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PopPop & Gram's Little Brag Book (Copy)

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PopPop & Gram's Little Brag Book (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: The Family (:

BC: Made with love especially for PopPop & Gram!

FC: all of us together is trouble (:

5: Dillon a bad memorie i have been through in the past with you is when you and i got in a really big fight and just could not handle eachother at all. We got into the fight because it was had to do with me and you not wanting to spend any time with me well at least thats how i felt. Every night i would always sit in my room and think if i did something wrong . As i heard the door screatch open i was devistated to see who it was it sounded like nails scratching the side of a car door. I was hoping it would be Dillon wanting to come in and talk to me. My brother and i have been really close since day one and we will still continue to be till this very day. As Dillon peeped his head through he said "can i come in"? "yes"i reply. He came into the room and said "whats wrong"?i replyed in a sad way and said "nothing im fine" CC whats wrong"? "i just feel like you don't want anything to do with me and you never want to see me anymore. " CC you are mt little sister and i care about you so much"! " thank you Dillon". " Do you want to go play pool"? "sure". Dillon and i have a strong relationship and we do get in fights but we work through it in no time. A good memorie i have had in the past with Dillon was when we would always have an airsofe war and it would always hurt me so bad because you would always try to get me in my legs or my arms and it hurt so bad it felt like millions of needles were going in me. But at the same time i enjoyed it because we were always with one another. and thats all that mattered to me. Dillon and i have been more then brother and sister Dillon is like my bestfriend i love you so much Dillon.

6: Matthew i do not know where to begin with you you have been there for me since day one. I know we get in fights and stuff but its probely over something dumb. I know i can always count on you for anything and i can also always look up to you for anything. We have been through many things together and have had so many good and bad memories that i would like to share now. Remember when all of us were coming down the sandunes in pooring rain and when we finally got to the car i got hit in the head with the door i felt like my head was bleeding like a race car. Also when we were playing hide and go seek tag in the dark and we found you but you are way faster then us so i threw a orange at you to try to get you out. When you came chasing after me my heart was about to jump out of my chest. i know it kinda made you a little mad but we finally got to go hide. "Matthew you guys have to go inside and count" "don't tell us what to do little girl. "sorry". after we heard the big loud boom in the back yard we ran inside and did not play hide and go seek anymore. My cousin Matthew and I have a strong relationship but yet we do get in fights but we work through it and we are still there for one another no matter what.

9: Mom how do i begin this story? You have bent over backward for both Dillon and I for anything. Soccer,school you are there for me no matter what and i am very thankful for it. Now i would like to share memories that have been good and bad with you. The one i will never forget was when you were carrying me down the stairs and i hit my leg on the staircase and had a really big bruse. Also when me you and dillon were at the store and we were going down the elevator and i jumped and it stopped for a minute and you and Dillon freaked out on me because you guys though i got it stuck but i didnt. i know we will have our ups and downs but we willl most likely get through it no matter what it takes. my favorite thing to do with you is to go shopping because you always get me things so you kinda spoil me but its ok i like it. mom thanks you dor always beong there for me and for always doing stuff for me or doing stuff with me. i am thankful for a good mom love you.

11: Dad how do i begin with this? It all started on October 16 1997, the day i was born. Dillon and i could not ask for better parents then you and mom. You have bent over backwards for Dillon and i no matter what happends with us. I know i could always go to you for anything. NO matter where or when i could always look up to you. We have had so many good and bad memories that i would like to share now. At Dillon's soccer games at half time i would always go shoot on you and i would either go to high or you would just save it one of the two. A bad memory i have in the past is when i was playing soccer and i played terrible that game and after words you were so mad at me that you didnt even want to talk to me. It seemed like you didnt want anything to do with me. I know we will alwaya face adversity in life but i dont want it to get to the point that i dont feel like i can talk to you about things and stuff like that. Thanks for everything dad love you.

12: VEGAS (:

13: I dont know how to start this story. In Vegas we had so many memories to bring back with us. I was roomed with Zoe Kenna and Sydney and it was just a blast. During the time we were out there different things happened at different times. a good memorie i had was when Kenna and i were messing around and throwing oranges at each other. they hurt pretty bad to be honest. Another really good memorie was when i would go into Sarah's Shannon Kylie and Maci's room they would always be dancing on the bed and doing some weird things. a bad memorie i had out there was when we were playing in the championship game and we lost to the Utah state champions.. that was a little bit disapointing for all of us. After the game we all went to eat at in n out burger and it was so yummmy. the last bad memorie i had was when it was time for us to come back to Colorado. The best part about that trip was that we made it to at least the finals so that was our goal. Good memories always are good and stay with you forever.

15: Dear, Evon the crazy one that is always laughing the one that is alwaysputting a smile on my face and the on that is always happy i know you can easily be a little pain inthe butt nut we all still love you. You always put a smile on my face i can tell you that for sure. You always are there when i am oard you always are there when i am talking to someone you are always there for whatever it is you are there. you and i have had many good and bad times together even tho you are still a little youngser. i will share now. Remember when you Melinda and I were all going bowling and you kept pulling my hair and just would not stop well it was a good memorie because not only did you have fun but we were both having fun at the same time. You and i have been pretty close cousins since you were born and that is good for me to say because you are one of my youngest cousins that i know for a fact will always be there for me when you grow up. thanks for being a good little cousin.

17: Michael hmm how do i put this? the little one that likes to talk alot of trash and when i come after you you run like a little girl well its time to come out of you little shell. i know we do have our ups and downs but i also do know that i can count on you for anything and i mean anything. Michael we have had our good and bad times together but its done before we know it. i would like to take the time to tell you what we have had in the past.When all of us would go outside and play hide n go seek tag and when Michael and I would always be on the same team and we would be to scared to go look for our brother/cousins. Or when we play basketbal and you would always beat me not matter how hard i tryed. Michael please still allow me t o look up to you for anything not matter what happends between us.

18: First of all i want to thank everybody that has made my life so great I would not be put in this situstion if i didnt have you guys. For everybody that has been there for me i hope you do know that i will always be there for you guys no matter what. and i will always let you guys look up to me for anything everybody that i wrote about in my stories have played a big role in my life for several different things and like I said I am very grateful to have all of you guys here for me and for you guys to know that i am also thankful that you guys will support all of us in our sports and for helping all of us through many different things. thanks to my brother if I didnt have you i would be puzzled everyday and not know what to do at all. Dillon has allowed me to look up to him for several different things and continues to let me and that goes for my mom, dad, and cousins love you guys and thanks for everything.

19: And last but no least i want to thank all of my aunts and uncles for always being there for me no matter what it take i know i can always go to you guys for anything. we have our times when we are mad at one another but i know we all have to face adversity at some point in our lives. Good and Bad memories i have had with you guys still still stick with me and i would like to share them now. Auntie when you always told Michael to take the dog out he never would listen and he would always say she dont need to go out yet ill take her in a little bit sooner then later she would pee in the house and i would just laugh because Michael had to clean it and he was getting mad at you for things just because he didnt want to have anything to do with it because he didnt want to pick it up but it was his fault because he didnt want to take the dog out. Auntie i am very gratful that i have someone in my life like you i can go to you for anything at any time thanks.

20: Dear, Grandma Serna what is it like in heaven? Is it pretty and nice? Well we all know you are in a better place now. We all do miss you thats for sure. When you were still with us i had so many good memories to share with you right now. All the time on Christmas you would always be there picking on the shortest little girl there and that would be me. I know you are just messing around with me in all but i just cant except that god wanted to take you so soon but it was his choice and we just all have to live with it i guess. Things are much different without you here. A god memories i have had was when I went to your house you were sitting on the couch with an orange and i didnt know why you had an orange in your hand. As I walked in the door you threw the orange at me and it obviously put a big smile on your face which mad me happy. i am very thankful that you are excepted to be in my life. i am glad you were there for me with anything at anytime i miss you.

22: Halloween 2008

24: At 4, Hayden was a wise man, he cooked up Christmas, and rode in the Weogufka Christmas Parade!

25: Christmas 2008

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