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Monkey and Ducky's Day At Home

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1: Monkey & Ducky's Day At Home For Raphael Love Mommy Dec, 2011

2: This is Monkey. He is a sneaky little monkey who likes to have fun. Monkey is always getting into trouble. | This is Ducky. Ducky is a good little duck. He is best friends with Monkey. Ducky likes to have fun, but he is a careful duck. | Monkey and Ducky love Raphael. They go with him to the Guarderie every day. Monkey And Ducky love to ride in his backpack with Soft blankie and Blue blankie. | This is Raphael. He is a four year old boy who likes to have fun. Monkey and Ducky belong to Raphael.

3: Monkey and Ducky sleep with Raphael. One morning when Raphael was still sleeping, Monkey had an idea. He woke up Ducky. | "Ducky", he says. "I have an idea! How about you and I stay home today and have lots of fun". Ducky was not sure. "Won't Raphael will miss us during the siesta". "Oh no", Monkey says "he can take Tweet Tweet or Piggy. We can stay at home and have fun, fun, fun!" | So after Raphael wakes up and has breakfast, Monkey and Ducky hide under the blankets. "Hurry Buddy", mommy calls, "We need to get ready to Rumble!". Raphael could not see Monkey and Ducky hiding, so he grabs Piggy and leaves.

4: Monkey and Ducky peek out from under the blankets. They were all alone. "Oh boy!" Monkey said. "We did it! We get to stay home today and have fun, fun, fun!" "What are we going to do"? asks Ducky. "Why, first we should jump on the bed!" says Monkey | "Look at me!" Ducky says, BOING! BOING! BOING! "I can go high!" | Monkey and Ducky jump on the bed. BOING! BOING! BOING! Up and down they go. "Whoo Whoo! This is fun!" they cry.

5: "Oh no, Look at ME!" says Monkey. BOING! BOING! BOING! "I can go super high!". | "Oh no, Monkey!", shouts Ducky "Be careful, don't go too high you will fly off the bed!". But that crazy little monkey does not listen. He is having too much fun. BOING! BOING! BOING! BOING!! Monkey jumps, and jumps And.....Uh Oh.. | Monkey jumps higher and higher. BOING! BOING! BOING! "Look at me, look at me now! I can do flips! I will go high to the sky!".

6: KABOINK! Monkey flies off the bed and lands on his head! "Oh no", says Ducky. "Are you all right? Its a good thing you landed in that slipper". "I'm Ok" Monkey says, "but all this jumping has made me hungry. Let's have some breakfast!" | Duckys`favorite color is orange- just like his beak and his feet. So what is does Ducky like to eat for breakfast? Oranges! Ducky makes himself a nice slice of orange. YUMMY! | Monkey and Ducky go to the kitchen to have breakfast. What do Monkeys and Ducky's eat for breakfast?

7: "Oh no" Ducky says. "Monkey, maybe you shouldn't eat too many bananas. It might give you..." | What do Monkeys eat for breakfast? Well, Bananas of course! Monkey LOVES bananas. Monkey peels himself a banana for Breakfast. YUMMY! | Monkey REALLY loves bananas, and since he did an awful lot of jumping, he peels himself another banana, and another and ANOTHER....

8: "UUUUUgggg!!!" Monkey says, "I think I have a stomach ache! I think I ate too many bananas" Silly Monkey! | Monkey helps ducky put toothpaste on the brush | "Well, now that we have had our breakfast we better go brush our teeth". "Good idea" says monkey. Monkey and Ducky head to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

9: Monkey says, "I think I need more toothpaste" Ducky says "you only need a little bit Monkey", but that silly monkey doesn't listen. "I will put LOTS of toothpaste so I can brush really well". SQUIRT! goes the toothpaste everywhere. UH OH.... | Ducky brushes his teeth. CHICKA CHIKA, CHICKA, CHICKA... I love brushing my teeth. | Monkey puts toothpaste on his toothbrush and starts to brush his teeth. CHICKA CHICKA, CHICKA CHICKA...

10: Monkey is going to have really, really sparkling clean teeth! Silly Monkey! | Ducky loves to play with blocks. He is going to build a giant castle | "Lets go play so I can digest all of these bananas" says Monkey. "Good idea" says Ducky, "but what about all this mess"? "No problem, we can pick it up later" says Monkey and he runs off to Raphael's room to play

11: Here is Monkey. "Look at me I am going super fast. I am a the fastest racing monkey ever! I will make a super jump with my four wheeler!" Monkey steps on the gas BROOOOOOM! "Here I come"!"Oh, NO MONKEY!!!! Not this way cries Ducky..... | Monkey wants to be a super hero and drive a a four-wheeler! BROOM! BROOM! | Ducky builds his castle higher and higher. Good Job Ducky! That is a really nice castle.

12: CRASH! That crazy little monkey has crashed his four wheeler right into Ducky's castle. Blocks fly everywhere! What a mess! | "Oh, not right now. Let's have more fun. "I know" says Monkey, "Lets make cookies"! "Oh yummy" says Ducky, "I love cookies". Monkey and Ducky Look at the cookie book and decide what kind of cookies to make. What kind of cookies do monkeys and duckies like to make best? Why, Chocolate Chip cookies of course| | "I`m sorry Ducky" Monkey says. "I did not mean to break your castle". "That`s Ok "Ducky says, "I can make another, but you will have to help me pick up the blocks"

13: In the oven the cookies go. Monkey and Ducky can`t wait. They watch the cookies bake. | First comes the flour and then comes the sugar. Monkey cracks the eggs and Ducky stirs, stirs and stirs. Don`t forget the chocolate chips! | Now its time to roll the balls. Roll, roll, roll... oh the cookies will be good! | Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. Monkey and Ducky eat all the cookies they can eat. But oh boy, have they made a BIG mess.

14: Monkey and Ducky go back to the bathroom. They start to fill the sink with water and bubbles! "Oh boy" says Ducky "this will be fun". "Oh boy" says Monkey "BUBBLES!" | Monkey has flour on his fur and Ducky is covered with chocolate. "Lets take a bubble bath" says Monkey. "Good idea" says Ducky.

15: Ducky jumps in. Wheeee! "I love a nice bath"! | "Oh no"! says Ducky. "Monkey! Don`t put TOO much soap!" But does that crazy little Monkey listen? | Monkey jumps in. Wheeee! "I love bubbles"! | Monkey says, "we need more bubbles" and he pours, pours and pours more bubble soap.

16: In the microwave it goes.POP POP POP!!! | After the bath Monkey and Ducky are ready for a little bit of relaxing."I know" says Monkey, "lets watch a movie and have some popcorn". Monkey and Ducky pick a movie and get out the popcorn. | Nope! Too late. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles everywhere! AHhhhh! "Just right" says monkey!

17: Ducky wants to hold the popcorn. He pulls on the bowl. Monkey wants to hold the popcorn. He pulls on the bowl. "I want to hold it"! says Ducky. "No, I want to hold it!" says Monkey. | Yummy! The popcorn is ready. | Monkey and ducky settle down on the couch to watch their movie with the popcorn. | Uh Oh, Watch out Monkey and Ducky, your going to make a...

18: Monkey and Ducky pick up the blocks and put away all their toys. | Raphael will be coming home soon. "Oh boy", says Ducky "we better start to clean up our mess". Monkey and Duck pick up all of the popcorn mess. | POOF! Popcorn flies everywhere! What a mess! But that silly Monkey and Ducky have found a way to share the popcorn

19: Monkey and Ducky are tired! "It sure is fun to stay home and have all this fun,fun,fun but is sure is a lot of work" says Ducky. "Well I know exactly what we should do next" says Monkey. | Monkey and Ducky go to the kitchen and pick up their cookie mess. | Monkey and Ducky go to the bathroom and clean up the toothpaste and bubble mess mess.

20: Siesta! Monkey and Ducky climb into Raphaels bed You are right Ducky says, this day was fun, fun, fun but I think tomorrow we should go to the guarderie with Raphael | But that sneakly little Monkey did not answer- he was already asleep making little monkey snores.

21: The End

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