Sharon was very quiet and dignified as she did what she had to do). I think this was the first time Gary had landed in a large city airport, he asked us to all pay attention to the radio as the air controller at Las Vegas gave him instructions on which runway he should use, the wind and other information. After a great landing a car with a “FOLLOW ME” sign took us to the tie-down spot for the plane, a guy jumped out of the car and unrolled a “RED CARPET” for us to step down on!! What a great way to be welcomed to Las Vegas! We took a shuttle van to our hotel, unpacked and relaxed for a while before we started our gambling and eating (we also might have had a few drinks). While we were wandering around the casino Sylvia spotted a small bar with show that featured Johnny Ray, a singer popular during our high school days, (“Cry”, “Little White Cloud” and other songs). He was older and had seen better days, but sounded wonderful to us, we cheered, clapped and hooted, and he seemed to really enjoy us as much as we enjoyed him. Gary and Sylvia had good luck with the slot machines and I believe they paid for our show tickets that night for the SAMMY DAVIS JR. show! What a terrific show!! As we entered the show room Gary tipped the head water and he showed us to a table near the stage but Gary wasn’t satisfied, he walked over to the head waiter and told him the table was not satisfactory (and I think he gave him another tip), the waiter then showed us to a table that was right against the stage! Sammy Davis Jr. put on a show we will never forget!

9: After the show, we partied until we were exhausted. Late the next morning we continued our gambling and sightseeing until it was time to head for home. We loaded up the plane again and took off. After about an hour Gary asked if I would like to fly the plane while he took a nap. He showed me how to use the foot pedals and the “stick” to keep the plane level and at the correct elevation and then proceeded to nap. After a few dips and doodles I seemed to get the hang of it and thought I was doing a pretty good job. I glanced in the back and noticed Sylvia was chewing her gum at about 90 miles per hour! After what seemed like two or three hours (probably fifteen or twenty minutes) Gary woke up refreshed and took over the flying, and Sylvia gave her aching jaws a rest. We decided to land at Salt Lake City on the way home for a quick meal at Bratten’s, which was a great seafood place. Gary was nervous as we approached the big airport, listening to the fast talking air control guy and making sure everything was O.K. with the plane, suddenly the engine sputtered and coughed and we all said “what was that?” Gary quickly realized it was running out of gas and switch over to the auxiliary gas tank and the engine smoothed out again, we all took a deep breath, Gary was the only one that laughed. After a wonderful meal at Bratten’s which took a little longer than we had planned, we hurried back to the airport and took off for home. By the time we got to Brigham City it was dark and Gary had never made a night landing before. He made a perfect landing! We unloaded everything and loaded up the car --- the car wouldn’t start--- the battery was dead! Gary had jumper cables in the car but nothing to jump to. There was a pay phone near the airport office and we called Sherry at Gary and Sylvia’s home and asked her to bring our car to the airport to pick us up. She hadn’t driven much but there was little traffic that late at night and the girls were sound asleep. We waited for quite awhile, got worried and finally pushed the plane over to the car and used it to jump start the car. When we finally got to Gary and Sylvia’s home we found the girls were still asleep, but no Sherry! Gary and I drove around town looking for Sherry, and finally found her. She had got turn around and went the wrong direction, and then got lost, couldn’t find the airport or home! She was embarrassed but safe. What a great memorable trip!! We have since taken many trips with Gary and Sylvia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and numerous places here in the U.S., and we have loved and enjoyed each one. I love you guys! Happy 50th anniversary!! Love Denny

10: 1970's Apollo 13 returns to Earth 1972 1st home video recorder | 1974 Watergate scandal 1977 Elvis dies at the age of 42

11: Mom had a special sense of style and spent hours at the sewing machine Dad gave her to make matching dresses and pantsuits for all the girls (Mom included), or bright flowery ties for Dad. But occasionally Dad liked to dress Mom. He ordered blouses and sweaters for her from the Montgomery Ward catalogue, or suits from a special flyer. But my favorites were the theme outfits. Dad and Mom got into horse racing. So Dad bought Mom cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a western shirt and jeans. Dad decided it would be fun to snowmobile. So he bought Mom a snowsuit, gloves, hat, and goggles. Dad and Mom took up square dancing and that meant new threads. And Dad bought motorcycles: one for him and one for Mom complete with motorcycle suits, helmets, and gloves. A new hobby was an excuse to see Mom in a hot new outfit. Linda Mae

12: I remember when Dad worked at Thiokol & we lived in Fruit Heights we'd pick him up at an off ramp or rest stop by Brigham City (after he got off work) on our way to Idaho to see Grandma Jones & relatives. I remember sometimes Mom would make stuffed hard rolls (with ground beef in a sauce) for us to eat for our dinner. I liked them when they were warm but not so much when they were cold and I'm sure they got old after a while because I don't remember always having them. Susie Marie | Dad, I remember a day-trip you and I took to go fishing. I don't think we caught any fish, but I remember I felt pretty special being the only one with you. You let me feed squirrels your fish bait and we stopped somewhere for lunch. Thanks for that special day and thanks for still taking time now to have lunch alone with us. I love you! Love, Gail

13: 1978 First test tube baby born! | Rap is the new fad!

14: 1980's Rubik Cube fever! Prince Charles & Princess Dianna marry War breaks out between Iran and Iraq Ronald Reagan survives assassination attempt | When we were kids and the family took long drives to visit relatives in North Dakota, Montana, or Idaho, Dad would help us pass the endless hours with camp songs. We were always delighted to sing about “the cutest little girl that you ever did see,” the “old woman who swallowed a fly,” and the mean Dutchman and sausage maker Johnny Rebeck. Dad had a knack for taking any moment and turning it into a tune.

15: We remember the work that Gary and Sylvia put in on our cabin in 1982. The one on the top left is when we put in the foundations. Denny surveyed to make sure we got it square and Gary provided some hard labor in digging and pouring cement. The one on the mid-left is putting up the frame work. Gary helped figure out the cuts to make the peak of the roof come together right. He spent a lot of time helping us. The last picture (above) is of them with Ken and Sue. They stayed the night at the cabin and said that they christened it. We still have the green shag and the red shag carpet in the cabin that they donated to it. It has lasted that long. We are going to get some new carpet this year, I hope. We sure love Gary and Sylvia. They are always the first ones we turn to when we need help or have a problem. Ted & Sandy

16: Gary was already 16 or so when I came along. My earliest memories are pictures of him in uniform when he and Denny were in Germany. Then, when he returned from the army, I remember a blue convertible with white leather seats that I associated with Gary and a funny looking Studebaker that he parked in front of the house with a sign propped up against it that read "Slow down, speed trap ahead" and I was told to run out and knock it over if I saw any police cars coming. | Mom always thought Gary was the smartest because when I had questions or even when I wanted to relate a remarkable discovery, mom would always say go ask your brother Gary or you better check that out with Gary. Once I complained that she never believed me unless it was confirmed by Gary. But back to Sylvia, she has been a blessing to the Jones family. She is excellent at anything she puts her mind to, from softball and bowling to cooking such amazing Norwegian desserts. Sylvia, you have | always supported the Jones brothers and sisters with our journeys in the Mormon church. You are one of the best examples of a Christ-like heart. I love you, and I know how much mother loved you, too You and Gary are physically and spiritually one of the tallest couples I know. I wish it wasn't so far to travel to see you at your special event. Please enjoy the party, as I know you will, a secret admirer, your sister, Mary

17: Congratulations Gary and Sylvia on 50 great years together. Sylvia has always been a caring giving person, her baby gifts are totally awesome, her wash cloths and scrubbers are coveted by many. Her hospitality is always the best. Her friendship bread is top notch on our list of great food. She is super fun to go on trips with. When we were in Australia with her she wanted to see, do enjoy everything every day and night. On our last night there I was thinking of laundry, packing etc. No way she said we’ve got plenty of time to play some more games. Then we walked down to the ocean front to see how it looked at night. She just enjoys life and people. I have treasured her for many years Sylvia is a true friend and sister in law, I love her very much. Gary has been a super brother to Denny and I, we can call him at any hour and he is right there for us. He is a strong leader and a compassionate man. He is the best driver too, on our trips to Mexico or Missouri, in an ice storm he gets us there safely and does it well. He does more than his share at reunions and always goes the extra mile to have everything go well and for everyone to have a fantastic time. Gary always has time for family and is there for all of us at any time. Gary loves a good game of golf, going on trips, visiting, just enjoys life. He is a great man and I love him dearly. Sharon

18: Mom and Dad, you have always been models for a great marriage to me. You support each other's accomplishments and include each other in decisions daily. You are truly a team! Thanks for all your love and support over the years! Love, Gail Ann

19: Special Effects become amazing with ET and the sequel to Star Wars Madonna makes it as a rock star | My Big Brother Gary and his lovely wife Sylvia, HAPPY 50th!! You know, Gary is 8 years older than I am, and yet he is one that I confide in and ask for advice from. Gary and Sylvia were married the same year I graduated from Rigby High School, 1961. In 1958 when I was in Jr. High School, Gary let me take his almost new 1956 Chevy convertible for the last day of school. I thought I was quite the big shot driving that turquoise and white convertible to school that spring day. Not too many months later he had an accident that totaled his car. The next car I remember he had was a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville with three 2 barrel carburetors and a huge engine that made it go like the wind. I always admired the classy cars my older brothers had and their generosity in letting their little brother Paul use once in a while. I remember Gary had a reputation for being a tough young man. One time, while confronting some bullies from Rexburg, I asked them if they knew who Gary Jones was. “Gary Jones,” one of them exclaimed, “yea, he is one tough son-of-a-gun.” I told them he was my brother and I believe that kept us from having trouble with them that night. Before I left to serve a mission for our church in June of 1962, we stopped by Gary & Sylvia’s home in Brigham City to say Good-bye. Susan was just a baby and when I returned two years later there were two cute little blond girls running around their house, Susan and Linda. Gary loved to fly his airplane. He and Sylvia invited Bonnie and I to go on a day trip with them one summer day. We planned on having Breakfast in Green River, fly over the Grand Canyon, land in Page, AZ and have lunch in Las Vegas. Our plans called for playing golf in Cedar City but we ended up playing in Kaysville I believe. The landings all day long had been almost perfect, but when he touched down in Ogden, it was pretty rough. Maybe he was just tired from all the flying and entertaining he had to do that day. We really enjoy being business partners with Gary & Sylvia. I have one last story relating to Storage Units, that speaks of Gary & Sylvia’s kindness and fairness. Gary had called me years ago and asked if I would like to go in with them on some units they planned on building in St George. I said sure, how much would it cost me. I can’t even remember what the price was but it seemed reasonable. Over the next few years we all had to contribute extra money to keep them going. Then one day in 1988 he called to tell me the Quail Creek Dam had failed and the ensuing flood down the Virgin River wiped out the units, with the exception of the walls and roof. The expenses mounted up, even though the government made restitution. I remember telling Gary that he could have my shares and that I was through throwing money at them. As the years passed by, Gary would call and keep me informed of how they were doing in St George. Then one day he called to tell me they had an offer to purchase the units and that my share would be somewhere around $30,000. After the excitement was over, he reminded me that I had given Sylvia and him my share. I honestly couldn’t remember that, probably because of the excitement of the sale. My response was that I couldn’t remember it, but that if he said I did, then I did. As I thought about it more, I remembered telling him that. He then said that if I would pay him back the money he had put in for me, I could have the rest. It amounted to almost $25,000.00. They didn’t have to give it to me; I had given them my shares. They must have figured it was the right thing to do because that is the kind of people they are. I have always respected Gary’s wisdom and often sought his counsel. We Love You Gary & Sylvia, Paul & Lori Jones

20: I strapped a pair of skis onto my feet for the first time in 1985. I was a senior in college, working two jobs and living in an apartment in Salt Lake City. Dad decided I needed a hobby. He picked me up one evening to go to Brighton for night skiing. It took us two hours to make two runs down the bunny hill, and when we were finished, we were famished so we each threw a sweater and slacks over our long johns and went to La Caille for dinner. After that adventure, we skied together once or twice a season for years. Linda Mae | Bill Clinton is the President

21: 1990's | I would like to share the time we all went to Mazatlan, Mexico and played golf. We went Marlin fishing and got Sylvia to go to the beach. She did not know how to swim so she wouldn't go to a pool or to the beach, however, she did on that trip. GOD BLESS YOU !! Love & A Hug From Me, Jo Ann | Sylvia is inducted into the Bowler's Hall of Fame

22: When I was a rebellious teenager, I came to visit and spend the night; I don’t remember the circumstances. What I remember is sitting at a booth like kitchen table in your home in Brigham City, talking about dad. I had some “hate/love” issues with dad myself, but Gary, after a few beers, you shared with me some feelings and experiences with dad that were so deep and contradicted, sometimes hurtful, other times loving, that I felt really understood, with my issues, probably for the first time. I think it was the first time I felt treated like your peer. I think that same night, you accepted my smoking habit and let me smoke with you. Your acceptance of me, and my habit, was a very big thing to me, and kind of put things into true perspective – smoking was trivial, really nothing, compared to the importance of a relationship. Conversation that night also had it’s lighter, more fantastic, side, as we explored the possibility of atoms being micro solar systems – therefore we were possibly on a world, which was part of an atom in a much larger dimension, perhaps on someone’s thumb. Sylvia, you joined in occasionally, but mostly listened and treated me like an adult. I would return several times and Gary and I would go for a drive, have lunch, play pool, visit, and smoke. I felt a deep bond with you both that night, which has lasted through the years, and through many ups and downs. Sylvia, remember years ago, when I discovered “grace”. I was so excited. You were one of the few people that I could talk to about it. I remember some wonderful conversations we had, celebrating this basic Christian concept. This time Gary joined in occasionally, but mostly listened. Since then, I’ve often reflected on what you had to go through as a “non-member” in a Mormon family. It must have been difficult at times, with all the little efforts to proselyte you. It was like a crusade with mom for many years. I admired your tolerance and forbearance, as it never seemed to bother you. When invited to attend with the Mormons, you would return an invitation to attend with the Lutherans. I got a kick out of it and thought you had spunk, the way you stood your ground. I think mom eventually gave up, and conceded, religion aside, that you are a very good woman. And, I think mom would agree with me that there is not a more loving person in our family. I think we all look forward to your famous hugs and expressions of love. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 50 years. I will always remember family caravans with you to reunions, game nights under your camper shell in the campgrounds, so many family dinners and get-togethers, huckleberrying, mushroom hunting, swimming, float trips, singing and storytelling. I can’t wait to do all these things with you again. One last thing, you have both been very kind and loving as I have gone through difficult times the last few years. Gary you have been there for me in a special way as I faced the consequences of my actions and sought recovery from my addictions. I now share with you a new spiritual life, through reliance on my Higher Power, and the guidance of the twelve-step program. Thanks for your love and help. I toast you (non-alc) to your health and happiness on this 50th anniversary. Love, John

23: Mom’s baking is legendary with family and friends. It was amazing to come home from school to the smell of fresh bread or cookies, or to Mom’s amazing caramel rolls. She made pies for the Back Street Club on Fridays, birthday cakes and our favorite desserts for special occasions, and cookies for the coffee social at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Mom started the neighborhood Christmas exchange with her plates of almond roca, divinity, hand-dipped chocolates, peanut brittle, Sandbakkels, and Christmas cookies. And Mom was always the first to welcome a new family into the area with something fresh from the oven. It tickled Mom when Danielle Smith, who had just moved into the house down the street, told ward members at her first Sunday meeting that she had already met the relief society president: Sylvia Jones had welcomed her into the neighborhood earlier in the week with a loaf of friendship bread.

24: Gary and Sylvia, The first time I knew I was part of the family is when Gary called Rummy on me during a card game. I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed to play a simple hand of Progressive Rummy. I love the way you two love to play, anything from cards, to golf, to computers. You are both constantly moving and excited about what each day will bring. I think one of your secrets must be that you greet each day with a positive attitude and you never stop wondering and learning about life. All my love and congratulations to you both, Rich | John Glenn returns to space in 1998 Michael Jordan retires in 1999

25: When I was a kid we would get all excited for the occasion that mom would let us spend the night at Grama and Grampa’s house, and when we did it was AWSOME!!!! One sleepover in particular I remember Grama and Grampa said we were going for a ride and it was pretty early (Saturday noonish) so by no means was it time to even think about going home, so all was good. As we came up the big hill into Ogden I was very suspicious as to where we were going, and when we turned down 40th St. I knew, Grama and Grampa sold me out, they were taking me home. Suddenly they turned 3 streets from Orchard Ave where we lived. Well they tricked me. This was the trip we made that Grama and Grampa found and brought home peaches. So the day wasn’t over, we went back to Grama and Grampa’s and I think they might have even taken me to Jakes Over the Top!! Always good memories with Grama and Grampa Love, Ken | Mother Teresa and Princess Dianna are laid to rest 1997

26: The Olympic committee is caught in a bribery scandal Euro currency is introduced also in 1999 | Grandma and Grandpa, When I think of the two of you I think of golf, and swimming, and bowling. You are always on the move and even though you’ve got some years on me, I’d never want to take either of you on when it comes to that little white ball and the big bag of clubs. Way to go Grandma and Grandpa! Love you, Zach | My mother is a “rock”. Though her loving arms, caring soul, and lightheartedness tend to overshadow this trait, she’s a strong Norwegian rock. For me, growing up as a Lutheran kid along the Wasatch Front wasn’t easy. Being the youngest kid and only boy didn’t help. Despite these growing pains, it was surprisingly enriching to be the outcast thanks to the support of my mother. Without a doubt, my mom always had my back. Whether it was warding off the seemingly revolving cast of Latter Day bullies or making her presence known when I would dabble in trouble, she never backed down and always knew how to make things right. Now that I’m older, I have realized my mom is the glue that binds, the foundation from which great families are created. Not only did she provide the glue and stability, she also taught me the importance of friends and commitment. Whether it was hanging with a bunch of smelly, beer swilling climbers around a campfire ‘til 1AM (following our wedding) or walking with me half way to the school bus in grade school so I wouldn’t be made fun of, my mom has always seemed to “just get it”. She has a sixth sense about her, a stability and understanding that I’ve yet to see in others. Her tolerance, quick wit, determined nature, and ability to make anyone her friend is something I have always admired. Thanks for being my rock Mom. Love, Jason

27: Mom and Dad, Now that I’ve been married for a while I really appreciate the memories of the two of you taking time for each other: the daily ritual of the hug, the kiss and the day’s highlights when Dad came home from work, the two of you dancing the fox trot in the living room, and the few date nights and trips without the kids. And now that I’ve experienced a little parenthood I appreciate the memories of the two of you embarking on road trips with all of us in the back whining, bickering, and doing what children do best trying the edges of your patience. I completely understand why you wanted to get to our destination so fast and, why, when it was time to change drivers you found a way to exchange seats without slowing down or pulling over. You are simply amazing. I love you both with all my heart. Happy anniversary! Laura | 2000's | Grama & Grandpa are fun to be with - watcing movies and playing games are fun things I like to do with them. They also have really good food. I like going over there for Christmas & Thanksgiving - they are always welcoming and happy to see us. I remember riding with them while they were visiting here to see Melinda's play and singing to a CD - they gave us the words to the song so we could sing with them. I love them and I'm glad that they are my grandparents. Natalie

28: Congratulations Gary & Sylvia I will begin by writing a little about early years 1939-1940. In the summertime Sylvia and I would sit in the driveway and play in the sand – the one toy we had was an old tire. We’d fill it up, roll it around, and fill it up again. A few years later Sylvia and I had a playhouse in the trees. This playhouse was made from the cab of a vehicle. We did not have dolls we had rocks wrapped in some kind of material that was our doll. There were those big green worms and other intruders that we would pick, put in a jar of water colored with ink (no ball points) and pretend they were pickles. No, we didn’t eat them. Soon Agnes and Marie would come find us, time to do dishes. We usually went without a fuss. We wore long underwear to school from the first snowflake until school was out. Well come May, nice days when we got down the road a ways, the socks were rolled down and the underwear legs rolled up. Then we had to undo that on the way home, cool huh? We thought so. Gary and Sylvia are a pair of gracious host and hostess, they are fun, loving. I have been to their home numerous times, had a great time. I have walked the golf course with Sylvia, been in the cheering section at bowling. I walked the “Relay for Life” with her one year. Gary, “bless your heart” you always let us have our time. Gary and Sylvia have hosted 2 reunions, one at Cherry Hill and another at Chico Hot Springs. Everyone had a lovely time. We had food, card games, baseball, tubing at Chico, plus plenty of talk.

29: Gary and Sylvia came to Montana and North Dakota for many special occasions – about 14 weddings, 9 funerals, a 50th anniversary, reunions and get-togethers. Thanks so much for joining us at these times! Gary and Sylvia always send cards – “special cards” – thinking of you, Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine, Easter, Halloween, and birthday. Sylvia and I talk on the phone regularly, when I got my cell phone and finally got so I’d turn it on and leave it on. Sylvia would call about every other morning and start her conversation by saying “I’m calling to see if you have your phone turned on”. When you look at pictures of Gary and Sylvia you are always smiling – so happy! Their life together is happy, filled with love for each other, their family, extended family, friends and neighbors. I don’t think the words “dislike” or “hate” are in your vocabulary. Gary and Sylvia you give so much more than you get back. Sylvia, you gave me $50.00 when I went to California in 1955. Now that I’m writing this I don’t think I ever paid you back and you never asked for it. How much interest do I owe? While I’m thinking and writing I realize this is to be “memories”. I have nothing but good memories of you Gary and Sylvia, hard to be specific. We/you were not involved in crazy stuff. Gary and Sylvia you are very caring, loving, unselfish, positive attitude folk. You love your neighbors more than yourself. Lovingly, your sis Nina | 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City!

30: One of my most favorite times spent with grandma and grandpa is when we go golfing. It really doesn't matter what we do. All that matters is the time spent with them. I love the time I spend with them, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Happy Anniversary. I love you both more than anything! Love, Nik | Grandma and Grandpa are very loving people. They care about everyone. They are fun, when we went over to their house one time grandma took us to the movies to see “How to Train Your Dragon”. It was really fun. And grandpa used to take us swimming. Usually when we come over they want to do something with us. Either eating dinner with us, watching a movie, or just plain talking. I think that all my memory’s with them are good ones. Even when something bad is happening they still somehow make a good memory of it. I think that everyone needs grandparents like them, I think they are the best grandparents in the world. Oliver

31: The memories Jared and I enjoy from Grandma and Grandpa is them always welcoming us into their home and the love they share. We love Grandma's cooking and I always enjoy that she loves to play games :0) Love, Jared & Heidi | 2004 Curse of the Bambino is broken! Boston Red Sox win the World Series! First time Since 1918

32: My dad is the greatest partner in crime a guy could ask for. I realized this first as a kid, when he bought a catcher’s mitt to help me hone my skills as a budding pitcher and ended up taking, more than catching, some of meanest fastballs I could muster. The bruises and black eyes healed, but his greatness was confirmed when he encouraged me to accept an opportunity to study ecology in Costa Rica. I was nervous, so he accompanied me for my first trip abroad and facilitated one of my most memorable and eye opening experiences. His role as my partner in crime continued years later when we took a trip to pick up a Volkswagen bus in Oklahoma. I had dreamed of base-camping in a VW bus and working in the wildest stretches of the lower 48 states. He encouraged me to pursue this dream, so we bought the 1973 bus and drove the 1,000+ miles through hail, snow, rain, and wind until puttering to a standstill a couple hundred feet from our house. Though the bus collapsed on us (literally) while we were repairing the underside, nearly crushing me and severing my father’s arm, the bond between my dad and I only grew. I’m grateful for having such an encouraging, easy going, and adventurous father. He instilled in me a sense of wonder and confidence that I aspire to imitate. Thanks for being the greatest partner in crime Dad. | Genetically, I am 50% Sylvia and 50% Gary. That explains my propensity to make friends wherever I roam and my perpetual need to keep roaming. It also explains my desire to participate in hair brained adventures, without tossing all caution to the wind. It explains my knack for hustling (speeding) and being organized. My parents not only provided their kids with good genes, they provided a nurturing environment that has allowed us kids to diversify and follow our dreams. I think through the years they have shown that every good yin has a yang and that complementary pairs make the best team, especially when the objective is achieving 50 years of marriage! Hope you have 50 more! Love Jason

33: When we lived with Grama and Grandpa I got to go paint storage units with grandpa a lot. He'd tell me sweet stories-like when he was in the army. They were cleaning up areas and if they couldn't move something, they'd paint it. That was a lot of fun and we got to listen to sweet oldies music. I love you! love, Melinda | Grama and Grampa, Do you remember that night my mom and I came over to make lefse right before Thanksgiving? I think there was also divinity involved, but we spent hours rolling out dough, tossing flour around, and flipping the huge potato tortillas on the griddle. I remember Grampa felt he needed to be the taste tester, and approved of our makings. A few card games followed, of course, with Grama probably winning. That night was a lot of fun, and it will be a memory I will always keep. Thank you for all of the time we’ve spent together, it is always very important to me! Congrats on 50 years of happiness! You guys are the greatest! I love you!! Ü Love, Raegan | 2008 Sylvia gets a hole in one!

34: My FAVORITE memory of Grandma and Grandpa Jones is also my FIRST memory of them! It was the very first time Ken had taken me to meet ANY of his family and we were all meeting at Grandma and Grandpa's for Mothers Day. Ken and his brothers and Dad were off to do manly things and I was left all alone with the women of a family I had never met! I was nervous! But Grandma was taking a few of her daughters and granddaughters out to a wonderful Mothers Day brunch sponsored by her church and I was graciously taken along. We had so much fun talking and laughing and getting to know one another. I really felt just like "one of the girls". (But honestly how could I not after receiving even just ONE of Grandma's AMAZING hugs!!) Afterwards we returned to the house and I was lucky enough to sit and enjoy a Jazz game with Grandpa, just the two of us. (Little did he know that I was actually rooting for the opposing team!) I'm a big sports fan and I felt right at home chatting and talking sports with him! At the end of the evening after an amazing meal (which is a given at grandma and grandpa's!) we all sat together and played cards. I was definitely not prepared for how good they are! I had such a great time and felt so welcome in their home! I love them both dearly and feel incredibly blessed to have married into such an amazing family! Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! I love you both so much and wish you every happiness for many more years to come! Love, Allison | 2009 Michael Jackson laid to rest | 44th president of US is 1st black president

35: My favorite memory of Grama and Grampa is fairly recent. When I graduated last May, both of them, as well as my parents, came to my graduation. South Bend, Indiana and Fruit Heights, Utah, are pretty far from each other, about 1500 miles. A lot of my classmates were from the Midwest, so it was not a great commitment for family to come to the graduation. I was honored and flattered that Grama and Grampa came out to see me graduate. I know for Grampa, his sciatica made it difficult to walk long distances, and Notre Dame's campus is quite expansive. However, both of them insisted on going to as many different events as we could, which included having to go between buildings on opposite ends of campus, sitting in crowded, stuffy rooms and baking in the hot sun listening to several speakers and not being able to see me. They were both very supportive of me and took many pictures to commemorate the event. I was very grateful that they came all the way out to Indiana just for me. love, Levi

36: Through the years, you've never let me down You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found I've found with you. . . Through the years. I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made And I'm so glad I've stayed, right here with you Through the years. ~ Kenny Rogers | Congratulations on your 50 year journey together, we can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend.

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