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S: "Memoirs of a Family" Michael Sumner I - SDS

BC: Memoirs of a Family I save my brother. My brothers learn life lessons. My unforgettable experience. My life lessons.

FC: Memoirs of a Family Michael Sumner

1: Memoirs of a Family By: Michael Sumner

2: © 2009 | If this book has no front cover, then it is considered as a damaged property and if sold damaged, it is against the law!

3: __ Table of Contents __ CHAPTER 1 The Fall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 - 6 CHAPTER 2 Xerox Machine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 - 14 CHAPTER 3 Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 - 20 CHAPTER 4 The Fun Part . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 - 29

4: ..::: Table of Contents :::.. CHAPTER 5 Flying Car . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 - 37 CHAPTER 6 Identical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 - 44 CHAPTER 7 Zooplankton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 - 52 CHAPTER 8 Father's Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 - 58 CHAPTER 9 Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 - 65 CHAPTER 10 Cat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 - 69

5: CHAPTER 1: The First Teachings

6: In a bright confusing after-school day, Michael was just playing around with his toys upstairs. He played with his own Lego creations which were huge one to 3 feet models which were so delicate, that if it falls down, most of the Lego parts would break down to bite-sized pieces. Michael was still aged at 6 years old during this flashback. He played around with his Lego bricks for two to three hours straight, breaking down his models then building then from the floor up to as high as he can build them to, without depression from them falling

7: down. All of his original creations that go up several inches, down to the floor, scattered and sometimes lost under furnaces. But he has never been seen crying when his monster Lego creations fall down to the ground. He always has that fiery emotion to not give up. His twin brother, Jonathan, is playing on his beloved Play Station 1, which was a hit before the grand Play Station 2 kicked it's younger brother. His 3rd brother, David, was just watching the television downstairs. Eric, the youngest, was in his cot as he was 3 years old that time, but David

8: always picks him up again and again as many times as you can think of when he goes out of his cot. Michael's parents are busy working and cooking. Now David has had that habit of teasing people which seem to him as fun, but to others not. This is the thing about brothers, they will have to learn, and it is a big problem especially if you're the eldest. So our mom has just finishing cooking dinner, Jonathan is saving on the PS1, Eric is trying to get out of his cot, David has to use the bathroom upstairs, and Michael is quickly rushing down without tidying

9: up his Lego, as this would take such a long time, with 500+ pieces scattered around the room. So as David went upstairs, he just hit Michael who was hastily going downstairs. The stairs weren't too wide, but were carpeted well. Michael hit David and David was slanting, about to fall down the stairs. But Michael, with his heart still rushing because of his desperation and love for food, had something like an adrenaline effect on him. He accidentally pushed his brother downstairs but then his quick split-second reflexes had enough time to

10: catch his brother, which was very close, because Michael caught him by on his leg, with his brother's whole body upside down! Suddenly mother saw what happened and scolded Michael, even though Michael felt like a hero for a moment. He tried to say what happened during that life-or-death experience of his brother, but his mother just wouldn't listen. But deep inside, Michael really felt that he saved someone, it felt cozy and a feeling when you feel that what you did was somewhat a good thing.

11: So Michael had his dinner with even though his brain was making his body look and feel sad, his spirit and soul felt great and nourished with a newly-earned value, helping others in need. David was still crying that time because of what he had experienced, that if all of the other factors: daylight, his weight, Michael's strength and reflexes, failed, then he would really be in a disastrous situation right about now. But even though he was also showing extreme sadness, he must've thought that he should thank me, or maybe not because it was an accident.

12: When Jonathan, the eldest, was 7 years old, he was like a xerox machine. One day, he came back home from school with one of his classmates borrowing his paper, since he never learned to say "no" at that time. The next day after his classmate was finished copying his paper that Jonathan did earlier in school before he gave it to his classmate, Jonathan came to his classmate to get his paper back ready for another day at school. He asked his classmate why he had to borrow it, and his classmate said that he didn't have enough time to do his homework at

13: home. But Jonathan disagreed to his classmate's excuse, so Jonathan said, "Why didn't you do it in school yesterday?" His classmate then made another excuse which he didn't really do in school yesterday, which was being very busy that time. So Jonathan kept in his mind that his classmate really had some problem but didn't want to say it out. Maybe Jonathan was being cheated by a cheater! But since Jonathan wasn't able to say "no," then he just went away. Then the next dismissal that same day, Jonathan tried borrowing his other classmate's paper,

14: who was much smarter than him. His smartest classmate has been getting the highest grades ever seen in the whole school, at his young age. So Jonathan tried to borrow his smartest classmate's Homework which was supposed to be done at home, but his smart classmate knew that if he had the time, then he would do it. But his smart classmate has made a big mistake which he doesn't do often, he was creating a cheater! The smart classmate was such a kind guy, because he doesn't talk to people that much, more on his studies. So then Jonathan successfully got his

15: smart classmate's paper, then rushed home feeling lucky that he got the paper that was sure to get an A++!!! This paper happened to be a test paper, but was then renamed as a "Take-Home Test." He was really lucky. Now Jonathan continued going home full of excitement, cheating for the first time in his life. He got home, changed himself, had snack, and went on his assignments.

16: Now Jonathan came in ready to copy his smart classmate's paper. It took him some time, but it was sure fun copying answers which are correct in the eyes of the smartest classmate. Jonathan felt proud because he thinks that copying is a fun and cool thing. No one has noticed him copying yet, but after about 3 days Michael started to catch him copying. Michael said to him, "What's that paper, and why is someone else's paper with you?" Jonathan then said, "I'm copying the smartest kid-in-school's paper, why?" Then Michael thought about it for

17: some time then came to notice about the word "copy" as a word which seemed to be in the Rulebook of our school. He then checked it and there it was, he finally noticed that his older twin brother was a copycat! Michael said to his brother that cheating is not allowed, but Jonathan insisted and said that it feels good, like you don't have to worry about anything. So Michael then let it be and continued studying in his own room while Jonathan was playing on the PS1. The next day, Jonathan gave the paper back to his smart classmate then after some minutes, it

18: was time for the checking of the test paper, which Jonathan brought out with a smile. He knew that he would get a very high grade. He knew that he would now pass the test. He knew that he was soon going to be one of the top ones. But then suddenly, one by one, the answers went all wrong. "How can the best student get so many mistakes?" The smart classmate began to learn about his mistakes while Jonathan was very sad that he really did a bad thing, he copied his classmate's paper which had so many wrong answers! He then said in his

19: mind that that was the disadvantage of copying, there will always be a time when something will go wrong. It's just been 3 - 4 days since Jonathan got into the habit of copying other people's homeworks, and he then wanted to stop copying from now on. He shouldn't be too dependent on other people's answers, as they have different minds. After some days of reflection, Jonathan was then able to stand up for himself, it did take some time before he could get better grades, making his parents more proud and thus giving him an all-new PS2!

20: When David was about 4 years old, he has always wanted to go out and about and discover anything. He was always a person who would be wanting go around the house and play with toys, even if he still had assignments. He has been like this until one moment. Now, one day, when he was 4 years old, he was ready to go out after he woke up. He had his breakfast, changed his clothes, brushed his teeth and all other things everyone does every school day. He was going to have a Physical Education test today. Now when he was in school, he had to take the test

21: which he has prepared for 2 weeks. He felt that energy in him. He wanted to really go and get the highest grade possible, even if it might be a world record. He waited for his turn, but he wasn't able to have his turn in the test because he was one of the last people in the line, as the line was arranged by class number and his last name began with the letter "S," which was really very far from "A." Now because of this, he still had lots of energy from his power-packed breakfast he had earlier. He tried his best to control himself, but being 4 years old, he went around

22: everywhere. Then soon it was time to be dismissed so he ran back home because our house isn't so far away from school, then began playing around, instead of watching the television more. After some time, it was already time for dinner. He ate slowly because he didn't want to waste the food, then he went playing in the living room. After such a long time, he still had enough energy to not watch television. He then played so much that he got badly hurt. He was trying to balance himself on a stool that was short, and had curved feet. It really

23: looked scary, but I didn't have enough time to warn him. He then fell down on the floor which looked like he was falling down from a skyscraper, with me sitting down on the floor pretty far from him playing chess with my twin brother. My parents came in and quickly rushed him to the hospital. When they took David out of the house, you can still hear him crying like the whole neighborhood could hear it! Then after some time, my mother came back in and said that we should go to sleep. So then the following morning, David and my

24: parents came back with David using a plaster. He broke his arm! That must've hurt for someone who didn't know what he was doing. He had all the energy, but no luck, because he broke his arm. Then he didn't take his P.E. test because he had a broken arm, so he was exempted from it. It was sad that he didn't have his P.E. test which he worked so hard for, only ending up with a broken arm and spirit. But that little accident didn't make David go away. A few months later, after his arm has healed, he had another P.E. test and was ready to face the

25: challenge. Once a person breaks their bones, these bones have a special ability which is to make itself stronger than it was before it was broken. That's how people can smash cinder blocks with their foreheads! So now David was back with full strength ready for his test. He had the test and ended up with an excellent grade, higher than the others! David then had that feeling inside him of perseverance, and probably patience, for waiting such a long time without giving up on his goal.

26: CHAPTER 2: The Fun Part

27: On my mother's birthday, which was on a January, we all went out to a resort. We all woke up at 6:00 in the morning to get ready for the long trip to a great area, in Cavite. Michael was already 13 years old at that time, meaning that I could now remember everything! So after we got ourselves ready to go on the long trip, we went in and I luckily sat on the front seat. While we passed the pollution, it looked amazing that everyone else living in there were breathing in that smoke cloud covering the metropolis. I saw many spectacular views which

28: were truly amazing when it's your first time seeing these. I first saw the giant smoke cloud, covering Manila. Everyone was breathing in this, even the air conditioner is said to not fully block this smoke. I saw the tall green grass, under thick smoke. It's like I couldn't even see the tall buildings anymore, since it was covered in black smoke, smog. After we went out of the pull of that smog, we continued traveling. I saw the awesome SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest malls in Asia, which was said to be built on water! It carried so many expensive

29: and huge things that I couldn't imagine all of that and the concrete still floating on water. It looked really great seeing clear metal in a bright blue day. Next to that were houses still under construction living near the Grand Mall, all of the houses looked exactly the same. That's really what you can no originality. There weren't so many people going to Cavite, which made this trip very smooth. We weren't even caught in any traffic, except for the Gas Stations stops which our youngest brother, Eric, uses often. He just wants to use the bathroom when he has the

30: feeling. Now after I saw the many unknown gasoline stations that we met, I began to wonder why these weren't known to society that much. If they were known, then I would've heard about them, but I didn't until now. They had really great service, even though I wasn't the driver, and they had a great view around them. Some seconds after we went back traveling I saw an airplane soaring through the sky really close to us, so that means that there must be an airport nearby. Then after that we noticed so many cool cars which we haven't seen ever

31: before. There were all sorts and kinds that I couldn't even care to see the name of the car, because it looked so cool! One of them which was my favorite looked similar to a monster truck, it had really huge wheels that it was taller than a bus! Then while I was going to Cavite I saw poor homes that were repainted in gold, red, light blue, green, and all other bright colors you can think of. It looked as if that poor area became rich. The people weren't really that poor, they just saved money on their houses, which seemed like super saving!

32: Then when we saw a huge open field, very far away we saw huge buildings that looked as if they were isolated by grass and dirt. What's spectacular about this is that someone rich wanted to put buildings in a place which seemed useless, but then I started seeing people going there. The building was out in the open sun, maybe ready to receive solar power. The highways were already amazing even if it isn't to some people. We went up the ramps then saw everything under us, and the clouds were quick easy to reach. All you have to do is to

33: go up on one of the billboards and you can touch the sky, which I almost did because one of the ramps almost reached as high as a billboard. There were many huge buildings from rich companies that I saw. It looked like huge Lego models that I did when I was very young, when I first got my Lego set. It looked as if the buildings were competing on who would be taller. It didn't really look like they were super tall as the Empire State Building or Taipei 101, but they had amazing designs! Some of them had moats and swimming pools and bright

34: lights even in the day. Then came in our first traffic, the tollgates. They had been working all day and all night, allowing people to enter to another area. We were going to Cavite, so we went in line with the Cavite queue and after that we went off with the bright sun following us. Then we went up steep roads and went down again, reaching Cavite. We ended up in a resort, which was so huge that it was actually an island. When I came there I saw a huge bridge, wide buildings and few people, since it was still January. Only tourists and some other young

35: Filipinos and people having some kind of field trip were in there. When I came in, I saw great statues of dolphins playing will beach balls and people taking pictures. There was even a huge swimming pool that could fit more than a thousand people at once, or maybe even more! I soon came in the resort and rested for a while in a cottage, which was fully air conditioned. After some time, I came out and checked the brochure, everyone felt hungry from the trip so we went in and dined for breakfast. It was fully air conditioned, as always

36: with many designs, sculptures, tables, chairs, wine bottles and a huge plasma television! Whoever owned the place seemed rich. Now I had a great longganisa with egg and fried rice. It was very delicious! I even ate the decorations on it, like tomatoes, parsley, which was minty, and lemons. After I had a hearty breakfast I checked my brochure again to locate the fishing area. After we went there, I was surprised to see that the whole place had many bahay-kubos on stilts. Then I got my fishing rod and bait and head fishing for a few hours. It wasn't

37: only me but also my whole family. They all tried fishing but my brother David teamed up with Eric got the most fish. At first it looked easy, but then I began to notice that it wasn't as easy as it looked. The fish didn't really care about the yummy bait. I made my bait so huge that it was eaten by a fish without me noticing it! After the time ended, my brother got about 2-4 milkfish, and 2 red snappers which looked really mad. We didn't just leave the fish we caught on the floor or somewhere with air, but left them in a net under the water, but still with us.

38: After that tough fishing time, I found out about the Paintball game. It's a game when you shoot other people using paintballs. But it seemed to dangerous so I just targeted some wooden targets. I did well on my first try using guns, but maybe if I practiced more, then I could soon master it. They seemed pretty expensive but were worth it being my first time. After that it was almost going dark so we all went near the fishing spot close to a nice restaurant. It looked nice seeing the beautiful lights in the city, far away from us divided by the huge span of

39: the sea. Sometimes there were motor boats crossing by. They really caught more fish than we did. Now I had a great dinner which was Beefsteak with rice, really tasty. They really know how to cook and sing. There were singers who could've sang the Birthday song to my mother but my mother said that we shouldn't say that it's her birthday. She wants them to sing other songs because they have classic instruments. The songs they sang were great. After that I got a free monkey because of the milkshake I ordered. All too great!!

40: I came out with a full stomach because I had lots of great rice, just the way I wanted it. I then went passed all that I've been through then went to the cottage and slept. Then I woke up the next morning, it was rainy but that didn't let me down. That night was really cold because of the air conditioner and the rain with cooled the whole cottage. I went out when everybody else woke up then we all went outside. I went out first and smelled the fresh air which smelled like the morning dew. I looked up at the sky that was gradually clearing

41: itself from the morning rain. I looked up at the tall coconut trees that were planted around the cottages. There were several other cottages which were aligned around roads. Then after some time, the sky became blue again and I saw another airplane passing by, but it wasn't very close to us this time. I went out and strolled to the zoo. I passed through a giant chess set which we played for about two hours, wasting our time picking up the heavy chess pieces. Close to that was a gymnasium, but I didn't bring any sports equipment with me so I just looked around there.

42: Then I went by the sea, which was probably a bay but it didn't have any boats or yachts nearby, only a ledge to save you from drowning in the fish-filled water. I went passed coconut trees that were impossible to count, unless you are the person who can leave their eyes open for a very long time still keeping track of the coconuts. There were some coconuts which almost hit me as they fell, but it was a good thing that they didn't. Now I started at the front of the zoo. I first saw some farm animals which gave a little taste of what would be in the zoo.

43: There were wooden models of butterflies which you could ride on, wooden models of goats, and carabaos. Then I saw pinned butterflies that were displayed in frames and put on the walls. They looked pretty rare considering their colors. I went out to the muddy area and saw my first live farm animals, ever. There were chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and sheep. The chickens looked great when with the roosters, who looked really proud as they take care of their roosts. The ducks kept on quacking and quacking and quacked a lot less when

44: they saw humans. They thought that were going to feed them. Next in line were the goats. They were quite small but looked cool with their horns and goatees. Next were the sheep. They were almost the same height as the goats but didn't have any horns nor goatee, and looked so soft and woolly with their thick unshaved coats. The coats weren't perfectly white, but instead had some dark curves under the wool. It was kind of grayish-white. After that were the geese. They looked similar to ducks, but were really tall and a lot more annoying. They had

45: their own teeth which looked scary, because they had long necks too. If anyone were to go near them, then they would use their long necks to go past their rooster-like cages and get something from the humans. They kept on quacking more than the ducks and and looked as if they could really do some damage to someone. So next I had to in the butterfly area. I entered the heavy curtains and entered the butterfly world. It had a small river and across that, a bridge. So many flowered covered the ground, and even vines crawled up the sides and corners of this

46: fantastic world. To the eyes of the insects here, it's like they are living in their own Earth, a place with a huge Amazon river and a kind of land bridge that crosses over this river, which has no use to flying creatures. There were many butterflies and other insects not harming each other, including us humans. Instead, they were harmoniously living in a balanced world, with giants periodically keeping their Earth fine. One of my favorite butterflies was a huge butterfly with the colors red, yellow, black, and blue. Maybe it had a bit of golden color on

47: its body, which wasn't really the gold you might be thinking of, but a gold which was a mix of yellow and brown. Now as I followed my family down to the other side of the heavy curtains, we all stopped to take a picture at the bridge. While we were going to the bridge, I again saw an amazing airplane which was probably a Jumbo Jet! It looked really fat and low in the sky, but didn't harm anyone's ears, even the insects'. Now after we took the picture, we then went out to the other side of the Small World and entered the Animal Kingdom, or zoo.

48: First of all, we saw real-life colorful birds that were as high as 3 feet. It looked like a parrot, but didn't really look like one. Instead, it was maybe a giant toucan, without it's big beak. Of course it was caged, but its cage was meters. Then in front of us, real live tigers! I was really frightened that it was really really big! It's like one and a half times bigger than the largest dog, which if I can remember was a St. Bernard. The tigers were unfortunately sleepy, not caring much about eating us. It saw me as a huge person who looked young. I did go a bit closer to

49: the cage to get a better look. Then it sniffed me but I didn't want to upset it immediately so I carefully went away without it noticing me going farther from it. I tried to touch another one's fur but it these tigers were in 2 - 3 cages, which was a lot. So I didn't get to touch them. I saw the baby tigers, very cute and cuddly, sleeping away. But one was awake, watching us while its head on its paws, looking bored. I was soon able to touch its fur, which felt a bit like a dog's fur. It really felt wonderful because its green eyes were looking at me accepting the touch.

50: We went a little farther from the tigers and saw... Ostriches! These didn't look like the ostriches I expected. Instead, these were ostriches with their feathers not combed properly, looking like someone who's hair is all fuzzed up in the morning. They were able to reach out of the cage because of their long necks and small heads. For me, they looked like a big turkey. Their skin wasn't peach but more like a grayish-flesh color. When I looked at the left side of their cage, there was a similar but the zookeepers say that it's not an ostrich. This kind of animal looks

51: nearly the same as an ostrich in height, shape and speech but the different thing about this one was that it had kind of festive colors, ready for any season whether it may be Easter, Christmas or any other occasion you can think of. It even looked a bit like Santa Claus, because it was also living in a small shed. Then some meters away I saw more big birds that were all flying about; and some small birds but many in one area. There were many other animals but the ones I just said about were my favorite ones. After I walked many steps going farther from

52: the kingdom I ended up in another place with animals. I first saw horses and a monkey in that area. The place looked like a palace, but once I went in I saw crocodiles and more monkeys displayed in this kind of museum. I went in deeper this museum and saw real life crocodiles. All of them were about 5 years old and above! I don't really know the eldest, but I think that it is 12 years old. I'm at least older than it, but not bigger than it. I tried to feed the crocodiles with chicken. It smelled rancid but when tied onto the rope, it looked quite cool. I pulled the rope

53: down and as soon as a crocodile was about to eat the chicken by jumping into the air to catch it then hurl it down to the water, I pulled the chicken back up as quickly as I can, teasing the crocodiles. This made the crocodile into its adrenaline mode, which you can see because of its increased speed. After about 3 or 4 times of being teased, it got hold of the chicken's body and pulled it down with all of its weight. The funny part was that only the chicken's neck and head was left on the rope. We let that down and gave it to the winning crocodile who deserved

54: the delicious raw chicken. After that, we came to one of the people running the place and asked for a bunch of bananas, because we were going to feed the Monkeys! The monkey island was at the center of the crocodile park. It was surrounded by unused water, or a moat. No crocodiles lived or swam in this moat. Only the monkeys threw their banana peels in the water. I tried throwing one of the bananas. They were actually Saba, the one for delicious Banana Q's. I accidentally threw my first one in the water, but on my second try I successfully threw it

55: close to a baby monkey's feet! That was close. It would be so cruel to throw a banana at a monkey's head. They looked so human in opening the banana from top as we do it but some other wild monkeys not here open the banana from down under. Now after the baby monkey finished peeling the banana, it threw the banana peel on the floor like someone not disciplined. I wish I could do that! After it was done my whole family started wanting to throw more and more, so in the end we bought 3 bunches of bananas. Some of the monkeys were playing on their tire

56: swing and some others playing on their monkey bars. I'm probably the only one who was having fun with these animals but we had to go away from the area unfortunately. We went back to the museum then took a picture with a baby crocodile in my hands, with its mouth sadly tied with scotch tape. My mother was really scared and said that it was dirty or that it might bite, but one of the people running the area said that it's been washed and that it's taped. After that we went out and took a ride back with a good horseback riding. Not so long did it take that we were back in

57: our cottages. We slept for the night and in the morning we ate nice buffet breakfast which you can also order anything you like, then went back home at around 12 in the afternoon. We came back home preparing for school again.

58: Then my father had go away for some time, because of his job. His boss has sent him out of the country, for the good of his business. His boss told him that he should solve the problems in the other side of the world. He has a month to do all of this. So after the visitation of his boss in our house that night. He had to get ready to the other side of the world. His boss has payed for all of the fees because our father is such a highly-respected employee. He packed his bag, said all of what is going to happen and why it is happening, said goodbye and all other

59: things he can do to make sure that we won't be worried, then went away very early in the morning, at about 3:00. We felt quite sad because of all of the fun he carries all the time, but that didn't degrade us. We had to get used to life, and life has it's disadvantages, losing your loved ones. This is the real world, but we haven't lost our loved ones yet. So we better be prepared for when the times come. Now he left on a Monday morning so we had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready for school. We tried to stay focused and reflect on ourselves about this experience.

60: After some time we got used to it. We were still trying to discipline ourselves even if our mother was the only one left with us. We tried to help in the household chores and tried to do the least trouble as we can. Then as soon as it was dismissal, we tried to keep ourselves fine and ready to enter the place of lessons, our house. We always did what we do routinely, except for saying bye to our father every morning. After a whole month of waiting, cleaning, preparing, reflecting, commemorating, our father soon came home. He told about his experience in

61: the other side of the world to all of us the night after he came home very tired. He said that he saw thousands of new things which he didn't ever see before in real life and in his life. He didn't even see some things in the television. He saw amazing things. He saw jaw-dropping things. He has been sent to America. Now he said that the place looked like it had no problems at all. But that was only in their airport. Their airplanes were massive, with huge buildings and a wide open space. Once he came out of the airport and into a taxi, he had to stay in a hotel as

62: his only place. Now while he was going to a hotel close to where he was to be doing his business trip, he saw people troubled, as in addiction like drugs and cigarettes, gangsters fighting and boasting, and people rushing about. He had to stay in California for some time and meet up with his boss's business partners. He had very long conversations and meetings then had to go to Canada, which wasn't too far from America on the map. He had to ride another airplane just to go there, so maybe it was pretty far from California. While he was going there,

63: he saw huge hollowed land with water, or lakes and rivers flowing down to waterfalls. He said that he's seen the Niagra falls and said that it's totally amazing. Now after he has landed on Canada, he had to do the same thing as he did in America, but this time this place was strict with rules about nature, as always. Now after that time, he said that he always missed us. So he came back home with many learnings. One of them was that life is rough. Another one is that you have to stay put even in the toughest of situations, which in this case continuing even if

64: you leave your beloved family or place. And the last one was that you should always try your best at anything you can, and try twice your best at something you love. He means about this last teaching that you should be the best at what you love, which in this case his job. He has a very high rank in his company, because he truthfully loves this. he ended off with a big family hug.

65: After we were given a PS2 when I was just seven years old, my youngest sibling, Eric, was still 3 at that time, but was very curious about this strange contraption. You can really see him wanting to go closer to this machine. He always wanted to go out of his cot just to touch that thing, but he was never able to until he was four years old. He was of course able to stand up at that time and he was now not in his cot, but walking. One day he went out and tried to play a game on the Play Station 2. He was very curious that he didn't start playing yet until nearly a

66: whole week passed. Every time he came home from school he would be seen looking at the buttons on the PS2 controller always checking on the shape of the controller, and its buttons. He didn't even start the PS2 console yet, just staring on the controller, trying to see if it would move on its own, which it never did. Then as soon as my brothers and I came home we quickly remembered where the on-switch was and quickly turned it on. We were still playing for our first time. Then Eric saw where we switched it on. He then just watched us playing on

67: this fantastic machine. He was watching the screen as if he was watching the television for the first time, which was true. We once played on our PS1 but Eric didn't see that yet because it was upstairs, and we were playing the PS2 downstairs. He was always staring at the screen but after about 1 minute he just continued doing whatever he was before he started staring. Then as the years passed, when he was 6 years old, he tried playing for the first time in his life. He kept on jumping and twirling and spinning and biting the wire of the controller. We

68: tried to teach him not to do those things, especially twirling and biting the wires, because it could destroy the controller. But sadly, the controllers broke. The wire split open, revealing the colorful wires inside, and the black wire got tangled up. After a few more years, he learned not to tangle the wires again and to not bite the controller. But one more problem was left, he kept on jumping around like a person who just won in a lottery. He then said that this was for exercise, but in my opinion really wasn't. All I know about that is that he was only losing

69: calories by sweating, but not becoming better at something, except for jumping. But he didn't use his jumping for something useful yet. Maybe in his P.E. classes he is one of the top jumpers in his class some day. So until now he hasn't learned to stop jumping because of all of the excitement from the games. While he was playing the PS2 since he began until now, he has been in some kind of addiction. His grades went lower, and he always thinks of playing. He tells about the experience he has from playing the PS2 and he doesn't really talk about

70: anything else until now. But he learned to balance his playing time and learned to say something other than things related to the PS2. He had many lessons about balancing his playing that he even learned from one the biggest problems that he has ever faced, rushing his meals just to play! That's why he isn't as fat as other people, but maybe that's a good thing. The only bad thing about this is that he rushes his food if he has something exciting in his games. Now this thing has balanced and he can now live life more normally as any other Grade 3

71: kid.

72: We have a dog who was still at a very young age of 1 year. He was born somewhere in January. We forgot when he was born because not everyone celebrates their dog's birthday every year. Now he looked very cute in the pet shop but he was caged. His little eyes were staring at us staring at him in the glass wall. So we thought that this would be a nice dog to live with. We gave the cash and strolled away with our dog, named Tom. He was a little shy at first once he saw us in his new home, but after a week or two he got used to the place.

73: He began to meet people with his own senses. He was a pure Shih tzu, who had some light-brown marks on his vanilla coat. Since he was still a new dog here, he had to learn how to use the facilities. It took 3 weeks for him to learn how to do this. But once he learned, then he looked like a normal human who can think for himself. Months passed, and we wanted him to learn tricks. Actually, his first trick was standing up on his two feet. This is one of his talents but there are too many to tell that it can't fit in this story! So since he is purebred, he begins to want

74: to have babies at such a young age. We began to notice his urge so then we looked and researched and it said that purebreds want to do this at such a young age because they want to keep their nice pedigree going. They have that already embedded in their brains. It's an instinct and they mostly live on their instincts. So we had to live with this problem. Soon it didn't become a problem because we got used to it and that problem went aside. Now he has been biting other people's legs or feet and scratching them too. This was a problem because he wouldn't stop

75: doing this. So we had to teach him again. After many months of pure teaching, he stopped doing this and we also didn't forget to trim his nails to avoid dangerous scratching if it might happen. So we solved a problem with the help of our dog. We had to leave him because he wouldn't have any gardens in our next house so we had to bring him to the province where we know for sure that he'll have a good time wandering in the huge gardens there. We learned that dogs are pets that are like instruments for making people better persons.

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