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My Journey As A True Aborigne

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My Journey As A True Aborigne - Page Text Content

S: My Journey As A True Aborigine

BC: Thanks for Reading! AnnaBelle's Lost Adventure To The Other World(s)! Coming Soon To Book Stores Near You!

FC: The Necklace | Written By:Alexis Gainey Illustrated By:Yahoo Pictures

1: Dedication Page I would like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me with writing this book.I would also like to thank my music teacher Mrs.Stinson for letting me do this project!

2: Family | A Family with Aboriginal decent

3: An Aborigine Man!

4: My Life As A True Aborigine | Sydney Australia Today

5: A Boy Receiving His Aboriginal Paint

6: so many | Today was the worst day ever.Today was my grandmother's funeral.

7: I was very close to my grandmother my sister not so much...I never knew why she disliked our grandmother.I geuss I will never find out.

8: Me and my mom Angel were all set and ready to go.Except for my sister Annabelle she was taking forever to get ready.It's not like people are going to care what you look like,today is a day that you should morn not look pretty.I rushed her the best I could but she would not hurry up for anything.When she finally was ready the funeral was over.We decided to go to the burial site instead.

10: My mother told me it was time to go home.I screamed at her and said, "You never told Annabelle to hurry up but now you have the audacity to tell me"!

11: Family

12: "Wait Annabella", she screamed.I ran out not caring where I was going then I realized my grandmother's house wasn't too far away.So I decided to go to her house and stay there for tonight.I ran into her house and plopped on her huge bed.I felt a cold metal hit my face I looked up to see what it was.

14: It was a beautiful silver necklace that had my name engraved in it.The words on the necklace were:For Annabelle;I know times are tough right now but your homeland will solve all of your problems.Huh?I was so confused....what does that mean?I put on the beautiful silver necklace and opened it and that is where my journey began.

15: The ceremonial paint on the Aborigine

16: When I opened my eyes I saw a crowd of people staring at me.Their appearance was shocking...they had a dark chocolate skin with black curly hair and they had white body paint on them. I had mixed feelings about these strangers. I was scared and surprised at the same time.The only thing I wanted is for them to stop looking at me in those strange ways.

18: They finally broke the silence by asking,"How did you get here"? I stammered "I geuss I time traveled". They whispered to each other asking what was time traveling.They turned their focus and attention back to me.I'm geussing the man who was talking to me was the oldest.

20: He spoke and said,"Do you have a place to go"? I spoke and said," I don't have a place to go at the moment". "Then you will stay here with my family and until you figure out how to "Time Travel" back to where you came from"."Thank you so much". Dad! A young woman screamed."Are you crazy she could be one of those people trying to kill us"! "Calm down daughter...if your statement was true we would already be dead".

22: "Listen to your father Amaziah he is very wise".said her grandmother. "Leave me alone I don't have to listen to you"!,she screamed.She immediately ran off and for some reason I ran after her not knowing why or what I was going to say. "Why don't you get along with your grandmother.". I said softly. " She wasn't in my life before so why should she be in it now.",Amaziah said,

23: "You are exactly like my sister Annabelle she doesn't get along with our grandmother either." As an afterthought I said, "Plus she is stubborn". We both laughed. "My grandmother died this morning",I said in a sad voice. "I didn't even make it to the funeral in time because my sister made us late". "I'm sorry to hear that, said Amaziah. " What would it feel like if your grandmother passed away?"

24: Well said Amaziah,"My grandmother does a lot for me and I think I would miss her terribly". " I think I should go apologize to her". "You read my mind",I laughed. She came back refreshed as ever and she told me that her father wanted us both to come socialize with the group.While I was walking toward the group Amaziah's grandmother "Amazian" gave me a hug and said "Thank You".I smiled and said, "No Problem".

26: Amaziah's father Amaz" lit a huge fire and we danced,sang songs,and played instruments all night. I even tried to play the didgeridoo that didn't work out so well.It took a lot of lung power to play that which I didn't have. That night was totally fun until I heard their situation.Men were coming into the night finding them and killing them.For what reason I do not know.

28: They also talked about Christmas and how it was in the summer time.It was amazing because Christmas in our century is in winter time.We all fell asleep listening to stories and music.I woke up and looked at this family for the last time...My family.I wrote the family a letter telling them I had a wonderful time and I would come back soon.I opened the necklace back up and it transported me back to my own time.

29: Grandmother was right.... my homeland solved all my problems.I closed the necklace and got into grandmother's warm bed.Thinking about the wonderful time I had in Australia and hoping I would see them again in my dreams.As I drifted off to sleep I managed to say...Thanks grandma | Grandmother Knows Best

30: Annabella kept her word and went back to Australia every now and then to check on her 2nd Family.Shey finally found out why her sister dislike her grandmother.Annabelle(Sister) thought that grandmother cared about me more than her.Which was completely untrue because every time I saw grandmother she always asked about Annabelle. After I told Annabelle that grandmother really cared about her Annabelle started acting weird. The most weird thing was mom screaming in my ear that Annabelle was missing .Oh No! Where'sAnnabelle! | Epilogue

31: To be Continued...... Do You Want To See What Happened To AnnaBelle Then Check Out My New Book AnnaBelle's Lost Adventure To The Other World(s)!

32: Author Page | Alexis Gainey

33: My name is Alexis Gainey I am 13 years of age.I love to read all of the time.I never thought I could be a writer but here I am.My favorite books are 1.) InkHeart Trilogy by:J.K Rowling(Favorite Author) My second book is.......I forgot the name Lol!Oh now I remember! 2.)Trance By:Linda Gerber. Once again I would like to thank everyone who read my book. One day you will see me in Time Magazine being the best selling Author. Thank you so much for reading my book I really do appreciate it very much.

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  • Title: My Journey As A True Aborigne
  • This story is about me traveling back to my homeland Australia.I also brought two people closer together in this heart warming process.
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