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Our Family

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S: Meet Our Family

BC: Created in 2011

FC: Meet Our Family

1: Dear Birth Mother, My name is Teri and my husband is Anthony. We have one son, Daniel, who was born in November 2009. Our desire is that this book will help you to become better acquainted with our family. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time of decision, and want you to know that we are praying for you as well. Whether you choose to place your child with us or with another family, we want you to know that the decision you are making is without a doubt the most selfless act a mother could make. From the very beginning, Anthony and I planned on having a house full of children. We began trying to have children in 2004, a year after we married, but soon found ourselves struggling to maintain a pregnancy. We had talked about adoption, but at that time did not feel the Lord leading us down that road. We started to see a fertility specialist who quite honestly told us that our odds of getting pregnant and staying pregnant were less than 9%. We suffered four miscarriages altogether. While we continued the fertility treatments, the Lord began revealing to us His plan for our family. He revealed to us that family was more than flesh and blood, and assured us that our house would be full of laughter and to trust Him. We trust Him now as we share a little bit of ourselves with you through this book. While you cannot begin to get the entire story through a few words and photos we hope you will see that we are truly devoted to the Lord and to our family and will extend that devotion to your child should you choose to place him/her with us.

2: Anthony

3: Physical Description Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 6'0" Age: 40

4: Physical Description Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 5' 8" Age: 43

5: Teri

6: Education and Employment Anthony Educational Level: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Occupation: Systems Engineer Hours Worked per Week: 40 Number of Years Experience: 15

7: Education and Employment Teri Educational Level: M.S. in Clinical Psychology Occupation: Stay at Home Mother Number of Years Experience: 18 years experience in the field of psychology, 18 months experience as a stay at home mom.

8: Our Church

9: We attend a Southern Baptist Church. We have been active members there for nearly five years. Our church's mission statement is to "Lift up Jesus, Love people and Lead the world." Our church is a mission-minded church that sponsors several mission opportunities for all age groups. While our church is considered a larger church averaging 300 each Sunday it has the closeness of a small church.

10: Our church is a very warm and loving church. I enjoy playing guitar in our morning worship services and in our Wednesday praise band. I enjoy working with our student ministry as a 7th and 8th grade boys Sunday School teacher. I serve as a deacon and sing bass (or close to it) in our choir. I have been involved in missions leading music in Vacation Bible School. This year, 2011, I had the privilege to participate in a medical mission trip to Guatemala.

11: Prior to coming to this church, Anthony and I had visited several churches in the area. This church was the first that truly felt like home to me. Since joining, I have had opportunity to serve the Lord in a variety of ways, including as a Sunday School teacher for couples. I have also helped in Vacation Bible School and gone on a mission trip to Michigan. My favorite ministry however is music and I am able to serve through singing in the choir, a women's quartet and in the bell choir.

12: I enjoy being outside working in the garden, hiking, and even golfing (I get to see more of the golf course than anyone else). I love playing the guitar and seeing how they are made like at the Gibson guitar factor in Memphis. I also like working with wood creating special one-of-a-kind projects. One project I look forward to creating is a musical instrument called a Hurdy Gurdy. I have practiced martial arts for almost 30 years and have previously taught Tae Kwon Do for 12 years. Mostly, I love spending time with my family.

13: I enjoy baking, especially at Christmas. I enjoy exercising at the gym. Since August 2010 I have lost 65 pounds. Some of the classes I take include a Zumba aerobics class, yoga, and strength training. I enjoy reading a variety of books. My favorite authors include Jude Devereaux, James Patterson, Ted Dekker, Cathy Marie Hake, and Deanna Gist. I like to watch NCIS, Criminal Minds, and CSI. I love listening to all types of music, but I find that I listen to Christian music most often. My favorite artists are Mandisa, Toby Mac, Point of Grace, and Casting Crown. I love to eat Mexican and Asian food.

14: Our Home

15: We live on approximately 2 1/2 acres in a small rural town. We are within 30 minutes of a large city, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy parks, museums and musical theater. Our home is a little over 10 years old. We have a large open floor plan with three bedrooms and two baths. We recently added a large garage to house Anthony's workshop and gardening equipment. One of the things that we enjoy about our home and community is the simple fact that it is quiet. Being that we are located in the country we don't have to worry about heavy traffic and lots of noise. People wave as they drive by, and offer help when you need it. For us, living in the country provides a true break from the hustle and bustle of work, and for that reason we look forward to being able to spend time together on the weekends and Anthony's days off from work. We like to spend time outside working in the yard, going to town for breakfast, going on day trips, and sometimes simply getting in the car and driving to nowhere in particular just to see what we can see. We also enjoy spending time with our pets, Cheyenne and Jake. | Cheyenne | Jake

17: Anthony and I first met in June of 2002. He was serving as music director in his home church and I decided to drive up to meet him. From the first moment I saw him, I knew Anthony was God's chosen one for me. I was immediately drawn to his hands and his eyes. There was strength in those hands and kindness in those eyes. A few weeks later I invited him to a church picnic. The church picnic ended up being canceled so my parents decided to host a picnic at their home for close family and friends. I invited Anthony to come and he agreed. We saw each other every week from that point on. From the beginning we discussed everything openly. We talked about our families, our goals for our lives, our desires to have children, and our expectations regarding marriage, something we both took very serious and agreed would not be entered into lightly. We had been dating for six months before he told me he loved me. He proposed three months later and we were married in September 2003. Our wedding was a small affair with my dearest friend from college serving as my Matron of Honor and Anthony's father as his Best Man. After nearly eight years of marriage I would have to say that our marriage is stronger than ever. Of course that strength is founded on our relationships with the Lord. Some of the things I most admire about Anthony are his ability to relate to others, his passion for serving the Lord through music and leadership, and his compassionate heart. He cares for others and willingly gives his time to help wherever the need arises. As a husband he is my encourager, my counselor, and my best friend. He makes me laugh when I need it most, listens when I need to vent, offers comfort when I am sad, and is never critical. All of these qualities make him a great husband and the father he is today. He loves to spend time with our son Daniel. He is gentle with him, encourages him, praises his accomplishments, and truly loves being a father. The truth of the matter is that I never doubted he would be a great dad because I had witnessed his interactions with his nieces and nephews. He clearly loves them and they clearly love him. I know that he has room in his heart for more children and plenty of love to share. I look forward to watching him share that love with our future children.

19: We were married in September of 2003. How we met is unusual and frankly unbelievable but I will tell it anyway. We had a pastor's wife that we shared between our churches. The pastor had left his temporary position at my church and taken a permanent position at Teri's church. This pastor's wife had talked to each of us about the other but we had never been able to meet. In the meantime, I was continuing to date trying to find that right person. After several disappointing experiences, I had given up and finally prayed that God send the person He wanted me to meet. If you believe, as I do, that God answers prayers, be careful of what you pray. Sometime after that prayer I was at church and one of the members came back and said there was someone who had come to meet me. How was I to know that this person would soon be my wife? Anyway, we talked and I was soon invited to a 4th of July party at Teri's church. I was surprised when the party was moved to her parents' home and the only people present were her family and two additional couples who were her friends. We had a good time and before the day was over I was asked on a date to a baseball game, by Teri's dad. That's right Teri's dad beat her to asking me out. The rest is history but I wouldn't change it for the world. We are a very good couple and always think of each other. Teri is very kindhearted and willing to overlook my faults. She is a very strong woman, wife, and mother and is very determined when she sets her mind to do something. We work together very well. We usually discuss any major purchases with each other because we believe together we are stronger than when we are apart. Teri has amazed me and herself at times, by the things she has found herself doing for our son that she would normally never do. Some of these things would include changing dirty diapers, cleaning snotty noses, and doctoring pimples. She loves being a mother and has demonstrated her willingness to sacrifice for our son and our new son or daughter. Our current goals include paying off our home, spending time with our family, traveling, raising our family, and growing even closer together as a couple even though it is hard to believe that it is possible. I love my wife, and cannot imagine life without her.

20: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Mom, Sister, & Dad | Sister, Brother, Sister-in-law & kids

21: Anthony's | Mom | Dad

22: Brother | Sister-in-law

23: Teri's Family | "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Dad | Mom | Nephew

24: Guatemala | Hawaii | Israel | Texas

25: “To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” ~Barbara Bush | Tennessee | Georgia | Colorado | Michigan

26: We love being parents to our little boy and yearn to have a little brother or sister join our family.

27: Daniel Cole November 5, 2009

28: The primary motivation for me in seeking adoption is my desire to have more children. I have been told that the odds of me ever getting pregnant again are slim. I have a beautiful little boy that is a true blessing but I know that the Lord has plans for me to be a momma to more children. He has placed that desire on my heart and I yearn for the opportunity to be a momma for another little boy or girl, whichever the Lord | places in our lives. More specifically, I believe the desire to adopt has been planted in my heart by the Lord and look forward to having that desire fulfilled. My priority is to provide the most loving environment possible for my children. As such my children's needs will always be of the utmost priority to me. I willingly gave up my career to be a stay at home mom and look forward to being homeroom mom, going on field trips, and cheering my children in all their endeavors. Most of all I look forward to sharing Jesus with my children and watching them come to know Him personally.

29: I have always loved kids and have enjoyed working with them at church and seeing my nieces and nephews grow up. I have always wanted to be a dad and have been blessed with that privilege in 2009. I would love to have many children and truly believe one of the greatest demonstrations of love is to adopt a child into our family just as God adopts us into His. I know that the child that you have | given birth to will be provided with a loving family, a happy childhood, an encouraging church, spiritual guidance, a bright future, loving parents, and an overall joyful life. I believe that a home should begin with a Husband and Father that is a man of good integrity, that is respected by others, especially his family, is spiritually strong, faithful to his wife, and loves his family. I believe I am that type of man. Next I believe a home needs a wife and mother that is full of love, spiritually strong, faithful to her husband and seeks the best for her family. Teri is that type of woman. One of my goals as a parent is to have children that will grow to be responsible adults that are able to provide for their own families and be successful in life. At times appropriate discipline may be needed but always with love.

30: General Information We want to be very open with our children about the means by which they came into our lives. Our son was conceived through fertility treatments so that is something we would share with him. Our next child will come to us through adoption so that is something we would share with him/her. We want to approach the subject of adoption as one of love – the love of their birth parents to place them, the love we have for them as their new parents, and the love the Lord had for them from the moment they were conceived. With all the resources now available we will be able to begin this at a relatively early age. One of the decisions we made early on was to approach adoption with an open attitude. It is our goal to provide the birth parents assurances that their decision to place their child with us was the best decision for them and their child. We will gladly share photos and letters with the birth parents in an effort to keep them connected, albeit indirectly, with their child. It is our desire to provide our new son/daughter with as much information as we can about their birth parents. We want to be able to explain to them the reasons leading up to the decision to place them with us. We want to, at some point, share letters written by their birth parents and hope to have photos of their birth families for them. When thinking about the type of information we would like to share with our new child we thought of general stuff like: what were you like as a child, did you play sports/have special talents or hobbies your enjoyed, what is your favorite food, what is your favorite childhood memory, did you have a favorite subject in school. were you outgoing or shy as a child, what was your relationship like with your family. As we pursue adoption we are comforted by the fact that we not only have the Lord's blessing, but we have the support of our family and friends. It may be hard to believe, but our family and friends are every bit as excited by the whole process as we are. They request frequent status reports and continue to pray along with us for the child the Lord intends to bring into our lives. There is great comfort in knowing that we have been surrounded by such a loving group of people and we look forward to introducing them to our new child. We want to thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with us. God Bless You! Anthony and Teri

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