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Reni and Zeli: Another Tangled Tale (Copy 2)

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S: Reni and zeli: another tangled tale

BC: Family love is a forever love. 'Ofa lahi atu, Your Anaheim Family: Uncle George,Aunty Raouleen and Aunty Tolini, Aunty Ama, Uncle Junior, Aunty Lela, Isaiah, Uncle Kehulu, Aunty Ka'ea, Uncle Dave and Chrissy-bear.

FC: Rennie and Zellie: Another Tangled Tale

1: by Ka'ea Pahulu Outhier | Rennie and Zellie: Another Tangled Tale | Dedicated to and inspired by Lauren Falatea, whose quiet strength provides an example to us all. Miracles happen everyday and we can see them in you! "Light and life to all He brings. Risen with healing in His wings." May the Lord bless you always with healing in his wings and magic in your heart. 'Ofa lahi atu, The Pahulu's, the Gray's, and the Outhiers. We love you forever.

2: This is the story of how an entire kingdom was healed. Not just any kingdom, really. It was my beloved kingdom. My mother and father, my siblings, my friends. The servants, the physician, the court jester, the merchants, the children - everyone was healed. It is a story about a bright, beautiful sun, sad song birds and a letter that was opened too late, or, maybe, it was really at just the right time. I will also let you know that I am a princess. Most of the kingdom knows me as Princess Renistatia, but my family and close friends know me as "Rennie."

5: Ummmm, Rennie? Do you mind if I, maybe, help tell the story? I mean, I love Rennie guys, and she always tells beautiful tales, but she won't dare tell all the things that I want you to know. What things? How about the top five reasons why I love to be Princess Rennie's friend? 1. She's humble and doesn't boast about how wonderful she is; but she is SOOO wonderful! 2. She loves sunlight and is fascinated with the sun. 3. She lets me borrow her shoes! I've never really worn them before I met her, but she has lots and she just gives me some! 4. She is so strong, but it's not big-muscle-bicep-strong. It's a strength from the inside, like her light. And she knows the source of her strength. 5. She kinda helped me get my long, magic hair back, but you'll learn about that soon enough. Well, I might as well untangle this tale for you, even though untangling my hair might be a little easier! Let's see now, how do I begin? Hmmmm. Oh I know! How about like this . . .

7: . . . there lived a beautiful, strong princess named Renistatia. Isn't she a beautiful princess? Her family and close friends called her Rennie. She always watched over the younger children of her small island kingdom and loved the beauty of the sun. On the ninth full moon of every year, she traveled with her royal family to the neighboring island where another kingdom (mine) welcomed them. During this time, both of our families exchanged knowledge about all sorts of subjects like new skills, new philosophies, sciences and even old legends.

8: After one particular trip to my kingdom, her royal family returned to their home, as usual. However, a great change began to take place a few days after their return. Members of her family that had joined them on their recent voyage were discovered to be missing. Soon more and more people were missing and the oddest coincidence was that the missing people all were known to have had illnesses or were very old. It left Rennie confused and sad. Even more heart-breaking, was after a few months, her entire kingdom was gone, including her parents and siblings. Rennie was scared and so lonely. Where had they gone? Why would they leave her? To confuse her even more, during this same time, hundreds and hundreds of new birds flew in the sky above her kingdom. All she could think of was that maybe these new birds carried a new disease which somehow spread to the people in her kingdom. Maybe that's why they vanished. But she didn't know. Without her family, she thought of only one place to go.

10: Zellie, maybe I can carry on the story from here. I do have first hand experience here, you know. I call her Zellie, short for Rapunzel. It is one of the many traditions my kingdom practiced that I loved. To shorten names, we take the last part. So with all of my kingdom missing, I was so lonely that I decided to go and live with Zellie's family. I had hoped they wouldn't mind me staying with them. I didn't want to be a great burden on them. I arrived a few months after their lost daughter returned; she was missing for 18 years! The king and queen understood how I felt, losing my own family. Gratefully, they took me under their wing. Zellie and I became best friends, like sisters. She said she loved going on adventures with me because she never really had friends or siblings in her tower. And, being that we were both princesses, we had so much in common. Well, maybe except for the shoes. Yes, I let her borrow my shoes. She really needed them, prancing around barefoot all day like that. Comforted a little by a new family, and sad for the one I lost, I tried to make the best of my time in my new home.

12: Not dead. Careful of red feathers.

13: Eugene was helping a friend from the Snuggly Duckling get a job juggling fruit at the circus, so Zellie had some free time to have an adventure in the nearby woods. The sun was so bright that day that I just had to go outside. We went hunting for rabbits, or lizards, whichever one we found first. Zellie had a brown paper hanging from her pocket. I asked her what it was. She grabbed it and said, "Oh! A bird dropped this on my bedroom windowsill this morning. I was so excited to leave for our adventures outside that I completely forgot about it after I shoved it in my pocket." She looked at it and tore the brown paper open. Inside was a tattered note. We read it. "Hmmm," Zellie whispered. "What is not dead?" She looked at me and suddenly tears began to fall down her cheeks as she froze. I began to smell a sickening aroma of hazelnut soup.

14: Renistatia and Rapunzel? I'll take it from here, my pets. Now, this is the story of how I died, well, or didn't die. Now don't be jaded by Flynn Ryder's previous account of this tangled tale. After all, who can trust a thief? After I watched that dreadful movie, I said to myself, "Great. Now I'm the bad guy." Yes, this is the story of how I'm not s00o terribly bad, but I'll skip all of the hullabaloo he twisted into the story. What? Don't trust my editing? Well, don't forget one important detail, dearies - Mother knows best! Now, of course, there was that horrible spill I took out of the tower window. How I ever survived, I have no idea. Well, actually darlings, how I survived is really why I have your complete attention, now isn't it? Really, it is a bit unfair for you to just know what Ryder knew, because it wasn't much. What he didn't know can make all the difference in the world. He told you how, after hundreds of years, Rapunzel came into the picture. But so much can happen in those HUNDREDS of years. Now, let me weave in an important part of this tangled tale Eugene failed to mention, that is crucial for Zellie and Rennie's story to go on.

16: The legend of my magic flower, yes. It is true. But where one legend lives, so do others. Long ago, before the time of the magic flower, another known legend was of an enchanted tree. If anyone was sick or hurt, and very near death, eating one leaf from this tree would restore your health and life forever. There was one drawback,however. Whoever ate the leaf would be transformed into a healthy, lovely bird forever. I knew of the legend and knew enough about the life of birds that it was not for me. No, no. But my first and only love, Darvin, chose otherwise. You see, after we married for several years we learned, to our great sorrow, that we could not have children of our own. Sad really, to be so in love with the man you marry and unable to have a child to cherish together. So, we continued to live out our married life until one unfortunate day, much too early for a man of his age, he became deathly ill. At his bedside, I noticed his hand was clenched onto something. When I asked him what he held onto so tightly, he smiled nervously at me. He promised he would always be with me. He opened his hand and there I saw the leaf that he later ate. The leaf was so small, but it created such a great change in him. Needless to say, he kept his promise.

18: He flew everywhere I went. We were happy that we were together. We even built our home, the tower where we later kept Rapunzel. We built it twig by twig, brick by brick and tile by tile. Darvin wanted a high tower hidden from the outside world. He wanted a private dwelling, away from a world filled with horrible, selfish people. The only thing he longed for in the outside world was a child to complete our family.

19: Eventually, it became my time to die. He had always hoped that the pains of growing old would help to change my mind. To eat a leaf from the enchanted tree and become like him, a feathered friend free from sickness, was not my idea of bliss. No, I didn't change my mind. Desperate for us to be together forever, he searched high and low for a way to save me from death. He truly loved me so much. Finally, he heard a few hunters conversing in the forest. They spoke of a magic flower which grew from one single drop of sunlight that had the power to heal. Darvin immediately flew in search until he found the flower. He did his best to help me to the mountainside where the flower was growing. When I first saw it, a song came to mind, as if I had known it all my life. I sang the song in my heart and as I did, the healing power of the flower coursed through it and eventually into me. I'll never forget how I immediately felt healthy and young again. I looked the way I did on my wedding day. Darvin shed many tears on that magical day. As you can imagine we were both thrilled to spend more time together, much, much more time. After a few hundred years, the palace knights stole my life, my flower. Darvin sorrowed for me. You see, the kind of love we had, hundreds of years was not enough. He was the one that really convinced me to go to Rapunzel's room to take the child. Maybe there was still hope for me, for us and this new child.

20: So you can understand that when I took Rapunzel from her parents, it wasn't only for her magic hair. I finally was able to have a child of my own. Yes, she wasn't truly mine, but I wanted to believe it. I tricked myself into believing that it could be right. We had great times, but yes, deep inside, a felt a little bad for taking her the way we did. But my love and need for her was too strong to let her go.

21: When I fell that day, my Dalvin brought the only thing that could save me, a leaf from the enchanted tree. I had no choice now, since Flynn Ryder cut Rapunzel's hair, the source of my life and youth. I had no choice but to join my husband and forever became a bird like him. Well, if you know anything about me, you know that I won't stop until I get what my heart is set on. And I still wanted my daughter back. Yes, I said my daughter. After all, I did raise her for 18 years. She turned out lovely, didn't she? I think I did a good job. I think I deserve to keep my daughter with me, don't you? So I made a way for Rapunzel to join Dalvin and I. My plan was fool-proof, until, well. I'll let that thief tell this part of the story.

22: Thanks, doll. So I'm sitting at the Snuggly Duckling with my buddies after they just finished singing about their dreams. Yadda, yadda, yadda . . . Then some guy tells me he was talking to a bird early that morning. Yeah. A bird. What? You'll believe in magical hair, but not talking birds?

23: Anyhow, he says the bird tells him that Princess Rapunzel is in trouble. Gothel had eaten a leaf or somethin' and changed into a bird and was now coming after Rapunzel. I don't usually listen to guys who talk to birds, but in this case, I made an exception. After hearing she was in danger, Maximus and I rode like lightning out of there. We searched through the woods until I saw a clearing. Sunlight fell on something I thought was gone forever. It was her long, long, long, long, long, long, long hair. You get the picture. Rapunzel was crying. It took a while to calm her down, but through her sobbing, she explained that Gothel was now a bird with red feathers. She had also dropped poison into Rennie's eyes, that would kill her in a few hours, unless Rapunzel agreed to eat a leaf from the enchanted tree. "What are we going to do, Eugene?" I told her we'd figure something out. Then Maximus sniffed Rapunzel's hair. "Oh, that. Well, Gothel and another bird with blue and brown feathers charmed my hair so that it grew back. I think she had plans to use it, but lucky for me, you two showed up and they flew off. I tried singing, but it is not working. The other bird had this stuff on his wings, but they left too soon to finish what they were doing." Maximus then went off galloping with his nose held high in the air, sniffing madly.

24: Let me take it from here, Eugene. So what was I do to? Become a bird and save Rennie? Or stay human and let my best friend suffer? If I became a bird, I could fly, but not spend time with my family, the way I can only enjoy as a real girl. Well, we went back to the Snuggly Duckling and talked to the man that informed Eugene about the talking bird. It seems that he knew about this legend and that an entire kingdom had chosen to eat these enchanted leaves - all except one girl, of course. He also said the bird he spoke to seemed to cry when they mentioned Princess Renistatia's name.

25: Now it all made perfect sense. Rennie's kingdom vanishing, plus the increase in birds. Why they chose that, I don't know, but if I could just find her parents, maybe they would know how to help. At that moment, I really wished I had my magic hair, or the magic flower, but those were gone now. What could help us? It seemed hopeless until, all of a sudden, the brightest idea I've had (at least since wanting to leave my tower to see the floating lights) floated right into my mind!

27: The thought of how much Rennie loved the sun filled my mind. That's it! The sun was the source of power for the magic flower. If we could get some drops of sun, we might be able to heal Rennie! Then, all at once, a group of birds flew towards us and asked, "What can we do to help our Princess Renistatia?" I knew who these birds were. These birds were immortal and couldn't die or be harmed by the heat of the sun. I could fling them up high enough with my hair so that they could then use the rest of their own strength to fly all the way up to the sun. Then, maybe they could bring back the sun drops to heal Rennie. They were afraid, but looked at Rennie and knew they would do anything for her. One by one, I hurled them up with my hair. Soon hundreds and hundreds of birds took their desperate flight up into the warm, blue sky.

29: I could tell how much they loved her because of how much they struggled to fly higher and higher. Their wings struggled to reach the celestial destination. I didn't know if it would work, but we all had to try our best. We had to help our strong Princess Rennie. I thought I might be completely worn out by flinging every single bird from Rennie's kingdom up into the bright sky, but I never ran out of energy! After all were up, we just waited because that is all we could do. Waiting was so long, and I didn't know if I could stand not knowing if it would work. Then, finally, we saw the first birds fly down towards us. It felt just like when I saw the first floating lights on my 18th birthday. It was beautiful.

30: The birds flew down, but not nearly as many as had flewn up. They were sparkling with golden dew. They flew to Rennie, as I opened her mouth. Eugene wiped the golden sun drops off of their wings, one bird at a time, and collected it all into a small cup. We poured the cup of sun drops into Rennie's mouth and even wiped some on her closed eyes. It was a miracle! Light pierced through her eyes and mouth and surrounded her entire body. The birds that had brought the dew waited for her to awake and then told her the good news. They said that while flying through the sun, many of the birds had stopped to drink of the flowing rivers of sunlight there. They changed back into humans and chose to stay there forever with their families. It was beautiful there. "We have to thank you, Rennie. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to find a cure for our sad bird life. We never would have found the healing powers

31: of the sun if you didn't love it so much. You inspired Zellie and our whole kingdom. We owe you so much! The kingdom wants to thank you for what you've done for them." "But where are my parents, my siblings?" The birds straightened up a bit and drew closer to her at that moment. With tears in their small, sparkling eyes, they all circled about and put a wing around her and softly cooed lovingly. Rennie knew it was only her family's love that could bring the healing power that helped her. "You see, we put all the birds of our kingdom under oath to never speak to you. Your mother felt you would want to eat a leaf to be with us, but we wanted to save you from this life if we could. So we never spoke to you, but we were always somewhere close by, watching over you. When we knew about Gothel, I left the note and then went to the Snuggly Duckling." They embraced and wept happy tears.

32: In the end, all was right. Rennie spoke with Gothel and Dalvin about returning to human form again by drinking in the rivers of sunlight. They explained that they had the same idea so that they could restore the magic of Rapunzel's hair, except Dalvin only grabbed one drop of light, and did not drink from the rivers. They apologized deeply. Zellie flung them up into the bright sky. They, along with Rennie's subjects and family, were restored to their perfect human bodies and are basking in the sun as we speak. There, in that glorious sun, await Rennie's loved ones for their princess to one day return to them. Eugene and Maximus, well, they are celebrating at the Snuggly Duckling arm and hoof wrestling each other. Oh, about Rennie and Zellie? Well, we're as happy as best friends can be! There were some drops of sunlight left over, after Rennie was healed. I put it into my hair and it fully recharged the magic! Yessss! Also, we sorta had some fears of rabbit-lizard hunting from our last attempt in the forest so we chose to sail around the world for more adventures.

33: Everywhere we landed, I told others about Rennie's story-how wonderful she is, and how her love for the sun saved her kingdom. They loved her story so much. I think their admiration for Rennie is perfectly captured in these next photos. Here are just a few of the fans Rennie gained along our trip!

37: This woman's name is Lauren, too! She said she'd keep Rennie in her prayers and gave me this "Up" Grape Soda Pin for free to give to Princess Rennie. It symbolizes hope.

38: Princess love for Princess Rennie!

39: Aloha maua ia 'oe, e Lauren! We love you! Lilo and Stitch

40: Yeehaw! We love you, Rennie-girl!

41: The Toughest, and Prettiest little soldier ever! | Princess Renistatia Falatea Taylorsville Kingdom

44: Yes, those last pictures are of us, to always remind our Princess Rennie of how much we love her. She's an inspiration to Eugene and I, too! He even did his "smolder," especially for Rennie! Hmmmm . . . I know I'm forgetting something. Now what could it possibly be? Oh, I know! How the story ends!

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