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Portwood - Stone Family History

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S: Portwood - Stone Family History and Photographs Pamela Portwood

BC: "Alice" (lower right) is Alice Claudia Smith, wife of Robert Kenneth Stone, mother of Alice Anne Stone, grandmother of Pamela Anne and Thomas Stone Portwood and great-grandmother of David Zebulon Portwood.

FC: Portwood - Stone Family History and Photographs By Pamela Portwood

1: Portwood - Stone Family History and Photographs | Pamela Portwood

2: Portwood - Stone Family History and Photographs Copyright © 2011 Pamela Portwood Published by Mixbook | Photo above is a record of marriages and births from the Paden family Bible. Photo on the previous page is a record of births from the Paden family Bible. | In memory of my parents Alice and Norm Portwood

3: Introduction The Portwood – Stone Family History and Photographs began in my grandmother's living room in Vinita, Oklahoma in 1984. My paternal grandmother Mae Portwood had just died, so my parents, my husband and I were going through her things. While my mother was sorting through a lifetime of dishware in the kitchen and my father was sifting through MaeÂ's papers, my husband Mark Taylor and I were exploring boxes of her photographs. Although Mae had labelled some of her photographs, there were hundreds of unlabelled images. My father and my cousin Genevieve Harrison were able to identify some of the unlabelled photos, but many remained a mystery. Mark and I drove home with a set of dishware, a beautiful lamp and a box of photos. When my maternal grandmother Alice Stone died in 1999, Mark and I once again went through boxes of labelled and unlabelled family photographs. Fortunately, my father was able to identify some of them since my mother had died a decade earlier. Again Mark and I left with boxes of photos. I soon realized that my father Norm Portwood was the only one left who could tell me anything about the people whose names were scrawled on the backs of all those photographs. So in what turned out to be the last year of his life, Norm and I started a conversation about our familyÂ's past. After his death, I ended up with more family photographs, a rough genealogy sketched on hotel stationary, a few emails and some notes from my father, all of which I stored in boxes and files for a decade until I started this book. Luckily, some of my other relatives were interested in genealogy, so I began with two family trees. Those charts, the notes from my father, a visit to my mother's hometown, ancestry.com, padenfamily.com and other online resources provided the information for me to make sense of who is who in these photographs. I am not even an amateur genealogist, so there are gaps throughout the collection and probably errors, too. The bits of family background come from my memories of my mother and fatherÂ's stories. Looking at the photograph of the Paden family in front 0f their home (taken around 1905) shows how different families were a century ago. It was not unusual for four generations to share a house filled with a dozen children related by blood and/or marriage. I know that my grandmother Mae Paden Portwood remained close to her half-brother and half-sisters as well as her sister all of her life. Like so many Americans from the Baby Boomer generation, my immediate family is small, and I didn't grow up with an extended family around me. As children, my brother and I didnÂ't even live in the same country as our grandparents did. So for me, gathering together four generations of family photographs and documents has been a wonderful journey of memory and discovery. I hope that this collection will provide such a journey for others, too. Pamela Portwood

4: Silas Ogden Portwood | Mary Mae Paden | Robert Kenneth Stone | Alice Claudia Smith | SNL Portwood | Alice Anne Stone | Thomas Stone Portwood | Pamela Anne Portwood | Portwood-Stone Family Tree | Mary Dell Waglay | Fred Lee Portwood

5: Olive Hester Allen Thomas Jefferson Stone | Lakins Woodruff Smith | Alta Garfield Riggin | Anderson Polk Paden | Emily A "Emma" Wolfe | Great-Grandparents

6: Alice Claudia Smith | Lakins Woodruff Smith | Alta Garfield Riggin | Samuel Sylvanus Smith | Emily A Woodruff | Willard Millard Riggin | Martha Claudia Craig | Sylvanus Smith | Sarah Siminton | Benjamin L Woodruff | Unknown | Unknown | Nehemiah H Riggin | Sarah M "Sally" Webb | Martha Barnette | Siblings: Forest Lakins Smith Dorace Dean Smith | Siblings: Irvyl Ireta Riggin Edna Blaine Riggin Bessie Benton Riggin (half-sister) Linton Millard Riggin (half-brother) Warren Fillmore Riggin (half-brother) | Smith-Riggin Family Tree | Siblings: Harry Lee Smith Earl Smith Lloyd B Smith Thomas B Smith Alice Smith

7: The Smith - Woodruff Family | Samuel Sylvanus Smith and Emily A Woodruff Smith are the parents of the Smith brothers and of Alice Smith Ericsson.

8: The Smith family at their farm home in Maple Hill, Kansas. From left: Alice, Earl, Lloyd (baby), Emily, unknown girl, Samuel, Harry, Lakins, Thomas Smith

9: The Smith family on the occasion of Samuel and Emily's 50th wedding anniversary. From left, front row, kneeling: Frances, Elizabeth, Lloyd Ericsson, Marjory. Standing (children): Nella Lee, Helen, Lloyd Jr, Samuel Ericsson. Seated: Lakins, Viola, Samuel, Emily Woodruff, Tom, Alice Smith Ericsson. Standing: Alice Claudia, Alta, Mildred, Lloyd, Earl, Nellie, Jane (infant), Hester, Emily. Not pictured: Herman Ericsson who is overseas fighting in WWI and Harry who has died.

10: Lakins W Smith, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Kansas Acetylene Co. | Harry Lee Smith, President of the Kansas Acetylene Co. | Lloyd Smith with his wife Mildred on their honeymoon in Colorado | Earl Smith with Frances and Nella Lee | The Smith Brothers | Thomas Smith with his wife Viola

11: Earl Smith's daughter Frances | Lloyd Smith's children Elizabeth and Lloyd | Harry Lee Smith and his wife Nellie | Nellie Smith

12: Lakins Woodruff Smith, Alta Riggin Smith and their daughter Alice Claudia Smith 1909 | Lakins and Alice C Smith, Will De Vries, Lloyd and Mildred Smith | Lakins Smith and friends at Idledale Dude Ranch above Morrison, Colorado | Lakins (on left) and Harry Lee Smith's Kansas Acetylene Co.

13: The Smith - Ericsson Family | Herman Ericsson | Herman Ericsson | Alice Smith Ericsson (Smith brothers' sister) | Marjorie Smith Ericsson | Alice Smith and Herman Ericsson's wedding photo

14: Emily Alice Ericsson, 17, with her high school diploma | Emily, H. Lloyd, Marjory and Samuel Ericsson | Emily, H. Lloyd and Marjory (standing) Ericsson | Herman Lloyd Ericsson at his high school graduation, 1926 | The Smith - Ericsson Children

15: The Riggin - Craig Family | Martha Claudia Craig (mother of the Riggin sisters) | Willard Millard Riggin (father of the Riggin sisters) | The three Riggin sisters: Edna, Alta (Alice C Smith's mother) and Irvyl (below) | Irvyl Riggin and Bessie Riggin (her half-sister)

16: The Riggin - Sisson Family | "Grandpa" Sisson with Mary | Irvyl Ireta Riggin Sisson (Alta Riggin Smith's sister) | Frank Ellsworth Sisson | Mary Irvyl Sisson | Margaret "Marj" Maxine Sisson | Frank and Irvyl Sisson with their daughters, Mary and Margaret

17: The Riggin - Lough Family | Margaret Sisson, Bessie Lough, Alta Smith, Irvyl Smith, Mary Sisson, Edgar Lough and Frank Sisson | Bessie Riggin Lough (Alta Riggin Smith's half sister) and Edgar Lough | Bessie Riggin and Edgar Lough

18: Linton and Warren Riggin (Bessie Riggin Lough's brothers and Alta Riggin Smith's half-brothers) | The Riggin Family | Alta Riggin Smith with Linton and Warren Riggin (Alta's half-brothers) | Linton Riggin's family

19: Alta Riggin Smith with her daughter Alice Claudia Smith | The Smith - Riggin Family | Lakins Woodruff Smith (Alice C Smith's father) | Dorace Dean Smith (Alice C Smith's brother who died in infancy)

20: Alice Claudia Smith Stone | Alice Smith Stone receiving a citation from the VA Hospital where she worked as a medical technician and ultimately as a microbiologist. | Alice Claudia Smith Stone (daughter of Alta Riggin and Lakins Smith, and mother of Alice Anne Stone)

21: The Smith - Stone Family | Bob Stone and his first wife Alice Smith Stone in a wheat field in Maple Hill, Kansas 1921 | Robert Kenneth "Bob" Stone and Alice Smith Stone in Gage Park 1923 | Bob Stone with his daughter Alice Anne Stone (mother of Pamela and Tom Portwood) | Bob Stone, Alice Claudia Smith Stone (on left) with friends

22: Robert Kenneth Stone | Thomas Jefferson Stone | Olive Hester Allen | Francis Burgess Stone | Melissa Matlock | Edward Wesley Allen | Antoinette Stair | Stone - Allen Family Tree | Elias Barbee Stone | Catherine Lindsay | John S Matlock Jr | Peter L Stair | Mary K Beckner | John Allen | Lavina Odle | Mary Banta Cassatt | This family tree was developed by Robert Kenneth Stone.

23: Robert Kenneth Stone | Robert Kenneth "Bob" Stone with his daughter Alice Anne Stone

24: Alice Anne Stone Portwood

25: Alice Anne Stone (the daughter of Alice Claudia Smith and Robert Kenneth Stone and the wife of Silas Norman Lynn Portwood)

26: Robert Kenneth "Bob" Stone with his second wife Pauline Zanichelli and their children Paula Kay and Robert Kenneth "Ken" Stone, Jr (Alice Stone Portwood's half-sister and half-brother) | Paula Stone and George Gardener Evans with their daughters Melissa and Kathryn | Elizabeth Susan "Sue" Constantine Stone and Ken Stone with their son Kenny and Pamela Portwood (their niece and the daughter of Alice Stone Portwood) | The Stone - Zanichelli Family | Kenny and Bernard Stone (Ken and Sue Stone's children)

27: Immediately after World War II, Alice A Stone lived in Berlin and then in Athens with her first husband Jay George Diamond, Agricultural Attaché at the American Embassy. | Street scene in Athens | Funeral procession for the King of Greece, Athens 1947 | Alice Stone Diamond with Bodo in Athens | The Stone - Diamond Family

28: Portwood - Stone Family Tree | Portwood Children | Silas Norman Lynn Portwood | Alice Anne Stone | Silas Ogden Portwood | Mary Mae Paden | Robert Kenneth Stone | Alice Claudia Smith | Fred Lee Portwood | Mary Dell Waglay | Anderson Polk Paden | Lakins Woodruff Smith | Alta Garfield Riggin | Thomas Jefferson Stone | Olive Hester Allen | Emily A Wolfe | Thomas Stone Portwood Pamela Anne Portwood Lynne Anne Portwood (d. infancy) | Siblings: Paula Kay Stone (half-sister) Robert Kenneth Stone Jr (half-brother) | Second wife: Pauline Zanichelli | First husband: Jay George Diamond | Siblings: Homer A Paden Juna Florence Paden Half-brothers: Thomas, John, William and Charles Paden Half-sisters: Julia and Dora Paden | Siblings: Forest Lakins Smith Dorace Dean Smith | Second wife: Imogene Agnes Blair | Siblings: Freddie Charles Portwood (half-brother) Dean Kendall Portwood (half-brother)

29: Silas Ogden Portwood | Mary Mae Paden and Silas Ogden Portwood divorced about a year after their marriage. Their son Silas Norman Lynn "Norm" Portwood corresponded with his father during WWII. | Silas O Portwood served in the US Army Air Force in WWI and WWII where he fought in Sicily, Italy and Sardinia. He retired as a Corporal from the 437 Army Air Force Bomb Squad.

30: Anderson Polk Paden's mill and store in King's Mill, Arkansas, approx. 1905

31: Anderson Polk Paden (son of John Paden Jr and Nancy Copeland, father of Mary Mae Paden) | Emily A "Emma" Wolfe (daughter of John D and Mary E Wolfe, mother of Mary Mae Paden) | The Paden - Wolfe Family

32: Paden - Wolfe Family Tree | Mary Mae Portwood | Anderson Polk Paden | Emily A Wolfe | John D Wolfe | Mary E. | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | John Paden Jr | Nancy Copeland | John Paden Sr | Margaret | Samuel Copeland | Sarah | Siblings: Homer A Paden Juna Florence Paden Half-brothers: Thomas, John, William and Charles Paden Half-sisters: Julia and Dora Paden

33: Record of deaths from the Paden family Bible

34: From left: Anderson Polk Paden holding his daughter Mary Mae Paden, Dora E Paden (Mae's half-sister), a woman who worked for the family, Mrs. Spurlock, Emma Wolfe Paden (Mae's mother), the woman who sewed for the family, Juna F Paden (Mae's sister), Mrs Wolfe (Emma's mother), Thomas J Paden (Mae's half-brother) and Dud Wolfe (Emma's brother), circa 1905

35: Mary Mae Paden Portwood | Mae Paden Portwood (the daughter of Emma Wolfe and Anderson Paden) at the piano in Vinita, Oklahoma | Mae Portwood with her half-brother Tom Paden (on right) and their friends | Mae Paden Portwood with her son Silas Norman Lynn "Norm" Portwood | Mae Portwood, Genevieve Harrison (Dora's daughter), Dora Paden Welch (Mae's half-sister), Lucille, Clara Paden

36: Homer A Paden (Mae's brother) | From left: Eva Paden Naylor (Mae's half-sister), Mae Paden Portwood, Dora Paden Welch (Mae's half-sister), Junie Paden Butts (Mae's sister) | The Paden Family | Eva Paden Naylor (Mae's half-sister) and her husband Grant Naylor | Bill Paden (son of William A Paden, Mae Paden Portwood's half-brother) in Rio 1956

37: The children of Junie Paden and William Bryan Butts | Juna F "Junie" Paden (Mae's sister) with her husband William Brian Butts | The Paden - Butts Family | Mae Paden Portwood (in red) with the Butts family

38: Dora Paden Welch (Tom Paden's sister and Mae Paden's half-sister) and her husband William Edward "Bill" Welch with their son William Ernest Welch | For over 25 years, Billy Mack Harrison (the son of Margaret Genevieve Welch and Mack M Harrison) has served as the mayor of Afton, Oklahoma, a town near Vinita, Oklahoma where Mae and Norm Portwood lived. | The Paden - Welch Family | Margaret Genevieve "Gennie" Welch Harrison (daughter of Dora Paden and Bill Welch and the wife of Mack M Harrison) | William Ernest Welch and his wife Bertha | Martha Lucille "Ginger" Welch (daughter of Dora Paden and Bill Welch) with her husband Phillip Eugene Bennet (on left)

39: The Paden - Younger Family | Thomas J "Tom" Paden (Mae Paden Portwood's half-brother) | Tom Paden in an ad for a contest at the grocery store where he worked | Tom Paden's wife Myrtle Younger | Tom Paden | The home in Vinita, Oklahoma where Tom Paden and Mae Paden Portwood raised her son Silas Norman Lynn "Norm" Portwood

40: Silas Norman Lynn Portwood | Silas Norman Lynn "Norm" Porwood (the son of Mae Paden and Silas O Portwood) with his uncle Tom Paden | Norm working at the Coca-Cola factory near Vinita at age 14. He returned to work for Coca-Cola for three years after he completed his chemical engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma at Norman. He spent the rest of his career working at Texaco.

41: Norm Portwood served as a navigator in the US Army Air Force during WWII. He traveled to different air bases around the country training navigators. After the war, he served in the Reserves and retired as a Captain.

42: Email dated June 21, 2000 from Norm Portwood in reply to his daughter Pamela Portwood’s email about the “1900 House,” a British reality TV show in which a modern family lives like the late Victorians for three months in an 1890s house. Dear Pamela, The 1900 House is showing on channel 12 here and was highly touted with advance “teasers” which made me decide to bypass it. It seemed all too real to me since, during my childhood, we used to go to Aunt Dora & Uncle Bill’s farm during the summer. (This was Dora Paden and Bill Welch, Norm’s mother’s half-sister and her husband.) It was a great experience but probably much like the 1900 House in that there was no indoor plumbing, cooking was on a wood stove, water was carried from a well. Washing was done in a “boiler” full of soapy water heated on a wood fire and stirred from time to time with a paddle. The clothes were wrung by hand and then rinsed in two successive washtubs of progressively clearer water, being wrung between tubs after which they were hung on a line to dry. Baths were a Saturday night affair when a tub of water was heated on the stove and poured in a washtub with cooler water to reach the proper temperature. The kids had their baths first, then the women and then the men - this usually happened in the kitchen. They also made their own soap by saving all of the fat from cooking in a container and all of the wood ashes from the various stoves and later pouring water over the ashes to leach out the alkali from the ashes. To make the soap, they heated the grease mixture over a wood fire until it was hot and then poured in the alkaline water and stirred it up. Soap then rose to the top and they let the pot stand until it cooled when the soap could be removed and cut into “bars.” This was a light brown colored soap and pretty strong, but it worked. At that time, you could buy lye at the grocery, so the time I saw them make soap, they just threw in a can of lye to help the process. Prodigy just logged me off, so I guess I better stop reminiscing and close. Love, Norm

44: The Portwood - Stone Family | Alice and Norm at their son Tom's wedding in Harahan, Louisiana 1975 | Norm in the oil fields near Mata | Alice Anne Stone and Silas Norman Lynn "Norm" Portwood in Campo Mata, Venezuela

45: Alice and Norm Portwood lived in Venezuela with their children Tom and Pamela for nine years while Norm was working for Texaco. They spent 1959-1965 in Campo Mata, a small Texaco oil camp, and 1966-1968 in Venezuela's capital Caracas. | The Portwoods in Venezuela | The swimming pool at Campo Mata | The Caracas skyline | Houses in Campo Mata. The sign in the foreground says SN Portwood.

46: Having parties was one of the main forms of entertainment for the adults in Campo Mata, a small oil camp in Venezuela. Las Vegas Night and Halloween were both annual, costume parties. | Las Vegas Night in Mata | Alice Portwood dancing on the bar in her Las Vegas Night can-can costume | Norm Portwood playing poker and wearing the beard required of all men for Las Vegas Night

47: The Portwoods in Vinita | Tom and Pamela with their mother Alice Portwood at Grand Lake near Vinita | Tom and Pamela Portwood with their grandmother Mae and their father Norm in Vinita | Tom and Pamela at Christmas in Vinita, the small town where their father Norm grew up | While they were living in Venezuela, the Portwoods would spend their two-month vacations split between visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, where Alice Portwood's mother Alice Stone lived, and Vinita, Oklahoma, where Norm Portwood's mother Mae Portwood lived. They spent the first week of vacation in Houston, their former home, getting medical check-ups and shopping for clothes to take back to Venezuela.

48: Pamela Anne Portwood | Pamela Portwood (daughter of Alice Stone and Norm Portwood) at St Martin's Protestant Episcopal High School, Metairie, Louisiana | Pamela at the Palace of 40 Columns in Isfahan, Iran during her International Honors Program travel/study program 1976 | Pamela and her father Norm Portwood in Tucson, Arizona | Pamela with dinosaur skeletons at the Museum for Natural History in Berlin 2011 | High school graduation 1974

49: Pamela as a girl | Pamela Anne Portwood and Mark Wayne Taylor were married in Merida, Mexico on June 30, 1981.

50: Portwood - Taylor Family Tree | Mark Wayne Taylor | Billy Holloman Taylor | Betty Quay Vanlandingham | Clyde Wilson Vanlandingham | Annie Lou McKibben | William Ernest Taylor | Pamela Anne Portwood | Silas Norman Lynn Portwood | Alice Anne Stone | Siblings: Scott Wade Taylor Kristy Diane Taylor | Siblings: Thomas Stone Portwood Lynne Anne Portwood (d. infancy) | Siblings: Paula Kay Stone (half-sister) Robert K Stone Jr (half-brother) | Siblings: Dorothea Ann Taylor | Siblings: Bobby Wilson Vanlandingham | Mary Mae Paden | Silas Ogden Portwood | Robert Kenneth Stone | Alice Claudia Smith | Annie Louise Holloman | Family Tree | Siblings: Half-brothers: Freddie Charles and Dean Kendall Portwood

51: The Portwood - Taylor Family | Mark at the Kiyomizu Temple in Osaka, Japan 2006 | Mark Wayne Taylor and Pamela Anne Portwood

52: Pamela and Mark at a dinner party in Tucson 2005 | Pamela and Mark celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Nikko, Japan on June 30, 2006 | Mark Taylor and Pamela Portwood celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in front of the Lake of Love in Bruges, Belgium 2011 | Pamela feeding Mark cake at a marriage celebration at her parents' home in Metairie, Louisiana 1981

53: Thomas Stone Portwood | Tom and Norm | Thomas Stone "Tom" Portwood in Canyonlands National Park, Utah 2002 | Tom (son of Alice Stone and Norm Portwood) in Mata, Venezuela 1962 | Easter in Mata | Tom with his father Norm Portwood | Tom and his sister Pamela at Easter in Mata

54: Portwood - Parks Family Tree | David Zebulon Portwood | Thomas Stone Portwood | Silas Norman Lynn Portwood | Alice Anne Stone | Silas Ogden Portwood | Mary Mae Paden | Robert Kenneth Stone | Alice Claudia Smith | Gloria Mae Parks | Siblings: Robert Parks Lester Joseph Parks Jr | Siblings: Pamela Anne Portwood Lynne Anne Portwood (d. infancy) | Lester Joseph Parks Sr | Rita Christina Puderer | Thomas Parks | Evelia Plaisance | Ellen McCloskey | Edward Puderer

55: The Portwood - Parks Family | Thomas Stone "Tom" Portwood and Gloria Mae Parks at their wedding in Harahan, Louisiana August 16, 1975 | Tom and Gloria glacier hiking in Juneau, Alaska ice field 2005 | Tom and Gloria at Waianapanapa State Park, Maui 2008 | Tom and Gloria (on left) river rafting in Colorado 2010

56: Tom and Gloria in Waianapanapa State Park, Maui 2008 | Tom and Gloria in Misty Fiords, Alaska 2005 | Gloria in her Mardi Gras krewe costume | Tom and Gloria in Animas Forks, Colorado 2009

57: David Zebulon Portwood | David with his father Tom Portwood | David with his mother Gloria Parks Portwood | David in Nashville, Tennessee, December 2010 | David with Samson

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