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Our Girls

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S: August 2012-December 2013

FC: Our Girls 2012-2013

1: Avery 13 months | Technically 11 months but it missed your first baby book! Climbed into the pool with all your clothes on!

2: Driving Rowen around!

3: Shopping with mommy | Sharing an Ice Cream cone with daddy | Bugatti got his ball stuck under daddy's car

4: Daddy showing Avery how to do a handstand | Daddy helping Avery try to do a handstand!

5: Daddy's idea to wear my converse shoes with my pj's on the playground! | The pack n play is more fun if its on its side! Even Bugatti thinks so!

6: Resting my arm on mommy's baby bump!

7: My first pony ride

9: What else can I climb on?

10: 15 months 20 lbs 10 oz 32 in

11: Spending the day with Aunt Alex & Mason while mommy & daddy are at the hospital to have my baby sister | My first pigtails! Auntie Alex fixed my hair

12: Daddy with his girls!

13: Ready to change Raegan's diaper!

15: Having fun at the park | 15 months - 5 teeth - Can say her own name - Loves sister Raegan - gives her lots of hugs & kisses - Climbed daddy's ladder with little to no help - When gets hurt wants kisses where it hurts - Calls binky "Bebo"

16: Wants to pump like mommy

17: Avery 16 months

20: Oh boy! We are in trouble!

21: Loves to color | Mmm... Corn on the cob! | 16 months - Teething majorly- 2 more bottom teeth coming in -Crosses her arms across her chest

22: Taking care of her baby sister and her babies!

23: Before | Avery did so good getting her first haircut. Mommy had to hold her cause she was a little shy and nervous, but was a very good girl.

24: Trying to slide out of the carseat! | Early Christmas present, my new bike from Grandma & Grandpa Coach! | 17 months - Now has 8 teeth with 3 more coming in - Gagged when she saw Raegan spit up - Sentences Avery says "Here you go", "Baby sleeping", "Up please", "Eat more", & working on "love you"

26: - Can identify objects in a book or puzzle

27: Playing in the first small amount of snow this winter | Climbed in Raegan's bath tub after she was done | Changing baby sisters diaper

28: Pigtails for the New Year's party! | 20 13

29: Peeling my own orange! Entertaining the kids!

30: 18 months 22 lbs 4 oz 34 in | Put on some of mommy's mascara! | Climbed in the dryer! | - Says "You're Welcome", "Okay", & "Baby Crying" - likes to help change Raegan's diaper - 12 teeth

31: Sucking out sissy's nose | Checking out the cereal box!

32: Avery threw away the diaper! | Loves helping mommy cook!

33: Holding Daddy's BB gun!

35: Avery learned to put her shoes on and thinks she needs to wear them at all times!

36: 19 months - Helps picking up toys - Putting hands in her pockets - First chiropractor adjustment Words: thanks, bless you, cool, mess, oh man - Can put on her shoes by herself - Likes the church nursery

38: Giving bunny a diaper change Helping unload the dishwasher

39: - Likes to get her purse and keys and will say "Bye-Bye" and walk off. Sometimes with or without shoes! - Has shushed me because her baby was sleeping

40: Avery likes to read the Toys R Us magazine, help mommy cook, play on the trampoline with daddy, and take care of her baby dolls!

41: First Easter Egg Hunt and seeing the Easter Bunny!

44: Entertaining sissy so mommy can get some work done! | Good times with Rowen! | - Put a diaper on her bunny and the next day wanted to change the bunnies diaper cause it was dirty - Is pointing out boys/girls on tv or in public - Locked herself in her room and in the bathroom 20 months - Saying 3-4 word sentences - Can take off some clothing - singing & opening doors

45: Climbing on the deck Balloons! | - When daddy was going to the bathroom she grabbed the pee stream!

47: Wearing mommy's shoes! | No, Sissy get out! | Bebo Sisters!!

48: I asked Avery to watch sissy. She took this job very seriously! | Likes to wear mommy's heals!

50: Rocking with sissy | Working out like mommy! | Climbing a tree!

51: 21 months - Turned off/on tv using remote - Learned how to lock/unlock doors - Can open any door - Put puzzle pieces in correct spots by herself

52: 22 months - loves helping with Raegan - takes good care of her - Interested in potty training

56: Dance Party in my underwear with my baby doll!

57: My new ride! Birthday present from Grandma & Grandpa | 23 months - Likes to sing and dance (although she isn't actually singing) - Will say "mommy leave" while sitting on the potty - Has gone pee pee in the potty 4 times

59: Birthday present from Mommy & Daddy, Avery picked it out all by herself! | Avery 24 months 25lbs 10 oz 36 1/4 in

64: Vacation Bible School July 2013 | Avery enjoyed snack time and music the most.

66: Riding a bike with cousin Elaina | Working out!

67: Avery's first Carnival | Avery was a little nervous at first but warmed up pretty quickly and got on 4 different rides . Raegan & Avery really liked the carousel .

68: - Went to VBS and most of the week went to her own class - July 15th official(no more excuses) potty training started - July 17th only had 1 accident all day and was always telling mommy when she needed to go potty - On day 4 was telling me she needed to go poop in potty - Continues to tell us in public and has even kept pull ups dry at nap time a few times

69: Avery's favorite thing to do... jump on the couch!! | Poor Raegan can't even drink her bottle in peace!

72: Kisses for sister

74: Singing and dancing! Songs Avery sings: Wheels on the bus, Jesus loves me, & Head shoulders knees and toes | 25 months - moved to a toddler bed - 2nd molars coming in - Told daddy she was going to put him in time out! - Likes o say "I have to" - When wanting my attention: she calls mommy, mom then goes to Michal if I still haven't answered!

75: These girls and their electronics!! | "I hold you Raegan"

76: What a silly girl!

77: Avery is pretending to paint Raegan's toes | Already wrestling!

78: Fun at the St. Louis Zoo - September 2013

80: Checking out the seals & the Gorilla...she thought the Gorilla was pretty neat.

82: Loved riding on the carousel so much we had to do it twice! Avery's thinking face! | 26 months - Knows our last name; working on saying it with her name - Officially potty trained

83: Walking around Wal_Mart like a big girl! | Avery started this thing where she would come out of her room with her blanket over her head...figuring out that she was just trying to hide the fact that she still had her "bebo" in her mouth!

84: Applefest parade & Rutledge Wilson Farm

86: Cousin Elaina pulling Raegan & Silas in the tractors wagon!

87: Raegan's face!! How does she get her sunglasses to stay like that?! Taking Raegan for a ride!

88: Fixing mommy's hair!

89: Happy Halloween!

91: Avery's sayings - Wow mom, your shoes are so pretty - Just a minute I'm not done | Avery picked up my bra and asked "Can you help me put these boobies on?"

92: 27 months - Can identify the smallest object and the different object - Likes to sing: ABC's, Old McDonald, & Happy Birthday | - Will ask us to come in her room and dance - Can almost count to 10 (only missing two numbers inbetween) -Says: "Awesome possum" & "What you talking bout" - Takes good care of her baby dolls

94: These girls love to dance!

96: Anytime we tell Avery no or have to get onto her she will reply with "be nice to me" or "you gotta be nice to Avery" One night when Raegan woke up and started whinning again after I left the room, Avery tells her in the sweetest voice "you don't have to cry"

98: Raegan 13 months - Likes to throw stuff away - 2nd set of bottom/top teeth coming in | -Sentences: hold you Knows: fingers, nose, belly, mouth -Will feed baby doll a bottle

99: While holding a puppet that looked like a doll; Raegan points at it and says doll | - First molars on top coming in - You can ask Rae any question and she will reply with a yes/yeah or a shake of the head no!

102: Alex walked in the door and Avery says to him "how you doing" when he replies I'm good she says "good" At a fundraiser , with two newborns nearby, Avery took Raegan by the hand and led her to show her the baby! When walking back she looked at me with the biggest smile and said "I petted the baby"

104: The first good snow of the year, which stuck around for an entire week. Avery enjoyed playing in the snow but Raegan was not a fan until the last day when it started warming up.

107: When in public Avery is always asking to see any babies that we come accross! Avery came out of her room pushing her stroller and says "I'm going shopping". I said "ok have fun" and she replies "thank you". She then turns back around and looks at me and says "I'm going to the bank to get suckkers, I said ok and she says "I'm going to the bank to get suckers for Raegan!"

108: Bath time fun | These girls love bath time! They always have so much fun.

109: First time sitting on Santa Claus' lap Raegan was not a fan! | 14 months - 10 teeth - Words: cheese, cracker - When taking Rae's picture she says "cheese" | - Saying Thank you most of the time - very attached to her blanket - Gets upset if she can't do what sissy is doing!

110: All ready for church in their pretty Christmas dresses!

111: Avery's first Christmas program at church! She warmed up during the second service performance and started singing along!

116: Avery was very excited to have Rowen come over and play for the day! She ran up and says "Mommy take our picture" | Checking out daddy's Christmas present!

117: Raegan 14 months continued - When looking at books she now starts jabbering as if she is reading! - Stayed 3 days overnight and did great - Climbing on everything Avery Avery wanted to put on mommy's sports bra so she could workout, so I helped her put it on. She looks down and asks "Where's my boobies at?" She then asks if I can turn on the video, I told her just a minute, she then runs off saying she was done and needed to take a shower, goes into the bathroom, takes off her clothes and climbs into the shower!

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