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Phillips Family

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S: The Phillips 6 - soon to be the Phillips __?

BC: Welcome to the Family! | Your photo here!

FC: John and Brandi Phillips | The Phillips Story

1: John and Brandi went to college at OU in Norman, OK. When Brandi got to college she signed up to have a secret pal. John was assigned to her. Every day, Brandi would put notes, candy, cards and a clue on John's door so that at the end of the week he could figure out who she was and meet her. John figured out early who Brandi was and his suite mate called her pretending to be John. Brandi got really angry and told the suite mate - "you tell MR. Phillips if he ever wants to meet me he'd better get himself down here now." A few minutes later John showed up at her room. A few days later Brandi drug John to a dance (John doesn't dance but all her friends went home for the weekend) and they stood by the trash can all night. Finally, they gave up and went up to Brandi's dorm room and talked all night. It was then that Brandi knew that John was the one for her. After dating 3 years they married November 18, 1989.

2: about us | John G. Phillips | March 31, 1968 | Red | Bicycling, computers | Introvert | Smart | Kind | Bible, Computer, Stock books | Our God - Chris Tomlin | National Treasure

3: Brandi Bates Phillips | July 24, 1968 | Reddish orange | Gardening, knitting | Extrovert | Creative | Compassionate | The Bible, craft books | How he loves us David Crowder | Where the Heart is

4: Andrew John | Andrew was born in Tyler, Texas on October 23, 1992. From the beginning Andrew came out ready to take on the world. Andrew graduated from Norman High School in 2011 and left home that August to attend Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he is pursuing a dual degree in religion and media / film production. | Malachi was born in Norman on March 28, 1995. John hoped Brandi would hold out 3 more days so Malachi would be born on his birthday but Malachi had other ideas. He currently attends Norman High School and studies hard in AP classes while also playing in both the band and jazz band. Malachi loves bicycling with dad over long distances, and hopes to start racing this year. | Malachi Timothy

5: Hannah Noel | We were so excited to have our first girl born on January 8, 1997. Hannah has always had a kind spirit and absolutely loves children and they love her. She attends Norman High School and is doing very well in all her subjects. She also plays the flute in the band, but does colorguard during marching season. She loves sewing and fashion design. | Elizabeth born October 2, 1998 is currently the youngest child. She is a spunky young lady who loves acting, singing, drama, and sports. She likes so many things sometimes it is hard to narrow which one to pursue. She does well in school, plays every sport she can (3 this year) and plays the clarinet in the band. Elizabeth has a good sense of humor and is a very loyal friend. | Elizabeth Grace

6: Hannah: Loves to dress up, Loves to read, Loves children, Loves colorguard, Loves to sew and craft, Loves her kitties, Loves her dog, doesn't like to clean her room, Loves her friends, fights with her sister, is shy around new people, doesn't like to speak in front of people, Loves Jesus! | Meet: Hannah | Hannah loved her baby dolls when she was younger, and her cats. She made the apron she is wearing as her first project on her sewing machine.

8: Volleyball girl! | Meet: Elizabeth

9: Elizabeth loves sports, Loves singing, acting, and drama, Loves watching TV, Loves picking on her sister Hannah, Likes to be loud and have fun, Is outgoing, does well in school, Loves her brother Andrew and wants to go to Baylor like he did, Loves her friends, and Loves Jesus!

10: Malachi loves music, especially jazz, and classical, he loves his saxophone, loves the freedom that comes with driving, has a good sense of humor, enjoys hanging out with his "nerdy" smart friends, values education, loves Latin and studies a lot! | Meet: Malachi | ..............................................

11: Malachi is trustworthy, dependable, disciplined, reads his Bible through every year, loyal, and kind to everyone. As his school teacher once said, "Malachi is a likable guy and all the kids get along with him." He loves his family and loves Jesus!

12: Andrew is good with computers, video, lighting, and sound, He loves debate, politics, model UN, mock trial, graphic design, video production and most of all Mariava. Andrew is a very independent person and always does things with a passion and drive that few people can match. He is currently majoring in religion and Media / film production and believes God has called him to the ministry in some way. He no longer lives at home and is engaged to be married.

13: Meet: Andrew and Mariava | ........................................... | Andrew and Mariava are engaged after dating all through high school. We are excited to have her as a new family member soon! He proposed on their 4th anniversary March 6, 2012. It was very romantic! | Leaving for college

14: First Anniversary | Santa Barbara, Ca | ......................................... | Cisco Jerry | Cisco and Jerry Cisco is about 7 years old. We got him from the pound, and fell in love with his easy, love everyone way. He is very lazy and overweight, and will not leave you alone when he wants to be petted. He will come on command when you snap your fingers in anticipation of someone petting him. Cisco has a weird addiction to tape so we have to be careful when bringing in packages and things so he doesn't lick them and harm himself. Jerry is more of a working cat and sometimes brings mice and even birds into the house. (Naughty Kitty!) We got Jerry as a kitten from a friend who had a litter. He is about 5. He likes to be loved on when he wants it, but beware the rapidly swishing tail or you might get pounced on in play - his play sometimes hurts. Also, he will want to sleep on your bed,(often on your feet) if you object, close your door because he is persistent. | The Pets | Young Buddy and Andrew in their obedience training class. Buddy was a star pupil and has several tricks he does well!

15: Kiki has been with us a long time. She is about 14 years old and we got her from friends who had a litter on their farm. She started out kind of wild. She doesn't like the other cats and rarely leaves the bathroom where she hides under the cabinet. She will come out sometimes to sleep on the parents' bed. After she gets to know someone if they treat her well, she loves to be petted and will purr really loudly. She likes to talk but always sounds like she is griping. | Sawyer is a 4 year old Papillon we got from a breeder. He is goofy and friendly. He has a strange bark that sounds like he has a sore throat. He stays in the bathroom unless people are playing with him because he gets confused on potty areas in the main house and doesn't in the bathroom. He is very hyper and can be a little nervous, but is a lot of fun once he gets to know you. Buddy is really old wonderful dog. He has a big booming bark he will greet strangers with to let them know he will defend his home. He is really a big push over though, and loves everyone, loves to be petted, loves to go on short walks, and loves to beg for food. He is very overweight, though, so we don't feed him from the table anymore. He will probably not be with us for a long time since 11 is really old for a golden retriever. But while he's here we are going to enjoy every minute.

16: Meet: Brandi | I have a quote on my facebook page I believe sums up how I view my position in the home. Mother Theresa said "Everybody today seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater developments and greater riches and so on, so that children have very little time for their parents, parents have very little time for each other, and in the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world. ---- My children don't need more things, they need me. They need the peace that comes from knowing someone is there when they are sick, there when they get home, and ready to listen. They need healthy meals, not fast food. I believe the ministry of the home is the ministry to which I am called by God. | Brandi went to the University of Oklahoma and graduated in 1991 with a bachelor's of science in nursing. She worked for about a year (and while in school) before becoming a stay at home mom. Before she started staying home, she was an RN (registered Nurse) and worked in Neonatal intensive care, Cardiac step down, and as a children's psychiatric nurse, which was by far her favorite. Brandi never planned to stay home, but the moment that they put Andrew in her arms, she didn't know how she could ever leave him. For 6 weeks before delivery we were able to put every paycheck of hers into savings, and God provided for her to be able to stay at home. She has been home since then and loves it. During the day, she cooks meals, cleans house, teaches an English as a Second Language class to people from all over the world,attends Bible Study Fellowship, volunteers, and is available to her kids

17: We have been married 23 years and love each other very much. Even though we both came from divorced parents, with an absent biological father, we learned with God's help how to have a healthy marriage. We hope through example and through some direct teaching to be able to teach the things we have learned so our children will also be successful in marriage. God comes first, and the husband and wife relationship second. Two things affect your life happiness more than any other - your relationship with Jesus Christ, and who you choose as a marriage partner. | John graduated from OU in 1990 with a degree in aerospace engineering. After college he began working at York and has been at York since then (with the exception of a brief 2 year intermission when they transferred him to Cleveland, Ohio and we didn't like it so he worked for Carrier in Tyler, Texas to get back south). John has continued to move to different positions at the same company and is now in computers as a director of enterprise data. You'll have to ask him what he does, because we tease him about playing computer games all day. He works hard at work and occasionally (usually 3-5 times a year for a day or two) has to travel in the U.S., and sometimes to Canada and even Europe. After work, John likes to be on the computer, and is the electronics guru. If you have computer issues, don't ask Brandi, ask John to help you. He also has a side job doing some web programming for the "horse people" which is the NRCHA (national reigning cow horse association). This is John's job that pays for his electronic toys (computers, iPads, etc. but always Apple products.) | Meet: John

18: Above: Irene and Grantpa. Grantpa died last year, and we miss him greatly. He was such a great man and a big influence on Brandi so we had to include a picture anyway. Irene lives in Ardmore. We go to Ardmore several times a year to visit family. Below: Brandi's cousin Grant Owen, and her brother Craig Bates. Not pictured are Craig's sons Thomas and Hunter and wife Cynthia (Cindy) Bates. | Brandi's parents pictured with Andrew. (Nana and Papa) Nana is a retired elementary school teacher and principal. Papa still works as an artist and silversmith. He sculpts and makes beautiful jewelry and then sells then at art shows. They live in Plano, Texas and we see them about once a month. Below: Helping with an art show - Malachi and Elizabeth | Meet: some of the extended family

19: Our family you recognize, but also pictured from left is Channing (niece), John's brother mark, Brandi, then John, then John's half sister Zoe. Mark's wife Aunt LaLa (Loretta) is taking the picture. Mark and Lala live in Blaine, Washington and come home several times a year to visit, Zoe lives in Houston. Channing is in Okc and we see her several times a year. | ... | 3. 1 0. 2 0 1 1 | Bubba and Dee are John's parents David and Diane Mier. Diane is a retired bookkeeper, and David is a dentist in Okc. He also teaches at the OU college of Dentistry

20: The Phillips Family - things you need to know | We live at: 309 Pine Cove Court in Norman, OK Why we wanted to become adoptive parents: We have been talking about it for years, but when we saw the Oklahoma Heart Gallery at church and did a devotional book as a family that one of the pediatricians in the "system" wrote, we began to see the children needing homes as people and not a concept. When we put names to faces, and began praying for each and every one of these children, we knew that God wanted us to become a family for someone who for whatever reason couldn't be with their own family. God has led us on this journey. John (always the computer guy) made a cool video of our journey's beginnings, and we can't wait to show it to you! On weekends we: Get ready for life group at our house on Sunday night, ride bicycles, eat out, go to the library or bookstore, shop, go to art shows, go to the omniplex, frontier city and whitewater, hang out with friends, go to Sulphur and swim, go to Great Wolf Lodge, do yardwork, pursue hobbies, and read. Games we like to play: - phase 10, Just Dance - wii, Sims 3 on the computer, Swap, and Chess Hobbies and activities of people in the house: knitting, sewing, bicycling, reading, saxophone, flute, clarinet, basket ball, volley ball, soft ball, studying, academic team, crochet, other crafts, computers, hanging out with friends House rules: 1. Treat others in the family with kindness and respect - this means that you should speak nicely and not say insulting things to each other, keep your hands to yourself - no hitting, pinching, biting, etc. don't mess with other people's things without permission, (you get the idea) etc. - The Bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you (the golden rule), ask yourself if you would want someone to treat you a certain way. 2. We (the parents) need to know where you are and who you're with and what you're doing at ALL times. All of the kids have cell phones, so text us when you arrive somewhere, when you leave and when you arrive at your new destination. We give the kids a lot of freedom to hang out at a friends house, or go somewhere if this rule is followed and as long as you are with good people. 3. School is your job and comes first- (do all things as unto the Lord) Always do your best. We expect for grades to reflect what you are capable of doing. If you are struggling we will provide you with whatever resources you need to succeed. If you are capable of A level work then we expect an A. If you aren't doing homework or doing it in front of the TV and your grades reflect your bad habits, expect that you won't be going anywhere and the TV will be off. We are trying to help the kids build a good work ethic, study habits, and pride in their abilities.

21: 4. Do your chores well without complaining and arguing and in a timely manner. You won't have many - 1 maybe 2. For example, Malachi takes out the trash and feeds the animals, he also mows the lawn but that is a well paid position. Elizabeth unloads the dishwasher, Hannah transfers laundry around. Also, pitch in and help out when asked to do so (which is pretty rare), and clean up after yourself. (rinse your dishes and put into the dishwasher, hang up your towel in the bathroom, put up your clean clothes in their proper place, put your things in your room after school) We all live here and while Brandi does most housework, she needs some help. 5. We worship together as a family at a Christian church (lifechurch South Okc). We usually go on Saturday nights, so if you have a local Christian place you like to go on Sunday, no problem. If you don't want to go to church with us, we probably aren't the right family for you. Bedtimes: On school nights we expect everyone to be in their room at 9:30. Lights will be out, but most of the kids have reading lights, and Kindles, and are welcome to quietly read until they want to go to sleep. Set your alarm in the morning and just make sure you can still get up the next day. (of course this is another area where bad schoolwork would mean stricter rules). On the weekends, we usually want kids in their rooms around 10:30. Curfews: with our knowing where you are at all times this isn't really an issue for us, but lets just say that 9:30 on school nights and 10:30 on weekends is a good idea to follow. Exceptions will be made based on where you are and what you are doing. Norman has a curfew for kids driving, anyway, unless they are at church, school or work functions. We will follow the law in ALL instances. Kitchen privileges: Help yourself, unless Brandi tells you not to eat something because it is for a recipe or she is taking it to someone because of illness or death in their family. If food is an issue for you and you feel the need to take it into your room and hide it just let us know and we will buy you your own box to take to your room if it makes you feel more comfortable. Please do dispose of wrappers and boxes and don't leave open food in there since we don't want rodents or bugs showing up. We always have food in the house and money isn't a problem. God has provided well. The food in our house is: As good as any restaurant and mostly healthy but sometimes just good. Most nights Brandi cooks. If you don't like it you are free to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as long as this doesn't happen all the time. (we can't have people living on PB&J) If she has a hard day or just doesn't feel like cooking, we order a pizza, go out, or take out from somewhere. Cool stuff near our house to do: In the neighborhood we have a lake stocked with fish, teeming with ducks, seagulls, cranes, and other animals. We also have a park with swings, slides, basketball goal, and a soccer field. There is lots of room to fly a kite there. We are also not too far from OU. Our message to you: From Brandi - We are so excited to have you here! We have been praying that God would send us just the right child He picked for us, and that child is you - I am so glad! From John: We have been praying for you since September 2011 and are excited to have you join our family. We pray that you will enrich our lives and that we will in turn enrich your life.

22: Our house | Don't step on buddy, jokingly referred to as mat because he is always in the way.

23: We live in a small 3 bedroom house on a quiet cul-de-sac, with a large backyard. Our home is comfortable, warm and lived in. | Lots of cool places in the big backyard to hang out, garden, or take a nap.

24: finally... | I hope this gives you a glimpse into what we are like, how we live, and what to expect. I know things will change for us and for you as you come to be a part of our family. We will learn from you and develop some new interests and traditions from what we learn from you, and you in turn will learn from us and adopt some of our interests and traditions. It is going to be an exciting journey. Know this, You are loved and you are valued. We want to know you and to be known by you. You are a blessing from the Lord, and we are glad to have you as a part of our family. I hope you will be equally as blessed by us!

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