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Our Grandsons

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Our Grandsons - Page Text Content

S: Coleman, Sawyer and Dawson

BC: Happy Days

FC: Our Grandsons | Thanks Mom and Dad

1: Dear Cole, I started letters to you and Sawyer when he was born and I lost them with computer problems. I'm not good at writing but I wanted you to remember how you came into our family and how wonderful it was for Doug and me. You were 3 yrs old, and you and your Dad were living in a basement apartment in Riverdale. You were very mature, had an adult vocabulary and were well behaved for such a young boy. (Right now I am confused on exact dates.) I came to babysit you once in a while at this time. You loved to play hide and seek. We'd hide in the bedroom closets and one in the hallway. You could play this for hours. I would pretend not to see you and you would laugh, and when I found you, you would laugh. It advanced to hiding guns, balls, etc. You loved to play and made up rules as you wanted. You and your Dad married Loran and built the house in West Point. We played card and board games continuously. And swords (in the unfinished basement), it was your weapon of choice. Then came the video games. I got to play for maybe 3 months. I usually never got to finish because you got frustrated when I messed up and took over. You taught me the basic tho'. You always ran, never walked. I had breast cancer in 2004 and you were baffled at my bald head and told me I was fat, which I was. You always told me the truth and made me laugh.You gave me a purpose and joy to hold on to in a tough time. When you started kindergarten I got to come alot. I drove or walked you to school and sat on the bench until the teacher came out and lined you all up for class.I I loved this time in our lives. It was our one on one time. One time you and Loran went out in the boat with us at Pineview. When I was trying to back up to get the boat, you told me which way to turn the wheels so I went backwards straight. You could tell me which streets in

2: North Ogden to get to your Mom's house. You also could direct me on how to back the boat into the lake! You told me what words you knew by sight, like "Food" at Wallmart, so that we went in the right door. You liked to read and be read to. You and I were with Loran and your Dad when Loran had Sawyer. I was so excited that I got to be there. You were good while we waited. You got to hold Sawyer and were amazed at such a little crying being. Then you and I went back to the house for the night. It was exciting. Then it seemed that you grew up all at once. You were playing soccor, basketball and then football. You started going to friends houses and before I knew it, you didn't need me to babysit you anymore. You are doing great in school, you're 10 this year. You played both offense and defense for the Black Knights. You scored a touch down in the first game and the last game, (and others) both on undefeated teams. You are a team player which is great. Sawyer, idealizes you. He thinks he can do anything you can and loves his jerseys. He thinks he plays too! He is a stinker and difficult at times, but you seem to be unphased. You have taught him to do flips on the trampoline and he is so pumped over it. Dawson loves you. You are so good with him. You walk over to him and kiss him goodbye. You talk to him which he loves. He watches every move you make. You have lots of family and we all love you.

4: Our first family vacation was to the Iberostar Resort in Riviera Maya Mexico. We had so much fun.

5: Swimming and Jet Skiing | Boring dinner and too tired to care.

7: All boys should have a Dad like yours. Lets see, guns, sports, vehicles, games....what else could you ask for?

8: A continuing letter to my Grandson It is October 2nd 2006. | Dear, Baby, This week has been so exciting. On September 28th, your Mom came up to tell your Grandpa and I that you were being made. Steve was here so she waited until we were alone and she said "I need to tell you something," and I said "you're pregnant", then she said 10 and half weeks. I was so excited, I hugged your Mom and have had a permanent smile on my face since then. When I told your Grandpa, he was so happy, just like when I had your Mom, he was teary. I then called your Great Aunt Debi (my sister) and my cousin Sandi (my best friend) and they were happy and excited too. I also went down to your Great Gpa and Gma, Heinie and Shirley, and they too were excited. Shirley also had a smile on her face. Every time I go down there she says "I'm so excited, you know we love that boy (your Dad). I also called my brother David and his wife Kathy. They too were happy and excited. David was living in Chico when your Mom was born and use to babysit her for me. After all this calling, Aunt Jessie called me and said, "I can't believe it." Every time after that when I talked to her, she said, "I can't believe it, and I can't wait." Your brother was sosososo cute. He told me Loran had a baby in her tummy and it is his brother. The first year they moved into their new house in West Point Cole told everyone the computer room was "Loran's baby's room." He wished for you for a long time. At first he wanted a girl

9: He told me Loran has to have a girl.... so whatever you are boy or girl we are all going to be so so so happy. We all love you more than you will ever know already. Love Grandma Denice Monday, December 4, 2006 I have written to you many times in my mind as I try to go to sleep, but have not gotten to the computer to put it on paper. You are on our minds all of the time. Your Mom called yesterday to tell me her well baby appointment on Nov. 30th was good.She said she has more pictures of you for me to see. She said you can see your face and your penis, so your are a boy! A brother for Cole. He is very excited. Your Mom barely has a tummy with you. She and your Daddy are both buff - physically fit. My sister Debi sent your Mom an outfit with red leather shoes with a monkey on them. I have crocheted and made blankets for you. We have so many things to get..... On the 11th of December we are taking a trip to Mexico. When we planned this we did not know about you. Cole is excited to go, there is a pool that seems like it is miles long and you can order drinks like pena' coladas in the pool. We will take good care of you and your Mom while we are there. When I was pregnant with your Mom, my parents took the whole family to Europe for 3 weeks. I didn't know I was pregnant until I got home, I was miserable. We are all trying to names for you. Your Mom and Dad are thinking about Mason, Dyson and Canyon. Anyway, I thought I would update you while I was able to. Your Grandpa keeps teasing your Mom that your penis might disappear and you are really a girl. She gets so frustrated. She is happy you are a boy. We all love you so much....Gma

10: And Along Comes Sawyer James

11: The Archuleta Boys | So Sweet | The Brothers | Guama and bath time

12: Fun in the Summer Sun | Back to school, Tato's first day! | Cole is in 1st grade, yahoo! | Patience with parents taking pictures

13: Big boy eating. (Dawson has the same look on his face right now as he is starting to eat.) | Sawyer wants to walk and talk and move.

14: December 24, 2006 It is Christmas Eve and I am writing to you again. Your Mom Dad and Cole, Aunt Jessie and then boyfriend Andrew, my brother David and his family (Kathy, Casey and Trevor, and Gpa and I went to Mexico for a week. We had so much fun. I got to feel you kick. Your Mom has the cutest belly and belly button is just now turning inside out. She gave you a lot of sunshine that week. Your brother can swim so good. He swan in the pool the first day and then in the ocean. He is fearless. He and Aunt Jes ate ice cream and drank pena' colardas all day. We are anticipating you. Mom an Dad have not chosen a name yet. I can't wait to feel you kick again. Your Mom was a kicker so it is only fair you are.... Love GMA | Andrew, Clay, Cole and Loran | David, Casey, Trevor and Kathy

15: October 11, Guamma really is bad at writing. I really have written so many letters in my mind to all three of my grandsons. So... Sawyer, you were names Sawyer James Archuleta. The James is my Dad's, my brother Davids, my nephew Trevor and your middle name. Cole got John from PaPa John and Det, well he got Jet. Oh so much. Cole and I were with Mom and Dad when you were born. It was amazing. You are so much like your Mom, who is like her Mom........ You wanted to do everything Co Co did. You never really crawled. You walked and talked early. You could ride a scooter with one leg pointing out at the end of 2 beginning of 3. You are a 4 wheel mad man at 3. You come up to Gma and Gpa's once or twice a month and spend the night. You were happy from the first time you came. You never wanted to leave. We rode the lawn mower first and called it Gma's tractor. We go to Heinie's and ride the white and yellow tactor. We have bought new tractors, plowed Heinie's fields and hauled many things over the last couple of years. Gpa goes down with you occasionally and you drive the big yellow tractor. He is amazed that you can steer that big thing. You think you are so big. Lots of time is spend in Gpa's old 57 chevy and on the tractors pretending. We also go to the river and throw rocks. You love to play with the dogs in the snow. I fixed Mom and A Jessie's playhouse for you and we play cars out there. You are always on the go. You are a stubborn kid. I want.... I is not easy to reason with you. If you get something in your mind it takes an act of Congress to get you to change. You are not tolerant of Deeter, although I think you are trying a little, barely. He idolizes you as you did Cole. I am getting to take care of you 3 days a week, and while tiring it is the best time of my life. We click together and have fun. There are so many things I want to remember but I'm loosing concentration so ..... until later, Love Guam ma Denice....... You loved school buses, they have big tires and haul kids. We would watch for them and count how many went to the sool to pick up the kids and take them home.

16: Christmas 2007 Sawyer's 1st Christmas

17: A Wii? | The Beginning of knowing we like to get things!

18: Sawyer's 1st birthday and he adores his big brother. | (Dawson looks at Sawyer like Sawyer is look at Cole.)

19: Sawyer's 2nd birthday. We should have guessed that he would love to drive so much that at 3 1/2 he has a white car (Suzuki) and drives his Guama thru the fields and to Louisiana! | He still looks like this when he eats!

20: Boating, driving and looking cool. | Summer 2009

21: Winter 2009

22: Archuleta Boys Looking cool!

23: Tractor Time | Throwing rocks, and cleaning | Life at Guampa and Guama's

24: Sawyers 3rd Birthday

25: Little did we all know how much Sawyer would enjoy his 4-wheeler | His favorite ride was down the rocky road, during which he gave Guama heartburn. | Favorite moves: Standing, hanging one leg off the side and getting air!

26: October 11, 2010 Dawson Jet Archuleta What a wonderful surprise you are. Gpa and I were so excited when Mom told us she was going to have one more baby. She stayed in shape through her pregnancy with you as she did with Sawyer too. I was at the house getting ready to leave but hung around because your Mom wasn't feeling right. She called your Dad and told him he should come home. As soon as she hung up she said "Oh NO" and called your Dad back and told him to meet us at the hospital. We grabbed Sawyer and a bag, ran to the car. Nissa was out front and your Mom just said "Going to the hospital." As we were driving your Mom had two big contractions and then said to me drive careful. As we came to 40th Street she had another contraction and I thought you were going to be born in the car. Mom said keep going, safely... We drove in the hospital and Dad was waiting, He got Mom out of the car and she had another hard contraction. He got her into the elevator and to the delivery area, the nurse looked at your Mom and said "he can check you in you need to come with me. Sawyer and I parked and car and came up. The nurse told us your Mom was pushing you out. About 5 minutes later the nurse came and got us and there you were. Sawyer did not know what to think about you. I thought you looked alot like him. We got to hold you. Then the nurse came and took you. It was so exciting and I got to see you and Sawyer entrance into the world. You have been a good baby. You eat and sleep and poop and you are happy. Sawyer had gut problems and cried alot, so you were what babies should be happy. You loved to be cuddled and held tight. As you have grown you are so interested in your surroundings. You have the brothers keep moving until impossible attitude. You love your big brothers, you want to play with them so much. You are making little screaming noise meaning you have conquered holding objects and getting them to your mouth. So proud. You are crawling and pulling your self up on furniture. You love your walker, you stood with me while I cleaned up the pantry the other day and held every box I was throwing away.

27: October 9, 2011 You spent the night last night. You want to be just like your big brother.Sawyer is still trying to get to know you, but you copy everything he does and you are beginning to get to him. He is finally seeing there may be some potential in playing with you. I have 3 pictures of your Mom at ages 7, 8 and 20. You looked at the pictures today and said "my mommy". You are talking all the time. Your favorite words are Bloo, balloon, ball,outside, gpa, mama for grma, no. You love music and shake your head and dance. You are such a happy little boy. You love Maggie and Sadie and have called them "arf arf" for a long time. You called the kitties mouws yesterday. You give big sloppy open mouth kisses and sometimes you offer them without being asked. You go night night so good, you love your blanket and bear. You are a cozy boy. | Your first birthday you learned you loved cake and all things sweet.

28: DAWSON JET Has joined the brothers | AND NOW THEIR ARE THREE

29: Detter has blue eyes and is our happy baby.

30: Daddy built a Playstructure

31: Helping Aunt Jessie move to New York | the team

32: You love to go boating, you do say boat.Both times we've been out you have been out on your feet. You refuse to let go and go to sleep, you don't want to miss out and its a crack up to watch you go to sleep and wake up like you have never been asleep.

33: Boys on the move! Going to Louisiana gon'a see our polyanna in the Morning. Sawyer James is driving, he is driving his Grandma.....

35: Well, I am not the best writer, nor do I have the best memory. I do know however that the three of you boys have given Grandpa Doug and I so many wonderful times. From Cole's basketball and football games, to shooting guns, riding 4 wheelers, Sawyer's white car to Dawson and riding on any 4 wheeler that someone is willing to take him on. Daw's you have had several "ah ha" moments and you are not even 2. You think riding is the best thing, I can't wait until you drive yourself. Also throwing rocks is pretty amazing feat. Thanks for all the good times and more to come. Love you guys, Grandma

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