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Reflections From The Mountains

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S: Reflections From The Mountains

BC: The End | Memories of a Rose I saw you crying while I lay dying for someone to touch me from above But then you slowly reached down plucking me gently from the ground to make of me an offering of love

FC: Illustrated Poetry by Rose M. Hughes For my Mother 2009 | Reflections From The Mountains

1: Alone at night I often ponder... thinking many things What happens when we leave this life... of death and what it brings I have thought about it often and this is what I've found That life goes on eternal... whilst flesh rots in the ground There must be a higher purpose for each and every one We are here but such a short time... until our work's been done Man is placed where he can best solve his problems... wherever that may be Unnumbered foes he conquers... until his soul is free Perfection is the ultimate goal that leads us back to HIM With angels as our guiding lights... the path is never dim And when at last we make it there... side by side with our creator We'll look upon the world and see that it was only GOD'S THEATER | So little does it matter what mine eyes see in you for it is the recognition of one's soul which matters most As mine eyes can absorb only the appearance of you in the same manner my lungs inhale the air which I breathe What pleases mine ear I shall desire to get closer to enough that I might experience even its taste upon my lips But whenever I look at another... what it is that I see is God in the process of discovering itself as I AM | Potential Companion | God's Theater

2: The Riddle In God's Fiddle Sings to souls... rise up

3: When the time has come and God's fiddler then plays It shall be at, or very near to the ending of Earthly days Provoking an instant recall of mankind's discordant ways As human lips sing hymnals mouthing never ending praise The earth itself shall rise up in God's fiddlers presence At the sounds of his esoteric and harmonic essence No concert is this for the lyrically disabled peasants The master's music the very definition of quintessence Marble, brass, pillars, nor glass hold hostage to fiddlers song Playing with emphatic urgency his riddle, yea all the night long His music is sweet redemption indeed to the gathering throng Titillatingly souls, return to heaven, precisely where you belong

4: While on my first archaeological dig I came upon a strange looking creature. it was a most peculiar color indeed but its neck the most interesting feature.. It looked as if it were still living, obviously something of terrible import, due to the tender care of its placing, well preserved in a jar of some sort. It isn't often one makes such a discovery found inside the sarcophagus of a queen but there were also all manner of evidences to indicate her favorite color was green. Being a discoverer comes with its rewards, such a peculiar looking creature I admit, so I would do well to know just what it was because I would be the one naming it. The more I sought to study the thing it soon became all too stunningly clear that this was a queen's most favored toy, used so often it was obviously dear. Before me lay a most remarkable find for at one time it was a true living dildo. the very first thing to come to my mind was to simply name this queer thing A Wildo. I wanted to name it something somewhat easy so one wouldn't need consult a thesaurus...and it was then that it hit me all at once I would name my historic find PENIS-SAURUS | Whatyamacallit

5: Born Of The Same Mother Indeed I'm a balance of a number of things both some naughty and some outright nice infused with an adequate dosage of sugar as well a proportionate measure of spice It is the goal of my short life's existence to experience the things which are freeing as it requires far too much responsibility in seeking to become a perfect human being I've started by finding peace with the self through my learning just how to embrace it not only what I find to be lovely and kind but those things I would much rather omitted When we learn to love the whole of our selves is when we will learn to then love one another for at that time we will have discovered a truth hat we were all born of the very same mother

6: Upon Reflection

7: You ask of me what it is that I see when I am engaged in looking at my brother but alas my answer would then have to be according to how we interact with each other If I see in the man whom I pass on the street a warmth that saturates the whole of his being what it is then I see is what I like best in me and my soul has found a mirror worth my agreeing But what looks back at me with evil intent is an alien that I shall not soon befriend who embraces an energy which I can not abide for it is something I simply don't comprehend When I witness the pain of another human being the compassion within my self starts to flow for it brings to awareness my sufferings past whether this person be a true friend or foe I guess if I were to answer you more simply when I look at someone else... what I see is someone that appears to have more questions than they have answers to those questions... just like me

8: Twinkle twinkle little star shining bright for all to see what thoughts might you be having when you are looking down on me? Clinging to the earth below from whence do we come and to where do we go? Twinkle twinkle little star like a diamond you appear to be but when you gaze upon us here on earth you must wonder What are we?

9: Aboard this tiny ship of dreams adrift upon blue tranquil seas I realize life's not what it seems as I am moved by the gentlest breeze Shall the wind be left alone to decide the direction of each of my travels in the pale moonlight I'll safe reside until the path before me unravels

10: Inner Space is where man's passions brew so he might act on them without doubt Outer Space is the place man shall dwell when he overcomes his hatred and fears Inner Space is the realm of the soul where loving hearts can commune Outer Space is man's destiny once he can travel beyond the Earth's moon | Inner Space is quite rich in emotion a place where fantasies are fulfilled But in Outer Space there are no limits only those that man has so willed The same can be said of Inner Space because there the mind is the creator what a man can conceive he will certainly achieve and he shall realize this sooner or later

11: The tables have been turned this time in your favor for it is you who will be doing the probing Your blood rushes quick to your most favored organ till you are lightheaded from all of the throbbing And then Zeta Blue climbs on top of you impaled by your rigid human member writhing in heat to each thrust you deliver not one to require that you be tender She feels so delicious devouring your manhood you forget that she's really quite foreign She is silken inside and man can she ride what an ultimate pleasure to be stuck in But when Zeta Blue dismounts off of you you are spent and your hard on diminished she has sucked out every drop... left you limp on the spot and quite frankly my man... you are finished As you lay there in that funky spot there is a secret you should know that Zeta Blue has magic stuff and if you lick it it will glow | When Zeta Blue seduces you you'll remember it all -oh- too- well never will you be the same again after she captures your lust in her spell She climbs into your bed not just inside your head what an expert extraterrestrial dick teaser come closer earth man and listen to her plan your mission if you dare... is to please her

12: Compassion For The Mother

13: The mother appears to be sickly... my friends seem as well to be ill ... If only the healing power of love... were to come packaged in a pill I would then become a pill pusher... from early morn until late into night... medicating the entire earth family... would soon put this illness aright I simply can't bear then to witness... mother suffering so greatly in pain... an overdose of love is what's needed... for her heart to start pumping again I call out to each one of my brethren... let's begin by the laying on of hands... for we shall form a network of healers... spreading widely across mother's lands And lo... we shall find in her healing... we have healed ourselves just as well... by transforming this earth into heaven... we redeem it from the very brink of hell

15: My friends please be careful with each word you choose to express but your tiniest thought. When a man is upset by another,his words should be very well sought. Be mindful of how you treat all of your guests, how you view others which are greatly in need. Perhaps they are more than they seem to appear, their souls might be lofty indeed. Dance light around others misfortunes, this could be an ultimate test. Respond as you wish to be treated and offer only your absolute best. This might well be your last opportunity, to reach out to another and share. One never knows who stands before them, you may have been entertaining Angels unaware. -- | Angels Unaware

16: The Demon Called Hypocrisy Among the massive multitudes were men of every shade of thought Divided in their views concerning all that they'd been taught Then came one from amongst them, and that master soul did speak Some saw in him a God and would have worshiped at his feet While others saw in him a devil, just one more evil to defeat Some tried hard to lead a double life like chameleons on the ground who often take upon themselves the colors of the scenery from around People without anchor are friends or foes to whatever serves them best The master declared thusly to them that would permit him the address No man can be a friend AND foe for they can not serve two masters No more than they can claim a religion adopted by two different pastors All men are either rising up or they are preparing themselves to drown are either building up their futures or engaged in tearing them down If you gather not the precious grain, then you are throwing it away For a coward feigns to be a friend or foe to please other men in sway Do not deceive yourself in thought for your hearts are truly known Hypocrisy will blight a soul as surely as all lies shall stand alone An honest evil man is more esteemed by the guardians of soul than even the most pious man whose thoughts are black as coal If you would curse another... best to just curse them out aloud A curse is not only poison to the self... but also to the crowd And if you hold and swallow down a curse it never will digest; but poison every atom of your soul and leave it in duress And if you wrong another... you may be pardoned of your guilt when cleansed by acts of kindness; upon such justness was life built But... if you commit wrong against spirit by disregarding her precious gift when she would open up the doors of life so that you not float adrift... by closing up the windows of soul when she would pour her light within to cleanse it with the fires of truth... blessed eliminator of sin Your guilt will not be blotted out in this life or those that follow because your hypocrisy will be the demon that left you oh so hollow.

17: Answered In The Asking Yea though I dream I'm dwelling in life's valley invading fears portend the shadow-lands of death I sit long in contemplation of my life's meaning yet to fathom the answers written upon my breath For there is no meaning to be found within a life until one gifts that life a cause or purpose bound discovered in living both meaningful and mindful hidden truths have simple answers most profound

18: How can Santa not be real when he lives deep inside your heart he isn't just a one man show hanging out at the local Wal-mart Not just some fat dude dressed in red with strange fur accessories that manages but once a year to gift folk with whatever they please Santa Clause is endowed with the spirit of what all would like to be generous and giving to everyone... the essence of peace and harmony He is in fact the example that all of us should be seeking to follow That life doesn't always revolve around US nor should we be so hollow The most important gift that Santa brings to one and all the same is the wondrous joy in giving... that is each of ours to claim and what is done in secret without need for recognition or award can be filled with much more treasure for it is its own reward


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