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Nancy Carter Bundy - A Legacy of Love (Copy)

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FC: NANCY CARTER BUNDY | A legacy of love

1: So we’ve collected a few of the stories that remind us of the legacy of love that Mom has left to us – the legacy of God’s love that Mom experienced and throughout her life passed along to all those she came in contact with. We begin by sharing the verse from the Bible that Mom took as her life verse: I Peter 5:7. “casting all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you.” As she would share her testimony throughout the years, she would begin with this verse and say, “This is a small part of who I am, and God’s grace in my life. 1 Peter 5:7, a good verse to build a life on. Give all your worries and care to God, for He cares about you.” | It would be impossible to condense the life of Nancy Carter Bundy into a few paragraphs. But, as her children, we sat down to make an attempt at this.

2: BORN | July 22, 1931

3: Nancy Ellen Roye was born on July 22, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Harry and Dorothy Roye. She was the middle of three girls: the oldest born, Jean, and the youngest Mary Lou. Her early life consisted of grammar school, church life, and the beginnings of her legacy to serve others. Nancy’s father had a special place in his heart for troubled youth – especially boys. Starting in 1934, her family ministered to underprivileged children at their family summer home in Brandywine Creek, PA, hosting over 200 boys and girls over the summer. | During those early years of Nancy’s life, Harry was often working with the juvenile court system helping boys in trouble. After a successful term as a state legislator, he became the director of a local youth organization, responsible for 7,000 boys and girls. | In 1935, Harry had his first experience with a boy in trouble with the law. A boy, Harry Heim, ward of the court because he was hard to manage, was placed in Mr. Roye's custody. On the farm, Harry worked with boy, found out that alot of his trouble was eyesight. Mr. Roye got glasses for the boy, and today he is a successful husband and father and says, "Mr. Roye was the first to understand me." (circa 1956-57) | ...from a speech by Winston Carter

4: When Nancy was 14, Harry accepted the position of acting president of Westmont College, requiring the family to move to Southern California. Harry dedicated his life to Christian service, and although it was very difficult, they moved everything to California in 1946 to continue to help these young college students. He found that those attending college already had a start in life and that this was not the answer to his dream and longing to help young people in need, so in 1948, the Roye family purchased a ranch in Aliso Canyon, Ventura to serve the needs of boys over the age of 16 that needed a second chance with God’s love. This began a very difficult time for Nancy and her family. All their resources were needed to run the ranch. Money was very tight and the way of life they were used to in Pennsylvania was a distant memory. Mom would tell stories about having to choose clothes from the missionary box and how she would fix rabbit stew dinners for everyone, cleaning and dressing the wild rabbits herself. The sisters would ride the bus into town for school and church. It was there that the stockings would be rolled down, the forbidden lipstick would appear - and sometimes even nail polish! As difficult as the change in life-style was for them, Nancy was always proud of her father’s dedication to share God’s love with those “less fortunate.” And she saw the ranch not just as Harry’s ministry, but as their family’s. At some point during this period, Harry began a regular radio ministry. Mom always looked back with great joy as she felt a part of something even greater than what God was doing in the lives of the few men on the ranch. Here was an opportunity to participate in spreading the message of God’s love and forgiveness to a much larger audience.

7: With finances always a concern, Nancy went to live with a family in town, taking care of the children in exchange for room and board. Being in town, she was soon challenged by her own opportunities to minister. Enrolling in the nursing program at the local junior college, she was given the opportunity to work evenings as a mid-wife. The doctor she worked with often saw poor, immigrant families in the evenings and Nancy fondly remembered their grateful response to the love and care they were shown. “Payment” most often came in the form of fresh eggs, produce or homemade tamales. But most rewarding for Nancy was the deep sense of satisfaction in touching others with the love God had shown to her. In September of 1954, Nancy completed her education and received an LVN from Ventura Nursing School. This poem was given to her and it defines where she came from, and where how she would dedicate the rest of her life. | Dear God, fill this soul of mine With a quiet awareness of those in pain. Teach my feet to walk softly, reverently Pausing often to dry a tear, or ease a strain. Let my hands, searching, find other hands Those moist and cold with fear And may fingers gently relax in mine Trusting now because I’m near. Give me, O God, a heart to understand The little ones, the aged, the blind, the lame. And may I always keep remembering To give a cup of cool water in Thy name.

8: On March 3, 1952 a young sailor in the Navy named Winston Carter took a chance and wrote a “here’s hoping” letter to a beautiful young choir member, Nancy. “I had wanted to meet you from the time about a month ago, when I tried to outstare you when you were singing in the choir. I am most anxious to get better acquainted with you, and my intentions are very honorable, I assure you” It was signed, “Always, Winston Carter.” The note came with a bouquet of flowers and his heart on his sleeve, to which she graciously accepted with her whole heart!

10: On September 11, 1954 at the First Baptist Church in Ventura, California, Nancy Ellen Roye married Winston Spencer Carter. They honeymooned in Niagara Falls, and on the way back to California, picked up their brand new Buick that Winston had ordered for his blushing bride right off the assembly line. Winston had written the company directly because he wanted a green Buick, and the general manager of the plant himself invited them to come directly to the factory to see it offloaded. | Winston | Nancy | and

11: Married | September 11, 1954

12: Deliriously happy being a wife, Nancy wrote about herself, “The miracle of birth. She was more than a nurse. She was a wife and mother. In God’s timing, she began to build a nest with Christ at its head.” Nancy loved being a wife, a mother, a housekeeper and planner – having friends over for holiday events and gatherings. Baking a lemon meringue pie for a sick friend, time on the piano for hymns, or offering a hand to hold described how she filled her days. On April 20, 1956 Linda Jean Carter was the first born of Winston and Nancy, an event so joyful all of Watsonville was wearing “It's a girl!” buttons. Just 5 pounds, Nancy described holding her baby girl as, “There is no joy like it!” Winston was so proud, and Nancy was in all her glory dressing her baby girl in ruffles and bows! Almost every day Nancy would dress in her finest (pearls and make-up) and push Linda in her stroller with Winston walking their collie, Suzabelle down the street. That constituted a parade in downtown Watsonville! They thought life couldn’t get much better, but it did. “Love, marriage and a baby carriage is God’s way” said Nancy. So 14 months later they welcomed a son. On June 24, 1957 David Spencer Carter was born in San Louis Obispo, California. Nancy was overjoyed to give Winston a boy to carry on the Carter name. She said David was born hungry, and was sick for the first two years, which gave her knots in her stomach - but a true gift from God. Nancy was a nester, loving each and every moment of motherhood. It was her goal to have Linda and David bathed, fed, and in bed (hopefully asleep) with a gourmet dinner freshly prepared for Winston waiting on the table when he arrived home from work. She made sure each moment was special, both for her husband and for her children. This joyful time was what we believe to be preparation for the challenges to come.

14: Three and a half years later, Kristi Ann Carter was born on cold rainy day in January, Nancy’s favorite kind of day. She was a beautiful baby, but following her first birthday Nancy and Winston knew something was wrong. At 13 months, Kristi was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a disease that attacks the bone marrow. At first, they panicked and struggled with fear. Depending on their strong faith in God, they prayed daily for a miracle to cure their precious little girl. Kristi was admitted to Children’s Hospital a total of 37 times, and received approx. 75 pints of blood transfusions and endured experimental procedures while desperately searching for a cure. Despite the pain, Nancy described Kristi as a happy child. While saying her prayers, Kristi always said, “God is grace, God is grace.” Nancy would try to correct her saying, “God is great, God is good” but Kristi never stopped. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “My grace is all you need.” Kristi must have known that. On her last Christmas, after reading the Christmas story from the Bible and tucking the children into bed, Nancy and Winston noticed that Kristi was clutching something in her small hands as she slept. There was the baby Jesus from the manger set. Kristi wanted to make sure He had some place to stay. At the age of four, on August 24th 1965 Kristi Ann Carter was gently lifted from their arms into the presence of the glory of God. She was ushered into His presence to receive a new body and join a host of family members waiting for her. Kristi’s passing had a profound impact on everyone in the Carter family, and those who knew the family. They had believed with all of their hearts that she would be healed and constantly expected a miracle. God does heal, and there are many miracles, but He had other plans for Kristi. He had other plans for Winston and Nancy as well.

16: Just because you spend your life serving the Lord doesn’t guarantee that you won’t experience hardship. But even as Nancy continued to share His love in those difficult months by ministering to her family she wrote, “God will share in your heartaches, and double your joys as well.” | A special delivery package, direct from God, and wrapped in love, came in the form of identical twin girls born on November 27, 1966. Amy Ellen followed by Beth Ellen arrived at a little over 5 lbs. each to bless the Carter family. Nancy always said that the twins were not a replacement for her precious Kristi, but surely a sign that God cares!

17: As you might imagine, Amy and Beth kept everyone busy, and everyone on the move. Their birth, combined with Kristi’s story inspired so many that Nancy was encouraged to share her experience and testimony with others. | For many years to follow, Nancy was a speaker for the Christian Women’s Club, sharing her experience of God’s grace in her life. Her testimony always ended with these words: | “Today I am more blessed than anyone I know, surrounded by my family and extraordinary friends. I am assured of these things: God cares for me, His grace IS sufficient for me, and no matter what the future brings, God will always make a way. I am the happiest woman, and we are the happiest family I know.”

18: This led into the next chapter in Nancy’s life. After Amy and Beth finally were in school, she was able to go back to work doing what she loved...nursing. She worked in many areas touching lives wherever she went. The family moved to El Cajon, California after Winston took a position at The Daily Californian. Nancy found a job as a pediatric nurse in the office of Dr. Barry Smith. This was a position that she loved with all of her heart, making life-long friends and cherished memories. This is where ‘Nurse Nancy” really began. With a pocket full of stickers that said, “My nurse loves me,” colorful Band-Aids and jellybeans, she made many hurts disappear with love. In the summer of 1978, Nancy’s mom Dorothy passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Nancy and Winston brought her mom home to care for her during her illness. Unknowingly, Nancy began training her children by example to lovingly care for those in need. As difficult as this time was, the entire family embraced Dorothy’s care as a labor of love and a gracious gift in her final days.

20: In 1979, Linda married Rich Shoemaker. Linda is an elementary school teacher. She also serves in the Children’s Ministries at Shadow Mountain Community Church and has assisted in Horsemanship for the Handicapped and the Make A Wish Foundation for many years. Linda and Rich have been married for 33 years.

21: The marriage of their first child was a joyful event that preceded the next chapter in Nancy’s life – grandchildren. These words were written by Winston and Nancy in anticipation of the children to come: | For the Grandchildren “It is very hard for us to contain our love and thankfulness for all of you. We pray God will bless us with many more years so that we can watch you grow and develop day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year. There may be times Grandpa and Grandma do not understand or totally agree with you, but know, my grandchildren that we will always love and support the decisions you will be making in life. Our hope and prayer will be that you will seek God’s guidance early in your lives. We want you to know that our prayers and love will surround you daily, just as they did for Linda, David, Amy and Beth.”

22: Nancy’s children and grandchildren were the joy of her life, and nothing thrilled her more than to see each one of them displaying the same love and passion for serving the Lord and others as she had. | Grandchild #1 - Matthew Nathan Shoemaker was born on April 8, 1983 in San Diego, CA. His arrival brought much joy and happiness to the entire family. Being the first grandchild, he was showered with love by everyone, but especially his grandmother who he named “Mima”. | Matthew is just completing his seminary degree and currently serves on the Children’s Ministry staff at Shadow Mountain Community Church.

23: Grandchild #2 - Daniel Roye Shoemaker was born on Sept. 26, 1986 in San Diego, CA. This blue-eyed baby was welcomed into the family with an equal amount of joy and excitement. Nancy and Winston cherished their roles as grandparents. Daniel is also attending seminary and volunteers with his brother in Children’s Ministry.

24: David still owns and runs the business he and Winston started together. He is a wish granter for the Make a Wish foundation and was the head of Horsemanship for the Handicapped for over ten years. David and Judy have been married for 25 years. | On September 19, 1987 David married Judy Nelson. Winston and Nancy were thrilled because David met Judy as she sang in the choir, just as they had.

25: Grandchild #3 - Emily Joy Shoemaker was born on May 13, 1989 in San Diego, CA. As the first granddaughter she was welcomed in a special way by the family. Emily is a teacher and a year-round educator at the San Diego Zoo. She and her fiancé, Peter actively serve in their church.

26: On August 28, 1989 Beth married Scott Duncan. Nancy was so happy to have another son in the family, especially a fireman! Beth is a Junior High School Teacher. She actively supports the Make A Wish Foundation through the fulfillment of wishes and serves in church music ministry when time allows. Beth and Scott have been married for 22 years.

27: Grandchild #4 - Amanda Kristine Carter was born November 23, 1989 in San Diego, CA. She arrived on Thanksgiving Day and gave the family another reason to be grateful. Amanda is enrolled in the culinary program at Grossmont College. She has a passion for children in need and is a wish granter for Make A Wish foundation and spends her summers as a teen counselor for Hume Lake ministries.

28: During this time of joy and happiness, the family began fighting another battle. Winston was diagnosed with cancer in April of 1989. As she had shown so many times before, Nancy cared for her husband with the best of her ability and a great deal of love. She demonstrated again to her children and grandchildren what true love and sacrifice really meant. As with Kristi, the family prayed for and expected a miracle cure in Winston’s life. They surrounded him with love and held his hand as he transitioned from this life to the next on Jan. 21, 1991. Nancy wrote, “As I look back over the losses of my life, it is with tears of remembrance and prayers of praise and thanksgiving for God’s ongoing, ever-present grace. Sure there are tears, not because time goes unresolved but rather for the precious memory of love – deep love that was my great joy to share for a time and sadness that the time was much shorter than I wanted. But then, anytime would have been too soon.” Winston and Nancy were married for 37 years. Life changed for Nancy from that point on, but God continued to bless her in ways that she could not imagine.

30: Christopher | Carter | Grandchild #5 - Christopher Nelson Carter was born on October 23, 1992 in San Diego, CA. His birth was special because this was the one grandson that would carry on the Carter name. Blue eyes and a brilliant smile encouraged us all to remember that life goes on, and we are blessed. Chris has been a big part of Horsemanship for the Handicapped and helps Matthew and Daniel in the children’s ministry at Shadow Mountain. He is currently a sophomore at UCSD, planning to go into pediatric medicine.

31: On August 14, 1993 Amy married Bryan Pitotti. Amy was the last of Nancy’s five children to be wed. It was a glorious day filled with honor and praise to God. Amy teaches Junior High math and science. | Amy serves along side Bryan in the music ministries at Canyon Lake Community Church, leading worship and heading up Music Drama Day Camp and Christmas Dessert Theater. She has served on short-term missions teams, and along with her family was Nancy’s caretaker for the past nine years. Amy and Bryan have been married for 19 years.

32: Tommy was another example of the hope that God offers, and the blessings He bestows. He has played a significant role over the past few years helping raise funds to grant wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation. | Grandchild #6 - Thomas Winston Duncan was born on November 4, 1994 in Oceanside, CA. Named to honor his Papa, Nancy took great joy in the legacy that she’d help create.

33: Grandchild #7 - Spencer Michael Pitotti was born on February 3, 1995 in Spokane, WA. Named to honor Papa and Uncle David, Spencer was welcomed into the world with Nancy’s loving arms. | Spencer is regularly involved in the music ministry at Canyon Lake Community Church and loves helping train children as a leader in Music Drama Day Camp.

34: Cousins

35: Grandchildren #8 and #9 – Kaitlyn Rae and Megan Ashley Duncan were born on June 25, 1996 in Oceanside, CA. Nancy was thrilled at having another set of identical twins in the family, and the fact that they were little girls brought her even more joy. Nancy shared twin stories for hours with anyone that would listen, and helped the Duncan family adjust to the new “busy” in their lives. Kaitlyn and Megan pour their seemingly unceasing energy into all kinds of ways to share God’s love with others: Make A Wish, peer buddies, cancer walks, etc. Grandchild #10 – Victoria Evaline Pitotti was born on December 2, 1996 in Spokane, WA. Born during an ice storm, Nancy's last grandchild entered the world with just as much love and anticipation as the others. Tori serves the Lord in the music ministry at CLCC and dedicates her time helping others in Music Drama Day Camp, Make A Wish events and peer counseling at school. | Nancy’s desire was that her legacy of love live on in her grandchildren. Her only regret was that Winston was not able to share in the joy of all ten of their grandchildren.

36: Finding herself widowed, Nancy wrote in her journal, “My confidence in God is somewhat quieter, but stronger. I want to serve Him with all of my heart and strength. My life is full of bounty even as I continue to feel the pain of loss. Grace has transformed me, and it is wonderful.” To list every ministry Nancy was involved in from this point would be impossible. Here are a few that defined who she was, and what she dedicated her heart to: | In the early 1990’s she was the Titus Woman for the M.O.P.S ministry at Del Cerro Baptist Church in La Mesa. She shared her testimony and wisdom with the young mothers, always willing to hold a hand...or more importantly a baby! In the summer of 1999, Nancy fulfilled a lifelong dream by traveling to Romania as part of a short-term missions team. “Nurse Nancy” one again touched the lives of the young and old, the weak and strong through her kind smile and gentle touch. The time she had there was life changing for her, prompting her to share the experience with church groups, family members, and special friends.

37: Romania | with love

38: This led to the reunion between Nancy and an old friend Stuart Bundy from the Jr. High School group at Eagle Rock Baptist Church. Initially invited over to compare missions stories with each other, it soon became obvious that the two old friends were becoming much more. On June 24, 2000 Nancy Roye Carter married Dr. Stuart McCleod Bundy. The union brought hope to these two faithful servants of God as they made plans to continue serving Him together, in ministry.

39: Nancy was again blessed, this time with the addition of Stuart’s three children; Grace Cosby, Jonathan Bundy and Valerie Haug, to call family. Together, Stuart and Nancy welcomed more grandchildren to add to their legacy. This made 17 grandchildren in all, something for which Nancy was very thankful. | John, Grace, Annalei, Benjamin, and Felix Cosby | Jon, Andrea, Jonathan and Eva Bundy | Andrew, Valerie, Jovan and Zachary Haug

40: In 2003, Nancy and Stuart traveled to Guatemala to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Guatemalan ministry Stuart co-founded. This was an especially significant time for Nancy because she was so proud of all of the hard work and effort Stuart had given to establish a Christian School. | Nancy and Stuart had hoped this would be the beginning of many ministry trips together, but that wasn’t possible because of the health concerns they both had. Stuart was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, and Nancy’s challenges included arthritis and difficulty walking. Together, however, they made one strong person!

41: In the Spring of 2005, Bryan and Amy, along with their family, moved to Wildomar, California to care for Nancy and Stuart. God blessed them with a multi-family home, perfect for the 6 of them to live together and yet maintain a certain amount of privacy. | The first Thanksgiving Eve service she and Stuart spent at Canyon Lake Community Church Nancy wrote out what she was thanking God for: “Today I am grateful for Your presence, my Father, for Your great love. For answered prayer far beyond my heart’s desire. For the unconditional love of my children who have opened their lives to take us in and care for us. Oh my God, thank You, thank You, thank You.”

42: Nancy continued her life of service by caring for Stuart and involving herself in the caregivers ministry at Canyon Lake Community Church. She became involved in the M.O.P.S. ministry again, and served as “Nurse Nancy” and a craft queen for Music Drama Day Camp each summer. | On Saturdays Nancy helped with the Angel Food Ministries, distributing food to families in need. She also served with Horsemanship for the Handicapped, encouraging families to persevere through any challenge they may face with courage and love. When she was too tired to walk, she would sit at home on the phone and call up to 20 people a day just to see how she could pray for them. In any situation that God gave her, she served Him with her whole heart.

43: “In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.” -Alex Haley | The Bundys | On May 9, 2011 Stuart Bundy went to be with the Lord. “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Stuart and Nancy were married for 11 years. Once again faced with being a widow, Nancy involved herself in many ministries at church. As she surrounded herself with friends and family, her love and joy greatly increased. It was during this time that her health began to decline, and it became more difficult for her to get around. In spite of her limitations, she continued to find ways to serve others.

44: Although she wrote this relatively early in her life, this quote was one she lived every day – right until the Lord took her home: “And now, I go on to the rest of my days. My children and grandchildren surround me with encouragement and love. My Heavenly Father guides my footsteps, and my life is in His hands. He has a plan for my future and I am seeking Him with all of my heart. With God’s help and the help of my beautiful family, my life will be lived with peace and joy, and to God’s glory.” Her last days were not easy for her. But even as her strength was failing, she still concerned herself with others – wanting to know how she could be praying for friends and acquaintances who were ill. And as difficult as it was for her to be the recipient of others' care and concern, she was blessed (as were the rest of us) by the hundreds of cards and letters of encouragement she received over the past few weeks. The love that she so willingly shared had come full circle. The more that she gave it away, the more it came back to bless her. And she was so pleased to see that the legacy of love that God had shared with her has continued on in her friends, her family, her children and her grandchildren. Nancy Carter Bundy went home to be with her Heavenly Father on March 7, 2013. She was surrounded by her children and grandchildren, and welcomed by a very excited little girl and a host of family and loved ones into Heaven. She was the guardian angel of the family, the queen, the tender hand of love. She was the best friend anyone ever had. She was our mother, and she was love.

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