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Mom Remembered

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S: All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother (1959-2009)

BC: there's holes in the floor of heaven and her tears are pourin down that's how you know she's watchin, wishing she could be here now. and sometimes if your lonely, just remember she can see, there's holes in the floor of heaven, and she's watchin over you and me

1: September 5th 1959

2: 4th and Monroe

5: To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world

6: Family

9: She was a beautiful cheerleader in high school when I first met her and she had this long strawberry-blond red hair. Wow! I was just a big dumb farm kid (still am)! The best thing that came out our marriage was Jamila and Robert. -Marty Crandall

10: With This Ring

11: "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." | Me & Mom

12: Moms are like buttons....

13: They hold everything together...

14: Bonnie | Dream House 140th Ln | Grandma Sassy

15: "Mothers hold their children's hands for a while - their hearts forever."

16: "A lucky few have a mother like you. Mothers are flowers in the garden of life."

17: A mothers children are portraits of herself

18: "There is no friendship, no love, like that of a mother for her child."

19: Daughters are little girls that grow up to be your best friend...

22: "A Mother's love never ages."

23: Everyone that sees you always wants to know you Everyone that knows you always has a smile Everyone calls you amazing, I just call you mine

24: Remembered | I have had the privilege of considering myself as Teresa's fourth daughter for 15 years. She was my girl-scouts leader, my computer geek, my problem solver, she was my loud and out spoken voice when I needed support, and most important, Teresa was my second mom. Throughout the many years of knowing Teresa, I have had so many unforgettable memories with her and the family. My favorite memories always contain the way she made me laugh. From seeing her sobbing while watching cheesy Lifetime movies to her crazy dancing, there wasn't a day that she didn't bring a smile to my face. Teresa had the biggest heart and was full of enthusiasm. She was the biggest cheerleader and always made family her number one priority in life. Teresa had so much love to give and always treated everyone with respect. She was an amazing hard worker and mother. It is obvious that Jamie, Robert, Ashley, and Abbey were gifted with those same qualities. I will never forget the memories I shared with Teresa and I will always remember how amazing Teresa was as a person. I will always love Teresa like she was my mom and I will always love you all like you are my family! -Caitlin Hulke | Teresa was an amazing person. I have so many great memories with her, it is hard to think of just one. From the fourth of July to the birthday parties and all the nights we spent at Captains Teresa was always there making us laugh and making those good times just that much better. Teresa was the most caring person I knew. Even if she had just met you it seemed she automatically considered you a friend. Abbey's 21st downtown on the party bus showed me how caring she was. I could see she was getting frustrated, not because of all the people singing and dancing and yelling on the bus, or not to mention Luke and me getting lost downtown for a good hour, but because she cared so much for each and every one of us on the bus she just wanted to make sure we all made it home safe and sound. Teresa was an awesome woman that impacted every single person's life she met. I feel I am a better person for knowing her and so thankful for the impact she has made on my life. Her spunky personality, crazy laugh and her passion for life will live in our hearts forever. -Adam Scherff | Teresa was one of most genuine women I have ever met!! She lit up the entire room with her smile and enthusiasm. She always had a positive attitude, I never seen her frown even once. She was the life of the party. Her charisma and charm attracted everyone around her. She would give you her last dime, and the shirt off her back. She was unique, one of a kind. and she is dearly, dearly missed. -Shannon Flandrick-Lind | I don't have many stories about TJ because she was so much younger than I was. But I do remember a couple when she was a little kid. When Suzy was hit by a car and had brain surgery, she and TJ would play a game called "hospital." TJ loved it! Suzy would lie on the steps and TJ would have to find all the toys in the house and give them to Suzy. When TJ was sick and vomiting, she would always use her hands and arms to keep the vomit from sliding off the arm of the couch into the couch. Sometimes it would take mom a few minutes to help her, but TJ would cry until mom got there and would not allow any of the vomit to go anywhere except on herself. She did that until she was in high school. As a result, mom let her stay home more often because TJ always cleaned up her own mess. Doggone....none of us thought of that. TJ loved to sleep in bed with me because I had a double bed. Before I let her sleep in my bed she had to bring me milk and cookies. Then both of us would pull the blankets over our heads and drink and eat the food. Of course food was NOT allowed in the bedroom so when mom would suspect that we were eating in bed, I would send TJ out to tell her we weren't and mom ALWAYS believed TJ because she was the baby and would never do anything wrong. It was great to have such a great ally on my side! -Auntie Annie

25: Your mom was such an amazing person and you could tell from the second you met her. She was so full of life and such a happy person. She could make anyone feel special and she definitely knew how to have a good time. One of my favorite memories of her is the night we were at her house hanging out and she made us all food at like 2 in the morning and she was singing away and having fun with us! She was just a great person and she impacted everyone that she mets life in a good way. -Maria Grady | Your mother was such an inspiration to every person that walked into her life. She had such a care, passion in life for her family and friends. She was loved by everyone and treated everyone like they were family. The best memories I have with your mom were when all of us girls would come over and hang out and she would just laugh, talk and bring on the dance parties to the annual Halloween Parade, where they would make everyone just laugh because of how excited and happy they got out of the little things in life. The list of memories that I have can go on and on. I will never forgot how caring and wonderful Teresa was for all those special moments I was lucky enough to share with her and the girls. You could always tell how proud she was of each of her kids and how each one of you have brought such wonderful joy to her life. She will always be missed and always be in our thoughts. She had that affect on people to just show how caring and love can bring such joy to everyone's life and that is truly how Teresa lived her life -Sam Hodapp. | Teresa & I looked like the Bobbsey Twins growing up. Mom always made sure we had the same clothes, the same toys, & the same pixie haircuts!! Christmas was always big in our house. With 8 kids it wasn't hard. Teresa & I always tried to bring those big Xmases back by showering our kids with lots of presents so they could also have that "WOW" reaction on Xmas morning. Teresa's favorite motto at Xmas time was "It's only money!" We grew up together & knew each other well. I thought so until she informed me on how she would wait for me to leave for school then take my pants, baste them to fit, wear them to school, then race home to pull the stitches & get them back in my dresser before I got home! She was destined to be a Mom as she would always get down on the floor & actually played with the kids! Thus she'd get more calls for babysitting & got paid more than the others! We always liked playing office in the basement when we were in elementary school. She was always the boss & I was always the secretary. One day I got fed up & asked why I couldn't be the boss & her answer was," Cuz everyone knows I'm the boss in this family!" While growing up, none of us kids were allowed to have a car until we were out of high school. Not Teresa! Dad retired & she actually got a social security check cuz she still lived at home so Mom & Dad let her get a car! I said how unfair that was & she replied," I'm the baby & can have anything I want!" It's still not fair! Both being red heads & close in age, we would have some pretty loud fights upstairs. Mom always said she knew what was going on as all she had to do was sit at the bottom of the stairs & listen to us yell & tell!! Our favorite memories were when Mom & Dad brought friends home from the VFW to play 6-5-4. We'd rake in the money not by winning but placing side bets with the others that they wouldn't qualify! Then we'd all go out to Perkins to eat! Perkins has never been the same since.... -Aunt Suzy

26: I think about your mom often. She was probably... no, DEFINITELY the most generous person that I have ever met. She was truly the kind of person who would give the shirt off of her back for anyone who needed it. In addition, her personality and enthusiasm for life could light up not only a room, but probably the entire Xcel energy center. ANYTHING that Teresa participated in turned out to be a good time. My fondest memories with Teresa were definitely at the arctic plunge. I am trying to find words to describe these memories, but I don't know if there is any way of describing how much fun we had with her there. The arctic plunge has not been the same ever since she passed away, but I still enjoy going there every year because I feel like her spirit is still there with us.To sum it up, her vibrant personality and generosity made her truly one of a kind. I am so thankful to have known her, and so thankful that she created two of my best friends, and that she shaped them to be the wonderful people that they are today. :) -Justine Bjergo | All I can say is I wish I had know her even more outside of volleyball. She was so much fun to be around and very energetic. She always talked so fast I had a hard time catching up with what she was saying. Her mind was thinking of things all the time. She was a great cheerleader for sure. -Kim Curless | Teresa was such am amazing and giving person. She barely knew me and bought me a plane ticket back to Minnesota from Hawaii just so I could be with Justine. If she hadn't done that who knows what would have happened, but now we have had almost a 6 year long relationship and are still in love. Somehow she knew that we were meant to be and made it happen! She is so giving and loving. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Teresa was the definition of an "individual" and no one could ever live up to her truly wonderful legacy, though we are all better people for trying! She raised 3 wonderful daughters and a wonderful son who are all the people they are today because of her wonderful outlook on life! -Justin Wewers | When I was about 10, TJ wanted to go fishing with me for the first time down by the Rum River Dam. She must have been about 5 years old. I said OK and she was really excited to make the journey. We are sitting on the big wall next to the bridge fishing for carp. It was not going real well so I walked down to the riverbank and started looking for crawdads leaving TJ up on the wall minding the fishing pole we had wedged between a couple rocks. As luck would have it something hit the bait and the fishing pole was bending over like crazy, something BIG was on the line. I screamed at TJ to grab the pole and just hold on. She went into panic mode and just froze and couldn't move. I ran up to grab the pole but as I got about 10 feet away the rocks gave way and the entire fishing pole went flying about 20 feet into the river, never to be seen again. TJ started crying as I gave her the look of death asking why she didn't grab the pole. While we walked home with me not saying a word and fuming at the loss of my pole and reel, she cried and cried and cried the entire way back home. Naturally, I got in trouble. Mom made me apologize for making TJ cry and be all upset. Needless to say we never took that journey again. -Uncle Pat | In March 2003, Teresa was in Los Angeles to meet with our city utility (DWP) about installing a new billing system for them. Mavis and I met up with her for breakfast at her hotel next to the Burbank Airport. She insisted on paying for it and then whipped out her checkbook. She thought she could pay for the meal with an out-of-state check and a Minnesota drivers license. In Los Angeles. So, of course, I had to pay. Duped again. And I loved her for it. -Uncle Dick | I always remember dancing and singing Miss American Pie with your mom at parties but we never knew all the words so finally she printed off the lyrics so we could sing along with every word. Teresa was AMAAAZING and I will love her for always! -Jackie Bonine

27: Mahowald Memories | RAYNA’S MEMORIES: I remember sitting up stairs looking at pictures of (my) wedding when she watched us when my mom and dad got married. I remember playing with microphones at her house and she would talk in them a little bit. I remember all the instruments in her house. I liked playing dress up there. I liked listening to the music at aunt Teresa’s house. She always gave us fun gifts when she saw us. She showed us pictures of Ashley and abbey when they were little. I liked when she sang songs to us! I remember playing barbies there and hearing Aunt Teresa talking about how old they were and that the girls used to play with them. I liked playing board games with her and listening to her read us books | KENZIE’S MEMORIES: I remember going to her house in St. Francis when she would take care of us. She taught us how to hold a violin and play a little bit. She would ask me questions about what I liked to do and what I wanted for breakfast. I remember she gave me a superman shirt that didn't fit her. I remember when she talked she would always smile at us. I remember playing barbies | ANGELA’S MEMORIES: My memories of Aunt Teresa are so rich, she was so impactive in my life in so many ways. She always was like a second mom to me. I remember her laugh, she looked for any reason to laugh and her laugh could do nothing but put a smile upon your face when you heard it. I remember her hair, it seemed to be the same for all of her motherhood life. The red short cut with curls. Lol! I remember her at Christmas time. Those were always the fondest memories I had. I can still hear her cooing over presents and about how cute they are. I remember when Ashley and Abbey were little and when they would get stuff at Grandma Hattens and every present they opened it would be like a song of coos from Teresa and Jamie. I LOVED hearing that! I MISS hearing her voice at Christmas! I remember her cooking too, the smells of food on the holidays. I remember Thanksgiving when she would look through the ads with us and we would all create a battle plan for the ever so popular black Friday event. I loved seeing the relationships she had with you kids, it really was a beautiful relationship. You guys really enjoyed each others company and she adored you all and you all adored her. It was so obvious, the laughs you shared together, the sarcasm that was always present and was a way to shed your love. Man, I really miss hearing the 5 of you around each other. I LOVED how she was with my girls and I feel so lucky that they got to meet her. She adored my girls and was always open to watching them. When I wanted her to take care of them she would make a fun plan on what they would do. I remember her always giving a little seasonal care package when she saw the girls, nothing much just some fun seasonal things, flip flops, bubbles, etc. She really wanted Rayna to be in some kind of music lessons. I remember when she passed I said that I would put Rayna in piano out of respect. She always talked about how Rayna had a passion for music and could tap the beat to anything Terry and his friends were playing. She truly adored that part of Rayna, it was a very touching thing. I also remember when I moved in with you guys after treatment. It was a hard time in my life and she so bad wanted to help me through it. Well I was so young and dumb still I wouldn't listen to voices of reason but I remember your mom always being there for me. Advocating for me to make the positive changes, pushing for what's best for me not only to me but my mom as well. She loved me like one of her own and she was/is by far my favorite Aunt. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for your mom I wouldn't be where I was today. She has inspired me to be the mom that I am. I loved how she was with you kids and always vowed from a really young age that I would form the same relationship with my kids as Aunt Teresa had with her kids. | DAN Always so happy and I loved to hear her laugh. Her talking was so fast I could only understand parts of what she was saying but still loved hearing her talk, always made me smile

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