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Roy & Lavern Harper Family History

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S: The Roy & Lavern Harper Family History

FC: Roy & Lavern Harper Family History | "To Appreciate the Present, Be Not Unmindful of the Past."

1: This book is dedicated to my parents, Roy & Lavern Harper, and compiled as a gift for my siblings, Linda, Mike, & Patti. With love, Karen Harper DeLoach 2012

2: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Mildred Buie | Quindora Alvada Owens | Daniel P. Buie | Wilma Lavern Lee | Armon Andrew Lee | Maggie Crabtree | Andrew Jackson Lee | Margaret Wall | Harry Owens | Malinda ? | John Buie | Sarah Owens | Joshua Venson Lee | The Lees

3: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Roy Harper | Euna G. Taylor | Ira THarper | Rebecca Younger | Amos R. Taylor | Artemissa Ross | James Henry Harper | Lucinda Hinson | William Alexander Younger | Eliza Jane Keeling | William Taylor | Martha Files | John Ross | Manerva Mayberry | Daniel Harper | The Harpers | Like branches on a tree our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

4: “The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” - Psalm 16:6 | The Harpers Ira, Euna, Mabel, Rufe, Roy, Ralph

5: The Lees Delmer, Armon, Mildred, Dale, Develya, Elga, Lavern, VonDee

6: Sisters | 'From cradle to grave,' that's what Mom said. 'You'll have each other after I am gone. You won't be alone; your sister will be there to listen, to count on from start to end. A sister is meant to be the best kind of friend.'

7: Linda & Karen with Grandpa and Grandma Lee

8: Spinning in circles, looking up at the sky, Just having fun without asking why. Fighting against Mom for a mid-day nap, Turning your head when her fingers snap. Brother and sisters through tussles & fights, But knowing you're there through the dark nights. Family...

9: Carousels Kittens Cowboys Patti & Mike and Mom

10: Picnic w/Grands Fried Chicken Tuna Sandwiches Deviled Eggs Potato Chips Chocolate Cupcakes Kool-aid

11: Can't wait to see the Grandparents!

12: Cox Cousins | The Cox Girls Shirlene, Diana, Joy, Shirley, Sue

13: Cousins | Sisters Develya & Lavern

14: Memories | Mom & Aunt Mabel Dad & Mabel

15: Dad & Pals Uncle Ralph Aunt Jo Bryant | Above: Dad & Pals Right: Uncle Ralph, Aunt Jo, Bryant

17: Above left: Grandpa Ira Thomas Harper Above right: The Rev. Ira T. Harper & family Left: Grandma Euna Grace Harper

18: A poignant memory of Grandpa Lee: When his beloved mother Maggie died, relatives came in by train to attend the funeral. Grandpa was sent with the wagon to pick up the family members. The train was late. By the time they got back, the funeral was over. Grandpa’s mother was already buried. He never forgot that hurt. | Armon Andrew Lee and Mildred Buie's Wedding Day 1924 Grandma Lee is subtly showing off her wedding ring on her left hand.

19: Grandpa Lee and our mom apparently inherited their love of music from Maggie, Grandpa's mother. Maggie Crabtree Lee was musically talented and had a beautiful voice. In the early 1900's, on some Saturday evenings, she sang and played the piano into the newfangled telephone while neighbors listened on the community party line. It was an early day form of "radio", and something which her neighbors anticipated with pleasure. Grandpa taught me that we should use our talents for God's glory. He certainly did that during his lifetime whenever he sang. | Grandpa Lee, Develya, Lavern | Lavern | Grandma Lee | Lavern, Develya, Elga, Armon, Mildred, VonDee Dale, Delmer

20: Daniel & Vadie Buie

21: Great Grandparents | Daniel Parker Buie and Quindora Alvada Owens Buie were Grandma Mildred Lee's parents. Toward the end of the Civil War when Daniel was around seven years old, he was playing in the woods near his house when he witnessed bushwhackers attack and kill his entire family. Daniel escaped the tragic fate of his family and was raised by an uncle in east Texas. Great-grandma Vadie's family lived in Georgia. They were caught in the path of Sherman's "March to the Sea." After that destruction, life was hard. The family moved west to Arkansas. They re-located to the western side of the state around Harrison. Her family went ahead and moved, while her father stayed behind to sell some cattle. They never saw him again. Upon investigation, they discovered that he had indeed sold the cattle, had the cash in hand, and had headed out to join his family. His disappearance was an unsolved mystery, but they believed that he had been robbed and murdered.

22: Joshua Venson Lee b. June 22, 1854 d. October 28, 1928 Grandpa Lee's Grandfather

23: Our Ancestor Great-great-Grandfather Joshua Lee | Joshua had a twin sister. When they were around 13 years old, toward the end of the Civil War, Joshua and his sister were both away from home one day. They returned to discover that their family had been wiped out by bushwhackers (renegade-type soldiers who pillaged and burned during the Civil War, especially in border states). There was nothing left of their home. The twins walked until they reached the home of relatives. | When Grandpa Armon Lee's father Andrew was around six years old, he suffered injury when a mule cart overturned. The doctor gave his parents, Joshua & Sarah, a grim prognosis saying it would be a miracle if he survived. Sarah knelt beside his bed, took Andrew's hand in hers & prayed. She stayed in that prayerful posture throughout the night, asking God to heal her son. The next morning, Andrew awoke from his coma. It was considered by the family a true miracle. All the Lee family admired & respected Sarah's faith & religious fervor. When Sarah died in 1904, the Lees helped create a cemetery reserved for family & friends. Egypt Cemetery is located northwest of Ada, OK. It appears that Sarah's death on November 15, 1904, is the first Lee death in what we now call Oklahoma.

24: Linda Tinker visiting the grave of Sarah Owens Lee at Egypt Cemetery.

25: Sara Owens Lee born June 28, 1846 died Nov. 15, 1904 “having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs Egypt Cemetery having the hope of eternal life.” – Titus 3:7

26: Top Left: John & Rebecca Ross Grandpa Harper's Grandfather John Ross married 2nd wife Rebecca Younger Taylor, Grandma Harper's mother. Top Right: Rebecca Younger Taylor Ross age 12 Left: Front - John Thomas Ross, Arilea, Parilea, Rebecca Back - Tilmond, Grandma Euna Taylor Harper

27: Grandpa Harper's sister, Great-aunt Rena Harper, stands next to their mother, Artemissa Viola Ross Harper, who is holding the flowers. | Rebecca Ross, Grandma Harper, John Ross, Grandpa Harper, Rufe, Roy, Ralph

28: Alexander Younger was a member of the Arkansas Peace Society during the Civil War. He also served as a private in Company F 46 MO Infantry Volunteers under Capt. David Ruff. After the war, he was injured on August 31, 1865, as the result of falling off his horse. Injured his back & left eye. | Our branch of the Younger family and the branch to which the infamous Cole Younger Gang belongs are both direct descendants of the same ancestor, Alexander Younger, born May 2, 1681, in Glasgow, Scotland. We descend from his son James (b. 1720); they from his son John (b. 1702). Grandma Harper recalled when the Younger Gang rode up to their house, and she & the other children had to go into the bedroom and shut the door until they left. | Seated from left: John Willis, James Franklin, Alexander Jr. Standing from left: Jasper Newton, Charles Alexander Younger

29: Left: Alexander & Lucinda's sons, Grandma Harper's uncles. This page: Grandma Euna Harper's grandparents, William Alexander Younger & Lucinda Hinson Younger

30: Great-Great Grandmother | Eliza Jane Keeling Taylor May 26, 1839 Tennessee February 22, 1925 in OK | Excerpt from "Tomahawk Tales" by Beth Herrington Near the end of the Civil War, bushwhackers preyed on all the decent families. Sometimes several families of women and children stayed together while their men were away in the army. One of these groups were women & children of the Taylor family whose men were in the Union army. One afternoon a band of bushwhackers came to their cabin. They tore up things and abused the women. One of the wives had a little baby in her arms and one of the bushwhackers asked its name. With some spunk, the mother replied, "Abraham Lincoln." The thug snatched the infant from her arms and swung it by the feet toward the corner logs of the cabin. Another man jumped and grabbed the child or it would have been killed. Among the group of women was a young single girl. One of the men asked each woman the name of her husband. This girl answered that she was single. The man said, "You're so pretty that I'll be back when the war is over and marry you." Aunt Jane Taylor was a big, spunky Irish woman. When they asked her about her husband she answered, "He's in the Union army, gol-darn you, and he'll come back and give you hell for the way you are treating me!"

31: Ancestor known as "The Immigrant" | Col. Richard Henry Lee 1 March 22, 1617 England March 1, 1664 in VA | Richard Henry "The Immigrant" Lee 1 At the time of his death, he was the largest landholder in the Colony and perhaps the richest man in Virginia. He was the first white man to settle in the northern neck of Virginia. His offices & positions included: Attorney General of the Colony of Virginia, Member of the King's Council, Colonial Secretary of State, High Sheriff, Clerk of the Quarter Court in Jamestown, Colonel in the Militia, tobacco planter. One of his many plantations, Cobb's Hall, was bequeathed to our ancestor, Captain Charles Lee Sr. It is still standing today (see picture below). The Colonel once owned land that would eventually become the site of Mount Vernon. Other direct descendants (besides the distinguished Armon Lee family) include: signers of the Declaration of Independence Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry Lee - Revolutionary War General Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee - Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee - President of the United States Zachary Taylor - Chief Justice of the U.S. Edward Douglass White - Governor of Maryland Thomas Sim Lee - NFL Quarterbacks Eli and Payton Manning. John Adams, himself a Virginian, once declared, "The family of Lee has more men of merit in it than any other family." The Society of the Lees of Virginia was established in 1921 "To draw the scattered members of the family together...and to promote a greater knowledge of our ancestors' services to their country, and to make better Americans of ourselves and of our children." Membership is restricted to direct descendants of Richard "The Immigrant" Lee 1 of Jamestown, VA. The Oklahoma Lees are his direct descendants. The Lee Family Motto is "Be Not Unmindful of the Future."

32: Linda Harper Tinker's Family | Top: Debbie, Linda, Danny, David - Danny & Linda Bottom: David & Tina - Linda & Tinker grandchildren Caleb, Jacob, Joshua, Rachael, Sarah, John, Jared, Andrew, Michael, Amy, Bethany | Psalm 34:1 and 3

33: Harper & Matthew Debbie, Harper & Matt

34: Andy & Kate Bill & Karen Jonathon ~~~ Krystal, Dane, Jake, Kate, Bennett

35: Karen Harper DeLoach's Family Romans 8:28

37: Michael R. Harper's Family Mike & Brenda Jeff Josh & Krista John 16:33

38: Patti Harper Ford's Family Jeremiah 29:11 | Patti ~ Patti & Girls ~ Kelli & Preslee

39: Rylee Raygen Alicia & Ray Rosalyn

40: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Uncle Elga Lee, my mom Lavern Harper, Aunt Mabel Harper Motes, and cousin Wade Burleson for the family stories they've shared that are included here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mom & Dad (and Mike) ~ Mom, Dad, Karen, Linda ~ Cousins Bryant & Kevin Harper ~ The Cox Family ~ Mabel's Girls Kay & Peggy with Chuck/ kids/grands

41: Karen | Mom with Mike & Patti | Linda | Patti | Karen | Linda | Mike | Bill & Karen | Mike's Retirement Brenda, Mike, Danny, Linda, Patti, Josh, Mrs. Lofton

42: October 2013

43: Family Additions | Since I first compiled this book in 2012, there have been many additions to the family. Meet the newer family members as of November 1, 2016.

44: Ryan and Sarah Tinker Major Corban & Hadassah | Michael, Sterling, and Micaiah Tinker | Tinkers

45: Rachel Tinker Andrews with husband Matt and son Isaac | John and Taylor Tinker

46: Bennett Emery DeLoach with siblings Kate & Jake | Ella Jo Roller with cousins Raygen, Rosalyn, Rylee and sister Preslee

47: October 2013

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