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My Unforgettable Memories

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FC: Memoirs of a Family by: IVAN LANCE LEON

2: CHAPTER 1 My Grandparents History | One day, sometime of 1970, a young man, named Romy, was busy gardening, when he saw a beautiful girl with long hair walking at their neighbor's garden. Love at first sight, he immediately asked their helper if she knows her. He found out that she just lived across his house, and that girl named Tanee. He didn't waste anytime, crossed the street and knocked at the gate. When the gate opened, he was surprised that Tanee was the one who opened it. He introduced himself, and found a way that they be friends. From then on, he courted her.

3: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

4: Everyday, he fetched her from office, and every weekends, he visited her at her house. Not long afterwards, they became lovers. They loved each other so much, that after two years, in 19972, they finally tied the knot and got married.

5: CHAPTER 2 Getting started After a few months, Tanee found out that she is having a baby. When she told Romy about the good news, Romy was very happy. He worked hard everyday, saved as much as he can before his first baby was born. After nine long months, the wait was over. In the morning of June 22, 1973, Tanee gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They named her Cattleya. The couple was very happy, took good care of thier first born and nourished her with love.

6: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | CHA[TER 3 The Unknown Family Unknown to them, at the night oh December 24, 1974, another couple, Joe and Nenette was in the hospital, Joe is very nervous since Nenette is about to give birth to their youngest child. Although she already gave birth to six children, Joe is still nervous and excited. While he was waiting for Nenette to give birth, he thought of all his children. He only had one boy, which is the eldest, Nap. | Nap was followed by five girls, namely, Olga, Lala, Nina, Joan, and Pinky. He remembered when Pinky passed away when she was two years old, due medical malpractice by

7: a doctor when she was hospitalized due to stomach pains. He shivered at the thought, and just prayed that the delivery would go well, and that God would bless him with another son. After hours of waiting, the doctor finally came out of the delivery room. She told Joe that the the delivery went well, that Nenette was just resting, and that he had a son. He was very happy. Since it was Christmas Eve, Joe and Nenette decided to name their youngest son, Noel. After four years since Cattleya was born, Tanee and Romy had another daughter. They named her Vanilla. Four years had gone by again, and Tanee gave birth to their third child. Romy was very happy because at last, he had a son. They named him Richard. Both couples worked hard, and loved their family so much.

8: CHAPTER 4 School Life Years past and Cattleya needs to go to school. She was enrolled at the age of four by her parents at Angelicum School when she spent her elementary years. Tanee also enrolled her in ballet, so as to develop her talent in dancing. She became very active in school as well as extracurricular activities. Noel, on the other hand, was also enrolled by his parents in Angelicum when he was six. His parents developed his talent in playing the drums, since his whole family is inclined in music. | Nenette played the piano, Nap was able to master all of the instruments, Olga played the keyboard, Lala was their vocalist, Nina played the lead guitar, and Joan played the bass. Indeed, they were a one-band family.

9: But Noel and Catlleya didn't know each other then, especially Catlleya is ahead of Noel. Eventhough, the two were active in school, their path never crossed

10: CHAPTER 5 High School life High School days arrived, and Cattleya was transferred in Sienna College. She only spent one year there, and her mother decided to transfer her again, since it was far from home. So Tanee transfered her to Llamas School. Cattleya was very active. She joined different clubs and organizations, excluding her curricular clubs

11: By her fourth year in High school, she became then president of their student council, president of the English Club, president of the Social Science Club, Officer in CAT, representatives of the District 1 in the Youth Welfare Council, Varsity player in Basketball, Associate Editor in the Yearbook, and the Orator of the year ( where she also won the Knight of Rizal Oratorical Interschool Contest)

12: Although she was very busy in her extra curricular activities, she didn't put aside her studies. When the year ended, she graduated with honors, ( 2nd honorable mention) in 1989. Noel in the other hand, pursued his high school years in Angelicum. He became the most popular high school student in 1988, when he was just in first year. He competed several Battle of the Bands, playing the drums, both in and out of school where he got lot of trophies as best drummer. He became a Varsity player in Soccer as well, playing the goal keeper where they competed in different schools.

13: He also joined many clubs during his high school years, and played bowling and billiards. Noel graduated high school in 1992.

14: CHAPTER 6 College Life On the other hand, Cattleya, after graduating in high school, enrolled in FEU Manila ( BS medical Technology ), in 1989. While studying in college, her parent became fond in bowling. It became the past-time of the whole family. During weekends, Romy, Tanee, Cattleya, Vanilla and Richard, spend almost the whole day in Ali Mall and SM Bowling Center. | But in 1991, Cattleya, during her third year, became bored, and wanted to change her course. In 1992, she enrolled in Fatima College, where she shifted to B.S. Physical Therapy.

15: Noel on the other hand, after graduating in high school, enrolled in Fatima as well, same course (BSPT). During the first week of classes, Noel and Cattleya were classmates in one of their subjects, but they didn't speak to each other much. One day, when Cattleya and Tanee were competing in one of the bowling tournaments, they met Joe and Nenette. Since they were a very friendly couple, every time that Cattleya saw them, she greeted them. When the tournament was about to end, she saw Noel in one of the benches. When she asked him why he's there, he said that he was waiting for his parents. He pointed to the couple near the counter, and to her surprise, it was Joe and Nenette.

16: CHAPTER 7 They finally met When they came nearer, Noel got surprised as well, since Catlleya knows his parents. Next day, they already had a topic of conversation. They became friends and after several months they became lovers. They helped each other with their studies, and played bowling every weekends. In the later part of 1993, Tanne announced that she's pregnant.

17: Everybody was happy, and at the same time scared, because Tanne was already at the early 40's that time. True enough, her doctor ordered her to bed rest when she was just in the fourth month of pregnancy. On April 5, 1994, the youngest of Romy and Tanee was born. They named him Rex.

18: CHAPTER 8 Proposal In 1996, Catlleya graduated. After graduation, she became a volunteer at NVRC ( National vocational rehabilitation center ), a center of the deaf and the mute with physical ailments. Not long afterwards, her mother told her that she is about to go to the United States to work. She would be direct hired by one of the hospitals in New Jersey. Noel didn't like the idea of them being apart, proposed marriage, which Catlleya gladly accepted. When she told their parents about their plans, thinking that Catlleya is passing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Joe and Nenette were also sad since Noel is on his 5th year and is under petition in being an immigrant in the US.

19: Romy on the other hand, understood that they don't want to leave each other, gladly gave his blessings right away. He explained to Tanee that asides from being in legal age ( Catlleya was 23 and Noel was 22 ), they have been lovers for four years already, enough to tie the knot. Noel also convinced his parents of his plans. After two days, both parents accepted their plans and was happy for them. Since Noel's parents were in the United States that time, Noel was the only one who formally asked Tanee and Romy, Catlleya's hand in marriage. Romy and Tanee also called Joe and Nenette regarding this proposal.

20: CHAPTER 9 A New Family Merged After a few months of planning, they got married at the Immaculate Heart of Mary that same year. They lived at BF Homes, Q.C with Noel's parents. Since all of Noel's siblings were abroad, Noel studied and at the same time helped his father in their family business. He finished his studies in 1997. After a few months Catlleya gave birth to their first child in the morning of May 26, 1997, and that was me. | They named me, Ivan Lance M. Leon. My Lolo Joe and Lola Nenette were vary happy because I was the only one who will bring their family name ( since all of Uncle Nap's children were girls ). My Papa Dee ( Romy, short for Papa Daddy ) and GG ( Tanee, short for gorgeous grandma 0 were all very happy because I was their first grandchild.

22: Every Sunday, and sometimes in the middle of the week, Papa and Mama brings me to Project 6, where my Papa-Dee and GG live. | I was the only child at the house. My mom took good care of me while my worked with my lolo. Uncle Nap and auntie Joan were at Malaysia, Auntie Lala was in Singapore, auntie Olga was in the States, but my auntie Nina was with us. Although she was her in Manila, she just comes home during weekends ( because she works far ). When she comes home, she never fails me to buy "pasalubong". She brings me to her room the whole day where we play.

23: Everybody loves me, but my lolo and lola needs to go back to the States again. They spend six months there and six months here. When I was two years old, my mom tried working as a contractual employee at Banko Central ng Pilipinas. But after five months, her contract ended, then she became a housewife again.

24: CHAPTER 10 Schooling years When I was three years old, my parents tried to enrolling me in a daycare center where I graduated 1st in the class. The same thing happened the next year. Thinking I was too young, my parents let me rest when I was five years old. At that time, my mother became pregnant. | I was also excited that at least, I will have a playmate. In the afternoon of September 21, 2002, my baby sister was born. | Theed her Mikhaella Danielle. We called her "Mandy" for short. I helped my mom in taking care of her. I watched her everytime my mom needs to do household chores while was not home. When I was six, in 2003, they decided to enroll me at FEU-FERN. When I took the entrance exam, instead of PREP, the guidance councilor told my parents that they could enroll me for grade one - that's when my formal schooling started. I finished 3rd Honor and became the declaimer of the year

25: Our Ancestors | They named her Mikhaella Danielle. We called her "Mandy" for short. I helped my mom in taking care of her. I watched her everytime my mom needs to do household chores while was not home. When I was six, in 2003, they decided to enroll me at FEU-FERN. When I took the entrance exam, instead of PREP, the guidance councilor told my parents that they could enroll me for grade one - that's when my formal schooling started. I finished 3rd Honor and became the declaimer of the year. When I was in Grade two, my mom gave birth to Nikolai, our youngest, at the afternoon of November 26, 2004

26: We called him "Niko" for short. I was very happy because now, I have a baby brother. During that year, I got medals from Quiz Bee in Science, Spelling Contest, Declaimer of the Year, and for being 2nd honor. Since my family is growing, my mom decided to go to work again, so she can help my father financially. Before lookingfor a job, my parents decided to stay first at Project 6, with my Papa-Dee and GG since my lolo and lola were at the States, so somebody can look for us when they are working.

27: Our Ancestors | They also decided to enroll me at Project 6 Elementary School. Getting used to being an only child for five years and suddenly having a brother and a sister , and now changing my environment - moving to a different school was not easy and I thought. My Tita Vanee's family also lived in Project 6. My mom's brothers were also there. I had a lot of adjusting to do, not mention from private to a public school. But after a few weeks, I got used to it. I found it challenging in school. My teacher placed me in Section 2, since I was a new student. We don't have our own books, since all the books were just borrowed from DepEd. During periodical tests, we have to master all subjects at once, because even the teachers didn't know what test papers would arrive first from DepEd.

28: When I passed my first project, I was sad because I only got a grade of 85, but happy as well, since I was the highest. I learned how to research, and study hard. When the school year ended., I ranked 1st in all academic and non-academic subjects in Section 2. In Grade 4, I was transfered to section 1. There the competition began. I learned tobe active in extra curricular as well as co curricular, for me to be in the top 10. I was chosen as one of the representatives in the Math Interschool Contest (MTAP). I just finished that year at Top 9 of the class. When I was in Grade 5, I just continued studying, and finished Top 8. In Grade 6, I just joined the journalism club, where I competed and won several awards in Sports Writing. | I also joined the YMCA competition in Sports Writing where 28 school competed and I ranked First.

29: Our Ancestors | I also competed in SCIDAMA, representing the school, where I won 2nd place during the interschool competition. I was also a representative again in the Math Interschool competition, where our team managed to compete upto the Division level. Graduation came, and I was the 5th honor. I got more than 10 medals in that school year. After graduation, my parents asked me where I would want to enroll. I thought of Claret, where my Tito Rex was enrolled. My parents agreed, with a condition, that I make good in my studies. So here I am now, a fresh men in Claret, new school, new environment, new friends. I know that this is a new chapter of my life again. But with the help of God, and my loving family, I know I can overcome all the challenges that would come into my way.

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