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3: Over the Years Scott has grown up!! WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU SCOTT




10: Uncle Scott, I love you because you are the Best! I like playing with you. Love, Connor XOXOXO

11: I am lucky I have such a great uncle who picks me up and plays with me. Love you Uncle Scott!! Love, Emily XOXOXO

14: GRAMMIE | G R A N D P A & | Even though Grammie and Grandpa Robator aren't here to see you graduate know that they are extremely proud of their Scotty-wot.

18: From the sweetest little boy a mom ever held, to the compassionate, strong, handsome man you’ve grown to be...... I couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments and choices, or love you more. Scott, how lucky I am to have you in my life! Love you always more, Mom

20: Scott Where do I start? You first blessed our family on November 28th 1986. Of course the announcement was made earlier when your sisters thought the big news was that we were planning our first family trip to Disney. You were no mistake, just a little untimed in your arrival. The pregnancy announcement was made on Old Farm Road at a family meeting on our bed, much to your sisters’ bewilderment, and our family would never be the same. We did make the trip to Disney, but Mom knew from the beginning that things were changing in some big ways yet to be fully realized. From our Thanksgiving evening trip to the hospital, to the first 10 months of nearly constant crying and sleepless nights, to the wandering night visits to your sisters’ beds, to the living “dressed up doll” as your sisters’ number one play thing, to the family prince reputation, you made your early presence known. We couldn’t have been happier with the little boy in our family. Our family was one in transition. We had the “girl thing” down, but a son and brother, my, my, that took some getting used to. Ask Karen and Sarah about the first time they tried to change your diaper. | The years have passed much too quickly, but never a regret. You have been a true blessing and gift that just keeps giving. Not to say that there hasn’t been a need from time to time for some continued “molding and sculpturing,” but with four mothers to keep you on course, followed by Susan and then Cait once you were stepping out on your own, there have always been many cheering you on to do great things. You have faced each challenge and opportunity with a full commitment that has earned you the deepest respect and admiration of all who know you. You have a great work ethic, strong communication and interpersonal skills, a desire to please that runs deep, a competitive edge of not being denied, a strong, well grounded ethical foundation knowing right from wrong, and a willingness and inner determination to dig deep and find ways to succeed even when others around you would look to erode your self confidence. I think it is fair to say that for those closest to you over the years, they would simply state that you are a most unselfish, loyal and trusted friend. Some pretty fine and well deserved qualities and attributes. You have always found and surrounded yourself with friends and folks who believed in you and saw the special gifts you possess.

21: Unbeknown and unrecognized by you at times, is that you are the one who has earned that confidence and the admiration of those who stand by your side and believe in you. They see what others at times have missed. The most special and gifted Scott David who has tackled life’s challenges head on and will continue to do so, but at the same time realizes and deeply appreciates the support, love and confidence of those who have stayed at his side urging him on. One of life’s lessons is that little good can be accomplished in isolation by one’s self. Life’s greatest accomplishments are achieved and powered by surrounding yourself with those who fuel your strengths and believe in you. This is one of your greatest gifts. There are many believers who have stood at your side and have recognized early on that you are someone worthy of believing in and supporting. You're a most worthy recipient who earned that respect one action and interaction at a time. The partial list includes: your family , Ed Joyce at Mc Kelvie, Gregor, Sue and all at Proctor, Cait, Susan and your St Lawrence advisor, Brian Staples to mention a few. As you graduate from Clarkson with a well deserved and hard earned MBA we are once again so proud of you, your efforts and your newest accomplishment. | Life’s next chapter is yet to reveal itself, but we are all at your side awaiting with great anticipation the path you choose. Fully enjoy and embrace the journey, as it is more important than merely aspiring to some pre-set destination. Keep doing what you have been doing; it works and is a foundation for much success and true happiness. Continue to surround yourself with those who believe in you and support you. They will be the one’s to help you through the toughest of times and truly share in the excitement of the good times. Mom and I will remain on the sideline as two of your greatest cheerleaders. We are so fortunate to be able to share in your happiness and this great accomplishment, but most of all we are just so very blessed to have you as our son and just love and respect you, Scott David! Dad

22: Scott, You have finally reached your last possible day of school! I am incredibly proud of you for working so hard and accomplishing all that you have. I admire your persistence;you are amazing! Never stop being YOU! Love, Cait

24: Dear Scottie: We consider you our third son, after Jamie and Patrick. We are very proud of you and all you have accomplished! We knew you could do it! We wish you well and know you will be successful in whatever ventures you undertake. Congratulations and love always, Jim, Patsy, Meghan, Patrick and Charlotte, Jamie, Kaitlin and Maddy

26: Scott, You really did it! You have earned your MBA. You're amazing and we are so happy for you. | Can't wait to see where your next chapter takes you. Best of luck!Love always, Auntie Joan & Uncle Pete and The Cousins...Andrea, Jamie and Steve

27: We are very, very proud of this young man who has done so well and who is our Grandson. He is a very polite and loving person and we wish him all the best of luck in his future endeavors. Loads of Love, Grandpa and Grandma Illingworth

28: Dear Scott, I have watched you grow from a baby to a man. And even though I have not been there every day, I know the person you have become. They say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And I know you have gotten lots of support and love from your parents, family, and friends. But I believe that branch connects us as well and feel we have many of the same traits. The words “can’t” or “he will never be able to ” are not in our vocabulary. I join that long line of people who are very proud of your accomplishments as I know you are as well. And you should be! I wish you well and know you will do many great things with your life and career that awaits you. Go for it all. My Dad always told me the world is your oyster, so make the best of it. Cheers!!! Love, Uncle Tom and the Cousins Brittany, Dan, Ashley, and Sarah

30: R Y A N a n d C A R T E R

32: Congrats Scott !!! We are so proud of you. Sarah & Aaron

33: Scott, I can't even begin to express how very proud I am of you. It seems like yesterday we were all sitting in the car on our family trip to Maine where you received the acceptance phone call and you sat there thinking you didn't have it in you to get through this intense program. Now look at you!!! YOU DID IT!!! I knew you could!! I always knew with your hard work ethic and desire to succeed, coupled with the man are you, that you would go far in life! I feel so blessed to have you as my one and only brother! I couldn't ask for a better man to call my brother! I love you so much! Congratulations! IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!! xoxo Sarah

34: I will never forget the day we found out we were going to have another sibling joining our family.... I had my sisters convinced we were having a family meeting to let us know we were taking a trip to Disney World. I never thought we were going to have a little brother who would become our little baby. We had lots of fun dressing you up with make-up and pushing you around in strollers. You never complained! We also loved watching all your sporting events through the years. You are a true athlete and I enjoyed being one of your biggest fans! I can't believe you are so grown up and graduating with your MBA. You have come so far since our car rides to school... when I would quiz you the entire way to help you get ready for your big test. I wouldn't let you out of the car until you got every answer correct. You only dry heaved a couple of times. We are so proud of you! You are a true inspiration for all of your accomplishments. You always strive for success no matter what the challenge. We can't wait to watch you as you continue your journey in life. We will always be one of your biggest fans. Love you!! Love, Amy, Keith, Emily & Carter XOXOXO

35: I can remember how proud I was of my new baby brother when you were born. I wanted to bring you in for show-and-tell for my whole class to see. Time has passed but I am still just as proud of my little bro! It has been so much fun growing up with you. We know it’s not always easy having four mothers but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way, that’s for sure! From the first time I changed your diaper and you sprayed yourself in the face (sorry), to dressing you up, playing house (or fort) in the woods, bike rides, fun at the lake, cheering at all of your games, and now a MBA graduation – Unbelievable! You sure have come a long way from the “Scott the tot” days of “Where’s my bot?” to a sophisticated MBA graduate and a true gentleman. We admire your determination, work ethic, integrity, and positive attitude – all of which have made you a success and will continue to take you great places in life! We will be here cheering you on each step of the way. Congratulations on a job well done. We are SO proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We love you bunches and feel very fortunate to have you for a brother! Love, Karen, Justin, Connor and Ryan XOXOXO

39: Roomie!!! Just want to be short and sweet with you. You're like a brother to me. It's been absolutely amazing watching you grow and mature in front of my eyes starting from sophomore year. Throughout freshman year I had thoughts of transferring, but after rooming with you, I knew I wanted to stay at SLU. The amount of trust and respect I have for you grows every time we catch up and talk. I can't express how proud I am of you for reaching the level you have. Even though we don't get to see each other as often as either of us would like, my thoughts have not changed. You keep impressing everyone. You're making everyone so proud, but most importantly you should be proud of yourself. Congratulations and good luck in the future. Much love, Your roomie.

40: Congratulations Scott! It must be great to accomplish the goal you've had since freshman year, its been a long road and you worked hard to get where you are. You should be proud. We are all really happy for you and hope the best for you in the years to come! Congrats again! Alex Ruckert.

41: Scott Congrats on your MBA buddy! You're one of my best friends and have been there for me since day one at Whitewater Rafting. Celebrate and go for it!

42: Congratulations Scotty (a.k.a. Gerard Butler)!! We're all so proud of you! And I'm a little jealous cause I have no idea what to do with my life! Good luck in your future and I hope to see you soon! Miss you and miss being housemates! Love, Laura

43: Scott - yahoo - you're done! You did it! And, you did it well. We are so excited for you and can't wait to see what unfolds for you in the future, since we think you're a very special guy and great things will happen for you in your life ahead. Congratulations on all your hard work and success. We love you - Auntie Sue, Uncle Steve, Rachel, Molly and Keith

44: Scott, We will always remember meeting you at Zach’s graduation party from high school. I couldn’t imagine who was at our front door that day!! Remembering it brings on a smile!! We always enjoyed coming up to SLU, going out to dinner and even going to church on Easter Sunday!! One of the best things that came from Zach attending SLU was our friendship with you and your family. Something we cherish!! We are so very proud of you!! You have accomplished so much and must feel so very pleased!! Congratulations!! And a big hug from the Grahams!! Love, Betty May and Doug

45: SCOTTY = HOT STUFF = ROB-ROB Hey Scott, first of all I would like to say Congratulations on getting your Masters! It is such a great accomplishment, and I am really happy for you because it is good to know that you have reached your goal. I know that you put so much into this and this process is finally over with. I am sure that the next part of your life (including marrying Cait) will be really exciting and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Scott you are like a brother to me, and I want you to know that you and your beautiful family will always have a safe place in my heart and in my family's heart. We've been through ups and downs, but those are just growing pains in order for us to be better people in the future. Knowing your parents and the rest of your family I can only imagine how proud of you they are. You did it all by yourself, but most importantly you did it the right way: with class, respect and hard work. You're such an example for a lot of kids and I know that all of your nieces and nephews will know what path to follow. Keep being the person that you are Scott, a level-headed person, a happy person and a family boy. I love you and always will. I am sure your adventures in France and India were amazing...... I am happy for you but now its time to head to Cameroon:), my mother got some snakes on the stove over there waiting for you. | Once again Congratulations on your accomplishment. P.S: PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE MARRYING CAIT :):):):).... I don't want to miss it at all. I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU Hope to see you soon Mr ESTES.

47: Scott congratulations on getting your MBA bro. The whole family is so proud of you and your accomplishments. You have worked so hard these last couple of years and deserve everything you have earned both in life and in the classroom. You mean the world to me and I'm sure we will have many great times together down the road. Congratulations Graduate! Love Connor

48: Hey Scott, Congrats on everything you've done in the last year, graduating from SLU and then getting into and finishing the MBA program -James

49: Scott! Congratulations on graduating from Graduate School! I know you will be so successful in anything you try. It seems like yesterday that we were watching movies with Emi, writing papers together or just sitting in Susan’s room talking. I wish I could be there with you and see you graduate. We’ll have a Rebert Green reunion soon! Lots of love, Lara

50: Scott, Congratulations man! I hope Clarkson was awful. And I mean that from the bottom of my scarlet-and-brown infused heart. Haha! I hope you have a great graduation buddy, keep in touch and hopefully see you soon! Best, Charlie

51: My hat goes off to you Scotty! I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished these past few years. You have come so far except for the annual cake fights that we managed to have every single year which I won every time. On a more serious note I am so honored to have gotten to know you over the last four years of our lives and consider you more than just a friend, but a big brother! Congratulations on your accomplishment. Love you so much! Xoxo, your little Asian (Emiko)..

56: Scott, Congratulations! The Makechnies are proud of your accomplishment, and are glad to count you amongst our friends. We marvel at your integrity, your enthusiasm, your congeniality, your generosity and your ability to forge connections with others and to make everyone around you feel loved. We cherish the memories we have shared over the years. Dish Duty, basketball practice and games, days on the lake, babysitting, humoring Cope's "puppy" love. We are excited to learn how you apply your newly acquired knowledge as you head into the professional world.

57: Scottie, "A hug is worth a thousand words. But a friend is worth more." We are so proud of you Scottie, you have pushed yourself to achieve so many great things. You became a part of our Blye family and my immediate family with ease. You have soared through Proctor and St. Lawrence. And now you have worked your butt off and cruised through Clarkson. Keep pushing forward and you will do many more great things! All the best big bro! -Kay Scott you have always been there for me when I needed anything. You were and still are my role model. Thank you Scott for everything. Congrats! -Rob Congratulations Scott! -Mattie Congrats - Kailee -Your Little Lutz's

58: Congratulations Scotty! You will be great at anything and everything you choose to do! I wish you good luck in the next chapter of your life, I know it's gonna be great! Just remember, always be yourself and you'll never be alone. You have such great people in your life who will always have your back. So shoot for the moon! With Lots of Love, Ericca

60: Scottie, I am so proud of you. You see the best in everyone and every situation; and once you put your mind to something there is no stopping you. All your hard work has paid off! I am so lucky to have you in my life, as is my family. You are part of our family, my parents love you like a son. Congratulations! You have a rare gift Scott David, you make the people around you better, your happiness and laughter are contagious. I know you will be wonderful at whatever you decide to do in life. The Martin Family is very proud of you and we miss you and love you!" Love, Maddy

61: First picture is of Eric giving Scott his lifelong wisdom of working hard but having fun. Scott has not yet beaten Eric one on one in hoops, however we have not played since 1990. Second picture is Jan helping Scott getting up on the tube. Jan says she can still beat him in arm wrestling and she can still get up on one ski if the water is 80 F. We have enjoyed seeing Scott grow up to a capable good-looking (per Jan) man, since we carried him around at the real WHITEHOUSE as a baby during a DC halfway visit with the Robators. Love, The Bergs

62: Scott, You will bring a unique complement of skills and attributes that will propel you beyond mediocrity in your future endeavors. Athletes have learned many lessons concerning team work, leveraging ones strengths while coaching ones weaknesses, creating goals and developing strategies and execution plans to accomplish goals. You have an inherent desire to win and these traits will follow you for the rest of your life. You have now completed another leg of your life completing your formal education. While your MBA helps you understand the complexities of business and broaden your knowledge of various aspects of running a business, the true value of education is learning the skills to challenge the norm, investigate alternatives, assess the environment, evaluate options and execute plans. The combination of your family values, sense of fairness and sensitivity toward coworkers, experiences gained through your sport involvement and education will guide you well in the future and your success. Remember what Grandpa’s guiding principal was. Your integrity is the most important attribute you bring to the table. Never jeopardize your values for personal or professional gain. Life is too short. Finally, we would like to quote George N. Parks, U Mass band director that has had such a profound impact on both Jeff and Karen, “ Live life by the 5 ‘E’s’ Energy, Excitement, Excellence, Enthusiasm and ‘Intensity’!!!!” Congratulations! We know that if you follow your passion, you will be extremely successful and happy while having a tremendous influence on many that you touch. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments. Uncle Lee, Aunt Mary Ann, Karla, Alex, Jeff, Karen, Kaylee and Cameron

64: Congratulations Scotty! Seems like just the other day we were camping on Mount Cardigan together. So many good times together over the past 8 years and many more to come! Proud of you bro, love ya! | Chris

65: Scotty We are all so proud Of you!!!!

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