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My Life in a Nutshell

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FC: My Life in a Nutshell

1: Table Of Contents | 1. My Car 2. My Name 3. Roller Skating 4. Humiliation 5. May 5, 2005 6. My Best Friend 7. The Native Language 8. Cinderella 9. Going Home 10. A Special Place

2: My Car My family only has one car. That car is a Chevy Suburban. For a twelve year old vehicle, there is nothing wrong with it. I practically grew up with that truck! I remember my family would call it "The Bus" because it could fit eight people. It was a tall sandy colored car, that I had to step on the running board to get into until I was big enough. That is the only family car we have.It includes such features as a sunroof, leather seats, and two back doors that open like a palace. When I was three we had a different white car, but I vaguely remember it. "The Bus", however, is my favorite car.

4: My Name My name "Elaine" means bright, shining, or light in English. In French it is the same, except it is also a variant of the name "Helen". Also, Elaine is a woman in history who fell in love with Sir Lancelot. My mother wanted an uncommon name for both her children. I don't like my name, though. I feel like it doesn't fit me; It is for a sixty+ year old woman. I don't know one person less than fifty with that name. Everyone Has a nickname growing up. I didn't because my name did not have the "Nickname-albe qualifications". I don't know what I would call myself if, I had the chance, but it would be something simple.

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6: Roller Skating I go skating every other Friday at Interskate 91. However, one time when I went I saw a man up on the front wheels of his skates. He was balancing and spinning on his toes. When I moved closer I spotted three inch tall cones set all in a line. It was like traffic cones separating lanes on a highway. He then stopped spinning and went way back on the floor. At full speed, he charged and weaved through the cones only hitting one out of place. Later, I talked to him and he told me about how he was a professional skater! He showed me some tricks gliding across the floor. Now we are good friends and i see him every time we go It was a very enlightening moment for me.

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8: Humiliation In sixth grade I was in the advanced class called "REACH". We had to do oral presentations on our end of the year projects every week. My project was on Elvis Presley. My note cards in hand, after practicing all night before, I was unwilling to move, only shaking in my chair. The teacher called my name and I nearly threw my note cards across the room. I slowly made my way to the front of the room still shaking of nerves. Opening my mouth, no words came out. I felt tears at the back of my eyes. Noticing my hesitation the teacher said "You can sit if you want." She was a tough teacher, which didn't make it any easier. I stood staring at the eight pairs of eyes staring back waiting for me to say something. Just like that, i couldn't hold it any longer, I started to cry. I still did that oral presentation the following day, but was forever humiliated...

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10: May 5, 2005 My last Grandmother died. My entire family (adults) knew it was coming. She had Pancreatic Cancer and could no longer stand or talk. She lay in the hospital bed in her apartment under my Aunts house. It was time for her bath and my mother told us kids to go outside. I didn't want to sit there and watch her anymore, anyway. I wanted her to be better again. At seven you can't be bouncing on a trampoline sad, so we went down the hill to my cousins friends house. My bother later came down to meet us. He was almost crying and right then I knew what happened. I burst into tears and ran up the hill, getting cramps on both my sides. By the time I got there everyone was crying as I walk to my Grandma laying in her bed motionless. My cousins came up five minutes later. Ashlee, my cousin, held me close and I held her back. We all mourned together. I gained emotional strength from that day and knowledge about death. It was the most emotionally painful thing I have ever experienced.

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12: My Best Friend My Uncle Glen is my best friend, because he is an adult but can be like a kid. He is very responsible and does everything an adult does. However, He is different because he texts me and understands me like a best friend. I feel like i can tell him everything, even things i can't talk to my parents about! When we go on a family vacation I not only hang out with my cousins, but i like to spend time with him too. Even though he is almost fifty he acts like a kid to me and will always be my favorite Uncle. I don't mooch money off him like other kids would, but I can't guarantee I won't mooch food! We have fun together and nothing will ever change that.

13: He sat with us kids because he's just that awesome!

14: The Native Language Every year in the warmer months, at the end of the school year, I go to Canada. We all go as a family, the Aunts and Uncles from all states come up for a visit and we drive up together. The family in Virginia, California, and Connecticut all join together. We go for my Great Grandma's Birthday, who is now 97 years old. My Grandpa enjoys seeing his mother every year. All my Aunts and Uncle, the "children" speak French, so they can talk to everyone there. Meanwhile, us kids and the spouses, that don't speak French, all stand awkwardly waiting for someone to tell us what's going on and what they are saying. Everyone says "Bonjour!" and kisses cheeks and exchange hugs. My Great Grandmother's hugs are close and kisses wet. Everyone who speaks French sit inside and talk. While the non-French speakers sit on the porch chewing sunflower seeds and fiddling around waiting for the party to start and my Aunt to order the Poutine. People come up that we barely know and start talking to us. Realizing we have NO idea what they are saying they walk into the house where they fit in. One day I will know and understand, but for now I smile and nod.

16: Cinderella If I was a character in a fairytale I would want to be Cinderella. Right now, my home life, some say, is great! My parents aren't divorced, we have money, but are not rich. However, I feel like I am in jail. I can not go anywhere or do anything with friends because of the "dangers". I stay at home on my electronics or babysitting because I can't go to anyone's house and I would invite people over, but either they are busy or my mom doesn't like them. I am expected to have high grades in school and be a perfect person. I already feel like Cinderella (in the beginning of the movie). Now i am just waiting for a window of opportunity to open, so i can slip by. However, whenever a window opens and I'm halfway through it slams down on top of me, crushing my back. When I can't go forward through the window I have no choice but to go back. One day my Royal Ball and Prince Charming will free me.

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18: Going Home "You can't go home again..." is a false statement. You can always go back home. Unless the house burned to the ground you can go back. Even if your mother kicked you out, she will still be happy to see you. Going home when you get older is a happy time for most kids when they become an adult. It brings back happy childhood memories of the "Good Ol' Childhood" I will return home when I am older and visit my mother for holidays. No matter how much you hated your house you will always go back and reminisce. You CAN always go home again...

20: A Special Place Walking along it's wooded on one side. Trees as tall as houses, line the long road. on the other side there are gravestones. I walk through and escape here every morning and after school. However, I also have to walk through the woods to get to this place. It is quiet when I walk, only the crunching of the leaves break the silence. A long walk to school or home really clears one's head. I look at the gravestones as i walk. I see the strange names that have almost every letter of the alphabet in them. It is a peaceful place for me to escape to.

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