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My Family

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S: History of the Deweys

BC: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.

FC: John Dewey A Family History

1: This book is dedicated to my dad John Edwin Dewey. From him I have learned the joy of working with my hands, the love of driving, to laugh at the silly things, and that remaining young at heart can keep you young well into your seventies.

2: Spouse: Linda L. Tarr Born: September 26, 1939 New Carlisle, Indiana Spouse: Mary Jo Sego Born: Florence, Alabama Siblings: Helen Vera James Robert Delores Nancy Richard Roger Theresa Jackie | 1937 Rent: $26.00 per month Bread: 9 cents Hamburger 1 pound: 12 cents | 21 years old with your first born: David | 1937: Average yearly income: $1,730 .. New house: $3,800 .. New car: $700 .. Gallon of gas: 10 cents | John E. Dewey October 26, 1937 Niles, Michigan | Generation 1 | Ford | Chevy Impala

3: You are what we call a "self-made man". You grew up following in your ancestors footsteps working as a farm laborer as a child. As a man you have finely tuned your many other skills working as a truck driver, heavy equipment operator,and mechanic as well as manufacturing. You are very good at working with your hands, and you have passed that trait on to your children. Some of your many achievements: Vintage car restoration House building and restoration Automobile engine rebuilding and body restoration Raised five children Being a great dad and a good provider for your family. | Loves Cars.. Country music .. Hunting, fishing .. Casino gambling .. Most watched tv show: News | Mercury Breezeway | Cadillac

4: Spouse: Ruby C. Atkins Born: August 8, 1912 Georgia Died: 1963 Michigan Siblings: Viola Dewey Maude Dewey Ella Dewey Agnes Dewey Rosa Dewey Burton Dewey Bernard Dewey Francis Dewey Loris Dewey | Viola A. Dewey | Your dad and friend Vera Larson | When your dad was 28, he married your mom, Ruby Atkins. She was 17. They began their life together in a rental house in Chikaming Township, Berrien County, Michigan. 1930 Census records indicate he was a well-driller and had a co-worker living with him and your mother by the name of Reed Williams. At that time, he valued his personal property at $15.00. | Your dad's dog "Trixie". | 1900: The average worker made $12.98 a week for 59 hours, 1910: Average yearly salary is $750 ... | Marion (Jack) W. Dewey August 4, 1901 Beaver Township, Indiana November, 1985 | Generation 2

5: Agnes Dewey | Maude Dewey | Burton Dewey | Ella Dewey | Your Uncle Burton enlisted in the navy on March 16, 1943 and reported for duty July 27, that same year. He served on the U.S.S. Trenton for 2 years, ending his naval career in 1945. | A pack of cigarettes is 10 cents. Milk is 32 cents a gallon. 1920: Average yearly salary is $1236 | Downtown Three Oaks, Michigan, 1866

6: Spouse: Isabelle M. Swiger Born: May 3, 1880 Indiana Died: December 15, 1958 Siblings: Joseph Dewey Samuel Constantineau Rose Dewey Fred Dewey Felix Constantineau Jr. James Dewey | 1860: Pony Express riders take their first ride 1866: Jesse James and the first bank robbery | Nelson Dewey February, 1866 Berrien County, Michigan July 19, 1923 Dowagiac, Michigan | Generation 3 | This photo was taken about 1910 Beaver Township, Newton County, Indiana. It is a photo of your grandfather and grandmother (Nelson and Belle) along with your aunts Maude, Ella, and Viola, your dad Jack, and your great-grandfather John Swiger. | Your Grandfather

7: 1870: Rockefeller founds Standard Oil Company ... 1871: The infamous Chicago fire ... | Daisy Mariah (Isabelle) Swiger Dewey Born: May 3, 1880 Morocco, Newton County, Indiana Died: December 15, 1958 | Agnes Dewey | In a hand-written letter from your Aunt Agnes, she states that her grandfather's name was Felix Constantineau. He was born in Canada and came to Three oaks Michigan and changed his name to Dewey. Her father Nelson died July 19, 1923, in Dowagiac hospital when he was 56. upon investigating his death, I believe he died of an infection that invaded his bloodstream. There were no antibiotics in those days. She further states that Nelson's brother Sam Constantineau, along with your Aunt Rosa's husband, Levi Versaw and a couple of other family members worked together for local farmers most of the time. They would live in one place for two or three years and her mother, Daisy would tell them they had to move again even though her dad did not want to. The kids did not see their dad very often because he worked from daylight to dark. She said her dad could speak French and English but could not read. He could only write his name. | Her mother Daisy was born on May 3, 1880 in Morocco, Newton County, Indiana to John and Sarah (Harvey) Swiger. Her mother died when she was three years old so she was raised by Ben and Electra Richards. They did not like the name Daisy Mariah, so they changed her name to Isabelle. Ever since that time, she went by the name Belle. She had a brother Joseph and a half-brother Frank Cook. She married your grandfather on May 3rd, 1895, the day she turned 15 years old. They had 11 children. When your grandfather Nelson was in the hospital, she took a job at a gas station and Agnes was left in charge of the household. They seldom saw their mother while she worked there. Daisy died in the county hospital in Los Angeles California when she was 78, and is buried in the Pacific Crest Cemetery in Redondo Beach, California.

8: Spouse: Adelaide (Dedie) Gregoire Born: September 19, 1835 Date of death: Unknown Siblings: Joseph Constantineau Narcisse Constantineau | In 1862 every 90 out of 100 Americans were farmers. This time period had no cars and no power lines. Transportation was horse and buggy or walking. | Felix David Constantineau January 11, 1835 Quebec, Quebec, Canada | Generation 4 | Your Great Grandfather | 1837: Michigan became the 26th state. May 1841: the first wagon train leaves Missouri for California

9: Your Great Grandfather, Felix immigrated to the United States from Quebec, Canada around 1865 and settled in Iroquois County, Illinois. About 1870, he moved his family to Sodus Township, Berrien County, Michigan and purchased some farmland valued at about $1500. It is unknown why he changed his name to Dewey upon settling in the America's. | November 1841: The first wagon train arrives in California. 1842: University of Notre Dame founded

10: Spouse: Marie Anne Fontaine Born: 1799 Quebec, Canada Died: 1862 Siblings: Francois Marie D. Lucie Flavie Toussaint David | St.-Jean Quebec, Canada 1865 | Joseph Constantineau September 18, 1799 St-Jean Quebec, Canada 1821 | Generation 5 | Great-Great Grandfather | 1756: The Seven Years War begins. The battle between the French and the British over Canada.

11: Francois Constantineau March 16,1772 Richelieu, Indre-Et-Loire, Centre, France 1821 Canada | Spouse: Marie Des A Gelineau Born: July 16, 1770 Chambly, Quebec, Canada Died: 1833 Longueull, Quebec, Canada Siblings: Marie Therese Marguerite Victoire | Generation 6 | Great-Great-Great Grandfather | Farm life was hard in the 1800's and most farmers had to be a "jack of all trades" to run their farms. There were out-buildings to build, roofs to repair, and fences to mend. Plowing and cultivating, cleaning ditches, pruning trees, hauling timber, harvesting grains and weeding gardens. Fruit had to be picked in the fall for drying or storing. Grapes were picked and pressed for juice. Firewood had to be gathered split and stacked to provide warmth from the winter cold. Farm animals were slaughtered for meat and smoked. In the winter, trees were trimmed and grape vines were pruned. Equipment had to be cleaned and repaired, and hunting had to be done to put food on the table. | 1763: French Catholic Canada is formally under the rule of Protestant Britain

12: Spouse: Marie Therese Bechard Born: March 19, 1735 Beaumont, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada Died: April 11, 1803 Quebec, Quebec, Canada | Francois Marie Constantineau June 25, 1746 Vercheres, Quebec, Canada April 13, 1775 | Siblings: Marie Therese Jean Louis Joseph Marie Nicholas Jean Baptiste Jean Francois Marie Angelique Marie Louise Francois Ignace Joseph Marie Francois Marie Catherine Augustin Jerome | Generation 7 | Your Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather | 1741: Europeans find Alaska. 1744: France declares war on England 1746: Canada Typhoid Fever epidemic

13: Jean F. Coutancineau 1692 Neuville, Quebec, Canada 1769 | Spouse: Marie Leclerc Lafrenaye Born: 1716 Port Aux, Quebec, Canada Died: 1769 Siblings: Anne Michel Elisabeth Pierre Marie- Catherine Marie-Anne Marie-Angelique Louis Ignace Marguerite | Generation 8 | Your Great-Great-Great Great-Great Grandfather | New France 1750 | 1701:Drill invented to plant seeds in a row. Foundation of French Fort Ponchartrain(Detroit, Mich.)

14: Spouse: Elisabeth Ursule Pinel Born: 1666 Sillery, Quebec, Canada Died: 1736 Port Neuf, Quebec, Canada | Siblings: Marie Pierre Jeanne Louise Romaine Anne Marie Francoise | Michel Coutancineau March 9, 1660 LaRochelle, Manche, Basse normandie, France 1728 | Generation 9 | Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather | This is a poster drawn by an artist in Canada welcoming immigrants to the country. | 1663: New France population is about 2,000. 1664: The British conquer the Dutch taking New York.

15: The first successful French settlement in Canada was in the area we now know as modern day Quebec. When it was first settled, it was known as "New France". Most of the first French settlers belonged in one of 3 groups. There were the farmers, the military, and indentured servants who were under contract with the King for 2 or 3 years. The ratio of men to women was about 90% men to 10% women, so the King of France, King Louis xiv, contracted about a thousand young women known as the "King's daughters", to be shipped from France to New France from about 1663-1673. to marry and populate the country. Once married, they would be provided with a dowry of 50 livres. | King Louis xiv | 1667: The first census of New France records 668 families. By 1675 the population is 8,000.

16: Spouse: Marie Langlois Born: 1639 Larochelle, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France Arrived Quebec, Canada 1663 | Julien Coutancineau 1630 LaRochelle, Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France August 11, 1677 | Generation 10 | Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather | 1635: France declares war on Spain Lake Michigan is explored by the French

17: Your 7th Great Grandfather Julien Constantineau sailed from France to Quebec, Canada in 1663, He originated from the Island of Re in Aunis, France, He married Marie Langlois about 1657 and had seven children. He was a farmer and a carpenter. He was further known for being a hard worker. The saying was "he did not scorn work". In 1669 he purchased a parcel of land on the river bank of the Saint-Charles River. He payed 36 Pounds for this property. In 1672, he takes work clearing land and building a large storage shed for a fellow French-Canadian. This task takes him about one year to complete. In 1673 he purchased a house and a few acres of land on the Saint-Charles River for 440 Pounds. About a year later, he was unable to afford the house and property, so he returns it and moves into another house for an annual rent of 100 pounds. The owner of the house said he was not concerned about collecting the rent, he has work for him to do to pay his keep if he does not have the money. He did not live on this property for very long. The records indicate that by the end of October, 1677, his widow sells a house he owned in his home-town back in France. Ten months later she marries a master carpenter | Julien's ancestors originated in the ancient town of Countances in Northwestern France near the English Channel. In the 3rd century it was named Constantia to honor the Emperor Constantius the 1st. It was one of the nations chief pre-Roman towns inhabited by an ancient Celtic tribe. The Constantineau name has various spellings such as Coutansineau, Coutancineau, Constantine, and Constantin, among others. | 1661: The French Royal Government takes over control of New France sending in 1,000 soldiers.

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