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Scout Finch Scrapbook

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FC: Jean Louise Finch | My name is Jean Louise Finch, but everyone calls me Scout

2: All About Me My name is Jean Louise Finch, but evrybody calls me Scout. I live in Maycomb with Atticus, my bruther Jem, and my cook Calpurnia. I love to read with Atticus but my techer Miss.Caroline says I can't do no such thing anymore. Atticus dont care so we read the newspaper evry night. I really like to go on adventures with Jem and Dill too. Dill visits Jem and me evry summer. We gonna get married when we older, cause we in love. My Aunt Alexandria and Calpurnia says I'm to much of a boy but I don't care. I love to play in the dirt and I hate dressin up like a lady! | Dill <3 I love to Read! Dill and SCout <3 I miss my momma

3: Dear Diary I met a real nice boy today, his name is Dill and he comes to visit every summer now. We gonna get married and i'm in love!

4: Atticus My father is named Atticus Finch. He's a real good lawyer here in Maycomb. He taught me how to read and is always by my side whenever I need him. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have no idea how to read, or most likely write. Atticus is a real good man, especially with the Tom Robinson case, I know people call him a “niggar lover” but he is nice to everyone. Cal is black too and he still treats her real good. He knows how to protect people and what is the right thing to do. He knows that I can be real stubbern and dramatic but he knows just how to turn my mood right around. Atticus never does anything for money. He does everything for the good of others, like doin cases for the poor people and the blacks. He’s the most important person in my life and if I didn’t have him I probly wouldn’t be right in the head.

5: Jem My bruther Jem is my best friend, more like my hero. We do lots of things together like makin up plays, and goin on adventures. We even make up fun games like rollin in a tire and messin with Boo Radley. Everyday Jem and me walk to school and she walks me right to my classroom. He don't like to talk to me at school, and when Dill comes to town he calls me a little girl. Otherwise he treats me real good. We talk about momma sometimes cause I don't remember her and once he bought me a twirlin baton with his own money! He's just like Atticus but he's growin up to fast. I love our plays, they are so fun. I'm never the main character but he always includes me. He really got me in trouble with Boo Radley this year but I know he will always protect me.

6: First Day of School My first day of school, well you could say wasn’t the best. Calpurnia made me a dress to wear so I would look like a pretty lady, but I hated it! Jem, Atticus and me were eaten breakfast before we left and Jem couldn’t stop laughin at me! After I ate my little bit, Jem and me walked to school. Jem showed me to my classroom where I met my new teacher Miss.Caroline. She was new this year too so she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. She began teachin when she asked me to read. When I read like a scholar she was so shocked, but that wasn’t a good thing. She told me if Atticus continued to teach me how to read I would be stupid and he couldn’t continue no more. I was very upset so I didn’t speak no more. Then when it was time to go to lunch I told Miss.Caroline Walter Cunningham didn’t have no money to have food and was filthy poor. She scolded me and said I started off the first day on the wrong foot. I was so upset, at recess I beat up that Cunningham boy. | I told him it was all his fault and pushed his face into the dirt. Jem saw me and struggled to pull me off. Then Jem apologized to Walter for my doins and invited him to dinner! Later that day when we ate our dinner Walter poured syrup all over his food! I was so appalled I yelled at him. Atticus got angry with me and Calpurnia pulled me into the kitchen for a good talkin to. I told Atticus that night that I wasn’t goin to school no more, but of course Atticus sat me down and mad me feel all better.

7: Church With Cal | On this particular Sunday, we couldn't just go to church by ourselves, so Calpurnia decided we could go to her church instead. Calpurnia made wear a dress like I was going to school and made Jem put on his nice clothes, too. On the way to church I was thinking of what it would be life. Cal's church was just like ours! One colored woman, Lula, gave Cal the dirtiest look I'd ever seen. She said Cal had no business bringing us in there. Lula asked Cal what did she think she was doin' bringin' us to their church. Lula started coming towards is and Calpurnia called her a nigger. Zeebo and Reverend told us they were happy to have us.

8: Pearl Necklace I've always wondered about who my momma was but Atticus never talked about her. One night when Atticus was puttin' me to bed I asked him about her. He didn't say much, but what he did say made me very excited. Atticus always shows me his pocket watch snd says someday it will be Jem's.. I asked why Jem got somethin' but I didn't. Atticus told me I got a pearl necklace waitin' for me when I grow up. I'll look like a real lady and feel mighty special when I where it. He said I had to be a little older and it would mean more to me when I grew up.

9: Soap Carvings Jem and I decided that we'd never tell anyone about these, not even Atticus or Dill. On the way home one day, Jem and I found something else in the tree hole. This time, we found soap carvings. There was a little girl with a dress and a little boy too. It took us awhile to figure out exactly who it was on the soap. Jem and I realized that the carvings were of us . Jem said that someone wouldn't have that kind of time unless they just sat around all day. Only someone who was watchin us would know we pass that tree everyday. When he said that, we both knew exactly who had done this; Boo Radley.

10: "I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks."

11: "I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks." I really do think there's just one kind of folk. As far as i'm concerned we're all people right? I'm a person, Atticus is a person, and so is Jem, Dill, Calpunia, and even Boo Radley was a person. Tom Robinson was just a person who did nothing wrong but was seen differenly because of how he looked, I know that now. I also know that there's not much that makes us different in the long run. We all have the same opportuniteies mist of the time and I hope that someday we are all granted the same. I really hope that someday we are all seen as mockingbirds.

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