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MY FAMILY !!! - Page Text Content

FC: MY Family

1: INTRODUCTION fam.i.ly : a group of individuals living under one roof. This book introduces me and also my family. It also shows gatherings parties and outings which me and my family had the fun of our lives.I hope that this book will help us realize how our families important to us that we need to treasure them dearly .That nothing can change our families that we need to love them whatever they are.

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."

3: MAKING MEMORIES | Table Of Contents Introduction..........I I.My Dad...............4-7 II.My Mom............8-11 III.My Sister......12-15 IV.My best summer experience 16-21

5: I.My Father My Handsome father(self proclaimed). Is previously working in the Philippines but because of the low labor costs he is forced to work abroad to give us better lives. He is the joker of the family and always gives us a happy day but don't let the jokes and smiles fool you.He is a strict father that doesn't tolerate laziness in the house.

6: I am much more close to him than my mother because of the following things.He is a male breed so everything I went through he understands because he went through those things as well. And he is less strict than my mom.

9: II.My Mother She is the woman my father chose to marry.She is previously practicing her career as a chemist but because of the recession her company closed and because of that she took a course on teaching. I guess in a couple of months children will be referring to her as "Teacher Nancy". She and my sister together is often referred to as the kill joys.Because of her attitude of being late she doesn't always get the job done in time.But don't let that fool you if its about going to mall or going somewhere else she is never late. She is stricter than my dad once you see here giving you the silent treatment avoid her.Like my dad she doesn't tolerate laziness violators will be punished accordingly.

10: Even though shes strict she is still the best mom for me.She taught how to differentiate whats right and wrong. She taught me how to read.I inherit from her my passion of reading books and the love for music.She taught me how to be simple and that money can make you happy

13: IV.My Sister Just like my father she also calls herself pretty(self proclaimed).We are not that close as brother and sister she is for me annoying but she always sat that her friends think that she is nice.We don't get along that much but once we have our teamwork on nothings stopping us. Danger!!!Shes slower than my mom well I find that understandable because shes a girl.With all of her accessories and stuff. Shes intelligent(self proclaimed again).She doesn't listen to me always reasoning out that im not worthy.

14: She is currently studying in Miriam and is also a transferee student.Although a transferee she broke a record of having old Miriam students as her friends. As I understand her stories she is a teachers pet with pinch of sugar.Sometimes she is kind and sometimes she is evil but most of the time she is annoying.

16: V.Our trip to Palawan It was 1 Month before my graduation in grade school when my mother obliged to come with her in a travel agency at first we were thinking that were only inquiring about something we did not expect that the next 30 minutes we were being booked for a flight in Palawan. Days had passed until the time of graduation had come after the graduation we were already packing our bags for a 1week stay.After that we were bound to Palawan.Our flight was scheduled at 2:30pm but because of delays we left at 5pm.I was hoping to see the rice terraces high up in the sky but because of the late departure the darkness got hold of it.We arrived at 6:30pm at the Puerto Princessa airport. where my aunt is waiting.

17: We traveled by trycicle leading us to the inn which ends us up by spending the night there. When the sun rose the next day my aunt scheduled us to visit the bakers hill which is famous for the good view and its pastries.We tok a lot of picture almost wasted the memory of the digital camera.After that we went to Mitras Ranch which serves as a tourist spot with a lot of good views. After that we went to nearby butterfly park its not that bad and not that good.And next we went to my much awaited dream the crocodile farm.Its amazing to see how they preserve the now endangered species but what I hate is the lack of personnel and the unstable facilities which is obviously not taken care of properly.After that we went back to the inn already the next we are setting off to a 1 night stay in Sabang.When the day has arrived we left 6am to get to the bus terminal the bus we took left at 7am we arrived at 1pm its a long trip going north of Palawan but it payed off.

18: We arrived hearing the beautiful sound of the waves and then seeing the beautiful beach. The first thing on our minds were swimming.But first we need to find a place to stay.We found one in one of the remote places of the beach which is good because of it being remote only a few people are seen swimming which means more space for us.We spent the time swimming until it became dark and we have to sleep.The next day we were bound to go to the famous Underground River.We went there the next day taking the monkey trail once we got there its a quick line before our turn to enter by boat.It was amazing and to think its still beautiful to date.After this went back to Puerto Princessa.When we arrived we prepared for a 3 day stay at El Nido which is famous for its breath taking islands.The next day we went to El Nido taking a van the trip would take 3hrs long.When we arrived at El Nido my fist reaction was "what the hell is this place" it looked like a commercialized place with the beach ruined.

19: But when the day is ending I then learned the quote "Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover".I learned that the beauty is in the other islands that we have to take island hopping to see the treasures of El Nido. The next day we left at 8am to have an early start of the island hopping we went to islands such as: Shimizu,Big Lagoon,Papaya,Snake Island and many more.The next day we went souvenir shopping.Then we went back to Puerto Princessa. And spent the next few days souvenir shopping. Whenever you go to Palawan dont forget to go to El Nido the best place there for me.

20: Summer Time!

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