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Run For Your Life

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BC: The End

FC: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE | Novel By: James Patterson Scrapbook By: Kaitlin Delaney

2: Bennet Family Tree | Seamus | Elaine | Michael | Juliana Brian Jane Ricky Eddie Fiona&Bridget Trent Shawna Crissie | is the basis of living. Family creates the love that people emit and just keep giving. Family is the smiles, laughter, and cheer. Family helps one persevere. | Maeve

3: This page represents the importance of family that is indicated at the very beginning of the novel. Michael Bennet is the main character and he was lovingly raised by his parents Seamus and Elaine Bennet. There is a men's room symbol to represent the males and a women's room symbol to represent the females. Elaine is now deceased and that is why there is an "x" through her picture. Michael was married to his wife Maeve for 17 years before she died a year ago. Before she died, Maeve and Michael adopted 10 children. Juliana who is 13, Brian who is 12, Jane who is 11, Ricky who is 10, Eddie who is 9, twins Fiona and Bridget who are 8, Trent who is 6, Shawna who is 5, and Crissie who is 4. Out of their kids, 2 are Hispanic, 2 are African America, 1 is Asian, and 5 are Caucasian. Because of the various ethnicities of Michael and Maeve Bennet's children, I included a picture of the Earth behind the Bennet Family Tree title. At the bottom of the page I wrote a rhyming poem about family. I wrote this poem to epitomize how sacred Michael Bennet's family is to him and how his children helped him recover from the grave loss of his wife.

4: R . I . P. MAEVE BENNET | New York Times OBITUARIES | Maeve Bennet lost a long, hard battle with cancer last month at the young age of 38. She will be missed greatly by her husband and NYPD detective Michael Bennet and their 10 kids. She was known for her resounding kindness in society and her loving nature towards all.

5: This page represents a grave time in Michael Bennet's life when he lost the love of his life, his wife Maeve. Maeve Bennet died from a long, hard battle with cancer when she was only 38 years old. This time period is represented by the photo of the casket because many people attended her funeral and she was loved and adored by all who met her. This time period is also represented by the obituary section in a news paper. The news paper is the New York Times because the Bennet family lives in New York City and Michael Bennet reads the New York Times every morning. Also on this page I included a photo of a person hiding behind their hands. This is significant to the time period of Maeve's death because Michael struggled to go on with out his wife of 17 years. Michael often hid in his own house, afraid to face the outside world without her. He took 3 weeks off from work and it took some encouragement from his 10 children to continue on with his life and return to his job as a NYPD detective.

6: Name: Marry Catherine O'Malley DOB: 5/14/85 Previous Occupation: Nanny for 3 kids in a two-parent full-time job household.. I enforced homework as well as provided a fun environment. | R E S U M E

7: This page represents the time period after Maeve's death when Michael was struggling to care for his 10 children. Michael put out an ad in the paper for a nanny and finds a resume by a young woman named Mary Catherine. This is represented by the resume in the bottom right corner. The resume states that she is only 25, but has great, successful experience with watching kids. Mary Catherine is also a recent immigrant from Dublin, Ireland and worships at Seamus', Michael's father's, church. Mary Catherine's immigration to the U.S.A. is shown by a plane flying from Ireland's flag to the U.S.A.'s flag. I also included the word "Friends" at the bottom of the page. This is because Michael hires Mary Catherine to work as his nanny. She becomes very devoted to his family and to her job and is a loving, caring, mother-like figure in the children's lives. Mary Catherine and Michael become great friends and they trust each other whole-heartedly. Mary Catherine eventually becomes a live-in nanny and is working for almost 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. | RESUME:

8: Objectives: ~Maintain respect and dignity ~Pay for your wrong doings ~Remain superior to others | - | - | - | - | - | - | _ | - | - | _

9: This page represents the first appearance of a serial killer referred to as "The Teacher." The Teacher sent a list of his objectives to a local New York City newspaper, although it was not published right away. He said that he wanted to maintain respect and dignity in the elite community by teaching society "lessons." These lessons were taught by killing people who disrespected himself or the community. This list of objectives is recreated to the left. I included an apple and a school bus because The Teacher believes he is helping others learn, just as a school teacher does, but he is in fact becoming detrimental to New York City's sense of safety. At the bottom of the page there is a women's room symbol, a parabola path of arrows and train tracks. This is representative of The Teacher's first "lesson" to society. A young woman, only 18, at the train station was being rude to The Teacher one morning on his way to work. The Teacher then pushed her onto the train tracks. He is unsuccessful in killing the girl. This is significant because The Teacher commits a crime in the midst of so many witnesses, but he is so confident in himself that he believes he will never be caught. This incident is also significant because it begins the spree of killings in New York City that threaten citizens' safety.

11: This page symbolizes The Teacher's first actual killing in New York City. The Teacher shoots and kills a Ralph Lauren clerk at close range at a guarded store in the city. He shoots the clerk with a Colt M1911 semiautomatic gun with .45 caliber bullets. This is indicated by the pictures at the bottom left of the page. The Teacher is also a master of disguise. This is important because the police cannot track the killer because he changes outfits and hairstyles so frequently. I chose to display The Teacher as a master of disguise by portraying his two main outfits. The orange Mets jersey and yellow basketball shorts are the outfit that The Teacher shot the clerk in. The Gucci suit is the outfit that The Teacher wears to work every morning and is the outfit he wears most frequently. I also included a tag at the bottom of the page that reads: Guests. This illustrates The Teacher's state of mind which says that "all of society are guests in my house and if a guest is rude, they will surely be asked to leave." (Patterson 28). This is noteworthy because The Teacher kills based upon who has done society or himself wrong and will not stop until he receives recognition for his "good deeds."

12: so many | Dear Journal, Today there was another shooting in the city. A waiter, Joe Miller, was shot. He was shot at an upscale French restaurant called the 21 club. He was shot at close range with a silenced 0.22 caliber Colt pistol. | It has not been a good day in New York City. | ~Michael Bennet | MYSTERIES

13: This page illustrates The Teacher's second killing which happens only 24 short hours after his first. The Teacher walks up to an upscale French restaurant called the 21 club and shoots the first waiter that he sees. The waiter's name was Joe Miller. Joe Miller was shot at close range in the stomach with a silenced 0.22 caliber Colt pistol. Another waiter witnessed this shooting and reported it to Michael Bennet, head of the NYPD. Michael was not happy to hear of this news because he did not like the aspect that this could potentially become serial killer work. His distressed feelings about the murder are expressed in the journal entry to the left. There are also two pictures at either corner of the left page. One is a picture of a carton waiter. This represents Joe Miller. The other is a picture of a fork and a knife. This represents the restaurant he was shot in. These pictures are significant because it exhibits how careless and egocentric the teacher is to shoot a man in front of so many witnesses. I also included the statement: so many mysteries. This is because the police still have found no DNA or trace evidence to link the murders to the killer. They are frightened that the city might be at grave danger if the murderer is not caught as soon as possible.


15: This page portrays the climax in this novel. Michael Bennet gets a brake in the big mystery case, a piece of DNA that links the string of murders in New York City to a man named Thomas Gladstone. He is thought to be The Teacher. Thomas Gladstone lives in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the Upper East Side, so Bennet has the FBI barricade the hotel. However, Bennet does not know that Thomas Gladstone is deceased and was killed by his brother, William Meyer. William Meyer is the real Teacher and planted Gladstone's DNA. This is shown by the red speech bubble. While Bennet has barricaded the Waldorf, William Meyer breaks into Bennet's apartment in the middle of the day. All 10 kids are home from school and Mary Catherine is in the kitchen making a snack. Meyer captures Mary Catherine and ties her to a chair. He holds all the children in one bedroom at gun point. This is show by the boy and girl behind "bars". The background is the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Meyer awaits Bennet's arrival in hope of getting revenge on Bennet for working on Meyer's case. This is shown by the revenge sign. I also included three leaves falling. I included these leaves to represent all of the truths that were being discovered and falling into place by the police.

16: ABC News Report: Breaking News! NYPD detective, Michael Bennet, was kidnapped this afternoon by a serial killer afflicting the New York City area for weeks, referred to as "The Teacher." We have learned that his real name is William Meyer. Meyer also kidnapped Bennet's youngest daughter Crissie, only 4 years old. They were taken to a local airport outside of New York City in New Jersey. Bennet is said to be uninjured but was seen boarding a small plane with Meyer holding a 0.9 caliber gun. We'll keep you posted.

17: This page epitomizes Michael Bennet's final journey with William Meyer, "The Teacher." William Meyer takes Bennet and his youngest daughter, Crissie, from the Bennet apartment and tells Bennet to "just drive". They drive out of New York City and across the bridge to New Jersey. They stop driving at a small, local airport and Bennet and Meyer board a small plane, leaving Crissie behind in the car. Bennet is hand-cuffed and held at gun point. This is significant because Bennet thinks that he will be killed and that his children will be left without a father and a mother. Meyer begins to fly the plane over towards the high sky scrappers in New York City. This time is illustrated by the hands tied and a radar sign in the picture on the bottom left of the left page. This is also illustrated by the ABC News Report which must have stirred a lot of controversy because Bennet is a NYPD detective.

18: Free at last

19: This page represents the conclusion part of the novel "Run for Your Life". Bennet is able to get out of his handcuffs and take control of the airplane. The airplane is shot down into the Hudson river and both Bennet and Meyer survive. Bennet then drowns Meyer in the river before the NYPD rescue crew are able to pull them out of the water. This is symbolized by the plane crash in the water photo on the left page. After Bennet is rescued, he is viewed as a hero to all of society and he is finally able to return home free and safe. This is symbolized by the champagne and glitter, representing happiness and celebration, and the sun which brings a new day. The hands clasped together to make a globe represent a united effort to get Bennet home safely. The family circle photo and the bottom of the left page represents the cherished times the Bennet family spent together after the kidnapping incident. The family grew closer and closer together and enjoyed every moment of every day.

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