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Papa's Story: Garcia Family History

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S: Papa's Story: The Garcia Family History

BC: Inquiring Minds Want to Know This book will answer all of the your pressing questions about Papa, including: * Who is Papa's family? * What did Papa look like when he was a kid? (...was he ever a kid?) * Was Papa born with a beard? * Has he always had white hair? * Did Papa really take ballet lessons? *Who taught Papa to make tortillas?


1: Papa's Story: the Garcia Family History Made with love for all of Papa's grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come Thanks to Jennie Williams Lutton and Ofelia Garcia Navarrete for researching the Garcia family history and compiling family photographs. | Cover: Grammy Garcia with Keith, 1954

2: In 1743, Joaquin Galan married Josefa Sanchez. In 1745, their first child, Juan Jose Galan Sanchez was born and, in 1748, Petronila Gertudes Galan Sanchez was born. In 1767, Joaquin Galan was decreed 300,000 acres of land in Tamaulipas, Mexico (now part of Webb County, Texas). Galan was expected to inhabit and socialize the town of Nuevo Santender and form a stronghold in the area. King Ferdinand VI was determined to revive agriculture, stimulate mining and trade and develop a Navy. In 1768, Maria Encarnacion Galan Sanchez was born. She was the first Galan to be born in Nuevo Santender. In 1788, Maria Encarnacion married Cayetano Villarreal. Villarreal had to prove pure Spanish heritage in order to marry into the Galan family and settle in Nuevo Santender. Maria Encarnacion soon gave birth to Gertudes Villarreal Gallan and then, a few years later to Felicidades Villarreal Galan. Their third child, Placido Villarreal Galan was born shortly afterwards and the in 1798, Maria Concepcion Villareal Galan was born. At this point the Galans and other Texans were beginning to think of themselves as land owners and the Spanish hold on the land began to weaken. By this time, the settlers in the Texas territory numbered about 7,000. About 100 were settled in Balconcitos and Palafox which were also part of the Galan land grant. In 1804, Joaquin Galan fell ill and gave power of attorney to his son Juan, who was 59 years old. In 1805, Juan sold some of the land in Web County to Manuel Garza. In 1805, Maria Encarnacion remarried. Her husband's name was Jose Maria Esparza In 1818, the whole town of Palafox was burned down by Native | Americans in an effort to slow the settlement progress. In 1828, Placido Villarreal Galan married Petra Trevino and, in 1831, they had a child, Pillar Villarreal Trevino. At this time, the settlers numbered close to 30,000 and the Spanish settlers were working to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. The influx of settlers was so rapid that the Mexicans began to declared martial law and tried to disarm the Texans. They abolished slavery and raised taxes. This ultimately led to the Texas Revolution. In 1834, Julian Villarreal Trevino was born to Placido and Petra and, in 1835, another child, Catarina Villarreal Trevino was born. In 1836, Texas voted David Barnet as president and the Alamo was defended by 150 men. 4,000 Mexicans attacked and defeated those at thee Alamo, but the Texans defeated the Mexicans shortly thereafter, and from 1836-1846, Texas was a Republic. In 1845, the U.S. Congress voted to annex Texas and this led to war between the U.S. and Mexico, but Texas became the 28th state in 1846. In 1854, Daniel Ruggles purchased Balconcitos and Palafox from Manuel Garza.

3: Shortly thereafter, Julian Villarreal Trevino married Seferina Ureste. In 1875, Julian Villarreal Trevino married a second time to Guadalupe Montalvo Bocanegra. In 1876, Guadalupe gave birth to Julian Villarreal Montalvo and, in 1878, gave birth to Tomasa Aquino Villareal Montalvo. In 1978, they had a third child, Placido Villarreal Montalvo. In 1882, Guadalupe Villarreal Montalvo was born. After Villarreal was widowed, she was raped by a ranch hand named Trevino. This resulted in the birth of Juan in 1885. By 1880, there were any settlers in the land and towns began to grow. Because of the stigma of the child’s parentage, Guadalupe gave him to the Flores family who lived on the ranch and they raised him as their own. In 1885, Guadalupe remarried. She married James Henderson. They had one son, Jose Henderson. Many parties vied for the land that was part of the Galan grant and took it by force. By 1885, the land was divided up by many parties, who had often taken it by force. In 1888 Guadalupe Montalvo married for a third time. She and her husband, Donaciano Peres, had two children, Gregoria Peres Montalvo and Fidela Peres Montalvo. Guadalupe settled down in Rancho del Muerto, but the land around the family was being developed quickly and many parties tried to acquire portions of it. The 300,000 | By 1885, the land was divided up by many partie s, who had often taken it by force. In 1888 Guadalupe Montalvo married for a third time. She and her husband, Donaciano Peres, had two children, Gregoria Peres Montalvo and Fidela Peres Montalvo. Guadalupe settled down in Rancho del Muerto, but the land around the family was being developed quickly and many parties tried to acquire portions of it. The 300,000 acres of land that once belonged to the Galans was divided up and only a few acres remain, one as a cemetery and a few where Juan Flores and his descendants live. In 1897, Tomasa Villarreal Montalvo married Encarnacion Garza Rodriguez and they had several children: Consuelo Garza Villarreal and Catarino Garza Villarreal. In 1903, Julian Villarreal (brother to Tomasa and Guadalupe) gambled his sister, Guadalupe, and lost to a wealthy Texan named Miguel Quintanilla. Ramon Cerda was also interested in Guadalupe, but he was murdered. Later Miguel Quintanilla was killed and Encarnacion Garza was suspected. In 1903, Judge Cavazos dispatched Antonio Montalvo (Tomasa’s uncle) to assist the deputy in the arrest of Encarnacion, who was attending Quintanilla’s funeral. When they arrived Montalvo called Encarnacion’s name, and when Encarnacion turned around, Montalvo shot him. Montalvo claimed that he believed that Encarnacion had a gun, but he was later found to be unarmed. Nine days later, Encarnacion’s widow, Tomasa, gave birth to twins, Maria Encarnacion and Esperanza. In 1913, Antonio Montalvo was found dead. Pancho Porras, Ramon Cerda’s uncle, sent a letter to Tomasa claiming responsibility for the murder and claiming that he had avenged the death of Cerda and Encarnacion Garza. In 1925, Maria Encarnacion Garza married Oscar Garcia and they had five children: Oscar, Olga, Ofelia, Oralia, and Olaf. In 1953, Oralia married Andy Williams and 9 months later she gave birth to Keith Elliott Williams, also known as Papa.

4: Joaquin Galan -- Josefa Sanchez M. 1743 | Encarnacion (1768) -- Cayetano Villarreal Juan Jose Petronilla Gertudes M. 1788 | Gertudens Felicidades Placido (1795) -- Petra Trevino Concepcion M. 1828 | Pilar Julian (1834) -- Guadalupe Montavalo M. 1875 Boganegra | Julian Placido Guadalupe Tomasa (1878) -- Encarnacion Garza M. 1897 Rodriquez | Consuelo Catarino Esperanza Encarnacion (1903-1980) | | | | | | | | | | | Encarnacion (above) and Tomasa (at right) | (Your Great- Great-Great Grandparents)

5: -- Oscar Garcia de la Garza Ma. del Refugio Donato Francisco Rafaela Enriquetta Elena M. 1925 | Donato -- Elena de la Garza M. 1743 Garcia | Francisco Garcia -- Ma. de la Refugio Salinas Gonzalez | | | | | Encarnacion and Oscar, 1925 | Donato Garcia Gonzales (below) | Elena de la Garza (above) | (Your Great-Great Grandparents) | (Your Great-Great-Great Grandparents)

6: Encarnacion Garza Garcia, (Connie or Grammy) was born to Tomasa and Encarnacion Garza. She and her twin sister Esperanza were born August 20, 1903. Encarnacion married Oscar Garcia in 1925 and they had five children. She named all her children with "0" names in honor of her husband. That way she could say "0 , gee what a family" whether they were good kids or not. She was 36 years old when she divorced and did not expect any support from her husband because he was an alcoholic. She raised her five children by working as a store clerk, a bookkeeper and a seamstress. When Oscar, the eldest, was in the navy he took leave in Rutland, Vermont and liked it very much. He suggested to his mother that she move the family to Vermont. After Oscar was discharged he stayed and Olga joined him so they could look for a house. Encarnacion brought the rest of the family to Rutland on a Greyhound bus. The trip took three days and four nights. They arrived on May 26, 1946. The house on 51 Allen street was to be the house she lived in until her death in 1980. | Encarnacion was a very active woman who had many friends. She never owned a car so she walked everywhere. She always arrived everywhere earlier than she had to. One day she left for work and as usual stopped at a grocery store before arriving at the | 1935--Ofelia, Oscar, Oralia; Seated: Olga | Oscar, Encarnacion, and Olga | Encarnacion with Ofelia, Oscar, Olga and a cousin. | Oscar, Olga and Ofelia

7: dress shop. The store keeper asked where she was going so early on a Sunday morning. She thought it was a weekday. Grammy, as Encarnacion was known, always got herself a Xmas present to put under her silver tree. One year she did not know who the present was for or from even though she had bought it herself. At Xmas time she provided small gifts for the less fortunate in the neighborhood. On Halloween if she was not home she would leave treats on the porch with the light on with a sign take one. Grammy was always the first to buy the latest. On Allen Street she was the first to buy a TV and the neighbors would come to watch it. She always said she wanted to be the first to go to the moon. Grammy was known for her tortillas. She would make stacks but it was never enough. She always said she wanted to live to be 100 yrs old. She died at age 77. | Grammy Garcia | Tortillas | 4 cups flour 4 tablespoons lard (or Crisco) | 2 teaspoons of salt | 1 1/2 cups of hot water | Add lard into dry ingredients. Add hot | water and knead 15 times. Let sit 10 min. | Roll flat and fry on a cast iron pan. Press | flat with towel. Serve hot. Enjoy! | Esperanza and Encarnacion

8: Encarnacion (1903-1980) | -- Oscar Garcia de la Garza M. 1925 | Olga Oscar Ofelia Olaf Oralia Elva (1931) -- Andrew Williams (1930) M. 1953 | | | Oralia, June 1936 | | | Jenny Lynn Sally Keith Elliott Williams (1954) | Oralia Garcia | As a child, Oralia was diagnosed with Polio. Grammy Garcia could not afford treatment so she had to relinquish custody of Oralia to the state. Oralia was separated from her family and hospitalized for over a year. She was cured, but Oralia walked with a slight limp after that and always grieved the way that she had been separated from her mother and siblings during that time. In 1953, Oralia married Andy and they later had four children: Keith, Lynn, Sally, and Jennie. They lived in Vermont and were known for their love of yard sales, square dancing, and crafts.

9: The 5 Os | Above: Oscar, Ofelia, Oralia, Olga, Olaf, 1986 | Oralia and Andy, October 1953 (Your Great Grandparents)

10: Above: Oralia with Keith and cousin Carol Laird. Top right: Olaf with Keith Bottom right: Grammy Garcia with Keith

11: Keith Elliott Williams Date: July 25, 1954 Place: Rutland, Vermont | Happy Birthday, Papa!

12: Papa lived in Rutland, Vermont with his parents and near to Grammy Garcia. His sisters Lynn, Sally, and Jennie were born over the next few years.

13: The Story of your...

14: Trip to the Rutland Fair

19: Papa with his sisters: Lynn, Jennie, and Sally

20: Photos

21: Papa Big Beard with a little beard

22: Above: Keith with Carole's sisters, Margaret and Kathy

23: The Story of your... | Papa met Grandma Carole in 1969 and were "going steady" by 1970.

25: Papa graduated in 1972 and enlisted in the Air Force. He served until 1980 in various locations around the country, but continued to make regular visits home to see girlfriend, Grandma Carole. They married the summer after she graduated from high school, on August 3, 1974.

26: Keith Elliott Williams -- Carole Anne Hall M. 1974 | | | Rebekah Anne (1976) M. Jason DiGavero | Keri Rosemarie (1976) M. Delano Williams | | | Jacob Robert (2004) Abigail Rose (2005) | | | Keimo Delano (1995) Denzel Delano (2005) Amias Delano (2003) Kayla Shyan (2003) Brandon Keith (2007) | Andrea Marie (1978) M. Scott Denny | | | Jordan Sage (1999) MacKenzie Taylor (2000)

27: Jonathan Elliott (1983) | Matthew Keith (1981) M. Graciela Ochoa | Keith and Carole, August 1974 (Your Grandparents)

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