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Our Childrens Ancestors Vol I

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Our Childrens Ancestors Vol I - Page Text Content

S: Volume 1 Trame/Wagner 1803 - 1932

FC: Our Trame - Wagner Family History | OUR CHILDREN'S ANCESTORS | Vol. 1

1: Index of Families John Henry Trame Martin Shenk Henry John Trame John Timothy Coghlin John Martin Trame John Henry Trame Henry W.Wagner Albert Miller Abraham Pitsenberg Enos Alger Wagner

2: Trame 1803- 1932

3: FRENCH N. - weft, the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving | Surname Trame

4: Family history has passed on that the Trame family was from Alsace Loraine, Europe. A region that has moved back and forth between French and German rule over the centuries. Before 1648 Alsace is part of the Roman Empire. 1648 Most of Alsace became part of France. 1766 Lorraine becomes part of France 1871 Alsace and part of "German Lorraine " are annexed by Germany. 1919 Alsace become part of France, following World War I 1939-1945 Alsace becomes part of Germany during WW II . 1946 Alsace is part of France

5: John Henry Trame b. ? d. ? wed 20, Dec 1836 Maria Gertrude Freye b.1803 d. 1853 | children Maria Louisa Trame b Jan 1838. d.26 Nov 1893 Henry John Trame b. 04 Jan 1843 d.07 Jun 1893 | First wife Catherine Luchtefeld wed Sep 1833 d: 30 Oct 1836 Daughter Maria Elizabeth Trame b: 29 Oct 1836 | records from St John the Baptist Catholic Church Glandorf Ohio | John H Trame land purchases, Jan 1845 Van Wert County 92.44 acres along St Rt 697 Oct 01, 1846 Allen County 80 acres, on the Putnam County line according to "Family Maps of Van Wert and Allen Counties" | 1860 Probate Court Allen County 2nd account Joseph Osendorf merchant Delphos, OH guardian of Henry J Trame Delphos, OH hearing June 4, 1860

6: Glandorf Ohio Glandorf was founded by Fr. Johann Wilhelm Horstmann and six men from Glandorf, Germany in 1834. They embarked on the ship Columbus on September 7, 1833 Amsterdam, landed November 6, 1833 in New York . December 1833 Father Horstenn purchased land in Ohio for $1. 25 per acre. The Settlement was named (Neu) "New" Gladorf, A log house was built to serve as church, school and rectory thus, 1834 St John the Baptist Catholic Church was founded. In 1834 this area consisted of 24 families once the wives and families arrived. Available St John the Baptist Church records document the 1835 marriage of Henri Trame to Catherine Luchtefeld, followed by Catherine's death at 27 yrs of age 1836. Further records include Henri's marriage Dec 20, 1836 to Gertrude Freye, the baptism of their children, (Maria)Louise Trame Jan 1838, and John Henri Trame Jan 4 1843 Records show Henris' full name as John Henry or Joannes Henricus Trame. Gertrude Trame died 1853 Glandorf lies about 22 miles Northeast of Delphos 65 miles South west of Toledo

7: The original log house church was replaced in 1835 by a wooden church with a steeple, a bell, and a pulpit carved from a hallowed out sycamore log.. A brick church followed between 1846 and 1848 | St John the Baptist Church 109 Main Street Glandorf Ohio built 1878 church columns constructed from individual or spliced trees felled in the immediate woods which were covered in horsehair and stuccoed The church was built by donated work of the community and a little over $50,000 paid in cash

8: Alexander Shenk b: 19 July 1842 d: | Charles E. Shenk b: 4 Nov 1839 d: | Martin Shenk b. 01 Oct 1803 d. 21 Mar 1872 | Christine Kern b.30 Dec 1803 d 30 Jan 1867 | Saffron Shenk b: 21 Oct 1835 d: | Constantine Shenk b: 03 Jun 1839 d: | Sylvester Shenk b: 31 Dec 1847 d: | Catherine Shenk b: 07 June 1846 d: 10 Mar 1882 | Martin Shenk was a native of Hohenzollern, Prussia. By occupation he was a tailor and ran a mercantile business in his fatherland. All his sons as they reached proper age would be subject to military service. Mr. Shenk decided to avoid the expense and loss of time to his boys, in giving three years of their lives to the army to emigrate to the United States. In October 1853 with his family he started for the United States, going via Paris to Harve. At the port they were detained nearly a month waiting for a vessel with which he had contracted passage. The voyage took 42 days and landed in New York January 1854. Due to the severe winter of 1853-4 the family remained about 6 months in Williamsburg N.Y.. September 1854 they reached Delphos Ohio and made this their home. Mr Shenk's original destination was Ottoville, Putnam county Ohio 6 miles from Delphos, where old friends from Prussia had proceeded him. A Portrait & Biography Record of Allen & Putnam Counties of Ohio pg 471

9: Prussia was the former kingdom and state of Germany. At the height of it's expansion it extended along the coasts of the Baltic and North Seas, from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg on the west to the Russian Empire on the east, to Austria - Hungary on the east, southeast, and south, to Switzerland on the south. Hohenzollern Prussia the former province of Germany became included in the state of Baden-Wuttemberg (1952) | reference From Prussia The International History Project edited by Robert Guisepi

10: Excerpts from The Delphos Daily Herald Newspaper 1896-1903 era

11: G | G | Henry J Trame Catherine Shenk b. 04 Jan 1843 b. 07 Jun 1848 d: 07 Jun 1893 d; 10 Mar 1882 _______________ _______________ b: 13 Jan 1876 b: 04 Aug 1877 b:23 Dec 1879 d: 30 Nov 1925 d: 23 Aug 1954 d:05 Feb 1954 _______________ _____________________ _____________ Second Marriage (to Catherine Shenks' niece) ______________ _______________ Adelia B Trame Hubert C Trame Henry S Trame Helen M Trame b: 05 Aug 1887 b: 06 Mar 1889 b: 10 Sep 1890 b: 21 Feb1893 d: 30 Jul 1909 d: ***Mar 1979 d:*******1996 d: 28 Sep 1911 California Calgary, Canada Records from St John the Evangelist Catholic Church Delphos Ohio St John Catholic Church Cemetery, Delphos Ohio | Henry J Trame b: 04 Jan 1843 d: 07 Jun 1893 | Catherine Shenk b: 1865 d: ? | Louise (Lulu) Trame | Gertrude C. Trame | John M. Trame

12: Joseph Coghlin & Nancy Coghlin is the owners of this Book Joseph Coghlin born in the County Westmeath Ireland five miles east of the city Athlone at the mills of Boyanough, owned by his grandfather and family Nancy Dimond born in the county Derby Ireland one mile from the church from of Crigdletown Cropland | Sarah Coghlin mother of Joseph Coghlin Dec 14 1831 Timothy Coghlin father to Joseph Sep 14 1842 James Dimond father in law to Joseph Mar 18 1849 | DEATHS | MARRIAGES Joseph Coghlin to Nancy Dimond 28th day of May 1842 | BIRTHS Maryann Coghlin 13th of March 1843, Toledo, Ohio Elizabeth Sarah Coghlin Feb 12th 1845 Toledo Ohio Agnes Alice Coghlin Jan 1st 1847 Toledo Ohio Teresa Coghlin 1849 Toledo Ohio Emanual Joseph Coghlin 1851 Toledo Ohio PriscillaCoghlin Dec 13 1853Toledo Ohio John Timothy CoghlinMarch 10 1856 Toledo Ohio Indelle Rachel Coghlin March 31 1858 Toledo Ohio Margaret Coghlin 1862 Toledo Ohio DEATHS Agnes Alice Aug 26 1849 Joseph Coghlin Oct 23 1866 Priscilla Coghlin Nov 30 1870 Emmanuel Jos. Coghlin Feb 11 1882 Mary Ann Coghlin Jan 22 1883 Nancy Coghlin July 14 1883 Elizabeth Coghlin June 24 1899 Teresa Coghlin July 16 1903 excerpts from the Coghlin Family Bible

13: Joseph and Nancy Coghlin were residence of Toledo, Lucas County Ohio as of 1843. Both were born in Ireland. it is unclear when they each immigrated to the USA. Were they married when they left their homeland, did they come to the states as children with their parents, or did they come as young adluts looking for work? Only Family Bible pages have been found for Joseph Coghlin. The 1870 City Directoy and census, lists Nancy and children living at 160 Lagrange St Toledo, Ohio, Joseph was deseased as of this date.. This home would have been within feet of the river bank, near Water Street. Imagine how the rivers high waters and ice jams wreaked havoc on the homes that once stood so close to its shore. 1880 finds John T Coghlin 24 years of age working as a telegraph line repair man living at the160 Lagrange St with his mother and siblings 1900 Census lists John T Coghlin as owning his home at 1011 Michigan (now vacant lot) free of mortgage, along with wife Margaret and 4 children Catherine 19 yr, Joseph 16 yr, Mary 13 yr and Winifred 10 yrs. As a Laborer he spent 2 months out of work that year. 1910 census states he lived with wife and youngest daughter at a rented property 520 Galena (now a vacant lot) and was a grocery merchant, although the City Directory has him listed at the Michigan Ave address, and in 1911 at 818 Lagrange. Was the family between homes at this time, in the process of buying and selling? 1920 retired, he was now the owner of a 4 unit apartment building at 818 Lagrange St, His daughter Mary Kaiser and granddaughter Margaret 10 yrs lived with John and Margaret. His son Joseph and family rented one of the apartments Joseph is listed as not being employed. The other two units were rented out | 1870 W.H Sawmill Walnut & Water St | 1883 flood Jefferson & Water St | 1883 ice floes Madison & Water St | photos: Toledo Lucas County Library

14: 1916 - 1927 139 W Central Ave Toledo Ohio bookkeeper Blodgett- Beckley Co. | 1888- 1900 Elizabeth Coghlin owner Deceased June 24 1899 Boarders:Theresa & Nettie Coghlin 1900-1903 -Thresea Coghlin owner Deceased July 16 1903 Boarder: Nettie Coghlin 1903-1911 Nettie Coghlin owner Deceased Oct 7 1911 Boarder John T Coghlin 1911- 1930 plus John T Coghlin Deceased Sep. 21 1944 | 818 Lagrange Street Toledo Ohio Family Home Ownership History | The three sisters were teachers John T was a telegraph line repair man, grocer | resource U.S.census beginning with 1870 continued City Directories beginning with 1887 continued

15: 1930 419 Prentis Ave Detroit, Michigan branch manager Karavan Coffee Co. | John M Trame wed Catherine A Coghlin some where between 1903 and 1905. The couple boarded at 818 Lagrange 1905-1914 after which time they resided at 139 W Central Ave Toledo. Their son John Henry was born to them Feb 26, 1907. John M worked as a bookkeeper for Bour Co. 1914, Blodger- Beckley Co.1917- 1927. 1920 a daughter had been added to their family. Mary Helen was 3 yrs old according to the 1920 census. She was never legally adopted, her birth name was Mary Evelyn Schmidt. Catherine Trame died Jan 25 1927 The family attended St Francis de Sales Catholic Church Cherry St, Toledo, Ohio | examiner, sales tax department | John M Trame b. Dec 23, 1879 d Feb 5 1954

16: STRANGER IN A BOX Anonymous Come, look with me inside this drawer In this box I've often seen, At the pictures, black and white, Faces proud, still, and serene. I wish I knew the people, Theses strangers in the box, Their names and all their memories, Are lost among my socks. I wonder what their lives were like, How did they spend their days? What about their special times? I'll never know their ways. If only someone had taken time, To tell, who,what, where and when, These face of my heritage, Would come alive again Could this become the fate, Of the pictures we take today? The faces and the memories, Someday to be passed away? Take time to save your stories, Seize the opportunity when it knocks, Or someday you and yours, Could be strangers in the box | believed to be John H Trame photo postcard back inscribed John Henry Trame

17: According to Richard J Trame picture is of his great grandfather Henry J Trame with Lulu & John M | Photo Postcards by Hoverman, & Son Studio Delphos Ohio

18: John H Trame Central Catholic High School Class of 1925 | Sister of John H Trame Mary Helen Trame birth name Mary Evelyn Schmidt raised as daughter by John M and Katheryn Trame in 1920 census records | CCHS | THE CENTRIC CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL June 2 1924 CENTRAL WINS TITLE LICKS LIBBEY, CLINCHING O HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIOSHIP Wachowiak came in on Trame's double, ...after 7th inning Libbey was held scoreless. 9th inning Trame was walked Two base hits Trame

19: Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | John M Trame | Margaret Van Pelt | John T Coghlin | John H Trame | Catherine Coghlin | Catherine Shenk | Henry J Trame | unknown | unknown | Nancy Dimond | Joseph Coghlin | Christine Kern | Martin Shenk | Maria Gertrude Freye | John Henry Trame | Father

20: Wagner | Wagner 1813 - 1932 | MARRIAGES

21: Great Grandparents | Grandfather | Eli Phineas Wagner b: ? d: ? | Katherine Snook b: 1813 d: 1877 | Issac Wagner b: 08 Oct 1826 d: 29 Jan 1899 | Eliza Clayton b: 28 Sep 1823 d:.06 Sep 1907 | Henry W.Wagner b: 06 Nov 1838 d: 29 Jul 1901 | Lucy Ann Wagner b: 02 Feb 1846 d: 03 Feb 1922 | Enos Alger Wagner b: 07 Nov 1886 d: 09 Dec 1964 | Daniel Wagner & Catherine Kaiser | John Clayton

22: First Wife Henry W Wagner was born in Pa. Mifflin County. Was there on the 16th day if February A.D. 1860 married to Lydia Snook. Emigrated to Michigan in 1861 where she died April 27th A.D. 1864 and was married the same year to Lucy Ann daughter of Issac and Eliza Wagner. Was born February 2nd A.D. 1846. In the Township of Burr Oak, County of St Joseph State of Michigan. Entered the Land of Matrimony Sep. 29th 1864 with Henry W. Wagner | Mary Elizabeth Garman Daughter of HenryW. and Lydia Wagner was born October the 13th A.D. 1860 . She was born in Pa. She died Nov the 15th A.D. 1877 in the township of Nottana St Jo. County State of Mich. Aged 17 years 4 months and 2 days. Buried in the Colon Cemetery. Sarah Catherine May Daughter if Henry W and Lydia Wagner was born the 29th A.D. 1863. She was born in Mich. and died August the 22nd A.D. 1864 | reference Wagner Family Bible

23: Sons and Daughters of Henry W. and Lucy Ann Wagner Second Wife Ira Sherman son was born February the 9th A.D. 1865 died Jan 16th A.D. 1867 in Colon St Jo County Mich Issac Allistan son of was born June the 15th A.D 1867 in the Towmship of Leonidas St Joseph County State of Michigan. Chansford Ellmone son of was born August 7th A.D. 1869 in the Township of BurrOak St Joseph County State of Michigan. Eliza Dellcina daughter was born May 3rd A.D. 1871, Burr Oak Carrie Cecelia daughter born August 12th A.D. 1873, died July 14th 1879 aged 5 years 11months 2 days in town of Burr Oak St Joseph County Mich Dora Almeda daughter born 1st day of June A.D. 1775, Burr Oak Nettie Francina daughter born June 12th 1877, died Sep 2nd 1877, aged 3 month lacking 10 days Nottana Township St Joseph County, Mich Eli Clifton son born Sep 22nd A.D. 1878 Township Burr Oak David Earl son born January 12th A.D. 1880 Enos Alger son born Nov 7th A.D.1886 Fenley Michigan | reference Wagner Bible and Enos Alger Death Certificate | photo Chancy, Marion Peter, Enos, Eli Clifford

24: wool carding bee Miller women

25: Colon Michigan, St Joseph County Michigan The founding of the community began 1829. St Joseph County was described as the best county in the state "..the soil is exceedingly fertile, and consists principally of oak openings, and prairies with innumerable water privileges." The village of Colon lies between Palmer Lake and Sturgeon Lake. Colon grew and developed much the same as other rural Michigan communities. By 1889 Colon had a Doctor, a Druggiest, flour mill, tannery, canning factory, a machine shop for repairing windmills, 2 good hotels, a daily stage to Leonidas, and railroad links to major cities of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. By 1903 another industry had come to town, a the Lambs Knit knitting factory. Men of the community worked in the factory producing the woven materials, while the women did piece work at home sewing the gloves and mittens together. Colon became known as the Magic Capital of the world after Harry Blackstone, a prominent magician, in 1926 bought Angel Island in Sturgeon Lake as the summer residence for him and his crew to refit equipment, build new effects and relax during the off season. Blackstone invited Australian magician/ventriloquist Percy Abbott to Colon and the two founded what was to become the largest magic manufacturing company in the world. A monument to Harry Blackstone resides in Lakeside Cemetery.

26: Grandmother | Dazie Alma Miller b: 28 July 1888 Colon MI d: 13 Apr 1972 Toledo Oh | Arrilla Pitensburg 01 April 1841 Indiana 21 Sep 1920 | Albert Miller 29 Nov 1839 Detroit, Mich 26 Jan 1916 | Jennie Miller b: 19 Mar 1867 Waseka WI d: 19 June 1947 Battle Creek MI | Abraham Pitsenberg Dayton Ohio | Cora Belle Miller b: 03 Aug 1873 Colon MI d: 09 Aug 1971 Union City, Mich | Andrew W. Miller b: 02 Jul 1876 Colon MI d: | July Corinda Miller b:31 Oct 1880 Colon MI d: 1880 Colon MI | Eva Miller b: 13 Jun 1883 Colon MI d: 1884 Colon MI | Clarence E Miller b: 03 Jan 1885 Colon MI d: 1885 Colon MI | Irea Miller b: 15 Jan 1878 Colon MI d: 1878 Colon MI | Leona Arrilla,Albert Jennie Alma, Cora | William Miller b: 1871 Colon MI d: | Stephen Miller b: 24 Feb 1869 Colon MI d: | Father of Arrilla

27: Photo Arrilla, Dazie Alma, Albert Cora, Jennie Miller

28: Albert or Arrilla's parents? | Arriilla & Albert Miller House at corner of Broadway and First Colon Mi

29: Albert & Arilla Miller Colon Mi

30: Dazie Alma | Alma & Enos & unknown couple

31: Our Ancestors | L D & Doretha 1907 | Mother & girls | Dad & girls | Alma, Doretha, Marguerite, L.D. Enos | L.D. | Doretha & Marguerite | Doretha & Marguerite | L.D. Doretha Marguerite

32: Alma managed Columbia Apts Detroit MI after1921 | 1920 thru at least 1930 Enos, Street Car Conductor Detroit MI Story has it, he lost this job after getting caught devising a way to skim money from the fare box. | 1910 census Enos employed at Lambs Knit Glove Factory Colon MI

33: Alma & Enos Wagner with first born, son L.D b.02 Feb 1908 Coldwater MI d.15 Feb 1992 Royal Oak MI | Alma & Enos with daughters Doretha Dawn Wagner b:03 July 1910 Colon MI d: 06 Nov 2004 Toledo OH Marguerite Wagner b: 06 Dec 1911 Colon MI d: 23 Dec 2006 Ann Arbor MI

34: 1921 Moved to Detroit MI Enos and Alma later divorced photos L.D. Doretha, Marguerite Wagner

35: Doretha D Wagner High School Senior picture | John H Trame & Doretha D Wagner WED 07 Sep 1932 Detroit MI

36: compiled by Debby Trame Gardner 2012

37: Family gives you roots

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