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Our Family Memories 2006

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Our Family Memories 2006 - Page Text Content

S: Our Family Memories 2006

BC: A year to LAUGH and a year to CRY but all CHERISHED MEMORIES

FC: 2006

4: S P R I N G | flings

5: & | e a s t e r | things

6: Smiles from her dad; marshmallows in a cup of hot cocoa; being twirled in her daddy's arms; wildflowers; strawberry jam; daddy's lap; walking Sam and Serena along the river's edge; the color pink; popcorn; sunshine; bubble baths; grandma's apron; birthday cards; cousins Tony and Joey; vanilla cake and ice cream; | SOME OF TAYLOR'S FAVORITE THINGS

7: time with my west coast family; Grandpa Rich's teasing me; shopping with Grandma Carol; baby animals; hair in ponytails; horses; rainbows; candy; family vacations at Lake Tahoe; fresh apple pie; when dad comes home from work; storybook time; listening to music with dad; Shannon, Tom, and Toby; did I mention horses; playing hoops with dad; cuddles and kisses.

23: P A R T Y

31: Shannon,Jennifer and I went to Safeway to buy some items for dinner when Jenny kept directing me to the box of blueberries in our basket. "Look at the size of these blueberries." I looked and nodded in agreement that the blueberries were indeed big. Two minutes later Jenny said, "I can't get over how beautiful these blueberries are." I thought she was basking in the sun too long and it was frying her brain. Never knew Jenny to have a mad passion for blueberries. Again, I agreed with her that the blueberries were beautiful. The third time, Jennifer, registered with my lame to the big beautiful blueberries was a pregnancy testing kit. I immediately started jumping up and down when I suddenly stopped and asked, "Which one of you?" It was Shannon...I could hardly contain myself with the results...a sweet baby girl by the name of TALIA!

32: You hold the key to my

33: Heart forever

38: Insanity runs in my family... it practically gallops!!!

39: y | A good family is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a key to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.

42: October 31, 2006

48: A granddaughter is a gift from above ... one to cherish and to love."

62: My name is Vincent Latham. I am one of Vincent Salvador Bruno’s grandchildren. I would like to thank you and my family for this opportunity to talk about my grandfather on this day to remember the wonderful and loving man he was to all of us. Today is a day of celebration. A day to celebrate the memories we share of our times with Vincent Bruno. It is a time to reflect on the good times. It is a time to think about the happiness and smiles that Vince Bruno brought us all. It is a time to celebrate the way we have been impacted by knowing such a great man. Today is a day of celebration. My grandfather always had one priority in his life and it was us, his family and friends. He was always there for us. Whether we needed a little advice or just someone to talk to, he was there. His whole life revolved around this family and he led this family to where we are today. Vince Bruno always had an open heart and hand for everyone he encountered. He enjoyed the gift of giving. He enjoyed being around people. He enjoyed putting in a hard day’s work. He enjoyed living. I connected with my grandfather at an early age. He liked to throw things and I liked to hit things. I think that is why we liked baseball so much. I recall a time as a youngster when we were playing baseball on the grass in front of the Bruno house, him pitching a ball to me and hitting it through the neighbor’s window. After hearing the crash of the glass, I thought I was in big trouble. My gramps just looked at me and said, “I will take care of that. You kept your eye on the ball real good, son. Next time, just level out your swing a little bit.” My grandfather liked to look at the bright side of situations and he is today. Today is a day to celebrate because he is shining above us. He is at the right hand of his God, the Lord he devoted his life for. He is dancing with the angels and saints. He is with other family and friends who have already been lifted to the heavenly gates above before him. For those of you who knew Vincent Salvador Bruno, you knew he lived a complete and happy life. This was a man who overcame the adversities of growing up in the Depression. This was a man who worked countless hours as a commercial fisherman to feed his family. This was who built his own house with his own hands. This was a man who married an amazing wife and raised a proud family. This was a man who has seen just about everywhere in the world. This was all hard work, but it made Gramps happy. The Bruno house will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories. It is a home filled with love and laughter. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to visit, you know what I am talking about. It is a place where dreams were created and it is a place where dreams were fulfilled. To me, Vincent Salvador Bruno was “The Italian of Italians.” He knew his way around the kitchen better than anyone I have ever known. He knew his away around the water better than anyone I have ever known. He knew his way around the ballpark better than anyone I have ever known. He knew how to love people better than anyone I have ever known as well. For those of us who were fortunate enough to eat with my grandfather, we know today how blessed we really are. He was a great cook and he loved to feed his friends and family. One of his many specialties was Cioppino. For those of you do not know what Cioppino is. It is an Italian fish stew loaded with crab, shrimp, clams, mussels and any other fish you want to throw in there in a tomato sauce. Every Christmas Eve, my gramps would make this for our family and it is the best meal you will ever eat in your life. I recall a year when Gramps, my brother and I were the only ones left at the table. We had been eating for about an hour but we just couldn’t stop because it was that good. We started laughing about who was going to be the first one to get up and leave. We stayed for another hour just talking not eating. Not only was his food great so was his conversations.

63: As you all may well know, Vince Bruno was an avid fisherman. He kept his boat, The Virginia, at the Martinez Marina for decades. Everyone down there knew who Vince Bruno was. He navigated the Carquinez Straights for years. He knew where to go when it came to catching fish and I was lucky enough to join him on several occasions. I recall one day when gramps said we needed to go fishing because the sturgeon were running. A bunch of went out that day and I caught what I thought was the biggest fish in the world. I was about 10 years old at the time and the only thing I had ever caught before were little ones. After bringing the fish on board, gramps said he had to measure it to see if we could keep it. I was thinking to myself, this is the biggest real fish I have ever seen in my life, why in the world do we have to measure it. Gramps began to explain to me that in order to keep a sturgeon, it had to be a certain size. So he pulled out his tape measure and I began to pray. It was a few inches to small. I asked him if we could still keep it and he said it was against the law and that the fish needed to go back in the water to create other ones for us to catch. That day he taught me about giving, a lesson I never forgot. My grandfather also loved sports. He would attend about every game I could remember playing. It did not matter if that game took place in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Fresno or Reno, he was there to support me and I can not tell you how much that meant to me then and now. He was a person who was never afraid to tell you what he was thinking in any situation. His favorite phrase to umpires who were not calling the game the way he wanted was “I heard better calls in a telephone booth.” When umpires heard this on countless occasions, I noticed our team started getting better calls. I think the umpires were scared of my grandfather, but it helped us win some games and I thank him for that. Picca la bolla was my grandfather’s other favorite baseball phrase. He would scream that about a hundred times a game to my teammates and I. For those of you know don’t know what that means, it means hit the ball. I remember those words echoing in my head and motivating me to get that bat off my shoulder and swing it. I thank him for that as well. We all have a many things to be thankful for today. Be thankful and cherish the great times we spent with Vincent Salvador Bruno. Keep those moments in the front of your hearts and minds today. His physical body may no longer be with us, but his soul and spirit are with each us each and every day. Keep that part of you alive and he will always be alive in you.

65: by Kory Breuker

66: Remember....with love and devotion

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