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Questions for Grandma

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S: Lucille Pinion

BC: Part 2: favorite Grandma memories | Part 1: Questions for Grandma | To Grandma on your 80th Birthday. Love, Your Family | October 2012

FC: Lucille Pinon | "and Her children rise up and call her blessed..." Proverbs 31:28

1: Part 1: Questions for Grandma

3: Major Events for Lucille Pinion | Born Oct 6, 1932 in Cove, Arkansas In 1944 moved to Ridgecrest, California 1946 won the "All-Around Student" Award 1948 met Major "Buddy" Pinion Engaged November 1948 Married on March 22, 1949 Moved to Oregon in 1950 Lucy born in Lebanon, Oregon in 1950 1952 Buster born in Ridgecrest 1959 Suzi born in Ridgecrest

4: Baby Lucille held by her (shy) mother. | Lucille and Aunt Lola (left) and Aunt Jesse (right) | Oklahoma 1932 | Oklahoma 1934

5: Baby Lucille 1932 in Arkansas | Grandma (older) with sisters Jeanette & Jean 1938

6: What's your happiest childhood memory? We were very, very poor but dad always tried to have a good Christmas for us. There was one Christmas, when I was about 6 or 7 when my dad worked extra hard to buy us all bikes. That was a happy memory because I was old enough to understand he was really working to make it special. And that itself made me happy. What is the most important lesson you learned from your mom? My mother was a very kind woman. A lot of the lessons I learned was being kind to people. And I learned to clean house from her. We cleaned the house every Saturday and at least once a month. We cleaned all the dishes, took everything out and cleaned the shelves. She had three girls so we were her dishwashers. I was the oldest. What other values did you learn from your parents? My mother had perseverance. She got arthritis so bad but she didn't complain. She just kept going. My dad was legally blind since he was 62. He went on with his life like everything was normal. They both taught me to persevere. You just can't give up just because it gets hard.

7: This was the Christmas we all got bikes | Grandma and her siblings in New Mexico | New Mexico 1937

8: I was in Silver City, New Mexico. And we heard it on the radio. Everyone was really upset and really sad. The neighbors were in front of the house and talking about it. I didn't know what was going on but old enough to know something big was happening. I don't know when we went to war, but learned more when we went on ration stamps. We had to use those to buy anything. That was your life and you had to use them for everything. You had to be very careful because if they ran out, you had to wait until the next month. We also had black out curtains; the neighbor behind us had to go to war and one of the sons was killed. That was a very tragic thing in our neighborhood. My dad was 38 and I was always afraid he would have to go. | Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

9: What did you want to be when you grew up? | A mommy and a wife. That's all I ever wanted to be. And that's how it worked out! | 1945 Ridgecrest

10: Can you share some spiritual advice for your family? | If you are praying for something, you just keep praying. Unless the Lord keeps telling you "no". There have been times when I've not lived close to the Lord. But now without with the Lord, I wouldn't make it. After Buddy died, I really needed the Lord. Stay close to Him and pray and pray and pray! You have to know he's always with you. I mean look at me...I lived all the way out here (alone) when my husband died. I was a mess. Lucy came out and stayed with me. She prayed the blood of Jesus around the whole house. That made me very comfortable. I still feel very safe here. | What have you always wanted to do but never had the chance? | I have never taken a computer class. But I think if I really wanted to do something,...even that.... I would do it.

11: What's the biggest mistake of your life? | I think not finishing high school. I should have and my parents wanted me to. But when I got married I was already doing what I wanted. I always thought I'd go back, but never had the desire. I was happy and led a full and busy life. (When did you stop high school?) I stopped in the middle of my sophomore year. I went to the principal's office with mother. We talked and explained the situation. And back then laws weren't so strict. We got married in 1945. Grandpa finally finished his own degree in 1960. He was only missing 2 credits.

12: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Zelma Mae Mowdy | William Mowdy | Emily Hensley | 1949 | Zelma, Olen with Jeanette, Jean & Nolan

13: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | John Sullivan | Altha Simmons | Olen Sullivan | Zelma & Olen with Baby Lucy | 1950

14: What's your favorite Bible passage? | Ps 23. I learned it in the 5th grade and it stuck with me all my life. And that was even in public school.

15: What's your favorite song? When my husband and I were dating, he used to sing “You are my Sunshine” to me and I loved it. And right now, my favorite song is “To Where You Are” by Josh Grobin. What's a fun memory from your youth? One night we got kicked out of a movie theater. (Grandma starts to snicker) It was because we were smooching in the theater and they asked us to leave. Then 2 weeks later the owner of the theater had a heart attack and died. My husband said we gave him a heart attack. I think it was maybe a Lucille Ball movie.

16: Where did you meet Grandpa? At my house. My mother brought him home to me. But he had lots of other girlfriends. He was engaged to another girl in Alabama. My mother worked in the chaplain's office and she invited him to dinner. He asked if he could bring a friend and Grandpa was that friend. I had a good friend so I asked her to come as well. That was the first time we met. And 3 months later we started dating seriously. My boyfriend dumped me because he didn't like how much Grandpa was hanging around. He was dating a girl named Rachel, the Chaplain's secretary, me and was engaged to a girl in Alabama. But I got him in the end.

17: Family & Friends at the Kern River 1949

18: Grandpa in Alabama 1947

19: How did Grandpa propose? | We were babysitting for my dad's boss's kids. The kids were in bed and they kept coming out and looking at us. Finally he asked me, “How many kids do you want”? I answered “Oh maybe 4-6”. And he said “Well we better get married quickly and get started.” I said "Really??" I kept saying, “Oh my goodness my dad is going to say we are too young.” And he did. Mother said I had to talk to my dad when he got home. Grandpa said, “Your daughter and I want to get married.” And my dad said, “Like hell you do.” He said we were too young but eventually said, “I guess”. (How soon after were you married?) He was only 20 when he proposed and we had to wait until he was 21. His birthday was March 11 and we were married on March 22. My parents took us to Vegas and we got married in a judge's office.

20: We were going to Alabama to visit for two weeks. His dad had an electrician job but we ended up staying 17 months until the job ran out. The money was good for that time. Something like $6 a day. We went to the grocery store every 2 weeks and spent $10 dollars. | Alabama State Fair 1951

21: Right: Christmas 1953 Bottom: Grandpa at West End 1959

22: When were you saved? | It has been gradual. I don't have a specific date. There have been several times I went to an alter and was prayed for and rededicated. But I think overall, it is a growing experience that doesn't stop.

23: What are the vital ingredients to a healthy marriage? | Communication and having respect for each other.

24: What have you learned about being a mom? The same things don't always work with all the kids. Each kid is different. You have to handle each one different and play it by ear. Being a mom is the hardest job there is. What is the biggest difference between raising daughters and sons? My oldest daughter was so much easier then my son. I found girls easier because the mother/daughter relationship. My son had a mind of his own. I could tell him things but he would do what he wanted. He would never argue but do what he wanted anyways. I just seemed to understand my girls better.

25: How did you and Grandpa keep your relationship alive while raising kids? That's a hard question. When you're raising kids there can be discord in how to raise them. You can butt heads over that. Usually in the mornings we'd sit and talk over coffee. What the day was like and what the kids were doing. Keeping communication open. In the early years, he worked two jobs so we didn't see each other much. (laughter) Maybe that's why it worked? What's your favorite book? When I was growing up, it was Heidi and Little Women. I don't even know how many times I've read those.

26: What did you love about Lucy?

27: We always had a really good relationship. I was proud when she finished school and she was always active in clubs. She joined everything that came along! When she went through the breast cancer she was so good about the whole thing. She worked right through and was so strong. I'm sure I didn't know the full extent as to what she went through.

29: What's your proudest memory of Buster? After he went back to school, and got his degree so he could work on ferries. I knew he was proud because he brought his diploma home to show his dad. We were both so proud of him. That was a big thing for him and it was a happy memory for our family.

30: What's your fondest memory of Suzi? The year she lived with me a while back. She and I got to know each other better and it was a special time. I enjoyed that year and those good memories.

32: What were some happy and memorable moments with your husband? The happiest one was when he came back to church after being away for years. There was a revival going on but I didn't invite him. One night, I was getting ready and he asked if he could come. I must have looked at him funny so he said, “I got down on my knees and prayed at your parent's house.”

33: That was in 1976 and he was 48 years old. After that day, every time the church doors were open, he was there. He was on the church and elder board and anything he could. Another happy memory was when he was sitting on the porch and yelled for me to come sit and stop nagging about his failing health. He told me, “The Lord and I have already talked this over. I'm okay with dying and I know where I'm going.” After my husband died, I wrote a letter to him every night for years.

34: What was something you wish you'd done before your husband passed? | We were going to take an Alaskan cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary but he died 6 months before. We always loved Alaska and that was hard.

35: Did Grandpa ever serve overseas? | No, because he left the Navy in April 1950. Soon after the Korean War started. All his friends were deployed. He missed it by the skin of his teeth.

36: He bought me a great big, 5th wheel, 30-foot trailer. We traveled around Alaska and just drove all over. Buster and Sharon came along and we traveled for 3 months. It was such a happy time. | What was the nicest thing Grandpa did for you?

37: What was it like after Grandpa came to the Lord? | I felt my marriage was as near perfect as a marriage could be. We were happy and the Lord was so present. Lucy used to say, “Papa must wake every morning and think, "I wonder how I can make momma happy today.”

41: part 2: What is your favorite grandma memory

42: John & Kristin | John: Grandma introduced me to Kristin. It took a while, but I finally listened to her. We were married 13 months later. Grandma is a wonderful example of generosity. She is always willing to open her home to everyone. Kristin: My favorite memories with Grandma are times spent talking and learning about her childhood, her marriage and her kids. I have learned so much from her about life in general. She's also taught me how to cook, how to sew, and how to love. Loving others is something Grandma does so completely and unconditionally. It is truly an honor and a blessing to be her granddaughter. | My favorite Grandma Memories

43: Noah & Brendie | Noah: My favorite memories of grandma are hard to narrow. I remember as a child getting excited to visit her and grandpa. Their house was always welcoming and warm. And her house and property was a magical wonderland of candy, pie, sand, lizards and turtles! And who could forget the 90cc Honda trail bike? Crashing through bushes became a favorite pastime of my brothers and I . The greatest and most important thing my grandma taught me is being consistently joyful in the Lord. As a kid I called her "happy" or "smiling Grandma". As I grew older, I realized her happiness didn't come from circumstance but from her deep abiding faith in Jesus. Brendie: The first time I met Grandma was also the first time I met my future Heter family. Noah spent the drive to Ridgecrest telling me about his amazing Grandma and how his family might ask me "tough questions" to get to know me. But what I remember mainly is how loving Grandma was right away. I wanted her to be my Grandma and I was envious of the Heter family's treasure. Getting to know Grandma has been such a blessing in my life. She has demonstrated a strong faith, an intense love for family and a strong, beautiful spirit. I love you Grandma! | My favorite Grandma Memories

44: Gabe & Kiley | Kiley: A few memories about Grandma is the first time visiting her after Gabe and I were married. She let us sleep in her room and even asked if we wanted to use her bath tub. It was a bit strange and we declined. But she has always been very open and warm. After we moved to Idaho, and when we visit (even after a long drive) we'd stay up forever talking, telling stories about family, talking about television shows. I can talk to her about everything. My love and admiration for her grew very quickly. She became my grandma even before I was married and I thank her for that gift. Gabe: One memory I have as a kid is when we were allowed to ride Grandma and Grandpa's dirt bikes and would crash through all their bushes. Oh, they had "Atari" and we would get to play when we would visit. | My favorite Grandma Memories

45: Eli, Cora & Charlie | Eli (9): She's really kind. Thoughtful. I love she let's me feed her tortoises. I like going to her house when we go to California. I like how it looks. I like her yard and I like the desert. Cora (4): I like making her pictures. She gave me Baby Mae, Lyla and Kitty. She smiles all the time. She makes good food and has a lot of dolls we can't touch. Charlie (2): I like her. I like her tortoises. She gave us Harry. | i love grandma because...

46: Beth & John Heter Sr. | Beth: I remember grandma would always let me open the biscuits. I loved to hear it pop when I peeled the paper. I also loved to take bubble baths in grandma's jacuzzi tub. One time bubbles got really high and grandma did not like that! When mom would tell us grandma was coming to visit I would ask "which grandma? The laughing grandma"? Emma (5): I like to go to her house and see the singing dolls. And I like to make gingerbread houses with her at Christmas time. Katie (3): I like the turtles. | My favorite Grandma Memories | John Sr.: Before Lucy and I got married, I attended San Diego State University and lived in the dorm. I always complained about the food, but no one believed me! One weekend, Lucy came to San Diego to visit. She would not eat the food in the cafeteria and they even had special food for visitors. From that day, whenever I came home to Trona, Grandma would fix Steak for dinner. So everyone in the Pinion family liked when I came to visit!

47: Carla | i love Aunt Cille because... | She is just someone I can count on. She is my second mom since my mom lives far away. I feel so very close to her and have so much love for Aunt Cille. She will always be cherished and loved by my family. She has always been an example of gentleness and kindness. | Every time she tries to teach me something (like sewing aprons or crocheting) she's kind and willing to stop what she's doing and help. Also in our card making, if we ever need anything she'd stop and | get anything for us. And she would do this not just for me, but all the ladies. So she would get up and down constantly getting things and then try to finish what she was working on.

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