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Old Yeller

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S: Old Yeller ABC Book By: Malik Jones

BC: Old Yeller Old Yeller Old Yeller Old Yeller

FC: Old Yeller

1: A | Arliss | Arliss is one of the main characters in the story and he is the one that usually gets in trouble. He is the youngest one in the family. He likes to play in the Drinking Water with Old Yeller and then it gets dirty and they can not drink it .

2: B | Bird Song Creek

3: Bird song creek is the setting of the story. It is where Travis and his family live. They live on a farm and near a creek. They live in a log cabin near the woods.

4: C | Cows

5: Travis has some cows on his farm and one of them is a baby. His name is Spot and he is very wild. He likes to to run around in the bar and he is very playful. There is also another cow on the farm.

6: D | Doe

7: Sometimes Travis has to go hunting for doe and he did once in the book. When he did he shot it in the back leg and it didn't die. He then saw it run into a tree trunk and then it died. Then he took it home and ate it. Travis felt confident that he could shoot the doe and he was happy when he did

8: E | Enflamed

9: Travis' leg was enflamed from when he got bit.It was really swollen. It was bleeding and it was very red.

10: F | Farm

11: Travis and his family own a farm and they have cows and horses and maybe others and he loves them and he likes to take good care of them.

12: G | Growl

13: Old Yeller will growl if he hears something or if he thinks something is wrong. He protects Travis and his family because he loves them and he wants to keep them safe.

14: H | Horses

15: Travis had one horse on his family's farm but towards the end of the book he got a new one. The new one was Travis' horse and he got it for taking care of the house while his father was gone for a little. He loves his new horse.

16: I | Ignore

17: When Little- Arliss was playing in the drinking water he would get told to get out by Travis. He would ignore him and keep playing in it because he thinks it is fun. Sometimes they have to get new drinking water because Old Yeller plays in it with Little Arliss too. Then Travis gets mad.

18: J | Jumper

19: Jumper is Travis' mule and he goes everywhere with Travis. Travis takes Jumper with him when he goes hunting. He has to make sure he leaves jumper somewhere where Jumper does not get scared and run away. Jumper is scared of the sound that the gun makes when you shoot it. Travis loves Jumper a lot.

20: K | Kick

21: When Travis first sees Old Yeller next to the meat he thinks that he ate it because it was not hanging where it was. When he knew Old Yeller ate the meat he was mad and he tried to kick him but he moved out of the way. Then Little Arliss came out and he got mad and said Don't you kick my dog and started to throw rocks at Travis.

22: L | Loafer Wolf

23: Towards the end of the book Old yeller fought a Loafer Wolf with rabies and it bit Old Yeller.

24: M | Mama

25: Mama is one of the main characters in the story. She is responsible because she takes care of Travis and Little Arliss. She also likes to help take care of the animals on the farm.

26: N | Night

27: At night one day Travis had to shoot the wolf but he could not see and he did not want to shoot Old Yeller or mama and Lisbeth or Arliss. He shot and he accidently shot Old Yeller and then he shot the wolf.

28: O | Old Yeller

29: Old Yeller is one of the main characters in this book. Travis did not want Old Yeller because he thought that he would replace his old dog Bell. He is a lost dog and he finds a family that loves him but didn't when they first saw him. Old Yeller was a guard dog and he protected Travis and his family from any dangers. At the end Old Yeller got shot and he died but Travis will never forget him.

30: P | Papa

31: Papa is not really a main character in the book because you only hear his name twice. Papa has to go on a trip and Travis has to take over and be the man of the house. Travis will only be the man of the house until his dad gets back. At the end when he gets home Travis gets a new horse.

32: Q | Quilt

33: Travis got hurt and he used a Quilt to stop the blood from coming out of the wound. He also put on a clean white towel. He got scratched by the Hogs and it hurt him really bad.

34: R | Responsible

35: Travis was very responsible throughout the whole story. He took care of his family and the animals. At the end he got his Man's Horse because he was responsible.

36: S | Speckled Pup

37: The Speckled Pup was Old Yeller's puppy and it was very playful. Lisbeth brought it to Travis as a surprise. Since Old Yeller died this one will grow up to be like him.

38: T | Travis

39: Travis is one of the main characters in the story and he is responsible. He likes to play with his family and Old Yeller. He has to take care of the house and his family while his Papa is gone on a trip. Travis is the main characterof the story.

40: U | United

41: Travis' family was a united family because they all loved each other and they do everything together as a loving Family.

42: V | Violent

43: There was lots of violence in the book. But it wasn't bad. It was just bull's fighting. Even Old Yeller was fighting. Old Yeller fought a wolf at the end of the story.

44: W | Whimper

45: The little Speckled Pup would whimper all the time. He would whimper just like Old Yeller. The little pup barks but it is squeaky. The pup likes to bark.

46: X | Xtraordinary

47: Travis thinks that he has a family that does everything together. His family does everything together and protect each other.

48: Y | Yeller Dog

49: Old Yeller was a yeller dog. H e was called Old Yeller in the story because he screams loudly sometimes.

50: Z | Zoned

51: Everytime travis would yell at Arliss, Arliss would zone out. Then Travis gets mad and Arliss gets happy.

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