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Nick Beye's 80th Birthday (Copy)

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Nick Beye's 80th Birthday (Copy) - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: Happy 80th Birthday, Nick! | Thank you for a lifetime of love and memories | August 23,2009

1: While we may never be able to repay you for all you have done for us, we hope you know how much we all love you. Happy Birthday, Nick. | Brother. Husband. Father. Grandpa. Friend.

6: Nick with his sister Jacoba

7: Nick as a young boy

8: Nick and me grew up together during the 5 years of war in Holland. We were never carefree teenagers. There was not enough food or money, and the responsibility rested on Nick and me. So we made many a trip to the farmers in the country on our bikes for food. Until Nick got sick. He was so thin, and I had to go alone. Luckily the end of the war was in sight, and so came an end of our hunger. So after the war Nick went on a ship as a kitchen helper to America. I never forget when he left, a young boy in outgrown clothes and 6 weeks later he came back one handsome young man. He had new clothes, and a new look hair cut. He looked so different all of a sudden. This picure is taken at the Heyplaat where we always went swimming. Nick has always helped and supported us when we needed help and we are very proud of him and what he has accomplished. | Miep and Ger

9: To my dearest Brother and Best Friend, Happy birthday to you and many more healthy more. 80 years is a real good age, now we go on to #90. I am right behind you Nick; Thanks to you the last 57 years your guidance and advice has brought me where I am today! I'll never forget that so many airports where I would land, I could always count on you being there, a friendly loving face in this o so big world. Thank you Nick for getting up in the very early mornings to come and see me. The many things you taught me, the times you helped me and the time you put up your new Chevy so I could go to father's funeral, while you were waving goodbye, the tears rolling down your face, my God how do I deserve you? Through all this time Trudy was there for me too, even though it must have been hard for her to put up with total stranger, but she did and I thank her for that. There is just no way I could ever repay you two for all you did for me, and I have been and always will be grateful to the brother I think of and miss every day and thank God every night! Hi Nick, First of all a very Happy 80th Birthday. Where did the time go? Was it not just yesterday that I arrived in the USA? And did meet you, Trudy and the kids for the first time at Miep and Ger's house? What a welcome you all gave me, it was so nice to see you and made me feel at home right away. That feeling became even stronger the time Albert hurt his back and was in the hospital for a while. You and Trudy took me into your house and to the hospital every day because I did not speak any English and did not drive a car. I was so grateful for your kindness and I am not sure if I ever thanked you enough, because you two were so busy already with Louise, Nick, and Julie. Over the years, your house has always been open to us and we did enjoy many a visit with our kids and my sister Lany and Aard. We also loved the sailboat adventures, your great hospitality and all those wonderful delicious meals. Thanks Nick and Trudy. I will always remember what a nice couple your are to me. You deserve a wonderful Birthday and many more Happy and Healthy years with Trudy and all the kids, grand and greatgrand kids.. I am so happy to spend this special day with you. | Love, Albert | Love Always, Truus

10: Happy Birthday, Nick. My earliest memories from Nick go back to the early four ties and those were the war years. I remember one day in particular, it was March 31st, 1943 and we were home from school because it was on a Wednesday and in the afternoon we had no school. It also was my 8th "B"day and on our way to buy a presnt for me, the air raids were going off on. We decided to run back to our home and before we were home, the bombs were falling. My mother had the hardest time to keep Nick at our safe location because Nick could not wait where the bombs were falling and doing the damage. All I can say was, the closest was about 40 yards away from our house and luckily, it was a dud. From the whole family and that was 7 boys and 4 sisters. From the man, only Nick, Wim, and Jack were home and one sister was home too. From the man, Jan was in the Pacific front, Bart was in the R.A.F. My dad was a merchant marine sailing to Russia bringing supplies and he was torpedo'd twice but he was picked up twice. Brother Wim was in a German working camp. Only the youngest boys were sent to the farmers far away from Rotterdam. I was by a farmer suppose for 6 weeks but they became 2 1/2 years. So once and while, Nick and Mary came over to ask for food because their was nothing in the city. In the last couple of years, Nick kept the rest who was at home alive by taking everything that wasn't tied down and if it was eatible it was his. For instance, at one time he came home with a cat and that was a pretty good meal. Nick took the cat upstairs to slaughter it. When he was done, he had and idea. He put a rope around the neck from the cat and he called my mom. He lowered the cat with the rope and by the time my mom opened the door, the cat was just about in her face. I was about 125 miles away from home but I could hear her scream. Anyway, he came home with everything like seagulls, potato peels, etc, etc. But the important thing was, he was only 14 to 15 years old and he did all those things to keep the family alive. Just think abut it also, if he was caught that would have been the end of Nick. Luckily, that never happened and therefore, we are all here to celebrate his 80th birthday and to thank him for all the things that you have done for the family Nick, I can say a lot more than this, but we have to keep it short. So Nick, I and my family thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love as always from Amy, Arend, Diana and Bert, Robert and Sally and Andrew

11: I have been asked to write somthing about my brother Nick that has had a lasting impact on my life. First, I am VERY happy he is still with us today and in great health and spirits. Now, let's go back in time to about 1943 to 1953. I don't remember much of the early years of WW2 but as I grew a bit older, I realized I did not have my father around and there were many times we didn't have anything to eat. There was always a sense of insecurity and fright, at least for me. I was around 5,6, or seven when I realized something was missing. My brother Nick, also still quite young at 13-15 of age must have sensed it too for he was the one who went out and provided for us and not only food; for me was the comfort and security I so needed. Often, he would have me sit near him, between his legs, he'd stroke my hair and say words of comfort to me. I felt secure then. Some time later he ended up in the USA and during one of his visits back to Holland, I went to the train station with him to see him off to the US again. Just as he left I noticed a "Parker" fountain pen sticking out of his shirt pocket and I told him how much I liked it. In saying our good by's he forgot to give it to me. A while later I received a package from him and it contained a beautiful, new, blue Parker fountain pen. He had not forgotten! A short time ago while visiting him, we talked about this and now, some sixty years later, he gave me the pen he had with him so long ago. Nick has always been a man of integrity, honesty, follow-through and loyaly to his family, siblings and especially me. He and Trudy were the family we gathered at on Satuday nights, their garage the place where we fixed our cars. He was always there! He was and always will be my father image. For ALL this, I will always love him and treasure his presence in my life. Your youngest brother, Jaap

13: Dear Uncle Nico, With fondest memories I think back to July 2007, when mum and I were in California. During this period you took me out on a trip to Louise's "cabin" in Lake Tahoe. What a wonderful trip that was! I felt very safe in your car and enjoyed the ride very much... Louise's house was beautiful and I remember you being very proud of her! We went to visit Terri and her shop, and had champagne in her garden with her and her husband. She even still remembered me from when I was a little girl. In the night you took us out to dinner which was very nice too. When I finally laid my head down on my pillow, it spinned a little from all the nice food and wine and the excitement! The next day we took the Casino route back to Uncle Albert and you let me have a taste of the game!! You gave me some money to gamble and when I won, let me have the profit! I thought that was super! I had never been in a Casino before and never had any luck in the game so that was quite and experience... The last time I saw you must have been around November 2008. You were staying at Marion's house because you were here to see mum. I want you to know that I really love you for that. Mum was so pleased and happy with you being there. I had to race against the clock to be able to see you that time, but am happy that I did manage to see you, even though only short. I will never forget that you were there for support. Last but not least: for an "old" man, you have a fine pair of legs!!! Love you, Gabrielle

14: Happy 80th Birthday Uncle Nick!!! We are delighted to be here for this milestone event in your life and would not have missed it. When I was a little girl, I always heard about Oom Nico in America. I have vague memories of that time period. What I do remember is a beautiful photograph of you in an U.S. Air Force uniform hanging in Oma’s living room above the hi-fi cabinet. My parents always spoke very highly of you. Imagine our excitement when the opportunity was presented to our family to go to the U.S. in April 1960. You and Aunt Trudy welcomed us into your home and introduced us to so many American ways. One of my Dad’s first experiences was to go to the Drive-in Dairy down the street where you lived to buy “A flat of eggs.” We felt so rich to go home with that many eggs. You were instrumental in getting me my bank job at Wells Fargo Bank, a job I enjoyed for many years. You gave Ron the encouragement to take the transfer to Oregon, as it would benefit our family greatly. Career wise it was a great move for Ron and our family. I have admired you for always being there when someone in the family has a need. Your recent trip to us in February 2009 is just one of those times you came to our side after we just lost Mom. It was your hope, as well as ours, to still see her while alive, but God’s timing was different that ours. Still, it gave me comfort you came out to be with us. I enjoyed spending time with you and Aunt Trudy when we visited last fall to gather information and photographs for the family book I am working on. You have a wealth of information I am trying to preserve for the whole family. The visit and all the great conversations brought us a lot closer, which I will always treasure. We wish you a most wonderful birthday and good health in the years to come. Love, Mary & Ron

15: HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY NICK My earliest memory of Nick goes back to when we first came to America and our family stayed with Nick and Trudy temporarily until we got situated in the new country. Until just a few years ago I had no idea that Nick and Trudy were actually sponsoring our family with immigration. When I found that out I thought even more of the generous and accommodating gesture that Nick and Trudy extended to our family. We were fortunate that Dad found work quickly and to this day I do not know how long we actually stayed with Nick and Trudy. Growing up through the sixties I enjoyed the times the families would get together at Nick and Trudy's house in San Bruno. The kids would be raising hell downstairs with pillow fights and other good stuff while the adults were having fun upstairs. It was a much simpler time back then. Our families also enjoyed some good camping trips at Pine Crest, California. As time went on we grew up and we ended up spread out all over the state so staying in touch has been a challenge to say the least. Our lives are now consumed with our own families and we live in a different time now. Much more complicted as far as I'm concerned. There are several qualities that I have always admired about Nick. One is his easy going demeanor and his love of the outdoors. I remember the sailoat he built in his garage in San Bruno. He inspried me to make my very own folding kayak with plans that I got out of Popular Mechanics. Nick took me sailing a couple of times; once in the Bay Area and once out of Dana Point. I had a really good time each time I did something with Nick. Not much seems to bother Nick and he has a very positive outlook on life that I admire. He just seems to take everything in stride that life gives him. Nick has a lot to be proud of. He raised a good family who have given him grandkids, has a loving and supporting wife, had a fulfilling career, a beautiful home, a fulfilling retirement, and has been blessed with good health. What more can you ask for except more of the same. Keep rolling Nick and Happy 80th Birthday. Love Always, Hans

16: Nick was in the Air Force from November 1948 through 1952. He was stationed at: Lackland AF Base, TX; Pensacola FL; San Bernadino,CA, Urbana-Champaign, IL, San Antonio, TX, West Palm Beach, FL, and Salina KS. During his years in the Air Force he improved his knowedge of the English language, and became a flight engineer.

18: Nick first saw Trudy at the Dutch Reform Church in Hoboken, NJ in December of 1947. He was living in an apartment across the street from the church with his brother John at the time. He spied a group a young women standing in front of the church and Trudy was one of them. Nick being the astute kind of guy that he was, decided to go to church. Nick sat behind Trudy at church the next Sunday. They started dating. The went to the movies, spent time at Pa's bakery, and so on. I'm sure Pa's bakery was an added bonus! Nick soon went into the Air Force. They continued to write. Trudy and her family then moved to Hayward, California. After training, Nick was stationed in San Bernadino,CA. He would often come visit Trudy by hitchhiking. In those days, a man in uniform could easily hitch a ride. Nick and Trudy soon decided to get married and did so on November 5, 1951. And as they say....the rest is history.

21: Dear Dad, I don’t even know where to start in describing the impact you have had on my life. To start with, you loved my Mom and gave her the love and support needed to start my life. The two of you didn’t start with much, but that didn’t matter. You both just jumped into the roles and learned as you went. Lots of love and nurturing were the important ingredients. The relationship between the two of you has always been something to admire. Clearly, your values always guided you. Your commitments to each other and to your children’s best interest were always clearly your top priority. As I grew into a toddler and young child, I clearly remember you providing the groundwork for discipline in my life. I can still remember being in the house on Monterey Blvd when you told me I needed to clean up the dishes by myself for the first time. You gave me the assignment, and then went out into the backyard to mow the lawn. You kept looking into the window in the kitchen to check up on me, and I kept looking out the window in bewilderment. You sternly kept insisting I keep moving. I wasn’t sure what I was even supposed to be doing, but I begrudgingly kept moving. The discipline and structure you provided me constantly, has made me a very disciplined and hard working adult. I’m still not always sure what I’m doing, but I just keep moving! I can’t even imagine how awful my life would be if I didn’t have that discipline instilled in me. I surely didn’t appreciate it then, but I do now. As I grew older, you instilled lots of other values as well. “Actions speak louder than words,” was something I often heard you say. It wasn’t what you said you were going to do, but what you did that mattered. I find myself still cherishing that value. You taught me that I could have what I wanted if I worked for it. For example, when I was a teenager, I can remember wanting lots of clothes. I remember you telling me that I could have as many clothes as I wanted, if I sewed them myself. Well, you didn’t need to say that twice! I started sewing and sewing. In so doing, I also learned a lot about how things fit together. This was a skill that could be transferred to other areas of my life. Persistence and resilience are key values you taught me that have impacted my life tremendously. I can remember you saying, “If that’s the worst thing that ever happens to you, then you are doing pretty good!” To this day, I think most people describe me as being pretty darn resilient. Everyone’s life is so full of set backs. That’s just the way it is. It’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you bounce back that matters. One thing I especially respect you for is the way you always put our needs in front of your own. We all knew that we were the most important thing in the world to you because of your actions. I can remember you telling us that you wouldn’t trade one of us for a million bucks. And a million bucks was worth a lot back then! As an adult, you have been a sounding board for me countless times. I’ve made my share of mistakes, and you’ve listened patiently and provided advice where you could. I still need and depend on you to be there for me in that way. Dad…I could go on and on. You were and still are an amazing man and father. You are an example I have never seen anyone hold a candle to. I hope I can depend on your wisdom for many, many years to come. I love you and appreciate all you have done for me! Love, Louise

23: Dear Dad, When I was growing up, friends were always talking about how they looked up to different sports stars, celebrities and other such role models. I never felt any connection to people like that. I could care less if I met a famous person and I never looked to them for guidance in my life. I had the best role model of anyone. I had my dad. I thank you for giving me the set of core values that I have. From you I learned what is right and what is wrong. I learned how to work and appreciate the rewards from my labor. I learned about family and how important it is to have family around you. What I remember most about our time together growing up was helping you when you were working around the house. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but I learned a lot about fixing things from you. Maybe you are the reason I have such a hard time hiring anyone to do any work around the house. Spending time on the “Golconda” was a highlight of my childhood. I enjoyed the trips through Raccoon Straights, beating back and forth, fighting the winds to make progress through them. Even the time spent working on the boat was fun. I liked polishing the chrome, oiling the wood, and bleaching the decks. I appreciate the sacrifices you and Mom made so that we could all get an education. I am sorry that you did not get to learn to fly, but my education was a great investment. Maybe by your 90th birthday, I will have learned to fly and I can take you up. These may be some of the highlights of how you affected my life, but in actuality you influenced every aspect of my life, and continue to do so. I am very proud of you for all that you have accomplished so far in your lifetime. To have the nerve to leave your homeland and family to make a better life for yourself in a foreign country without even the benefit of speaking the language is amazing. I am honored to carry your name. I wish you a great 80th birthday, much happiness visiting with your family, and many more birthdays to come. Love, Nick

25: Dear Dad, Happy 80th birthday! I figured that you didn’t need another shirt for your birthday and I wanted to give you something that you would treasure forever, so I asked everyone to send a brief note describing the impact that you have had on their life or a special memory. Well, I must say the response was overwhelming! Growing up, I have listened to your stories about the difficult times during WWII; the trips to the farmlands with Aunt Miep to get food; stealing a loaf of bread from the German Nazis; going to work as a cook’s helper on a boat to Mozambique; your first job in the US as a painter on the scaffold in the wind; your life in the Air Force; when you first spied mom at the church outside your apartment; and your days at IBM. I could go on….and on. You may have thought that I wasn’t listening, but I was. I heard every word. Your stories of how you grew up and how you lived your life, helped to shape my life. You taught me the value of family. We did not have a lot of money growing up but there was no shortage of love or time spent together. We spent weekends at the beach, Golden Gate Park, swimming, bike riding, and Sunday dinners with “Ma and Pa.” Later, we spent many weekends working and sailing on the Golconda. There were summer vacations at Yosemite and Pine Crest. There wasn’t anything that you would not do for us. We spent all of our time together. You taught me the value of working hard and the importance of education. Whether it was the lesson of hard knocks or a formal education, there was never any question of the importance of getting a college degree and making sure that I could support myself. By watching you, I also learned one of my most valuable lessons, and that is to stand up for myself and others and to always do the right thing. Through your actions, I learned the importance family, hard work, ethics, and integrity. I have tried to apply these lessons that you taught me in life, and I hope that I have made you proud. I hope that I have passed the same lessons on to my daughters, and that they will pass them on to their children. That will be your legacy. Dad, you make me very proud and I love you. Happy Birthday. Love, Julie

26: Happy Birthday! As a family, we have been very blessed to have you in our lives. Nick, I will always remember your touching words and caring actions when I was ill. You supported us all through that time as a loving father would, and we will always cherish those memories. Having grown up without a father, I'm truly fortunate to have a father-in-law like you. I still laugh when telling the story of sailing for the first time on your sailboat, Magic, and getting sick before we could even leave the harbor! I was hanging over the side all the way back to the dock, but I at least gave it a try. Thank you for all you do for us. Love, Sarah I feel luck to have had you as a grandpa too! You're the only prandpa I've ever had, and the best I could ask for. When I was taking flying lessons and so interested in airplanes, you took the time to make the model C-97A airplane for me that still sits on my shelf. I remember being at an air show with you as a youngster and you buying me an "official flight jacket." Boy, was I proud of that. Sailing on your boat, riding in the red go cart of your neighbor, or just walking Jake with you are some of my favorite memories. Thank you for making me feel so special when I get to visit. Love, Matthew Dad, my fondest memories have to go back to the times in my teens when you were there for me by dragging me all over with my friends ride motorcycles. You tirelessly gave up many Saturdays to sit in the heat, standing on your model sailboat, while I created lasting friendships. I loved dirt bike riding and couldn't have done it without all your support. Those years riding while living in PV really changed my life, and I think you knew at the time that I needed that. Thank you for being the kind of dad that saw something in me that needed encouraging and sacrificed your time to help me grow into a man. We love you and wish you many more years of health and happiness in our lives. Love, Ray

28: Dear Great Grandpa, This is Kaitlyn. How you doing? My Mom says it's your birthday. Happy Birthday! I like birthdays because I get cake. For my birthday I want a purple and pink cake. Those are my favorite colors. What kind of cake you like? My Mom showed me pictures of me when I was a baby and said you and grandma took care of me. I don't remember. In the picture it looks like you like naps too! Thank you for taking lots of naps with me. My Mom says thanks for taking such good care of your first great-grand baby! Hugs and Kisses, Kaitlyn P.S. My little sister Teagan sends her hugs and kisses too but watch out, they are slobbery. | Grandpa, Some of my earliest memories are of chasing your cat Mr. Jason around and around your house and of being confused when we pulled up to your new house because that wasn't where my Grandma and Grandpa lived. The time we spent together every summer of my childhood is filled with such great memories, mostly of swimming, going to the beach, learinng to sail and of course crawdad fishing. I could also never forget you wearing the very feminine straw hat with bows all over it. I sure hope some one has a picture to include. I know it inspired Kaitlyn to try a silly "hat." You have also helped me through some milestones in my life like buying my first car and taking care of my little one when I had to go back to work. We even compared bellies when I was pregnant (I don't believe you were though)! I will be forever grateful for you advise, generosity, and sense of humor. A heartfelt thank you for all the love you have given me and my family. Love, Nicole

29: Dear Grandpa, They say a picture is worth a "thousand words." As I write this letter, I think of some of the pictures in your home; all the wonderful Christmases, Easters and countless birthday parties. They all speak volumes of the wonderful family you have raised. Whether the picture is one of Chris and me fishing or you and Grandma dancing at Nicole's wedding, these pictures are wonderful memories of times when you opened your home to summer vacations for grandchildren or a wonderful dance you shared with you wife. So when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think not. Those simple moments in time cannot possibly capture all the wonderful times those pictures bring me back to. Thank you for all the wonderful memories I have been fortunate enough to share. With Love...Happy 80th Birhtday! Todd Dear Grandpa Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy Birthday Grandpa Chris

30: Dear Grandpa, First of all, I want to wish you a happy birthday and many more wonderful years to come! Thank you for everything you have done for me throughout my life. Even before I can remember, you were there for me; whether it was babysitting me, taking me for a bike ride, or playing tennis with me. You were always willing to do fun activities with me. Some of my most memorable experiences with you are when you would take me along to compete in your Thursday races and then afterward we would go to the yacht club and you would order a beer and I would get a Roy Rogers. It was during those races that you taught me everything I will ever need know about sailing and that is something I will never forget. I owe my love for sailing to you, so thank you. Thank you for everything you taught me and did for me. I hope I have made you proud because I am extremely proud to have you as my grandpa. I love you Grandpa. Love Your Grandson, Preston

31: Grandpa, Thank you for all that you’ve done for me over the years like watching us every Wednesday and Thursday, taking us out on your sailboat, never forgetting my birthday and teaching us how to say ik a pannekooka haven! You are the coolest and funniest grandpa ever and I’m so lucky to have you! I know that you will have an outstanding birthday because you’ll be surrounded by all the people who love you including me. Love, Tiff | Grandpa, I'm so lucky to have you as my grandpa! Ihad so much fun coming over to your house every week when I was little, going sailing on your boat, and having pancakes whenever we came over. I also loved it when you would take us ice skating, to the tennis courts, and swimming, and you would let me win every time! Thank you so much for always making me laugh and trying your best to make me happy! Hav a great 80th birthday! Love, Roxanne

32: Dear Nick, Happy 80th birthday, Nick. I just wanted to say a few things on this occasion. You remind me a lot of my own father. You often see on television stories about various people and what great men they are. But most of them are only “great” because they are in the public eye. They are athletes or politicians or entertainers that are well known and have access to the media. But America is home to many, many other “great men” like you and my father. To me, true American heroes are men like you and my dad who made a success out of their lives thru hard work. You started with nothing. No one paid for your college education. All you did is work hard.. and smart… to provide for yourself and your family. You followed the rules and lived a good life. You met a woman and you married her and stayed married. You kept your commitments. You kept your promises. You made sure your wife and children had a roof over their heads, food in the pot, and love in the house. You taught your children what was important in life and what was not. You taught them to enjoy life. Nobody gave you any phony awards or praise. You just did what a real man, father, and husband needed to do. And you are not a bad father-in-law. Thanks for raising Julie in such a way that she was just what I was looking for….and that she could appreciate a guy like me. Love, Larry | Dear Grandpa, INSERT BEANIE LETTER Love, Kristine

33: Dear Grandpa, When your grandkids were young, we used to write our book reports about you. We would write about how you lived in Holland during the War, about how you came to America at 19, or about how you worked your way up in the Air Force. When we got older, we told our friends the stories about you jumping in through the window at your window washing job or about how you surprised everyone in the Air Force by finding a better way to remove the old airplane tires from the rims. As kids, your stories painted a picture for us of a man who could fix anything, do anything. Your memories are the stuff of legends. But to us—to me—what really makes you legendary are the seemingly little things that you’ve done, as my grandpa, over the course of my life. It’s the pancakes and orange juice in the mornings at your house, the long days of boogie boarding at the beach, the sailing trips around the buoy to see the seals, that I remember most. I can remember you staying up late one night with me when I was in the fifth grade to help me finish a school project on the Presidents of the United States. I can remember you flying kites with me and my sisters at the park by your house. I can remember you by the tree, dishing out the presents at nearly every Christmas of my life. These things seem small, but I’ll never forget these little memories, because these are the experiences that make me who I am. These are the memories that I probably haven’t said thank you enough for over the years, but that have been so much more important to me than you likely realize. So many of my friends don’t have grandparents, but I am lucky enough to have the best grandpa in the world. So thank you, Grandpa, a thousand times thank you, for every kiss and hug, every moment of my life that you’ve been there for me and supported me. My life would never have been as full of love and good memories without you. Happy Birthday, and I love you always. Love, Alison

34: Dear Grandpa, Many people walk through life leaving footprints for others to follow. You are one of those people. You made your own path in order to make it to America to start a new life and a family. Although these footprints are worth so much, they pale in comparison to the greatest footprint of all. This kind of footprint comes few and far between and it is only left by the most special of people. They are the footprints left on a heart. The imprint you have left on my heart grows deeper and brighter with each passing day. It is lined with my most cherished memories of you. You created imagination in my life spanning from adventurous rides on young and old horses, all from the seat on your lap…to the games I played in the doll house you gave me for my birthday. It was on your sailboat where I fell in love with the ocean as I pretended to be the captain of the sea. On our trips to the park where we swam, flew kites, and climbed on the monkey bars, I fell in love with the outdoors. You showed me so many new things that only the luckiest of granddaughters get to see, but you also did the simple things with so much love that it filled me with smiles throughout my childhood. It was the greatest of treats to wake up to fresh squeezed orange juice and smiley faced pancakes after a night spent on the air mattress at the foot of your bed. You made me feel special, even if when it was as simple as letting me take a small white Tic-Tac from the center consol of your car or as meaningful as taking me trick-or-treating in my beautiful fairy costume because I was too sick to go with my family. The lessons you have taught me and the wisdom you have bestowed upon me have stuck with me as far back as I can remember and will continue to define who I am in the years to come. You held my hand when I was a child, but you will hold my heart forever. I love you so much. Happy 80th Birthday! | Love, Kristine

35: Grandpa, First of all, I want to wish a happy birthday to the best grandpa ever! I know you are 80 now, but no matter how old you get, through my eyes you will always look the same. I do not see wrinkles or grey hairs, but I see the man who has inspired my life with stories of hard work, perseverance, and also, laughter. Any time anyone has ever told me about their grandpa, I still have always thought that I had the coolest one. I will always remember the crazy stories you told me about when you came to America. I look at how you supported four children through college and made a beautiful life for them. I love my mom very much and she is an amazing, strong, accomplished woman, so you must have done something right. You have taught me things that I will take with me for the rest of my life. You’ve taught me that you can achieve your goals if you work hard and maybe the most important thing of all; how to make a happy-face pancake. This birthday, I hope you not only celebrate the past 80 years of your life, but also the years to come. I love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Your favorite granddaughter Rachel

36: Mom and Dad, Thank you for all the happy memories. Happy memories of... ...camping in Yosemite... ...sailing in Foster City on the little sailfish, sailing the "Golconda", sailing in Southern California... ...walks through the Golden Gate park... ...trips to Half Moon Bay... ...swimming in the pool... ...days on the beach... ...dinners at Ma and Pa's on Sundays... ...so much great family time. Here's to many more years and happy memories with your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Love, Louise, Nick, Julie, and Ray

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