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Pauline - Page Text Content

S: Pauline Elizabeth Sawyer Kidson Trammell Gentry

BC: 90!

FC: Pauline

1: Dedicated to our Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend Pauline Elizabeth on your 90th Birthday We Love You!

2: The Sawyers Arvin, Minta Pauline, Audrey, and Dorothy

3: Audrey, Pauline, Dorothy

4: Reagan High School Houston, Texas Class of 1939 Graduated with Honors Houston Business College 1939

5: With friend, Evelyn Brogden | School | School Princess | Minta and her sisters | Polly, Minta, and Dot

6: Minta Alice Rountree Sawyer Kennerly August 14, 1899 April 26, 1985 | Minta's 80th Birthday | Our Parents Minta and Arvin

7: Arvin Andrew Sawyer and Iola March 30, 1892 October 15, 1973 US Army WW 1 | Minta and Dave Kennerly

8: Pauline and Homer Kidson married September 3, 1942 | Happy to be together

9: First Home 14313 South Main | 1950 Polly's little helpers

10: Backyard fun with Uncle Jack | A night out to celebrate | Homer was very romantic and also a cut-up! | Family cookouts were a way of life

11: Homer loved his girls!

12: Adelaide "Nana" Kidson Phyllis, Pat, and Pam Bess Kidson and Jack Quigley

13: Homer Addison Kidson June 27, 1902 May 3, 1955 U.S. Navy - WW 1

14: Sisters Pauline and Dorothy

15: Good sports at each other's birthdays!

16: Audrey & Florence, Dot, Polly

17: First Cousins Kidson, McMillan, & Sawyer Rodger, Hugh, Pam, Janet, Lynn, Jeff, Pat, Donald, Phyllis | Easter 1954 and 1958

18: Polly and Buell Trammell married August 8, 1958

20: Christmas 1960 | 1351 Lehman

21: Mabel and Hobart Trammell | Houston Rodeo with Martha Lynn and Harvey

22: Fun times at 13322 Conifer | Bennie Martin | Starfire! | Wedding-bell blues

23: Buell Gene Trammell April 8, 1920 January 2, 1978 US Army - WW 11 & Korean War

24: Polly & George Met in the 1950s at Fannin Bank.

25: Pauline and George Gentry Married August 23, 1986

26: from Formal to Fishing!

28: Going to the Rodeo!

29: John George Gentry October 24, 1915 February 28, 1996 From bank mail room clerk to respected banker; co-founder of Sterling Bancshares

30: The Girls | Thanksgiving, 2005 Houston | Italy, 2003 | St Louis 1998

31: 2011 Sedona, AZ 89th Birthday | 1960 & 2002 Oh My! | 2003 Bellagio, Italy

32: 80th Birthday with the girls - Amanda, Dale, Janet, Cindy, Lauren, Kim, Phyllis, Dot, Pam, Pat, Rebecca, Elizabeth Fredericksburg, Texas March, 2002

33: May, 1952 | Mom! | Phyllis Lee 1944 | Patricia Lynne 1948 | Pamela Louise 1950

34: Our Star!

36: Happy Birthday Mom! You inspire us every day to be better people. We love you! Pam and Cal

37: Dear Polly, You are my favorite mother-in-law of all time. Love, Cal | Pam, Cal, and Daniel

38: One afternoon with you was enough for me to know that I wanted to spend my life with your daughter. Love, Craig | Classic Car, Classic Mom! | Pat's Family Thanksgiving, 2007

39: I love you, Mom! Pat

40: Kimberly Anne Williams 1970 | Michael Woodrow Williams 1972 | Happy 90th Birthday! Phyllis and Reagan | Phyllis, Kimberly, and Michael

42: Dearest Polly, Your achievement is not just that you've lived 90 years, but that you have lived them so graciously. You are, and will always remain, a role model for all of us lucky enough to be related to you. You are a a wonderful example of how to face---and overcome--- hardship with tenacity, hard work, optimism, warmth, and a devotion to others. I know I am among many others when I say I hold you up as my ideal of how to live and age to the very highest standard. I have always felt truly blessed to have you for a step-mother. You have been there for me, my father, and my children and grand-children for many, many years. You were my confidante, adviser, comforter, and friend through many difficult family and personal situations. When I wobbled, you were always there with the best counsel to shore me up and renew my strength. I knew I could always count on you to understand, support me and help me find comfort. Thank you, thank you, dear Polly. Words cannot express how indebted I am to you and how grateful I feel for your devotion to Daddy, particularly during his last years. I know how very difficult he could be and you were unfailingly kind, sweet, and attentive to him. You enabled him to live out the last years in dignity. All I can say, again, is, "Thank you, Polly, thank you." Innumerable relatives, friends, even casual acquaintances are lucky enough to be the recipients of your hand-made table-runners, mantle-scarves, Christmas tree skirts, beaded vests, quilted bedspreads, pillows, and placemats and napkins. These have become family heirlooms to be treasured. Still another example of the time, effort, and talent you gave so generously to others. The collections of memories in this birthday book are our tribute to the lovely lady you are and are but a small demonstration of how many people love you so very much. All my love, Dale

43: Doug & Dale Gentry Schlatter | Charlie Miller August 31, 1942 August 29, 1988

44: FOR POLLY ON HER 90TH BIRTHDAY A virtual conversation: CLERK AT FITNESS CENTER: “So, Mrs. Gentry, you want to buy a membership? POLLY: Yes, please. CLERK: May I ask your age? POLLY: Of course. I’m 84. CLERK: Really, you don’t look 84. POLLY: Thank you. I don’t feel it either. CLERK: How long do you want your contract to last? Six months? A year? POLLY: Three years. CLERK: OMG! POLLY: I’m so sorry, but I don’t understand that smarty-phone stuff. CLERK: You really want a three year contract? By the end you’ll be- POLLY: (kindly but firmly) I thought about six years, but I don’t think this gym will be in business that long. (It wasn’t). CLERK: Yes, ma’m. Three years it is. POLLY: Thank you so much. You’re a very nice young lady and I appreciate your help. by Doug Schlatter

46: Kimberly | Elizabeth | Daniel | Alex | Amanda | Scott | Sheri | Rebecca | Will | Andrew | Mark | Michael | Liz

47: J. David | Polly | Lily | Charlie | Gracie | Adair | Miranda | Lexi | Adele | Reagan | John | Charlie | Madison | Elli | Lauren

48: Daniel Phillip Haas 1982

50: Kim's girls Lauren Shay Price, 1992 Alexia Leigh Price, 2004

52: Lauren Shay Price 1992

54: Alexia Leigh Price 2004

55: Adele Kathryn Backus 1998

56: Ruth Elizabeth Fogle Sparks 1972

58: Joel David Sparks 2004 | Reagan Elizabeth Sparks 2005

59: The Sparks Family | Joel, Elizabeth, J. David & Reagan

60: Rebecca Elaine Fogle Warriner 1975

61: The Warriner Family Richard, Rebecca, Polly & John

62: John Addison Warriner 2005 | Pauline Anne "Polly" Warriner 2003

63: Two Pollys!

64: William Gordon Fogle, Jr. 1976 | The Fogle Family Will, Cassandra, Lily & Charlie

66: Lily Kidson Fogle 2006

67: Charles William James Fogle 2008

68: Sheri Ann Hubbard Meredith 1968

69: Let me start this letter by wishing you a very happy birthday. As I reflect on the time that I have known, you, what comes to mind is the big smile that you greet me with when we see you. It puts a smile on my face then and even now as I write this. Sheri, Madison, Adair, Elli, and I are very fortunate to have you in our lives. Thank you for loving Sheri and the girls the way you do and for always remembering us on special days. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays. Love, Kevin Kevin | The Meredith Family Kevin, Sheri, Madison, Adair, & Elli

70: Elli Jane Meredith 2002

71: Madison Lee Meredith 1996

72: Adair Rene Meredith 1998

73: Richard & Rebecca Warriner Elizabeth & Joel Sparks Grandma Polly Will & Cassandra Fogle Sheri & Kevin Meredith 2005

74: Amanda Miller Key 1967

75: Happy Birthday, Polly. You are the greatest Grandmother a grandson could ever hope to have. Thank you. All My Love, Alex 1970 | Joe and Amanda Miller Key

76: Charles James Miller 2009 Grace Elizabeth Miller 2011 | Debbie & Andrew Miller 1972

77: Grandma Polly, I am so happy for you on your 90th birthday. You have always been so kind and warm, even when I was being difficult. The earliest memory I have of you is in your apartment off Piney Point, playing cards, listening to Lawrence Welk, watching Austin City Limits, and playing with your wax paraffin. You have always been so patient, especially with Pakaw and Alex. They both could be so difficult and you were always so loving and supportive. You are the perfect grandmother--- kind, creative, understanding, and patient. I have always been so proud to call you grandmother. I thought it was so funny that in middle school, I befriended Elizabeth Fogle, only later to be related to her. Once I started my own family, we always wanted to see you when we came to Houston. Charlie asks about you all the time and can’t wait to see you. We love getting your presents you make and hearing your stories. We are so proud of how you always put your best foot forward. When I grow up, I want to have your stamina, perseverance, and kindness. You always keep yourself occupied with books, puzzles, traveling, and sewing. You never complain and always have a smile and open arms for a hug for us. We are all lucky to have you in our life and call you Grandmother. Love, Andrew, Debbie, Charlie, and Gracie Miller

78: Liz, Anthony, & Miranda Wish You a Very Happy 90th Birthday!

80: Jim, Pat, and Scott Yoder

81: Pat and Jim Yoder Scottie and Joe Tauer | Pat and Scott Yoder

82: My first trip to Houston was shortly after Tom (Audrey} and I married. Polly and Homer entertained us in the backyard of their home on So. Main. Homer was quite a barbeque master, and Polly was the queen of side dishes. I was made so welcome by all the family that day. Never having had a sister, I was delighted to have two sister-in laws especially one as loving, cheerful, and resilient as Polly. I saw this last attribute so many times over the years as she endured deaths of three husbands, her Mother and other downers. She stayed up and cheerful, loving and caring for her children and grand children and growing beautiful flowers. I thank God that Tom provided me with such a wonderful sister. May we have many more years of her love and cheerfulness. Florence Sawyer

83: The Sawyers 2008 | Audrey Arvin "Tom" Sawyer February 19, 1919 June 27, 2007 Army Air Corps WW11

84: Dot, Polly, Janet, and Cindy Doyle 2002 | Don and Janet McMillan Lehr Jeffrey, Marie, and Forrest | McMillans and Lehrs with Polly and George

85: Happy 90th Birthday, Aunt Pauline from Janet

86: The Lehrs | Will and Marie Lehr Conlan | Jeff and Jenny Lehr | Forrest and Amy Lehr | Paige and Taylor Lehr with Aunt Polly's creations

87: Marie Lehr Conlan US Army 101st Airborne Bosnia and Iraq | Lt. Forrest Lehr US Navy - Afghan War

88: Aunt Pauline, I have so many wonderful memories of the times we have shared! From always being excited about the next backyard BBQ, the chance to smash bags of ice for your whiskey sours and so many other fun things! Best of all, I always knew you were there if we needed you, just as I know you are there for Mama when she needs you now. With all our love, may God continue to bless you, Hugh and Patsy

90: Texas 2007 | Switzerland 2003 | Wyoming 1999

91: Newfoundland 2005 | Utah 2004 | Colorado 2004

92: Friends | Russell, Sharon, and Frances Flynn | Grace and Bill Allen | Mary Farnsworth | Walter Meyer

93: Howard and Tommie Hartman Florence Wickman | Martha Adger | Jim Stalker

94: Willie Brown | I truly love you my dear friend and hope you can live another 90 more years. I really wish you would let us have a party - what a grand party it would be. With all my love, Sharon | Chip and Sharon Bryan

95: Having a Polly is a wonderful thing. She is like a 2nd mother to me, and I will treasure her and our friendship forever. All my love to you Polly on your 90th birthday! Pam O'Keefe | Lucille Crosby, Mary Farnsworth, Virginia Reed, Dorothy McMillan 1998 | Pam O'Keefe & Virginia Reed

96: Colleen Reed

97: We regret that we can’t be with you in person to celebrate, but know that we are there in spirit (and through this note and the pictures) to let you know how much we love you and are thankful that you graced our lives. I love you dearly and can think of no better way to close than to say, “Hi Aunt Polly!” Love, Rick and Joanie Reed

98: Dear Aunt Polly – When your girls first told us about this wonderful book, my first thought was “how in the world can I ever do justice to what you mean to me?” my second thought was “how am I ever going to get everything I love about you on one page? I’ll have to make the margins “0,” use a font of microscopic proportions and see if they’ll allow me to write in any margins that might be left over!” So, you can anticipate a new magnifying glass as one of your birthday presents. I’m sure many others are saying the same thing but there is no one like you in the whole wide world. I’ve told mom in the past that the very best thing about our living on Conifer Road was getting to have you and your family as our neighbors and, later, as such dear friends. And, no matter how long I live, you will always be “Aunt” Polly to me. (continued in a letter and on next page....) | Sharron, Virginia, Ricky, and Colleen Reed

99: When mom got to the skilled nursing facility today and we got her settled, I asked her if there was anything else she wanted and she said, “yes, to talk with Polly.” Just like after her aneurysm ruptured and we finally got her to a regular room back in 2008. I forget the particulars but it boiled down to only family members being able to visit and she told me to call Pat – that Pat would figure out a way to get you up to see her and, of course, she did. When you left I said, I’m so glad you were able to visit with Polly and Pat and she looked at me and said, “they’re my family, too.” I’ve never met anyone besides you named Polly and I’ve decided that’s a really good thing because there just could never be another Polly. The saying, “when God made you, he broke the mold” couldn’t be more true than in your case. I love you with all my heart and I always will. All my love and then some . . . Sharron | Virginia and Sharron 2/29/12

102: Birthday Wishes from Linda Fogle

103: Birthday Wishes from Walt Meyer

105: Congratulations and Happy 90th Birthday!! With Love from all of us! | Pauline Elizabeth Sawyer Kidson Trammell Gentry!

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