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My teenage years

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My teenage years - Page Text Content

FC: My teenage years

1: Myself | By this rainy morning, Noémie had the pleasure to know a little bit more about me. My role model is my beloved mother,Louise. She's really determined. I'm thankful for my mom because of what she does everyday for me and my brother, Roxan. That is why I admire her. When Noémie asked me what I wanted to be in the future, I told her that I didn't know yet. It's an important choice and I want to be sure. For now, I don't have a teenage job, but I'm searching for one. With that money, I would like to pay a trip to Europe with my school. I'm alert towards new cultures, languages. So this is why I would also like to visit Italy. According to me, It's the most beautiful place to live. This is also why I like to eat a lot of different food. Italian, Indian, Lebanese...Everything! My favorite meal is sushis. Mentally, I am a very interested person. I have a lot of qualities, but people don't see them because of my shyness. I like my friends to be honest, respectful and gentle. I'm a pacific person: I don't like to be in conflict with people. My tastes reflect my personality. My favorite colors are blue and purple because they're really soft and relaxing. Finally, I have to say that I have a lot different hobbies, but my favorite ones are acting, dancing and reading. I also like to be with my friends.

2: I think a family is very important in someone's life. And I have to say my family is important a lot for me. My mother, Louise, is always there when I need help. If I have some problems, she's the first one to know about it. She is not strict at all and she is very open to new ideas. My father is a little bit different, but in a good way. He likes to teach me some new stuff and I like when he does it. I learned to cook, not with my mom, but with my dad. Both of my parents do cooking at home, but my dad prefers to teach me. Also, I have to say that he's always the one who drives somewhere when I need it. The last thing I can say about my family, is about my brother. His name is Roxan and he goes to Verbe Divin high school too. He's a very generous person and he's always trying to be nice with the others. I don't always have a great relationship with him, but it's the same in every family with children I think. But in general, I can say we are nice to each other. Finally, I guess family is important for a lot of person, but for me, it's not only important, It's essential.

3: M | O | M | D | A | D

4: Friends | It's easier to write about friends than family according to me. You can't choose your family, but the friends you have are the ones who are kind of like you. What I'm trying to say is you can choose your friend, so you can easily write about them. First of all, there's one thing I want to make clear. I don't have so many friends, but the ones I have will always be my friends. We will always stay in contact with each other. The first person I want to write about is my best friend, Noémie. We know each other since grade 4 (primary school). The greatest thing I can say is that we are in the same class since this time. We are best friends for 8-9 years now and we are together all the time. Of course, we fight a little bit sometimes, but at the end, everything is alright. Most of the time, we have the same way to think, the same mentality. Also, she's never scared to say what she thinks and this is what I like about her. My two other friends I want to write about is Mehdi and Minh Thy. Noémie and I don't know them since a very long time, but we have a great relationship with them. We met them at the end of secondary 3 and we are always together since this time. I have a lot of fun when we are all together. Mehdi is always trying to make jokes and Minh Thy is such a sweet girl! Finally, even if I don't have a lot of friends, there's one thing I'm sure about; I would never change them.

5: Memories

6: My Role Model | My grandmother

7: For me, it was a little bit complicated to write about my role model. I know a lot of persons who are important for me and I didn't know which one to choose. After a long time of decision, I decided to write about a person I admire, which is my grandmother. My grandmother's name is Lucette McMahon and she has Irish roots because of her grandparents. She lives in a small village nearby Drummondville and everybody knows her over there. My grandmother is very friendly with all the people she meets. She's always happy. Also, I have to say that she is a very dynamic person for her age. She's almost 80 years old and she still playing bowling, golf and many other things. Four monthes ago, she went in Abitibi to visit her nieces and after that, she went as far as Ottawa! The thing I like the most about her is she is an awesome. When I go to her house, we always bake some cookies together. My grandmother is significant for me because of all the things she does. She is always there when I need help. But not only this! I see her as my role model because she is courageous. She had cancer a couple years ago and she fought to survive. I think this is why she is significant for me. Finally, my grandmother is a very important woman for me, because I always have fun when I'm with her. I hope it could be like this forever.

8: M | Y | M | O | T | T | O | CARPE | DIEM

9: I consider everybody in the world should have a philosophy of life. It's important because it helps you to know who you really are. I think it's also important because it's a part of yourself and you cannot change it. Some people have two mottoes, some others don't have any yet. For me, I have one philosophy of life and I try to live everyday with it. My motto is Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem means you live everyday as if it was the last of your life. Most of the time, people who have that philosophy of live are the ones who are always happy. If something bad happens, they don't care so much about it, because they know that after a while, it will be fine. Sometimes, very big problems happens, but they eventually get over it. For me, it's the same thing. I'm a very calm person and when there's a difficulty, I get over it after a while. Carpe Diem is my motto, because I enjoy every moment whatever they are. Finally, the example I have to support my text is about my grandparents. I like to visit them and I regularly go to their apartment. I always try to enjoy every moment with them because we never know how long they will stay with us. We also never know what can happen, so that's why it's important for me to have time with them.

10: Every December 31th, many people wonder what they can change in their life for the nest year. I have never done that. Maybe because I was too young and it was not such an important thing for me at this time. I guess I was thinking about other things. This year, it's different though because it's my last year of secondary. I will be entering in a completely new world soon. It's time for me to do like everybody. In this text, I'm going to write about what I expect from 2011. First of all, I would like to find a job. I have never had a job before, because I was too busy and I didn't want to waste a part of my childhood. But for 2011, I would like to find a job and make enough money for my higher studies. I will make sure it happens. Secondly, I would like to be closer to my family. I always have been very close to my parents, but the last few months, it was different. There were a lot of bad things that happened to us and made everybody stresses and unhappy. My parents need my support and I want to be there, because I know it's difficult for them. Finally, my expectations for 2011 are very simple. Find a job and be closer to my family which is very important for me.

11: BIrd Eye View on 2011

12: In November We Remember | PM

13: There can be a lot of important event in a life. Each single thing we do helps us to grow up even more. Sometimes, even the harmless events can make us realize something we never thought before. In this text, I'm going to write about an event I will always remember, which is my first year at the school of Présentation de Marie. That event is significant for me and you will see why.Since I was eleven years old, I wanted to go to that high school. My cousin went over there and she was always saying good things about it. So she made me want to go too. I have to say that she was true! I considered it was the best year I have ever had in a high school yet. There are a lot of things that made me love this school. First of all, everybody had to wear a uniform; So it was easier to choose clothes in the morning. Also there wasn't any kind of bullying about the clothes you were wearing, because everybody was the same. Secondly, as you already know, it was a school for girls only. The atmosphere in the classes was very calm and quiet compared to mixed school. It was secondary school very welcoming, relaxing and comfortable. Also, the teachers were very nice and were always helping us to be better. We were only 200 students in that school, so we knew each other and we were like a big family. That's what I liked the most. It's a little bit weird to say, but every morning, I was happy to go to school. My year over there was significant for me because I learned a lot of things and because it was my best year at the secondary. It's an event very important for me, because the memories I remember from this school are the only ones I will ever have. Finally, I have to say I was very sad and desperate when I learned the school was closing. I wasn't the only one! Each single student was very upset about it. The most difficult thing I had to realize was that I couldn't continue my year of secondary over there. It was very hard for me, considering the fact that I was loving that school. Like I said, la Présentation de Marie was significant, because of what happened good for me over there and because of all the memories I have from that place.

14: My Pathway Of Life | My Higher Studies

15: I don't know which job I want to do later, but fortunately, I know exactly what I don't want to do. For example, I don't like science, so I won't become a doctor or anything like this obviously. Recently, I found something very interesting in the communication and the media. I was always very interested by those fields, so I think I will go for that. For the cegep, it took me a lot of time to decide in which program I wanted to go. It was a hard choice for me considering the fact that I don't really know what I want to do in life. After a long time of reflexion, I said to my parents I wanted to go in the program ``Arts et lettres``, profile cinema and communication at the cegep of Granby. I chose that because I always loved cinema and it's something very interesting to me. Also, that cegep is closer to my house than any others. Like a lot of people, I expect to go to the university. I'm a person very persevering and determine, so I'm not scared to do a lot of years at university. Of course, if I find a job I like that only needs cegep to do it...I won't go to the university. It will always depend.

16: My Pathway Of Life | My Future trips

17: I already did some trips in the world like going to Europe, United States and Dominican Republic. But when I will be older, I want to do more. There are a lot of beautiful places I have to visit. Africa, Asia and South America are continents I want to see. There are 40 countries and more in Africa, so it's impossible to visit them all. There are a lot of countries that seem very interesting to me: Egypt, Mali, Algeria and Kenya. I would like to visit those countries, because I want to see how the people lives over there. I know they have a different culture than us and it would be great to live like them during a few weeks. It's been a long time I want to visit Asia. My father went to Thailand and Indonesia once and he always talks about it, so he made me want to visit it too. Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan and India are some pretty countries of Asia that have a lot of touristic places. There is so many things to see over there like the Chinese wall (China), The Taj Mahal (India) and the Bali beach (Indonesia). The last continent I absolutely want to visit is South America. Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina are 4 awesome countries I need to see. Once again, there are some great things to see over there like the Machu Picchu (Peru) and The festival of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The pictures I can see on the Internet are so wonderful, that I just want to go right now! Of course, I probably won't visit all of those countries, but I just hope I will have enough money to see them when I will be older.

18: My Pathway Of Life | My Future House

19: When I was young, maybe 10 years old, I had a good idea about my future house. I knew exactly which kind and which color I wanted. And now, at 17 years old, the idea is still the same as the one when I was little. It didn't change. Don't ask me why, because I don't even know. The kind of house I always wanted is very different than many other girls. The kind I love is the rustic house because I think it's pretty. The rustic kind of house looks like the one in the 1900's. I love this era, so maybe that's why I love rustic. Also, a house is very welcoming for me when it all seems old. I don't really want to live in the city, because it's too busy and there's not a lot of space. Do you know where I want to live? Maybe you have guessed with what I have said. I want to live in the country, of course. It's logic because it's almost only in the country we can find rustic houses. I would like to live in the country because I like to be in the nature, o have a lot of space and to have free air. The last aspect about my future house is the color. OK, maybe it's not important for you, but for me it is. Don't be scared, I won't elaborate so much. The only thing I have to say is that I have three choices. The first one is burgundy, the other one is dark blue and the last one is yellow, but a pale one.

20: My Pathway Of Life | Knowledge

21: What I have learned while I was doing this work? That's a good question! It's a little bit hard to say considering the fact the text was completely about me. I know myself enough and I can say what I like and dislike, so I didn't learn more of course. If it was a composition about another person, it would be easier to tell what I learned because that person is obviously not me. Even if it didn't help me to know more about me, I would say that I learned how doing a good composition. I always had difficulties to do a clean and good work. So, in a certain way, it helped me to do my best and to apply myself in the things I have to do.

22: My Favorite Song | Generies: Title: Corcovado Singer: Ray Knox Year: 2010

23: Why I like this song: According to me, this song is awesome! I never saw a song with a beat like this. It is a very rhythmic song. I think a lot of people would like it. Corcovado is significant for me because of the beat. But not not only this! It's also because of the lyrics. I don't know the lyrics by heart, but I know they mean something. So, the last thing I have to say about it, is that Corcovado is my favorite song because of the beat and the lyrics.

24: My favorite movie

25: The Notebook | I chose to write about the Notebook because that movie is my favorite one ever. I'm saying this because of many things. First of all, the actors are very good. We could feel the emotion of the characters during watching that movie. Also, I have to say that I love romantic and soft movies, like a lot of other girls. I like this better than action movies. So that is a reason why I loved it. The second thing which made me love it is that the movie is all about the 40's. That era is very glamor and sophisticated to me. It was a great choice to have that period of time in a movie like this. Finally, I loved the Notebook a lot because there is a message in it. `If you love somebody, you don't have to care about others.`

26: Questions | 1- Is there any sport you like? Why? 2- What is your favorite season of the year? Why is that? 3- If you had the choice, would you rather be: Extremely beautiful, very smart or have the goodness of an angel? Explain 4- If you had only one country to visit, what would it be? Why? 5- If you could choose your own name, what would it be? Why? 6- What is your favorite kind of food? Can you explain? 7- What do you like to do in your free time? Explain. 8- What do you like the most? Why is that? 9- What do you hate the most? Why is that? 10- If you could change something in the world, what would it be? Why?

27: Answers from a peer: 1- Figure skating, because it's a beautiful sport. 2- Winter, because everything is white and cold. 3- Very smart, because with this, you can have a good job, etc. 4- France, because I know people over there and I want to see them. 5- I would like to have Audrina as my name, because it's beautiful to me. 6- Japan and Italian food, because it is different of our food and it's good. 7- Going on the computer and reading, because I think it's interesting. 8- Be with my friends, because it's fun and I like to be with them. 9-People who lives in Quebec, but doesn't speak's not appropriated. 10- I would protect our language by creating laws, because it's important. Answers from an adult: 1- Walking, because it's relaxing. 2- Summer, because we can swim and do barbecue. 3- Have the goodness of an angel, because you become better and happier 4- Italy, because of the food, the culture, the wines and the people. 5- Mélissandre, because it's rare and I love it. 6- What my mother used to cook, because it's reminding me my childhood. 7- Reading and watching movies, because it's what I like to do. 8- My family, because they are part of me. They are all my life. 9- The violence with children and women, because it's not a good thing. 10- That all the countries become equal and that everybody has the chance to have a better life.

28: While I was doing my interviews, I realized every group of age is different. A person of 60 years old doesn't have the same mentality as a 30 years old for example. I will do a comparison between the answers I received to my questions. First of all, you need to know the first person I interviewed was a 17 years old girl. The other one was a 45 years old woman. When they gave me their answers to my questions, I saw they were very different in their mentality. One of my question was: If you could change something in the world, what would it be? Why? The teenager said she would protect our language in Quebec by creating laws, because it's very important for her. The lady said she would help all the countries to become equal and the people to have the chance to have a better life. With these answers, we can see they are different, but in a good way. When I asked them what was their favorite kind of food, the teenager said it was Italian and Japan food. The woman said her favorite kind of food was what her mother used to cook. We can see with these answers that the younger people are very open with different nationality and the older people are more protective with their traditions. Finally, what I tried to explain in that text is that every person is different. Every group of age has a different way to think and a different philosophy of life.

29: Comparison

30: Le mois des calins dépasse le million | In this article, we can see it's all about the ``Sainte-Justine`` hospital in Montreal and helping the children who have cancer by collecting money. They did ``Le mois du calin`` and they received more than a million dollars. With that money, the CHU foundation of ``Sainte-Justine`` will have better equipments and they will be able to more research on that disease. I decided to take that article because I like children and it's very sad to see all those little kids with a disease like cancer. Another reason why I chose that article is because I was very sick when I was young. I waste a part of my childhood at the hospital. So I understand how they feel about that.

33: Des sketchs surprenants sur fond de rires en cannes | In this article, Patrick Delisle-Crevier is writing about a new TV show called ``LOL`` on the TVA channel. This show is about humor, but a specific kind. In that totally new TV show, the comedians will act in silence, because there's no text. That kind of show is pretty new for the television. You will be able to watch ``LOL`` on Sunday night. Réal Bossé, Antoine Vézina, Sylvie Moreau, Martin Drainville and Julie Ménard will be part of that TV show. Well, I just took that article, because it was about television. Anything about cinema or television is very interesting to me.

35: Un classique rajeuni et rafraichissant | In this article, Denise Martel is writing about a new production...But not so new. I explain. Everybody knows about Romeo and Juliette, right? Well, Olivier Lépine ( the stage director) decided to do a new Romeo and Juliette, but in a new adaptation. It would be the same script, but it would be playing in a different way and in a different context. The stage director, Olivier Lépine, wanted it more new, more 2000's. The actors are Steve Gagnon and Alexandrine Warren. Also, it will be at theater until February 12th in Quebec city. I took that article because it is about theater and I totally love this. I like to know about new productions. Also, I frequently go to the theater to watch productions like that.

36: Striking Sentences

37: It's the little things in life that matter | Live everyday as if it was your last one

38: Baby Cassy

40: Les Mariniers

41: 13 years

42: My Pets

43: Maika and Talya | .

44: Acknowledgment

45: What I have learned about doing this text: First of all, I would say that I learned a little bit more about me, because I was working about my life. I discovered some new things I didn't even know about me before. I think it was a great experience to do, because it helped us to know more about ourselves, our friends, our family and many other things. Secondly, I have to say it was the biggest project I did so far. It took me a lot of time to do it and I applied myself a lot to do a good job. It was the first time of my life to do a scrapbook like that. Finally, I acknowledge this project as one of my best personal accomplishment so far. I am proud of the work I did. Cassandra Proulx 06/04/11

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