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Mom's Book

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S: For the Record-Our Tributes to Mom

BC: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Best Friends!

FC: For the Record | Mom


2: "A lucky few have a mother like you. Mothers are flowers in the garden of life."

5: Daughters are little girls that grow up to be best friends... | ....

6: Dear Mom: I have some great memories of you when I was a little kid. I remember you got this terrific makeup kit that you kept under the bed. Every now and then I would ask you if I could look at it just for fun-not touch anything- just look at the great eye shadow and lipstick colors. I couldn’t wait to get glamorous myself! I was so proud of how beautiful you were when you went to my school. I remember when you were in the bowling league, home permanents, choosing school outfits from the catalog, you at the ironing board, sewing, hanging wet clothes in the store in the winter. Being allowed time to read and opportunities to contribute in the family business of the store, running the cream route and helping with the hogs taught me so much. I even got in on some of the tire and car repairs with the important job of holding the treble light just so! I appreciate the way we were raised and the work ethic we all learned. | Did I mention shopping?

7: One thing I totally could not understand was when we went with Dad to look at the town lights at Christmas. You always stayed behind because you had work to do. I could never figure out how you could possibly be so busy that you didn't see a big guy with a white beard, in a red suit, arrive in a flying sleigh who then put presents under our tree. Like a lot of things that happen when a kid grows up--now I understand!! | We've had some great times together. You have always had enthusiasm for learning and in trying new things. It was great fun when we would meet in Des Moines for supper and shopping. You were the only person I knew besides me that could lose track of where we had parked so completely!! | The support and listening ear you have always provided to me without question or judgment has been a true gift. Thank you. Love, Sandy



10: All things grow better with love. | Dearest Mom, You will always be a special person to me, From the time I was a little girl, I knew you were special, not just because you were my Mother, but because you were you. You always made sure you looked just right, and smelled super. Perfume and makeup lightly applied, a hair style that suited you and clothes that reflect your special sense of style.

12: You never complained about the silly gifts we gave you, the hankies, scarves, cheap perfume (Roses, Roses, Roses comes to mind!) | Your sense of style was everywhere. The flower garden was always a special place because you made it so. The lilacs, peonies, lilies, tiger lilies, bleeding hearts, irises, roses, etc. Our home was always wonderfully decorated and changed enough that we never tired of it. You made a small space seem large and fun.

13: In this day of divorce and casual relationships that do not last, that is a very special thing. | Your relationship with Dad showed me the give and take necessary to maintain a good marriage.

14: You have always loved me, comforted me when I was down or sick, and made me feel special. You believed in me always, even when I questioned myself. | I cannot imagine a better Mother. Lots and lots of love always, Your daughter Kathy

15: Lessons in Laundry | Great-grandson Cody | I really began to appreciate you, Mom, only after becoming a mom myself. Looking back, I see now that, whether you planned it or not, you were always teaching me, not only skills & knowledge, but attitudes and values. By setting an excellent example, you taught me to love my husband and family. You showed me how to enjoy my work and find satisfaction in caring for others. I remember keeping you company on my Wonder Horse while you did the laundry with the wringer washing machine. I loved how the rhythmic squeak of the rocking horse springs mixed with the "swish-swash" of the washer. I loved being with you. I loved the certainty of knowing we would do it all again next Saturday. I know now that the security I took for granted then was a precious gift. | Great-granddaughter Felicity

16: As I got older, you taught me to help with the laundry. You showed me how to keep my cool and to keep alert when I got my hair caught in the wringer of the washing machine. I thought I was a goner, but you just calmly pushed a lever that opened up the wringer and I was free. | Important Lessons about Laundry Like, don't save chocolate stars in your coat pocket for later, and then toss the melted mess of a coat in the laundry, thinking that will take care of it. "Be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23). | I noticed your thriftiness and practicality. You used the water for more than one load of clothes and hung clothes out on the line. You even showed me how to get by when I'm short on clothespins. | Mommy & Me | I remember the first time I used the scrub board. It was really hard on my hands, and I realized that it must hurt Mom's knuckles, too. One of my first inklings of appreciation for my mom's love---

17: From you I learned to delegate, and to ask for help when I needed it. When we folded sheets together, it only worked when we were both going in the same direction--teamwork. | "DRYER!" | While you did the ironing, sometimes we heard Christian radio shows, some of which encouraged my faith. A few taught me to not believe everything I hear. We listened to a variety of music, from Roy Clark to Jim Nabors; or I might read a book aloud or write a letter while you dictated. Not only did I practice grammar,reading, and Bible study, sentence structure, paragraphs, and spelling, I learned to be thoughtful of others as we signed each letter with "Take care & God bless". Romans 12:10 "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another."

18: For a while we went to the laundromat, with lessons in social graces, and I learned to enjoy a break as we went to Mary's Cafe for a piece of homemade pie, preferably sour cream raisin or, occasioally, peanut butter. We would talk about anything and everything, often solving most of the world's problems, if only they would listen. | A favorite while we "watched the dryer" was Scrabble, with spelling, scorekeeping, and strategy. We broadened our vocabulary, and wore out the dictionary. You taught me to take turns, be a good sport, and let others go first. I learned it's better if everyone has fun, at no one's expense.

19: And Mom, just for the record, you were, and are, a great Mom. | Last but certainly not least, we fold the clothes and put them away, knowing we'll do it all again next week. "Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40 Now that I'm a Grammy, I appreciate once more the "Lessons in Laundry" you taught me. "We always thank God for you all, making mention of you in our prayers." 1 Thessalonians 1:2 Thanks, Mom. Take care & God bless. Love, Marie | The big things in life are made of all the little things. The little things in life color our view of the world.

20: One of my favorite childhood memories is staying home from school and taking a "sick" day. Dad would come in and ask me how I was feeling, and he'd ask me if I wanted to go to the Doctor. I would always answer "NO". At least once he did take me there and I had to get a shot of penicillin I guess. Most of the time he would maybe take me to town to the Jesse James restaurant and then we'd go fishing. I guess it was a "sick" day for both of us, and I've never, ever, had SO much FUN being sick!

21: Mom, remember "snow days"? I used to wait for the radio anxiously and hope against hope that school would be cancelled (I'm not a fan of public school). Remember my "Snoopy dance" when school was cancelled? Jenny | Mom, remember the poached eggs I loved to fix you in the mornings and how happy Sadie would be when you came home from work? She would run around in CIRCLES celebrating! Everyone's happy when Mommy's around! Jenny | Uh oh. This is the picture where I "wet my pants"! I thought if I tried to look innocent or really distracted that no one would know what was going on. It didn't work. It doesn't work now either (oh, but I don't wet my pants anymore!).

22: I still love John Travolta movies! Remember the little round stickers that said "I h David Cassidy" (think "The Partridge Family") and within the heart was a picture of him? Marie got those through some fan club, and for a short while it seems they were pasted on everything in the house. I guess she either grew out of her adoration, or someone got tired of peeling those stickers off of everything! Whatever the reason, it was short-lived. | Proof! I found one picture where I'm dressed up like a clown (or a serial killer, take your pick). Look in the corner of our (M's and my room). It's a bit tough to see, but if you are familiar with him, you can see that it's DAVID CASSIDY.

23: Me and Mom, smiling, laughing as usual when we got together. I will be visiting home soon for more fun! | Yes, I admit it! I have had quite a few "interesting" hairstyles throughout the years!

24: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | The loves of my heart. Jenny

25: Mom, remember when you used to take me shopping for school clothes? You couldn't buy me "girl" clothes or I'd throw a fit. One time you dropped me off and let me go for myself when I was old enough and I used the money to buy some Classic books that were on sale! I can understand why you were upset. | Best Friends! | LOVE Mom, thank you for always being absolutely SURE that I would be a RAGING success in whatever I chose to do! You will never know how many tough times your support has turned situations (and indeed my life) around. I love you - Jenny

27: And the love grows, and grows..... | More people that love you dearly!

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