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Our Ancestors & Our Descendants

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Our Ancestors & Our Descendants - Page Text Content

S: Our Ancestors and Descendants

FC: The Ancestors and Descendants of | Tom & Delores Runzi

1: I have looked at photographs that show you as a CHILD ~ when you were MARRIED ~ as a PARENT. Such a brief and limited STORY they tell. I wish I could ask how you weathered disappointments, what were your greatest JOYS, and what you felt to be TRUE. What I know is, you are a part of me, and I find WONDER in contemplating your life. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | compiled by Kitty Runzi Doza ~ January 2012 Families are like quilts . . . lives pieced and stitched together, colored by happiness and tears, bound by memories and love, and cherished throughout the years.

2: Mercer Timeline 1857 ~ Charles Mercer l born (died 1931) 1867 ~ Vianna (Vinnie) Bigford Mercer born (first wife) Charles and Vinnie married. Their children were: 1889 ~ Charles Mercer ll born/ married to Alice Courtaway Lillian Mercer born/ married to Eugene Clemons Jane Mercer born/ married to Ira Allen James Mercer born 1902 ~ Vinnie Mercer died (at age 35) Charles l married Jessie Horhine. Their child was Edward. 1916 ~ Edward William Mercer born/ married to Maizie Sparks and their child was Ed Mercer Jr.) 1889 ~ Charles Mercer ll was born (died 1941) 1893 ~ Alice Courtois born (Her father later changed their family name to Courtaway) 1909 ~ Charles ll and Alice married July 13, 1909 1911 ~ Edward Mercer born 1913 ~ Milford Mercer born (wife Glenda Walker) Children are: Peggy, Charlotte, Barbara, Robert, Raymond 1916 ~ Ralph Mercer born 1918 ~ Stanley Mercer born 1918 ~ Edward died at age 7 of a childhood disease 1919 ~ Stanley died at age 11 months, reason unknown 1920 ~ Bertha Mae Mercer born (husband Jim Madison) Children are Linda and Carol 1922 ~ Bernard Mercer born 1924 ~ Fern Marie Mercer born 1926 ~ Mary Delores Mercer born (husband Carlson/ then Runzi)

3: 1928 ~ Wanda Lea Mercer born (husband Aubuchon/ then Murray) Children are: Steven, Paul, Willis, Kevin/ then Lee, Robert 1930 ~ Bernard died at age 8 of a childhood disease 1933 ~ Charles Mercer lll born (wife Shirlee Winningham) Children are: Cynthia Leigh "Cindy" & Charles "Len" Mercer 1934 ~ Ralph died at age 17, playing basketball 1945 ~ Fern died at age 20 of complications from pneumonia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Valle' ~ Courtois Timeline Pasquel Valle' was the patriarch of this family. His children were: William, Fabian, Rousane, Emma, Frozine, Marian, and Mary Theresa. 1869 ~ Mary Theresa Valle' born/ married to William Moses Courtois. At some point in time, he changed their family name to Courtaway, to make it sound more American. They had 12 children. Their names were: William Courtaway 1893 ~ Alice Margaret Courtaway (husband Charles Mercer ll) Albert (Ab) Courtaway 1898 ~ Blanche Courtaway Walter Courtaway 1901 ~ Bertha (Bert) Courtaway (husband was a Duckworth) Clarence Courtaway Louise Courtaway 1906 ~ Wallace Courtaway Fred Courtaway Les & Bess Courtaway (twins) 1893 ~ Alice Margaret Courtaway/ born on January 11. Her information continues under Charles Mercer ll (her husband) on the previous page. She died October 10, 1978.

4: Charles and Alice Mercer's lives were full of joy (with ten children) and full of heartache (with four dying so young). Charles himself passed away at the young age of 52 from a heart attack while at the field watching a ballgame. Then Fern died 4 years after her dad. Alice remained many years thereafter, and enjoyed lots of grand- children and great-grandchildren before she passed on at age 85. She was always especially proud of Charles lll (Sonny) because he graduated college and became a teacher; then later a principal. He loved children and cared about their welfare. He was well liked and much respected in his family, church and community. | Ralph | Back - Tom, Glenda, Bertha & Jim Front - Charlie & Shirlee, Dee, Wanda & Hartford | Milford | Edward | Bernard | Fern & Dee | Dee-Mom-Wanda | Sonny & Dee

5: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | William Moses Courtois & Mary Theresa Valle' | Charles Mercer l (second wife) Jessie Horhine | Vianna Bigford (died at age 35) | Pasquel Valle' | Charles Mercer ll | Alice Courtaway | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | The family ~ that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape; nor in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.

6: The patriarch of this family, Peter Thompson, was born in Singleton, Lancashire, England, and came to the US with his parents in 1838. His siblings were: 1 Betty Thompson ~ born in 1808 (died in England) 2 Mary Thompson McQuillan (1813-1885). She worked for Queen Victoria in Buckingham Palace before coming to the US. Settled in Illinois. 3 Margarete Thompson Threfal Whiteside (1816-1896). She married a Threfal who died, then married John Whiteside, and had a daughter Sarah. Settled in Illinois. 4 Ellen Thompson Turner (1818-1895). They settled in Iowa. 5 Nancy Thompson (1820-1822). She died in England when she was 14 months old, and they named their next child Nancy too. 6 Nancy Thompson (1823-1840). She died at 17 in England. 7 James Lee Thompson (1826-1890). Had 2 daughters, Susie (Schulden) and Emma (Tyler). Emma had 4 daughters, all teachers. 8 Robert Thompson (1828-1879). Settled in Washington state. 9 Peter Richard Thompson (details in next paragraph) 10 Jane Thompson (1834-1841) died in England. Peter Richard Thompson (1831-1892). In 1837 he marched in the parade when Queen Victoria was crowned. She gave him a sterling cup. In 1838 he came to the US and settled in Harrisonville, Illinois. He married Elvira Grigsby in 1858. They had 7 children, five being teachers. His children were: 1 Olive Elizabeth Thompson Lacy (1860-1926). She had 4 children: Roscoe, Eleanor, Leth, and Tom. The girls settled in California. 2 Mary Jane Thompson (1862-1922) never married. 3 John Quincy Adams Thompson (1866-1945) never married. 4 William Richard Thompson (details in next paragraph) 5 Agnes Ellen Thompson Brewer (1870-1930). She had 5 children: Ruby (settled in Minnesota), Buelah (California), Clarence (Oregon), Clyde (California), and Claude (died).

7: 6 Sarah Isabelle Thompson Cox Rogers (1873-1922) She had 2 children by Cox: Gladys and Byron. Cox died and she married Lyman Rogers, and they had one child, Ollie. Gladys settled in Montana. Byron and Ollie traveled to the Thomas homestead in Kansas to search out any information on Charles Grigsby, (unsuccessfully). They crossed the prairie in a covered wagon to Colorado, then continued in the spring to Montana to homestead there. As they stopped to work along the way to make expenses, it took the group all summer to reach Great Falls. They eventually settled in Washington state. 7 James "Lee" Thompson (1877-1951) married Sophia Schaefer and had five children: Elvira, Roberta, Eleanor, Lee, and Mary. When he lived in Illinois and Festus, Missouri he had been a school teacher, store keeper, and an essayer for the St. Joe Lead Co. in Herculaneum, Missouri. Lee moved to Montana and homesteaded there. Of the 25 houses in the community, his was the only one still standing in 1941. He had been a precision worker and his sturdy log house withstood the wind and elements. Elvira, Roberta, and Lee stayed in Montana. Eleanor settled in California, and Mary died. William Richard Thompson (1868-1900) married Matilda (Nellie) Fults and had 5 children: Crystal, William, Pearl, Alice, and Elbert. William "Willie" Richard Thompson died at age 31. In a letter between his sisters, Aggie tells Ollie ~ 'How hard he fought for life, how he hated to go and leave his dear babies, which are five in number, a wee babe 3 weeks old when he died. He loved them so well. He had pneumonia, was sick 11 days. The pneumonia was broken but inflammation of the bowels set in and killed him." ~ Crystal (Rush) had a daughter named Opal. Pearl and Barney (Himmler) had no children. William and Elbert had muscular dystrophy. Alice's mother (Nellie) was burdened with caring for two sons with muscular dystrophy and allowed Alice to be adopted at age 7 by family friends, Tom and Sophie Williams, in the hopes of giving Alice a better life. The adoption papers stated that Alice should not be influenced by the Williams in religious matters, and that Alice would be at liberty to choose her own 'divination' at age 12. It also stipulated that Nellie Thompson would have the right and privilege to visit her daughter at any time.

8: Alice Elvira Thompson Williams (1898-1970) married Oliver Runzi and they had two children: Oliver Thomas and Goldie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The John Runzi Family John Runzi was married to Louise Kahlener Breckenridge. He was a barber in St. Louis. They had seven children: 1 Oliver Fred Henry Runzi (1894-1966) Married Alice Thompson Williams. Worked at PPG Glass in Crystal City Missouri. 2 Andrew Runzi 3 Etta Runzi 4 Della Runzi 5 Charles Runzi ~ Children: Opal and Alice 6 Myrtle Runzi ~ Child: Louise/ married to Albert Dinkelman 7 Rose Runzi Skillman ~ Children: Arch, Henrietta, Pearl, Ruth, Rosie Arch's wife was Maude/ children: Margaret and Charles Henrietta's children: Dorothy and Dick Pearl's husband was Nick Snyder/ child: Shirley Sue (Susie) Susie married Dave Ridenour/ children: Susan, David, Dianna, Sarah, and Samantha Rosie's children: Frank and Rose Marie Frank's children: Bobby and Johnny Oliver Fred Henry Runzi married Alice Elvira Thompson Williams on July 29, 1922. They had one son, Oliver Thomas Runzi, and an adopted daughter, Goldie. Oliver Thomas (Tom) had seven children as detailed later. Goldie married Stephen (Ike) Stevens; they had one daughter, Martha Stevens.

9: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | John Runzi | Louise Kahlener Breckenridge | Peter Thompson & Elvira Grigsby | Silas Fults & Margarete Nau | Oliver Thomas Runzi | Tom & Sophie Williams | Unknown | Unknown | Adoptive Parents | Willie & Nellie Thompson | Alice Thompson | Oliver Runzi

10: Oliver "Tom" Runzi and Geraldine Thompson were married on November 7, 1942. The marriage didn't last, but two fine young men came from their union, Thomas Ray on July 17, 1945, and Oliver Lee on Jan. 11, 1947. Tom and Delores (Mercer) were married Oct. 8, 1949. Along with his new bride came two precious young daughters from a previous marriage ~ Sandra Rene' born Aug. 18, 1945 and Brenda Joy born Dec. 14, 1946. The size of their family increased as each new young 'un came into the picture ~ Kitty Sue on Sept. 18, 1950, Mary Alice on July 26, 1953, and Charles Fredric on April 30, 1955. And as the course of time passed, those children grew up and got married and started having babies of their own,

11: and so on, and so on, and so on . . .

12: Thomas Ray Runzi and Susan Gail Joggerst were married on Feb. 5, 1966 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Kimmswick, MO. Tom worked at Festus Ford at that time as a journeyman mechanic, then moved to Dave Sinclair Ford and worked for 10 yrs.; then he worked at Metal Container Corp as a machinist for 25 yrs. Sue worked as a beautician in Imperial; then opportunity arose for her to work for the school district, and she was a secretary for 25 years. To their marriage two children were born, Melissa Ann and Andrew Thomas. Melissa Ann was born March 17, 1967. She became an elementary school teacher and has a Masters Degree in early childhood education. She taught 8 years and is now staying home to raise their children. She married Victor Alphonso Amato on April 23, 1993. Vic works as Director of Business Development at a financial institution called TIAA-CREFF. Their children are Margaret Alice born Dec. 4, 1994 and Thomas Victor born Jan. 22, 1997. Andrew Thomas was born on Feb. 10, 1971. He married Debra Marie Young on June 17, 1995. Andy played minor league baseball for a while. When he was released he finished his college education and became a high school history teacher. He furthered his education and became a high school principal and will finish his PHD in 2012. His wife Debbie is a high school counselor. They both are employed by the Jefferson City Public School District in Missouri. Their children are Kylie Susan born May 26, 1996, Katelyn Judith born Jan. 12, 1999, and Kendall Marie born July 17, 2001.

13: Tom and Sue's Family | Melissa & Vic | Andy & Debbie

14: Buster | Ollie and Linda's Family | Tricia & Charles | Jenny & Jeremy

15: Oliver Lee Runzi and Linda Katherine Jones were high school sweethearts and married June 30, 1967. Oliver was in the Army National Guard 208th Engineering Unit. His unit was activated during the Vietnam war and was transferred to Ft. Benning Georgia where he and Linda lived for 3 mo. until his tour of duty sent him to Korea, during the Korean conflict. He safely arrived home in 1969. He worked as a mechanic at Dave Sinclair Ford in St. Louis for 10 yrs. He was then hired at Ameren Missouri where he worked in motor vehicle repair, apprentice welder and machinist, and finally as journeyman mechanic, retiring in 2001. He enjoys restoring antique trucks and riding his Harley. Linda was a dental assistant for 20 years, changed fields, and is currently an Otolaryngic Allergy Technician (20 yrs). Their children are Patricia (Tricia) Kay Runzi (born Oct. 3, 1970) and Jennifer Leigh Runzi (born June 24,1975). Tricia graduated from Truman University in Missouri with her BS in nursing, and completed her Masters degree from UMSL for pediatric nurse practitioner. Tricia married Charles Green on May 21, 1995. Their children are Nicholas Charles Green (born Aug. 12, 1996), Alexander Charles Green (born and died on Sept. 21, 1998), Noah Alexander Green (born Aug. 21, 2000), and Nathan Andrew Green (born Oct. 4, 2006). Tricia is a Sr. Clinical Manager at Animas Corp. & Charles is employed by Berkadia Commercial Mortgage as Sr. V-President ~ Compliance. Jenny attended Jefferson College and Missouri State University. Jenny married William Stewart on Dec. 7, 1996. Their child is Olivia Marie Stewart, born April 13, 2000. They divorced in 2005. Jenny then married Jeremy Bell on June 7, 2007. With the new husband, Jenny also acquired another daughter Morgan Nicole Bell, born on April 9, 2000. Together, Jenny and Jeremy had a third daughter, Adeline Rose Bell born May 11, 2006. Jenny is employed by Cigna Insurance as Senior Quality Audit Reviewer and Jeremy is Director of Eligibility at Express Scripts.

16: Sandra and Bill's Family | Tammy & Paul | Sally & Mike | Bill | Rachel & Curt | Allison | Paula & Keith

17: Sandra Rene Runzi and William James Francis Davis were married June 29, 1963. Bill earned his degree in lndustrial Electricity & Electronics from Rankin Trade School. He was employed at River Cement as a maintenance planner, and retired from there. Their children are: Sally, Paula, (and 10 yrs., later) William and Tammy. Sally Renee Davis was born March 10, 1964. She attended 1 yr. of college and married her hometown sweetheart Michael Edward Tull on May 28, 1983. Mike earned his electrical mechanics degree in 1990 and works for Chrysler as an electrician (28 yrs). Their children are Rachel Elizabeth born Feb. 6, 1987, and Allison Michelle born March 30, 1989. Rachel is a registered nurse. She married Curtis lan Downs on Dec. 26, 2009. Their son, Chase lan was born July 26, 2010. Allison has a daughter, Jillian Michelle, born Nov. 16, 2009. Paula Lynn Davis was born Nov. 2, 1967. She married her high school sweetheart Joseph Keith Kersey on March 25, 1988. Keith is a trucker (19 years). Their children are Joseph Keith, Jr. (born Aug. 15, 1990), Mary Luella (born Jan. 29. 1992), James Jennings (born March 19, 1994), Sarah Renee (born Aug. 17, 1998), and Rebekah Lynn (born Jan. 15, 2001). Joe will graduate "cum laude" in 2012 with a degree in business administration. Mary married Cody Joshua Owens on April 24, 2010 and is in nursing school. William JF ll (Bill) was born Oct. 29, 1977. He earned his associates of arts degree in 2003, and is a self-employed professional musician and guitar instructor. His child: Noah Michael Davis (born March 17, 2011) Tammy Lynn was born Jan. 29, 1982. She graduated "magna cum laude" from U. of Missouri-St. Louis with her degree in psychology in 2004. She is a project manager. She married Paul Robert Ganey on Oct. 1, 2005. Paul earned his civil engineering degree from U. of Missouri-Rolla, and is owner and operator of a consulting engineering business.

18: Brenda Joy Runzi and Billy Dean Williams were married June 19, 1965. Billy was in factory construction, and they traveled all over the US, wherever his job took them. Their children are: Robert Dean Williams, born Sept. 21, 1966 Donald Dean Williams, born March 9, 1969 Rob and Don both joined the US Air Force and made careers of it. Rob joined the Air Force in 1986 and served 17 years. His rank was Technical Sergeant; initially an F-16 Crew Chief, then later an Air Traffic Controller. He married Claudia Sipos, while stationed in Germany. Their child, Dominic Williams, was born July 11, 1991. They divorced some years later. Rob's second wife, Sylvia, was from Lithuania. Her 2 daughters are Vanessa and Tamara. This marriage also came to an end after several years. Rob's third wife, Oksana, was from Russia. Their child, Sophia, was born April 24, 2006. Rob died of a heart attack at age 43 on Nov. 21, 2009. Don joined the Air Force in April of 1988, and as of this writing has served for 23 yrs. 8 mo. His rank is Master Sergeant and he is an Operations Flight Superintendent in the 355th Civil Engineer Squadron in Tucson, Arizona. Don married Sheri Lynn Fritz (from his hometown in Arkansas) on Feb. 11, 1995. Sheri's daughter Megan has made their family a threesome. Brenda and Billy divorced in 1995, and Brenda married Lee Howell on March 10, 1996. They were married 14 years before Lee died on Oct. 29, 2010 from cancer.

19: Brenda's Family | Don & Sheri | Rob | Lee

20: Kitty and Rick's Family | Rich & Windy | Chris & Sarah | Jim & Katelyn | Jason & Meghann | Brooke

21: Kitty Sue Runzi and Richard Joseph Doza were married Dec. 30, 1967. Rick was in the Navy from 1967-1971. Kitty was a dental assistant early on and a bookkeeper later and likes scrapbooking and playing Scrabble. Rick was a factory worker at 2 different glass plants, PPG and St. Gobain Containers. Their children are: Richard Jr., Christopher, James and Jason Richard Joseph Doza, Jr. was born June 19, 1968. He served in the Army as a helicopter mechanic and is a Desert Storm veteran. He met and married Amanda Grosskopf while he was stationed at Ft. Bragg. Amanda brought two children in to the marriage, Jonathan and Kristina. The children born to Rich and Amanda: Brooke Nicole Doza (born April 14, 1992) Brooke has a son: Cayden David Vega (born May 11, 2011) Richard Joseph Doza lll (born August 4, 1995) They divorced in 1998. Rich and his second wife, Windy Denise Craig, were married Oct. 9, 1999. Their child: Brittany Nicole Doza (born Dec. 25, 2000) Rich works at JW Aluminum (18 yrs). He hired in as a mill operator and was promoted to Safety Officer in 2008. He's also a volunteer firefighter (16 yrs). Christopher Scott Doza was born Feb. 25, 1973. He met Sarah Jane Martin during his high school years. They were married Feb. 19, 1994. Their children: Haley Marie and Elizabeth Lauren Doza (identical twins, born Oct. 27, 1999) Reece Christopher Doza (born Nov. 7, 2004) Chris is a professional painter (20 yrs) and owner of Doza Painting (6 yrs). James Ryan and Jason Lee Doza (fraternal twins, born Nov. 11, 1981) They both work in construction. Jason is owner of Jado Construction. James (Jim) and his wife, Katelyn Elizabeth Hoven were married June 20, 2009. Their child: Hudsen lsaiah Doza (born Dec. 13, 2011) Jason and his wife, Meghann Renee Powers, were married Nov. 15, 2003. Their child: Lily Mikayla Doza (born Sept. 9, 2011). Jason played professional inline hockey for the St. Louis Cobras, a AAA league, in 2007.

22: Julie & Joe | Tim & Shannon | Mary Alice and Lloyd's Family | Tiffany | Greg

23: Mary Alice Runzi and Lloyd Eugene Lucas were high school sweethearts. They married on March 6, 1971. Lloyd's jobs have included mechanic, quality control technician, safety representative, and building maintenance. Mary Alice works for a doctor's group in data processing. Their children are: Gregory, Timothy, Julie, and Tiffany. Gregory Scott was born on July 16, 1971. Tragically, he died due to an accident at his grandparents' home on Easter Sunday, April 22, 1973. The following Good Friday, April 12, 1974, their second child, Timothy Scott, was born, and was brought home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. Julie Michelle came next, born on December 3, 1978; then Tiffany Kay was born on October 22, 1985. Tim married Shannon DaNae' O'Toole on February 2, 2002. Their son, Ethan Scott, was born on May 17, 2004. Tim is employed by a doctor's group as a Systems Administrator. Shannon is a Financial Coordinator for an oral surgery group. Julie married Joseph Robert Michael Roussin, Jr.. on May 22, 2003. Their children are Clayton Micheal (born January 5, 2005) and Carly Marie (born March 19, 2007). Joe is a Logistics Analyst, and Julie is a Legal Assistant. Tiffany is employed by the Windsor School District in Imperial, Missouri as a SIS/MOSIS Coordinator and a Technology Assistant. All family members currently reside in Crystal City, Missouri.

24: Charles Fredric Runzi and Renee Marie Portell were married on June 14, 1973. Fred worked at Chrysler as a journeyman electrician, retiring in 2004. Then he was an electrician at Metal Container, an electrical superintendent at Holcim, and currently an electrical planner at Ameren. Their children are Chad Fredric, born Nov. 10, 1973; Michael Austin, born Sept. 28, 1976; Michelle Marie, born April 4, 1980; and Andrea Kaye, born Jan. 13, 1983. It was important to them that Renee stay at home to raise the kids until they got in school, at which time she became owner and teacher of Portell Pre-School. When they moved in their new home in 2001, they closed the pre-school. Renee worked as a receptionist for a few years; is currently a stay-at-home Grandma ~ and loving it! Chad married Kelley Britt Dorman on May 25, 2008. Their daughter, Bailey Britt was born on May 29, 2010. Their second child, a son, is due in May 2012. Mike went to work at Chrysler where he became a journeyman electrician. He is employed presently at Ameren as a Production Operating Engineer ~ Electrician. Michelle married Thomas Mathieu Otto-Bruc on Oct. 21, 2006. Their child is Mathieu Eugene Fredric, born on July 14, 2011. Michelle received her teaching degree in elementary education from SE Missouri State College. She taught first grade while in Florida and is now staying home to raise their son. Thomas is part owner in his family business. Andrea married Andrew Alvin Lang on April 1, 2006 at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (on campus of St. Louis University ~ where they met each other and both graduated). Their children are Ellie Marie, born Dec. 19, 2007 and Amelia Kaye, born July 29, 2009. Their third child is due in August 2012. Andrea received her masters degree in occupational therapy and is employed by Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis. Andrew is a software engineer employed by Gateway EDl in St. Louis.

25: Fred & Renee's Family | Chad & Kelley | Andrea & Andrew | Michelle & Tom | Mike

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