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Nutrition & Wellness Portfolio

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FC: Ambrey Bechtold Harrisburg High School Sioux Falls, South Dakota | Nutrition & Wellness Portfolio

1: Table of Contents | Goals pgs 2-3 | Nutritional Plan | pgs 4-9 | Nutrition/Wellness Tracking | pgs 10-21 | Nutritional Report pgs 24-25 | Wellness Plan pgs 22-23 | Nutrition Wellness Concerns | pgs 26-29 | Reflection pgs 30-31


3: 1. Drink at least 300 mL of water each day. 2. Eat the recommended amount of sugar daily (33 g) 3. Sleep at least 5 hours each night 4. Eat something for breakfast each morning | **To work on achieving these goals, I will track the food and water I consume to evaluate if I am on track. Also, I will have my friends aid me in remembering to meet these goals.

4: Nutritional Plan | Breakfast: | Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: | I need a quick breakfast for school..grab and go! Mom's Birthday! Better have something special. | Another early start and another grab & go meal. Thursday will be a long night so quick, quick!! Weekend means some time for a change! | Cocoa, fruit (banana or an apple) & a Carbohydrate (bread) Water, Fundraiser Braided Bread in Chocolate Cream Water, fruit (banana or an apple) & a Carbohydrate (bagel) | Water, fruit (something quick) & bread or a bagel Cereal or Eggs with fruit juice

5: Sunday: Monday: | Lunch: | 9 am church calls for a quick sit down meal. Something I can eat half asleep! | Toast, fresh fruit and a glass of milk Leftover breakfast food from Sunday | Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: | Packing a lunch on a Monday... uh oh This brown bag lunch is pretty tasty | Wednesday= late church, no fancy lunch today TGI Friday's sack lunch! | Yogurt, granola, carrot sticks, apple | Leftovers, crackers, applesauce or banana | Leftovers from dinner (anything from chicken to chile) | Sandwich with lots of veggies, whole fruit

6: Saturday: Sunday: Monday: | Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: | Dinner | I will be at dance and church so grab and go Church straight to choir means something speedy Plenty of leftovers in that fridge over there... | Granola Bar, water, applesauce (on the go), a sandwich if I have time Fast leftovers (turkey, stuffing, yams, corn casserole, fruit salad) Sandwich or leftovers, turkey, applesauce, corn | Leftovers from the weekend or chicken as usual Mom's birthday means something special! We eat the same thing a lot... | Leftovers or Honey Chicken with peas and apple Lean steak, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and a glass of milk Chicken with wild rice and apple slices, with a glass milk

7: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday: | Snacks | The same gooey goodness each week,but the concert! We can have the gooey goodness today instead | Slow cooking is the best on a Sunday! Is that chicken I smell again? | Mixed salad with apples and some leftover chicken or turkey The Works pizza with apple slices and a glass of nice cold milk Pot roast with carrots and potatoes with fruit salad and a glass of milk Chicken with wild rice, apple slices, and milk | Weekdays: Weekends: | After school study snacking is my weakness Not enough time to snack! | 1 per day: granola bar, crackers, or applesauce If I need it... granola bar, crackers, or applesauce

8: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | Day 1 | 2 servings of Hot Chocolate 1 thick slice of Meat Lover's Pizza 1 pkg Vanilla Greek Yogurt 1/4 c. Blueberries 1/2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Corn Casserole Turkey on a Roll 1/2 c. Stuffing Fruit Cocktail in Whipped Cream and Lemon Yogurt | Water Intake: 600 mL | Exercise: 2 hours mild dancing

10: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | Day 2 | Water Intake: 300 mL | Exercise: 1 Hour of dancing | Bavarian Cream Braided Bread Sweet Potato Chips with Homemade Salsa Strawberries and Vanilla Greek Yogurt Gingerbread Man Cookie Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Sliver of Chocolate Cake with Peppermints Pumpkin Spice Bread

12: Day 3 | Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | 1 slice of Great Harvest Bread Whole Grain Crackers Great Harvest Bread Strawberry Yogurt and Applesauce Crackers, Chips, and Rainbow Mints Corn Casserole Turkey on a Roll Mashed Potatoes and Gravy | Exercise: 2 hours mild dancing | Water Intake: 400 mL

14: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | GoGo Squeez Applesauce Strawberry Yogurt Butter Crackers Cutie Clementines Cheez-Its and German Chocolate Cake Caesar Salad with Raisins and Seeds Apple Crisp | Day 4 | Exercise: walking around school | Water Intake: 300 mL

16: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal 1 cup of Hot Chocolate Buttered and Salted Popcorn Movie Theater Popcorn Steak Mashed Potatoes Apple Crisp | Day 5 | Exercise: 20 minutes running | Water Intake: 500 mL

18: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | 100% Whole Grain toast with peanut butter & jelly Strawberries 1 thin slice of Pepperoni Pizza Candied Yams Slice of Caramel Apple Ghirardelli Caramel Chocolate French Toast with Peanut Butter Bacon Fruit Salad Glass of Milk | Water Intake: 500 mL | Exercise: none | Day 6

20: Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner | French Toast, plain Apple Crisp Turkey Sandwich none Chicken Noodle Soup 1/2 Slice of 100% Whole Grain Bread Glass of Milk | Day 7 | Exercise: none | Water Intake: 500 mL

22: 2 Week Wellness Plan | Do each day...

23: Stretching

24: SuperTracker Report

26: What current and long-term health concerns do you have? | Nutrition and W | For short term health concerns, I have found that I am concerned my eating habits will begin to affect my dancing. According to SuperTracker, I do no eat enough proteins or vegetables and I eat well over the amount of refined grains recommended for me. In addition I do not eat enough fiber. This could cause my digestion to suffer since veggies and fiber are crucial to keeping you regular. Vegetables also aid in cardiovascular health which is important to me as a dancer. I also do not have much variety in my diet. I eat a lot of the same things and those same things do not always make up a well balanced meal. Short term, this could make me become extremely bored with what I am eating. In the long haul, this could put me in danger of certain illnesses relating to the lack of specific nutrients.

27: I am most frustrated by my lack of variety in my diet. I would like to have more variety but sadly I often run out of time to both plan and create dishes that are well balanced and have variety. Specifically, I am frustrated by the lack of protein and seafood found in my diet. I am the only one in my family besides my dad who likes sea food so my family doesn't eat it very often. Also, I am frustrated by the amount of empty calories shown on SuperTracker. When you are going about your business for the day, you don't realize you are over or under eating certain nutritional values. This project has helped me to realize more of what I'm eating and whether it is good for me or not. | Wellness Concerns | What frustrates you most from the report?

28: What changes can you make to your diet so they are no longer concerns? | I can make quite a few changes to my diet to improve my health and eliminate some of the concerns I have. For starters, I can start eating breakfast. Breakfast is an important meal because it jumpstarts your metabolism and can aid in you getting the nutrients you need for the day. Also, I can make my lunches at night so I can add more protein and vegetables and foods that cannot just be thrown into my lunch box. Doing these things will make me more full and can keep me fuller so I won't need to snack when I get home from school before dinner. I also plan on starting to incorporate more seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet. Doing so should help me feeling better and perform better when I am dancing.

29: What do you like and are happy about when looking at the report? | I am happy that I ate under my calorie intake limit each day. I thought for sure that the stress of the weeks before finals would affect my diet in a more extreme negative way. I was also happy to see that my fruit and vegetable levels were fairly close to being where they needed to be.

30: Reflection

31: In reflection, I realized that the goals set at the beginning really helped. I met all but one of them and I am quite proud of myself for doing so. The process of taking pictures and recording everything I eat has also helped me. I found myself deciding what to eat based on if it would look good as a picture and if it would add to the nutrients in SuperTracker. To change my diet I will try and continue to use SuperTracker or an app version of it so I can be more conscious about what I am eating.

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