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Our BirthMother Book

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Our BirthMother Book - Page Text Content

S: Kevin & Jenny

BC: Your ultimate gift of love will be remembered always.

FC: Kevin | Jenny | &

1: Kevin & Jenny

2: Hello, Welcome to our profile, and thank you for visiting us. We are very grateful that you are willing to read through our profile. We can’t even begin to understand the emotional decision you are going through right now, but we hope that by looking at this small snapshot of our life we can put you at ease by showing you how loved your child would be in our home. Our names are Kevin and Jenny. We met each other at a Halloween party in 2006. Kevin asked me out to dinner and we sat at the restaurant talking for hours. We talked about our families and funny stories about our nieces and nephews, it was as if we were old friends. I could definitely see the man I was meant to marry in him on that very first date. We have been together for 5 years and come this September will have been married for 3 years. In those 5 years we have experienced a niece’s graduation, the death of loved ones, the heartbreak of infertility, and the blessing of hope for a family through Hope's Promise. Kevin was born in Denver and grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He is the third of four siblings (an older brother and sister and a younger sister). Kevin has a great sense of humor and puts everyone I know at ease with his wonderful personality. He has a way with the nieces and nephews and they love running around and playing with him any chance they get. He works as a manager for a financial firm where he has worked for almost 10 years. He has quite a passion for hunting, which he loves to do with family and friends. He also enjoys fishing, which is a passion that he shares with my father. Fly-fishing is something that we both love to do with my dad and other family members whenever we get the chance. I, Jenny, was born in Iowa City, Iowa, but moved to Colorado when I was one so I pretty much consider myself a native. I grew up in Colorado Springs and I am the middle child of three in my family with an older brother, and a younger brother. Currently I am a housewife. I recently quit my position of 11 years with the Denver Post because Kevin and I both want to be able to have a parent be home for our child. I have enjoyed getting our home ready for our new addition to the family. I enjoy cooking and putting together meals for the family gatherings and also the day-to-day meals. I also enjoy scrapbooking and documenting our family moments. | Our Wedding Day | Kevin with his sisters and brother | Jenny with her brothers | Our Home

3: We enjoy traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with our family and friends. Our family is active, and we enjoy both watching and playing games. Family is the most important thing to us and that is why we chose to live in the state that we both grew up in. We have lived in our house for 3 years. There are many families with young children in our sub-division who are always out playing whether it is in the open space or at the community pool. We are also a block away from the grade school where there is a public playground. We love taking our dogs for walks, especially in Cherry Creek State Park with all of it's trails. We are very fortunate to have both of our families (parents and siblings), living close to us. Kevin’s older brother and sister, and my older brother all have families of their own giving us 8 nieces and nephews between the three of them. Kevin and I often get together with our families to have dinner, watch or play a game, or to just hang out and enjoy each others' company. Our faith is the foundation of our lives. We were both raised in Christian households and find that to be the core of our relationship. We learned early on in our marriage that God has plans for us, and for how we were to start our family. Through our faith and prayer we continue to trust in Him to lead our family. As parents we plan to encourage our children to become who God has designed them to be. To choose kindness and respect when talking to others, and to know God’s grace that allows us all to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and to try again. We understand that in order for us to experience the joy of a new addition to our family it will be as a result of a difficult and important decision that you must make. We want you to know that we are praying along with you that you will find the family that is right for your child. And if ours is the family that you choose, we promise to love your child unconditionally and to raise them knowing the wonderful gift of life that you have given them. We are filled with joy and anticipation as we think of that possibility. With gratitude and love, | Our community pool | Three play areas at the grade school a block from our house

4: THE GREAT | Snow shoeing in Estes our friends Shelly | We are close to Cherry Creek State Park and so we often take advantage. When we go to the park we enjoy walks with the dogs as well as enjoy the occasional picnic. | We love camping and getting to take in nature

5: OUTDOORS | Park with and Doug | Our Lovable dogs Kaylee (on the left) and Dakoda (on the right) join us on many walks | These are a few pictures of us on one of our fishing trips. Jenny's Dad takes everyone out a couple times a year. There is also a picture of Kevin on the upper right from one of his hunting trips.

6: Get Moving | We get involved in different causes, each of them have a special meaning to us. Kevin volunteers with Ducks Unlimited, a wetlands conservation group. We also participate in the Furry Scurry that is put on by the Denver Dumb Friends League which is where we got our dogs from. Jenny has done the "Tri For The Cure" to help raise funds for breast cancer research. We have also participated in the Undy 5000 which is a run/walk that is meant to bring awareness to colon cancer. This one is important to our family because Kevin's father passed away from this. We also love that it is a family fun run that everyone can enjoy and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Kevin also participated in the "Running of The Green" another family fun run in downtown Denver. And finally who doesn't love a fun scavenger hunt with friends in our own version of The Amazing Race. | The above photo is Jenny at the Furry Scurry. | The photo to the right is of Kevin out on a hunting trip.

7: In the above photo is Jenny with Kevin's sister Terri and Kevin's mom Mary at the Undy 5000. | Above photos are Kevin and Jenny at the Running Of The Green . | The above photos are of Jenny in the Tri for the cure. | The above two photos are Kevin and Jenny as the "Shake and Bake" team for an Amazing race scavenger hunt in Denver

8: Up... Up... And Away. | One of our favorite things to attend is the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs. Jenny attended these as a kid growing up, and now we meet up with Jenny's family to enjoy the beauty of the balloons. Even though you have to get up early to make it there, seeing all of the beautiful balloons around you makes it worth it. | Jenny | Jenny and Kevin with two of their nieces, Isabelle and Cassidy

9: Kevin | Jenny and Kevin

10: OF | LUCK | THE | IRISH | As a way of celebrating our Irish heritage every year Kevin's mother, Mary, throws a St. Patrick's Day party where she invites everyone over for cornedbeef and cabbage. It is a fun time to be had by all. | Jenny and Michelle (Kevin's sister) | Cousin Steve in the crazy hat, along with Doug (Kevin's brother) and Bryan and Colin our nephews. | Kevin's sister Michelle | Dave (Kevin's brother-in-law) and Kevin | Standing up are Kevin's sisters Terri and Michelle. Sitting down is our niece Courtney. | Kevin's mother, Mary, cooking up the grub for all

11: Courtney our niece, and Kelly (Kevin's sister-in-law) | Jason (Jenny's brother) Jenny, Kevin, and two of our nieces Isabelle and Cassidy all dying easter eggs. | Easter with Jenny's mom. In the picture (from left to right) are Kevin, Jenny, Jenny's step-dad Roger, mom Jan, brother Jason, niece Cassidy, niece Isabelle, sisten-in-law Jackie, stepbrother Rob, nephew Jackson, sister-in-law Kari, stepbrother Scott, nephew Tyler, and nephew Dylan | Kevin's mom Mary, and his sister Michelle. | Jenny and Kevin with our nieces Cassidy and Isabelle

12: Kevin's sister Michelle, brother-In-law Dave, and our niece Courtney | Kevin, Jason (Jenny's brother) and friends Kirk and Ryan play a friendly game of baggo | Kevin's mom, Mary, and Jenny's mom, Jan. | Our nieces Cassidy, Isabelle, Shahla, and Maisy. | Jenny and her Aunt Cindy | Kevin and Zachary (Jenny's Godson) playing while friends Nicole and Kirk watch

13: We had a blast carving pumpkins | Jenny with her niece Isabelle

14: Some of our younger nieces and nephews at the kids' table enjoying their meal together in the photo below | Jenny bringing the meat out on the platter for the Thanksgiving feast. | Thanksgiving with Jenny's dad and step-mom. From left to right the adults are Jenny's sister-in-law Mariah, younger brother Brandon, older brother Jason, Kevin, Jenny, Jenny's step sister Missy, step-mother Ginny, dad Eric, brother-in law Aaron, and the neices and nephews Cassidy, Benny, Isabelle, Kama, and Johna. | At the table are Jenny's yournger brother Brandon, sister-in-law Mariah. step-mom Ginny. In the back ground are Jenny's older brother Jason and Kevin

15: Christmas | The above photo is Christmas with Kevin's family. From left to right starting with the back row, Jenny, Kevin's mom Mary, niece Shahla, sister-in-law Kelly, older brother Doug, Kevin, brother-in-law Dave, and grandpa Al. In the front we have sister Michelle, nephew Colin, niece Maisy, nephew Bryan, niece Courtney, sister Terri, and nephew Caleb. | Christmas at Jenny's Mom's. In the picture are (from the left) Jenny's brother Jason, niece Isabelle, mom Jan, aunt Cindy, niece Cassidy, brother Brandon, Jenny, and Kevin. | Jenny's step-mom Ginny, Jenny, Jenny's dad Eric, and Kevin | Jenny's uncle Tom reading the annual Christmas story that he writes to the nieces Isabelle and Cassidy. | Jenny and Kevin | Kevin and his younger sister Terri

16: Our trip to New York. We enjoyed taking in the sights. | Our trip to Cabo, Mexico with Jenny's mom Jan and step-dad Roger. We enjoyed the sunsets, beautiful landscape and sneeking in some fishing while we were down there. | Kevin, Jenny, Jenny's step-dad Roger, and Jenny's mom Jan

17: Our trip to Jamaica. Our favorite thing was biking in the Blue Mountains. Even though it rained on us it was still beautiful. | Our road trip to Red Wing, Minnesota to visit Jenny's uncle Mark, aunt Cindy, aunt Jill, and cousins Megan and Brian. On the way we stopped in South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and Bear Country. | From left to right in back are Jenny, Kevin, Jenny's mom Jan, cousin Brian, friend Sarah, cousin Megan. In the front Uncle Mark, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Jill with her dog Girty. | Jenny's mom Jan, aunt Cindy, Kevin, and Jenny

18: Jenny's | Family photo for Jenny's younger brother Brandon's wedding. From left to right, Jenny's step-dad Roger, mom Jan, aunt Cindy, uncle Tom step-mom Ginny, dad Eric, brother Jason, brother Brandon, sister-in-law Mariah, Jenny, and Kevin. Our nieces Isabelle and Cassidy are in the front. | In the picture to the left Kevin and our niece Cassidy are trying out the slip-n-slide at Cassidy's birthday party. In the picture to the right our nieces Isabelle and Cassidy are goofing around with Kevin as they often do. | Jenny, her mom Jan, and our niece Isabelle at Isabelle's dance recital | Jenny and our niece Cassidy at Cassidy's kindergarden graduation.

19: We hang out at our community pool often and love sharing it with family. Photo to the left is Jenny's brother Jason, Kevin, and our nieces Isabelle and Cassidy. The photo to the right is Jenny with our nieces. | Jenny's dad Eric, and mom Jan. | Family | From left to right, Jenny, her younger brother Brandon, and her older brother Jason. | In the photo to the left is Kevin, Jenny's aunt Cindy, Jenny, Jenny's brother Jason, niece Cassidy, niece Isabelle, and mom Jan. In the photo to the right we are all enjoying a game of baseball at at park near Jenny's mom's house.

20: Kevin's | In the front are Michelle (Kevin's sister) and Kelly (Kevin's sister-in law). In the back are Kevin's mom Mary, and his sister Terri. | Front to back are nephew Colin, niece Shahla, and nephew Bryan all goffing around with Jenny | Kevin's sister-in-law Kelly, and his brother Doug. | Kevin's mom Mary. | Kevin's mom Mary, and aunt Roselee | Kevin with his sister Michelle, mom Mary, sister Terri, and brother Doug

21: Family | Kevin jumping feet first into the fun | Our niece Shahla with her grandpa (and our good friend) Al. Hanging out in the pool at Kevin's sisters house | Kevin's brother-in-law Dave, nephew Colin, and Kevin soaking in the hot-tub at Kevin's sister's house. | Our nieces and nephews from Kevin's side. From left to right in back, Maisy, Shahla, Kevin, and Courtney. In the front are Colin, Bryan, Caleb. | Our niece Courtney at her high school graduation. | Kevin's mom Mary, and our niece Maisy 4-Wheeling on one of our camping trips.

22: Adoptive Family Information Sheet | Wife: Name: Jenny Education: B.S. in Journalism Age/DOB: 35 / May 7, 1976 Race: Caucasian Ethnicity: Irish, English Eye color: Green Height: 5’10” General Health: Good Health Employment: Homemaker | Husband: Name: Kevin Education: B.S. in Business Administration Age/DOB: 34 / March 26, 1977 Race: Caucasian Ethnicity: Irish, German Eye color: Blue Height: 6’1” General Health: Good Health Employment: Manager at a Financial Firm | Religion: Episcopalian Date and Length of marriage: We have been married for just under 3 years. The date that we were married was September 27, 2008. Children in the family: No we do not have any children. Interests and hobbies both individually and as a couple or family: Jenny enjoys cooking and scrapbooking. Kevin enjoys duck/deer hunting, and bow fishing. We both enjoy hiking, biking, and fly-fishing together. Pets: We have two dogs that accompany us on many hikes. Dakoda is a black lab/chow mix, and Kaylee is a black lab/blue heeler mix. Description of your home: We live in a warm, cozy 2 bedroom home that is centrally located near schools, parks and museums that offer lots of kid friendly programs. Our home is in a complex with open space both in front of us as well as out back with plenty of room to run around and play, as many of our neighborhood kids do. When there is a need to cool off our community pool is where we end up during the hot summer days. Employment: Kevin is employed through a financial firm where he is a manager. Jenny is a housewife Childcare plans: Jenny will be a stay at home mom. Openness with birthfamily: We believe that it is very important for our child to know where they came from and the gift of love that their birthmother gave to them. We would be open to sharing letters and pictures throughout the years as well as meeting a couple times a year so that they can know their birth-family.

23: Thank you for letting us share our story with you. Kevin & Jenny

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