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Nan's 80th Birthday Book

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Nan's 80th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: SRSPF... A Legacy in 80 Years

BC: Created with love by Cindee & Layne - with help from your adoring family and friends

FC: SRSPF... A Legacy In 80 Years

1: It all started April 8, 1931...

2: A Stroll Down Memory Lane....

4: Happy Birthday, Mom. What a wonderful and memorable road we’ve traveled together-nearly 35 years. See the glow you exude in this picture at the wedding? You’ve still got it - and the energy that puts it all together. With children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren around, you have amassed the best form of wealth imaginable, just as you have enriched our lives. Love, Jeff

5: Bubbie, Mom/Nan/GG Cindee/Nonnee & Layne/Mom | My Mom, From my earliest days on this earth, our special bond was created and sealed for life. You have been my inspiration, my conscience, my best friend, my best critic and all while sharing your gifts of love and caring. As you have tried for so many, your best efforts have been our gain. You gave me my wings to fly and I will soar from your efforts and beautiful spirit for life. That gift I now share with my growing family and plan to continue to pass along. HAB Lovingly~ Cindee

6: We Continue To Share A Lifetime!

9: T H E R O S E N S | Nan, They sure don’t make them like you anymore. You are honest, generous, reliable, selfless, and tough. You are admired by everyone who knows you. Please come over more often. Everything is more fun when you’re around! We love you and will always be here for you. Love, Kyle | Dear Nan, Confidant. Collaborator. Stylist. Adviser. Cheerleader. Supporter. Best Friend. Those are just a few of the words I feel best describe what you mean to me and how much I value our incredibly special relationship. We have been "gals about town" together since I was a little girl - and we always have a BALL! You are such an inspirational woman and have truly helped shape the woman I have become. Thank you for being the most wonderful Nan a girl could ever hope for. I know I tell you more often than you'd prefer to hear it, but I always mean it more than I could ever truly convey... I LOVE YOU! Love, Layne | GG! We are so lucky to have you close by to watch us grow up. We LOVE when you pop in to come play and when we go out on the town together for lunches and fun. You are so thoughtful and caring and you're such an important part of our young lives. Happy Birthday to the most fantastic great-grandma we could ever hope for! Love, George + Brooks

10: Dear Nan, Attempting to describe how wonderful you are and what you mean to me in just a few words is virtually impossible. Any adjectives I would use to describe you—classy, loving, stylish, educated, loyal, opinionated, resourceful, dependable to name a few—just seem so weak. They don’t come close to capturing what an incredible person you are. It would be like trying to sum up the works of Picasso by saying –“he painted some cool stuff." But I will try my best... From as early as I can remember you've imparted wisdom while adding style to everything you do. You never miss a special occasion or a chance to show that you remember. You always follow through with what you say and then somehow find a way to take it a step further. That’s class, and I know exactly where my more refined traits come from! (I still haven’t mastered your dictum of “if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late” but I’m working on it. It never quite made its way down the family tree.) You do your best to make sure I have the hottest trends and coolest gifts. You are also one of the few who has the foresight to recognize a pop culture phenomenon in its infancy. I think I was the only kid in America to have every single Absolute Vodka ad covering the walls of his room. It made me look like a 13 year old alcoholic to passersby, but everybody loved it. Our amazing adventures together left an indelible impression on me. My first visit to you in Florida is one of my favorite memories. You pushed for Layne and me to fly by ourselves, even though I was just a little kid (I could've done without the infamous “peanut incident”). I always looked forward your trademark frozen Snickers, Nilla wafers, and the alligators. I watched in awe as you showed us how a real party is hosted! Then there was my first trip abroad. You gave me my first taste of the high life and introduced me to the luxury of having a personal driver, effectively jading me forever! You made sure I took in the national gallery, saw some great shows, ate rabbit, and had a spot of high tea at the Dorchester. We placed our stamp on history by being among the first people ever to take the Chunnel Train to Paris. First class of course! I know I can count on you to tell me exactly like it is, whether I want to hear it or not. Taking me to Wilt Chaimberlains, the go-karts or the flea market always softened the blow! You push me to take chances, try new things, step out of my comfort zone and see what I'm really made of. You were a driving force behind my decision to move to New York. If you hadn’t encouraged me to do it, I would have missed out on so many experiences. I especially love the dynamic of our relationship now--sharing a glass of Glenlivet with you and discussing politics or cinema (both current and the classics). Or going for a nice dinner just the two of us so you can educate me about historical events and quality television shows like “Mad Men.” I look forward to our Monday night cross-country phone calls to talk about this week’s episode and your boyfriend, Jon Hamm. Above all, I admire your ethics and values. You always make sure that I stay true to myself, respect my parents, and do the right thing (or at least know what the right thing is). I will never be able to express my gratitude for the impact you've had on my life and continue to have. All I can say is thank you for always leaving things much better off and more beautiful than you find them. You are such an impressive woman and my hero. Thank you for all your love and support. I hope I have made you proud so far. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many, many more! I love you very much Nan. Your grandson, Zac

12: The Smith Family | Dear Aunt Shirley, How do we even begin to express with words how deeply we love and appreciate you? You are much more than an "aunt" to us. We are forever grateful for the constant love and devotion you have shown each of us. You have made it clear through your actions how important family is to you.

13: We have all learned how to be better people because of you. You make each of us feel so special. Not a single birthday or anniversary goes by without some type of recognition from you; not to mention that you always know how to pick out the perfect gift. We hope you know what an important role you play in our lives. We wish you much happiness and laughter for the next 80 years! WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! ALL OF OUR LOVE ON YOUR 80th, Randy,Pam,lexi, Amanda and garrett

14: Danny and Michelle's wedding, 7/4/1998, it was so special to have both our Mothers there. | Shirley, Mom, Nan, GG, No one name can define what you mean and are to our family. We "know we must" do the right thing, care about each other and put family first and love you the way you love all of us. We look forward to birthdays, babies and "Simchas" with you as we have all these years. We love you, Bev and Woody

15: Your first little boys to call you GG and us Grammy and Poppy. All our love, Bev and Woody

16: The Craig Family | Dear Aunt Shirley, You've always been such a special part of our lives. From our trip to D.C. to partying with the Craig boys, you bring so much energy and life to our family. We love you! Ronna, Steve, Cam & Jer

17: The "Party Animal" trait appears to be genetic.

18: The West-Stone Family | photos from your Halloween party in 1953, in front of our house in Southfield (circa 1965), Keith's wedding (maybe) and my dad's 60th in 1988

19: I will never forget a trip to the Detroit Museum of Art with you when I was around 6 years old. You never forget anything! I thought I had a vast & organized photo collection. You put mine to shame! I not only had 1 great Mom, I still have another great one! We have celebrated many occasions together - Cindee's 50th, my 50th, Taylor' Bat Mitzvah - I am looking forward to a few more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you! Pam

20: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN | From our first date Mark spoke of his Nan, one of the most inspiring women he knew. Then I got the privilege to lunch with you and became enamored. Now I have a Nan and you inspire us both. We Love you.

21: Nan, your Family keeps growing! | Before you were everyone's NAN you were my Nanny Boo Boo. From my first Halloween with you & Papa(Boo Boo) Wally to my first limo ride in Fla, frozen snickers, going out with me at college graduation, South Beach, NYC and date nights in LA.. You taught me Class & Respect. No one else I ( I mean WE now) would rather have date night with. I Love You NAN

22: Ronny | It came upon an evening clear, the tale of Shirley dear. The invitation was so inviting that, it was to say, the least of my fears. Shirley was making us hamburgers. As I sat with Gordie and Larry, eating a salad to our delight, there came a horrifying sound. Shirley has taken the burgers from the oven and dropped the very well-done bombs on the unsuspecting plate, cracking it to pieces. To console my poor sister dear, I said, "In the future, have no fear when Smith is here."

24: Dear Aunt Shirley, Wishing you many many more years of great health and happiness! We hope to come visit this summer. Happy 80th Birthday! Love, Marney and Randy | To my classy, sassy Aunt on her birthday, many more great birthdays ahead. With love, Jodi


27: And The Oscar Goes To..... | NAN, The one and only. 80 years of creativity. A style, elegance, and pizzazz all your own! From Detroit to Boca and now Beverly Hills, you definitely share your flair wherever you go, and with everyone you meet. It is a true blessing to have your amazing spirit and energy in my life. I love you very much! Xoxox Jennifer

28: Jonah and Eli love their GG

29: "Love the life you live, live the life you love." Bob Marley said it best and you have shown us the way. We love you and your zest for life. Love, Danny, Michelle, Jonah and Eli

30: When I was five years old, I remember playing at Nana Shirley's vanity. Using her Chanel perfume and dusting my little face with powder. I thought Nana Shirley was the most glamorous, fun and sweet Nana ever. Marc and I are blessed to have her in our lives. Happy 80 years young beautiful Shirley. We love you! | Nana Shirley loves politics, movies and the arts.

31: Mom, You are my movie buddy and I love all our phone calls about life, love and happiness!! I hope you enjoy the movie gift I gave you. Even though my face was like a balloon from all the dental work....I still had such a great time with you. You are amazing. I hope I look as good and feel as good as you are at 80 years old. You have accomplished so much and done so many wonderful, talented things for people. May we celebrate your 90th and 100th.! All my love, Your daughter, Jan

32: Dear Shirley, I can't believe that I've known you for over 50 years. When I first met you, in 1958, I was overwhelmed by you. You were so glamorous, with your beautiful clothes, and you were truly a force of nature. I have always admired your strength and your positive view of life. | Deane & Barry

33: They say you can't choose your relatives, but I chose to keep you as my sister-in-law. When I married Barry, you became part of his family, too. I remember when I told you that he had asked me to marry him and that we were getting married in two weeks. You asked, in your uncontrolling way, "Why are you waiting so LONG?" We didn't -- we got married two days later. | We've gone through some great times and some hell together, but through it all we've remained friends. You are the "Auntie Mame" we are all fortunate enough to have in our lives. Love, Deane & Barry

34: F A Y R O S E

35: You are a giver. You carry a basket of love, of time for those who are ill, of beautiful crystals - adding light to the darkness wherever you are. I'm glad you're my dear Aunt Shirley. Your niece, Lonni

36: To my only remaining contemporary cousin: I can still remember when you were only 10 and you corrected your older NY cousin's pronunciation of the word carrot. Happy, happy birthday!!! Wish we were with you! Lots of love, Ruthie and Dave | Dear Shirley - Happy 80th! Any time spent with you has always been great fun! Hope you have a blast with your celebration and we hope to see you soon! Lots of kisses- Susan and Steve

37: Have an amazing day! Hope to see you soon! Love and kisses - Sara, Michael, Jacob, Logan and Jamie | Happy birthday! I still remember my favorite gift from childhood was the rabbit fur sweater you sent to me! Enjoy your day!! Love, Jenn, Rob, Jordyn and Lucas

38: Today is April 8th and lo and behold, Shirley Friedman is 80 years old. We are surely not poets but will give it a try How our paths crossed, we’ll tell you how and why. T’was 2006 when Kyle and Layne first met online A few months later at Paradise Cove they met to dine. Wow, it all seemed so right Was this a case of “love at first sight”? The head of this family stands a woman of great strength We have heard many stories about her at long length. When Kyle met you and the Zabners, he knew he had to pass your test It was thumbs-up all around, our son felt he had been blessed. Kyle told us you reminded him of his Grandma Roz When Layne met all the Rosens, there were “oohs” and “aahs.” Kyle had to be perfect for your dear granddaughter, Layne. The one thing you knew was he had a good brain. | Today is April 8th and lo and behold, Shirley Friedman is 80 years old. We are surely not poets but will give it a try How our paths crossed, we’ll tell you how and why. T’was 2006 when Kyle and Layne first met online A few months later at Paradise Cove they met to dine. Wow, it all seemed so right Was this a case of “love at first sight”? The head of this family stands a woman of great strength We have heard many stories about her at long length. When Kyle met you and the Zabners, he knew he had to pass your test It was thumbs-up all around, our son felt he had been blessed. Kyle told us you reminded him of his Grandma Roz When Layne met all the Rosens, there were “oohs” and “aahs.” Kyle had to be perfect for your dear granddaughter, Layne. The one thing you knew was he had a good brain. You designed their house, organized their life, and sorted through their stuff You filed papers, straightened closets, it was never good enough. You know how to deal with life, the ups and the downs No matter what comes your way you always rebound. We admire your courage and the honesty you bring to the table Anything you say is never a made-up fable. It’s no big deal for you to zip and scoot around A party here, an event there, to your many friends in Florida you are bound. You have style and pizazz and know how to set a beautiful table No bottles allowed ‘cuz you carry Martha Stewart’s elegant label. It has been our good fortune to share time together We know that you’re happiest when enjoying hot weather.

39: The Rosens, all 24 strong, wish you a special and joyful day Love and kisses from all of us, sending you good cheer in every way. Lynn & Al Bruce & Vicky, Eric, Jared and Kevin Kyle & Layne, George and Brooks Jimmy & Tiffany, Shai, Shashana, Shaynee, Sasha, Shaya and Sage Glenn, Hadley, Alex, Paris and Lucy

40: Good Friends Are The Gifts You Give Yourself

41: Friends

43: Dear Shirley, You have been sooo...special to our family. Actually,we think of you as family. Mom loved you, and we do, too. You are the hostess with the "mostest" and a great designer-decorator, also. You are thoughtful of others, fun to be with, and a great conversationalist who always says what is on her mind. Remember when we almost drove the wrong car? We couldn't stop laughing. Laughing is th best therapy. Here's to a wonderful future. Happy Birthday! Love, Ellen and Marv | Dear Shirley, Happy Birthday! Love, Susan and Howard | I don't know how it happened!! Shirley was Mom's neighbor and dearest friend. They talked daily and lived in each other's lives..... they adopted each other's friends and families.......and now she is ours!! Shirley gets to celebrate 80 years and we wish her the happiest of birthdays The biggest birthday present is the one she gives to all of us by having her in our lives. Much love, Jan and David

44: Dear Shirley, My, where has the time flown? I can't believe this is going to be our big year and we are going to celebrate it together. I can hardly believe we are going to be 80 and I can hardly make my fingers print it but oh well, WE MADE IT!!!! Through thick and thin we have survived and been the best of friends for 70 of these years and will be until the end. It seems like just yesterday we were walking home from school(too young to drive) and having Friday night club parties, Saturday afternoon movies, weeny roasts, Belle Isle, and so many other fun things. Then marriage, kids and more friendships. Especially yours and mine. Here's to our 80th Celebration !!!! And here's to Maui and a fabulous trip for both of us. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you always, Connie

45: For Shirley - My dear, dear friend since we were 11 years old!! We’ve shared the good, bad & the boring times of life. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!! Let’s hope we have many more wonderful & healthy years Thanks for always being there for me!! Love ya, Barb | Dearest Shirley, Here’s wishing you a Happy, Healthy and especially a FUN Birthday!! Enjoy everything always!! :~) I can’t remember when you were not a part of our lives from being a rambunctious kid,to a maturing teen, through my young adult life and beyond till now, as I approach my senior years!! You have always been the best, most sincere and honest friend and adopted surrogate mother, and I love you for it. You’ve always been straight with me, and not judged - you simply accepted me as I was, where I was, and that has always been appreciated and irreplaceable. We miss you not being in Florida all of the time, but you are always in my heart. and only a phone call away!! I hope you this is a Great Birthday for you, and that we enjoy many more happy, healthy years together, sharing and caring. Thanks for ALWAYS being there!! All my love, always, Bruce

50: Shirley, my MENTOR, my FRIEND,my HERO the most designing woman I know wish you all the best life has to give most of all I wish you love n' good health Your biggest fan, Sandie

51: I got the call from Cindee, asking for a few comments about our Shirley...where to begin... Shirley is so very special... I began to recall many get-togethers that only she could think of or organize. She posted them in albums which fill the shelves in her home. Shirley's license plate reads IDezign... This is not about design,color or furniture, although we all know how talented she is, it's about the friendships and acquaintances she has melded together. She is a designer of friendships and people. P.S. We're glad the wall was removed! For everything you do and everything you mean to us... you are special. God Bless and Love, Stan and Phyllis

52: Happy 80th Birthday Shirley! Wow time flies by so fast. I first met you when I was just sixteen and I have so many happy memories of you. You always know how to put a smile on my face and make things not seem so bad. I feel blessed that you are a part of my life. Wish we were there to help you celebrate your big day but we are there in spirit. We love you. The Pinsky Family | Dear Shirley, I really can' remember when you weren't in my life. Cindee and I met when she was 16 and I was 17 and we all spent a lot of time together in our single days. You were always a part of "me" because you were my best friend's mom. We've shared a lot of happy and sad occasions and know so many things about each other. You are a very special woman and I've always admired you in so many ways. Then , Rick came into our lives and he, too, got to get to know about you. You are always giving and I love how you speak your mind and how you always have. You are a lady who we love and we wish you a very healthy and happy birthday. You are so adored. Love, Gail & Rick

53: Dear Shirley, Happy Birthday! Here's to many more years filled with health, happiness and prosperity. I have a few wonderful memories of the special connection between you and my mother. My first memory is of my mother telling me that she loved your name. My mother was not born with a middle name. When she realized that and wanted one, she took your first name as her middle name, and became Eleanor Shirley Verona. Throughout the years I know you both had wonderful times and lots and lots of laughter. I remember my mom calling you up one morning to share an incident that occurred with my mother in law, Doris. My mother came to dinner with some extravagant new outfit or piece of jewelry (or both, knowing her!) Doris said, "Eleanor, do you really need to have that?" My mother looked her straight in the eyes and said, Doris, I don't like anything I need to have, because those things are boring. I do like everything I don't need to have, because that's what makes it fun! i know you two had shared an awful lot of what my mother deemed 'fun'. Great vacations, beautiful clothes, beautiful homes, gorgeous jewelry, etc. I hope all your future days are filled with the most fun you can have, with all the things you don't need!! You have reached an incredible milestone and you have created a wonderful family to continue your legacy. Of course that is something we all do need!! Have a great day and year. Love always, Shelley (and Eleanor)

54: Engelman Family | Shirley, You are the mother that I don't have. Like her, you always give your most honest feedback, ,you always check to see when I have arrived or call to say goodbye if I am leaving. I treasure you so much. All My Love, Julie

55: Happy Birthday from the whole gang!

56: SHIRLEY You are the brightest star in a room A lady to the core The greatest friend anyone could have. Kind,Caring,Considerate,Creative,giving and make our lives complete... Congratulations on your 80th Birthday and we will enjoy many more Birthdays together. Love, Caroline and Stella | Happiest of Happy 80th Birthday wishes to you on this momentous occasion. Us Floridians have to stick together and celebrate this wondrous and special event in your life. Congratulations from all of the Florida Zabner's and may you have many, many more birthday celebrations to come. With all of our love. Howard, Alycia, Nathan and Sami

57: HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! Shirley, you are a loyal and devoted friend, With pleasure this special birthday greeting I send. Years ago I had a new home in Florida to design and decorate, I turned to you because your reputation was simply first rate. From fabrics to furniture we toiled, but worked well from the start, You created a beautiful home and found a special place in my heart. I admire your candor, your sense of adventure and impeccable style, You’re a wonderful friend that doesn’t hesitate to go that extra mile. Shirley, you are a beautiful woman both inside and out, Your devotion to family and friends is what your life is all about. Your friendship is a gift I will always treasure, The value of which goes beyond any measure. May your birthday and life be filled with good health and cheer, May we all celebrate good times for many a year. With love, Dina Brodsky

58: Dear SHIRLEY, You light up our lives with your energy, sense of humor, kindness and always good advise design wise or personal. Wishing you a Happy 29th birthday. Phil and I both wish we were with you and your family to celebrate but we are there in spirit. With lots and lots of love, Happy Birthday! Terri + Phil Cohan | Aside from being a wonderful decorator and has the neatest drawers and closets in the world,always a fashion plate,and a wonderful friend, to all. I am sorry I can not be there to celebrate on Shirley's 39th But you have a rain check in June. HAPPY,HEALTHY BIRTHDAY. Love Audrie | BEST WISHES TO SHIRLEY FOR SO ELEGANTLY TURNING 40 ONCE MORE. IT’S AMAZING HOW SHE BECAME YOUNGER, AND WE BECAME OLDER! WE ALL SHARE WONDERFUL MEMORIES OF GROWING UP TOGETHER DURING THE LATE ‘60s. LOVE, RUSS BARNETT

59: To my friend Shirley, On your birthday lots of people are thinking of you, I just wanted to let you know that I am one of them!! Thank you for your friendship through out all the years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Les Willson | Dearest Shirley, As life goes on, and time goes by, sometimes we are blessed by an angel's presence on earth. I experienced that blessing when you came into my life. Our splendid years of working together are etched in my memory for a lifetime, and will always be remembered as the finest days of my career. Everything you touch seems to radiate the magic that comes from deep within your soul. You are one of a kind and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I wish you a spectacular 80th birthday and many more to come. Thank you "angel". I love you, Diana

60: HAPPY 8Oth BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY Hold on, Hooold on! Shirley has been my mentor, my friend, my Florida mother, the most talented designer, most organized, tastefully dressed, energetic hilarious spitfire of a woman I have ever known. And THAT is only the beginning! Jeff and I met Shirley through her niece when we moved from Michigan to Florida in 1986. I could not have asked for a greater blessing than that introduction. She has forever changed my life for the better. Working with her has been the most valuable, fun, enlightening experience I have. Knowing her is even more rewarding. When she speaks; people listen, and everyone "LOVES, LOOVES, LOOOVES" her. Her straightforwardness "let me tell you" matter of facts on life and living are just one of the adoring characteristics of her crazy personality (so its not just the crazy hats she wears). You NEVER forget Shirley (Nor do you ever want to!). She is better than Wheaties and the best thing since chocolate milk. And let us not forget her fabulously stunning and sexy raspy voice! With love and admiration from Jeffrey, Noreen, Alexis and Chu

61: Dear Shirley, It's now seventeen years since we first met this energetic, determined young lady, whom we thought we could give some ideas what our little house in Florida should look like. We were wrong!!! But in the end, entering our house for the first time, we encountered what to us felt like a typical Floridian paradise. Nothing was missing up to the toothbrush and the aspirin, etc.... Never did we think that we would still be in touch after so many years.This thanks to your great personality, your sense of humour and your big, big heart. We really appreciate being friends with you, dear Shirley, and wish you many more years in happiness and health, surrounded by all your family and friends who all adore you. Love Paul and Simone

65: Faces That Made A Statement In Your Life

66: More Cherished Memories...

67: Our Dear Shirley, You Are In Our Hearts Forever

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