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Scrapbook for Mom

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Scrapbook for Mom - Page Text Content

S: Rise Up and Call Her Blessed - Helen B. Loewen

BC: made for you with love | "A mother's smile can brighten any moment, and a simple hug can put joy in your day. A mother's love will stay with you forever, and touch your life in every way."

FC: Rise Up and Call Her Blessed | Helen B. Loewen Celebrating 90 Years

1: DEAR MOM, | This is your story...a small glimpse of your past. We have observed how important walking in the ways of the Lord are to you. You have taught us to forgive, to love, to laugh, to cry, to work, to pray, to respect. Thank-you for demonstrating to your family what it means to follow God in the good times and the difficult times. You have portrayed a life of courage, integrity and devotion. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your faithfulness as a mom, grandmother and great-grandmother; so as we celebrate your 90th birthday, we arise and call you blessed. | "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also and he praises her. Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." -Proverbs 31:28-31

2: Our mother, Helen Loewen (nee Peters) was born to Henry P. and Helena Peters on March 2, 1921 in Gnadenthal, S. Russia. These were difficult years because of the war. In July 1923, together with other village folks, her parents and baby brother Henry traveled one and a half days with horse and wagon, then by train for about ten days until they reached the Lativa-Russian border. As they crossed over the Russian border everyone broke out in song "Now Thank we all Our God". At the seaport of Riga, they finally boarded the "'Bruton", an old dilapidated ship, to immigrate to Canada. Most of their belongings were left in Russia. The food they packed consisted mostly of roasted buns. They also took along the "zommavoa" which served as a cooking pot along the way. Her parents had made this decision for the sake of religious freedom and peace. It was a difficult three week voyage with her mother being very seasick. They landed in Quebec City and then took a passenger train to Winnipeg. The first few years (1923-1924) were spent near Kane, Manitoba at Peter Bergman's home. Her father, Henry worked for him on the farm. Gnadenthal, Manitoba was their next home. | A Courageous Journey...

3: Bruton | Zommavoa

4: Mom's sister, Anne was born in 1925 while living in Gandenthal. Two years later, the family moved to Blumenort where Mom went to school for seven years. During the Great Depression years, the family moved back to Gnadenthal. They worked hard to make ends meet. As siblings they gathered potatoes in the States to earn some money. Mom enjoyed gardening, field work and cooking. Her dad was a blacksmith and handyman. He was able to fix things like shoes and metal bowls, give haircuts, and cook. He was gifted in music and patiently taught his children how to read music and keep rhythm. Although the family was very poor and life was difficult, Mom has many good memories and felt loved. Her mother who became deaf as a result of childhood measles, showed love and demonstrated her own faith in practical ways. Mom's baby sister, Sara, was born in 1940, completing the family of nine children. | Helen, Henry, Anne, Mary, Susan, Paul, Agnes and father, Henry

5: Sisters Sara, Tina, Agnes, Susan, Mary, Anne and Helen | Hard at work and hard at play! | The Early Years | Helen (our Mom) accepted the Lord during a revival meeting, was baptized in 1941 and joined the Blumenorter Mennonite Church.

6: Mom had relatives living in B.C. She was able to spend some time helping out her Uncle Philip Wiebe's family by being their nanny. Later, she decided to take sewing lessons with Helen Kruger in Steinbach, as well as earn some money to buy her own sewing machine. Mom began working at the Bethel Hospital as a cook. Following this, she spent several years cooking at MCI in Gretna for the highschool boys. It was a challenge keeping them satisfied because the food was rationed due to the war. For many years she had nightmares of not being able to get the meals done on time, or simply not having enough food to satisfy the boys. Nevertheless, the friendships she made with her fellow cooks lasted a lifetime. | 1943-1949

7: Spring 1949 | Mom met Dad for the first time during the MCI "Saenger Fest". Two months after they met they decided their love was real. Engagement and marriage plans followed. | Mom, like every young girl, longed to marry and have a family of her own to love. As a 28 year-old, she prayed that God would send a Christian man into her life. God answered her prayer. Our Dad, John B. Loewen, happened to see Mom sitting in the car, while waiting for her sister Sally, who was working at Peter J. Loewen's (Dad's uncle living in Rosenort) place at the time. Dad must have been impressed! One day, she received a letter in the mail from Dad. He was a widower with one daughter, Elsie. They were living in a small community called Riverside (near Rosenort). He caught Mom's attention and they corresponded for several weeks.

8: We believe God brought our parents together by His design and in answer to their prayers. Mom made her wedding gown from light blue chiffon material. It had a beautiful neckline with covered buttons running down the front of her dress and on her sleeves. They got married in the Gnadenthal Village Church. It was a day blessed with happiness and well wishes from many family and friends. Elsie was delighted to have a new mother. | John & Helen B. Loewen | July 17, 1949

9: Dad, Mom and Elsie traveled to B.C. for their honeymoon. They visited Mom's relatives who were living there at the time. They also saw the beautiful Butchard Gardens on Vancouver Island.

10: An unexpected flood in the Red River area drove many folks scrambling for higher ground. Dad and Mom decided to stay with their parents in Gnadenthal during this time. The journey to Gnadenthal was difficult. The roads were horribly muddy and Mom was highly pregnant. They managed to get stuck three times before they arrived at their destination. Luella was born at the Bethel Hospital in Winkler on May 30, 1950. In 1951, Dad had an emergency appendectomy. Because he was seriously ill, he was forced to hire help. Financially, this was an enormous strain, since they did not have medicare at that time. | 1950-1951

11: Rheinhard was born on August 14, 1952. This was an exciting time for Dad and Mom. Dad had his first son. Shortly after he was born, he became sick with an autoimmune disease called Gammaglobulinemia. His body was unable to fight against diseases. He was sick for five months and in March 1953 he passed away. During this time, Mom was pregnant with Amanda. She was born 4 1/2 months later, on August 27, 1953. | 1952-1954

12: This Christmas was special. Johnny was born on September 14, 1956 and was a welcomed addition to our family. We loved celebrating Christmas with our relatives. In January, we realized Johnny also had an immune deficiency. He passed away in April 1957. It was so hard to let him go but we found comfort that he was safe in the arms of Jesus and with his brother Rheinhard. | 1956

13: 1957 | On October 6, 1957, Elsie married Edwin Dueck. Luella and Amanda were very excited to have their pictures taken with the engaged couple. Edwin and Elsie's wedding day was an experience in itself. It was rainy, cold and the roads were almost impassible. The only way we made it to the church was with help of dad's tractor. The young honeymooners spent their first night at Mom and Dad Dueck's, which was not at all according to plan! | We took our first formal family picture this year. | Edwin & Elsie Dueck October 6, 1957

14: In the spring, Dad tried out his newly built garden tractor for the first time. We had to "pull start" it. We think Dad built it that way as a safety feature. Once we were strong enough to start it, we were old enough to drive it. Many hours were spent giving rides to friends and cousins. We also took a trip to B.C. Mom's sister, Tina, came with us. This was such a highlight. Mom packed many lunches and we ate most of our meals picnic style along the way. | 1958-1959

15: Paul James was born on September 8, 1960. This was such an exciting day for all of us. Luella and Amanda stayed at Edwin and Elsie's while Mom was in the hospital. How well they remember Dad's phone call to announce the arrival. A baby brother! They jumped up and down on the old sofa bed and could not stop giggling with delight! | 1960

16: A new hog barn was built this summer. This was certainly a highlight for the children, but even more so for Dad. | Naomi was born on December 8, 1961. A new baby always brings smiles! | Paul at age one. These were busy years for Mom. She often said that when Paul & Naomi were small, she felt she had twins. | 1961 | 1961 | Family | Family

17: Paul is reciting his Christmas poem for Grandma. Needless to say, we were all pleased to have a healthy boy reach this stage in life. | Dad posing with his family by the green Plymouth, Dodge car. | Grandma Peters holding Naomi. | Naomi and Paul | 1962 | 1962

18: Peter W. & Greta Siemens, Abram F. & Elizabeth S, Friesen, John D. & Anna S. Harms, Cornelius T. & Mary S. Friesen, John B. & Helen Loewen, Jacob B. & Lena S. Loewen, Gertrude P. Siemens (Gerhard), Peter T. & Justina S. Rempel, Susana S. Brandt (Henry) (Missing: John & Mary W. Siemens) | These are Dad's first wife's siblings with their spouses. This picture was taken in the old farm house. | Brenda Lucille Dueck was born on September 16, 1965. She was adopted by Edwin and Elsie at two weeks of age. Her purple-blue eyes and reddish hair complimented her chubby cheeks. What a gift God gave our family. | Four generations

19: In 1966, there was another flood. Dad transported all his hogs to Paul J. Peter's barn in Gnadenthal. We stayed at our Grandparents for two weeks which seemed like a great holiday to most of us. Lue was sent to school at MCI, Gretna and found out first hand what culture shock felt like. Preparation and clean-up work after the flood was overwhelming for our parents. | Paul and Naomi | Paul the preacher | Laurie Faith Dueck August 18, 1966 | 1963-1966

20: Luella graduated from Rosenort High School in 1966. Karen Jonelle Dueck was born on May 6, 1968 to Edwin & Elsie. Three babies in three years! Some days life was a little overwhelming but the German saying goes: "Daut voat noch mol avla aundash vori." A family trip to B.C. in July 1968 was a time of special bonding for us as a family. We ate most of our meals at road-side picnic rest stops and stayed with our relatives along the way. We ate bing cherries til we got sick. We picked cherries and raspberries rain or shine with our cousins and Aunt Agnes. Such good memories. | 1967-1969

21: Our grandparents, Henry and Helena Peters celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1969. Children are: Helen & John B. Loeween, Henry & Sara Peters, Anne & Peter Dahl, Mary & George Klassen, Susan & Abe Hiebert, Paul & Lena Peters, Agnes & Alfred Loewen, Tina Peters, Sara & Willie Thiessen | Mom and Dad built their new house on the farm in 1968. Dad made sure the house was quality built and Mom helped along by doing most of the painting and varnishing. The old house was sold to a family living in Riverside.

22: Lue graduated with a Registered Nursing diploma from Red River College in 1970. Mandy graduated from Rosenort High School in June 1971. | Mom's dad, Henry P. Peters, passed away on April 7, 1970 at the age of 72. | Our grandma had a large selection of dresses - many of which our Mom sewed for her. Someone had an idea it would be fun as sisters to model her dresses. | Our family made a third trip to B. C. for Dianne Hiebert's wedding in July. Mandy travelled with Grandma and Aunt Tina via train. Naomi and Paul drove along with Dad and Mom. Luella flew to this wedding...her first flight! | Lena Peters, Helen Loewen, Anne Dahl, Agnes Loewen, Tina Peters, Sara Thiessen. | 1970 | 1971

23: This year our parents took us on a weekend trip to Killarney. We toured the Peace Gardens and enjoyed fishing for the first time. It was unforgettable, especially for Lue since she got caught fishing without a license! We remember Mom cleaning the grime around the handle of the outside door of our cabin, and cleaning up what the critters had left behind. | 1972

24: During the early 70's, our parents had a summer business of selling strawberries - "u-pick" or "we-pick". One summer we gained an exceptional profit of $1000! At the end of the day Dad would occasionally treat us with pop or a little cash. Our parents taught us to work hard - it was Biblical. "With the sweat on thy brow shalt thou eat bread!" or "First we work and then we play!" were phrases repeated more than once. They also taught us to have fun while at work. We learned to be creative like making up songs, competing with each other to see who could pull the most weeds or pick the most pounds. For suppers we often enjoyed our specialty dish of macaroni, cottage cheese, cream gravy topped with fresh strawberries and farmer sausage on the side. Yummy.

25: A dream greenhouse for Mom was lovingly built for her by Dad. Her greenthumb nurtured many a tiny plant that eventually bore fruit - enough to feed an army!! Even today Mom delights in browsing though a seed catalogue. We helped Mom weed the garden, pick, and deliver produce to Morris customers. We spent many hours in the kitchen canning. Picking Saskatoon berries was also a favourite outing for Mom. One summer we heard a scream coming from the bushes nearby. Mom had an encounter with a hive of wasps! But did it stop her from picking? Never!

26: 25th Wedding Anniversary | 1974

27: We remember Christmas as a special time. On Christmas Eve, after our church program, Dad would read the Christmas story and we all would pray while holding hands. We then opened our gifts. Often we would receive handmade gifts, such as housecoats, hassocks, shirts, blouses, PJ's, stuffed toys, etc. | Dutch Blitz was a big hit. We made our own game out of stiff coloured paper and mactac. | Mandy's grad from Steinbach Bible College

28: Both of our parents enjoyed landscaping. Building a rock garden was one of their projects that became a joint effort during this summer and subsequently enjoyed for many years to come. Dad enjoyed a great variety of trees and did his own grafting. Each year he had a winter project and this winter he built a camper shell. Putting on the wall paper was more difficult than expected and so it took at least eight hands to do it. The debilitating effect of Parkinsons, which Dad suffered from since 1970, did not deter his creativity. Mom's winter projects often consisted sewing. One Christmas all of her sisters received an apron. Lue packed her bags to leave for a summer missions trip to Nicaragua and Paraguay. This experience was extended to February 1977. | Mandy graduated from Grace Hospital as an RN and Lue graduated from Briercrest in 1976 | 1975-1977

29: In the fall of 1976, our parents were able to host a men's quartet from Haiti. They were touring Canada to gain supporters for Internationl Child Care, Pictured here are Jack and Betty Snyder, Charles, Eduard and Maestro. Dad was still grain farming, although it was getting difficult for him. Mom helped Dad with driving the combine while we unloaded the grain into the bins. Harvest became a family effort and everyone helped out as needed.

30: 1978 | Haiti | In February 1978, Dad and Mom were able to take a trip to Haiti. Edwin, Elsie and Mandy went as well. While they were there, they participated in the celebration of a local wedding. The brides wore dresses that Mom had sewn. Mom showered her love on the local people

31: Grandma Peters with her seven daughters | Paul's High School Grad | Texas | In January, Lue packed her bags to go to RGBI, Edenburg, Texas for a year of Spanish training. In Novemeber, Dad and Mom went along with Mandy in her VW Rabbit, to visit her. They stopped in at White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, visited missionaries in El Paso, Texas and visited Kroeker/Loewen relatives in Kansas. Dad was so intrigued with a picnic table, so he built a replica!

32: Dad and Mom loved fishing. We did not own a boat so we fished mostly offshore. Dad was unable to cast a line at this time because of his Parkinsons. He still enjoyed the great outdoors and simply being together with Mom and the family. There was another flood in 1979. We evacuated to Winkler and Paul stayed behind to take care of the sandbag dike. Many people came to help in preparation as well as clean up. Naomi graduated from Rosenort High School. She was pleased to miss exams due to the flood. | 1979 | NAOMI'S GRAD | FLOOD | FISHING

33: In January, Lue left for Nicaragua, only to be evacuated in June due to the rising unrest during the Somosa Regime. In August, Luella left for Paraguay as a long term missionary, stationed at La Esparanza in the Chaco. | BRITISH COLUMBIA | PARAGUAY | Mom, Dad, Paul and Naomi took a trip to B.C. this summer. Grandma Peters was visiting in B.C. and came back with them. This was the last trip she took to B.C. The camper Dad had built was much enjoyed and cut down on lodging costs. On the way home, Paul stayed at Briercrest Bible College.

34: Our Oma, Helena Peters passed away on October 30, 1980 at the age of 81. She loved God and her family dearly. Her hugs and hospitality will never be forgotten. | Mom frying New Year's cookies | Flin Flon with Alfred & Agnes Loewen | Amanda and Dennis Peters October 4, 1980 | Paul at Briercrest with Alethea | 1980 | Christmas with Aunt Tina

35: October 3, 1981. Mom with her sisters at Tina and Irvin Patkau's wedding. | Camping at Lac du Bonnet was a rain-filled weekend that resulted in games and lots of craziness. It took many hands to build a fire. | Summer farm auction in preparation of moving to Rosenort | 1981

36: 1982 | Paul & Melody (Neustaedter) Loewen August 6, 1982 | Paul and Melody's graduation from Briercrest Bible College | Melissa Ann Peters October 23, 1982 | Weekend at Hecla Island

37: Brenda graduated from Rosenort High School and Naomi graduated from Briercrest in 1983. | 1983 | Dad & Mom moved to this house in Rosenort | Mom and Dad ate many meals in their gazebo. This is where they spent time praying for their family and having devotions.

38: 1984 | Joseph William Peters August 24, 1984 | Lawrence and Naomi Dueck December 8, 1984 | Laurie graduated from Rosenort High School | Mom sewing the bridesmaid's dresses for Naomi's wedding

39: Celebrating Mom's 64th birthday. We stayed at a hotel for the weekend. | 1985 | Dad and Mom made many trips to visit their relatives in Saskatchewan. Here they are dressed in Western style, visiting Aunt Tina and Uncle Irvin.

40: Andrew Paul Loewen April 7, 1986 | Michelle Loren Dueck July 18, 1986 | Brenda's Briecrest Grad | nineteen eighty six 1986 | Karen's High School Grad | Mom and all of her sisters | Paul's installment at the Windsor Park Evangelical Free Church September 14, 1986 | Dad and Mom with Andrew

41: Daniel John Peters November 6, 1987 | David John Loewen December 22, 1987 | nineteen eighty seven 1987 | Mom loved to sew. Andrew is wearing the jacket and hat that she made for his daddy, Paul, when he was little.

42: Janae Leanne Dueck May 10, 1989 | Timothy Earl Peters December 24, 1989 | Brenda & Greg Reimer September 16, 1989 | Karen's Briercrest Grad 1989 | Christmas 1989 | 1988-1989 | OUR FAMILY IS A CIRCLE OF Strength & Love WITH EVERY BIRTH AND EVERY UNION THE CIRCLE GROWS. | Christmas 1988

43: 40th Wedding Anniversary | Dad enjoyed visiting the Peace Gardens. This was his last visit. Peter Dahls and Alfred Loewens took our parents to Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg for their 40th anniversary. | & | J | H | JULY 17, 1989

44: In February Mom made her first trip to Paraguay to visit Luella. She traveled together with Willie Thiessen (brother-in-law) and Menno Kroeker. Dad stayed with Lawrence and Naomi during this time. | l990 | Paraguay

45: Our first Christmas without Dad. | This picture with Andrew, David and Dad was taken in March. Dad passed away three months later on June 7, 1990. | a | s | a | g | r | n | d | p | a | i | s | o | m | e | o | n | e | u | c | a | n | l | o | o | k | u | p | t | o | n | o | m | t | t | e | r | h | o | w | a | t | a | l | l | u | r. | grandpa

46: Celebrating Grandma's 70th Birthday! | Mom enjoying her greenhouse that Dad built for her. Many hours were spent tending her garden. It brought her much joy to share the produce with others.

47: Luella was home for Christmas in 1991. She brought a T-shirt for all of her nieces and nephews. Steve looked absolutely thrilled. David had his own experience while Tim cheered them on! | Steven James Dueck February 18, 1991 | Lue's Providence College Grad | 1991

48: Lilac Camp Grounds | As you can see, the camper Dad built was once again made to good use. Mom continued to putter in her garden - definitely a passion of hers. | Grandma with Andrew and David before they moved to Saskatoon. Melody found ways to keep mom busy in the kitchen when she came over to visit. | Simon Jack Loewen November 24, 1992 | 1992

49: 1993 | Mom enjoyed being a grandma. Baking with Janae and teaching piano to Steve were some of the memories she made. | Lindi Rae Dueck April 12, 1993 | The time had come for Mom to leave her beautiful home in the town of Rosenort. Suffering with pain in her hip made it difficult for her to keep up with yard work. The auction took place in summer and by winter she had moved to the new Rosebay apartments. | Teaching

50: On December 4th, Mom had her first hip surgery at the Morden Hospital done by Dr Jacob. She came home just in time for Christmas. Lue came home to help. Stuffing the turkey and reading to the grandchildren were a few of the things Mom could do that year. She received a Bible from her children for Christmas. | Laurie graduated from Hertz Collage hairdressing school. | 1994 | Mom took a trip to Paraguay to visit Luella at Yalva Sanga. She travelled with Henry Klassen and Andrew Friesen.

51: 1995 | Grandma learning how to paintball! | Tallest to smallest with their Easter treats. | Taking the Dueck's for a 4-wheeler ride | Grandma and Janae making apple pie.

52: Mom always sought our advice when it came to traveling. We rarely discouraged her; knowing that the experience would be worth it in the end. In the winter of 1996 she had another opportunity to visit Lue in Paraguay. Luella's work mainly involved teaching the young native girls. We had an enormous amount of snow in the winter of 1997. The people of Rosenort, once again began the arduous process of preparing for a flood. The "Flood of the Century" made history. Everyone was evacuated except for the few who stayed behind to watch the dikes surrounding the homes and farmyards. | 1996 | Mom's 75th Birthday

53: 1997 | '97 FLOOD | 1997 | Edwin & Elsie's 40th Anniversary | Storm of the Century

54: Mom spent many hours preparing for the Loewen auction sale, which took place on Uncle Jacob's yard in July. Most of the Loewen cousins came out for this event. A Peter's reunion took place at the Winkler Bible School that summer. In November Luella took Mom on a vacation to see her sister Sara & Willie in Lemington, Ontario. then to Pennsylvania to visit Elma & Don Quinn and Gerry & Linda Hess. From there, they flew to Fresno, California to visit Paul & Melody and Karen. | 1997

55: Jake & Luella's wedding took place on the hottest summer day of 1998. Following their wedding they returned to Paraguay to continue in their pastoral ministry. Their friends and family had a wedding celebration upon their arrival. | 1998 | Jacob & Luella Giesbrecht July 11, 1998

56: Laurie & Lin Reimer July 31, 1999 | We all got mittens for Christmas this year!! | In October, Mom went to visit Jake and Lue, who were living in Paraguay at the time. Mom enjoyed this trip immensely as she was able to meet more of Jake's family. She helped with building their little country house. Jake's daughter, Naemi, got married to Patrick during this time. | 1999

57: Kassandra Lynn born October 10, 1998 and Katherine-Anne born September 25, 1999 joined Brenda and Greg's family in April. | Melissa's Grad | Paul graduated from MBBS with a Masters of Divinity (Fresno, Ca.). Naomi and Mom attended the celebration. Karen also came to join in the festivities from San Jose. They enjoyed many of the sites around Fresno. | 2000

58: 2000 | Brereton Lake Family Campout | Oops!! Tim did not make it into the family picture. He was showering to take off leeches.

59: Summer fun at Papa Neustaedter's bush. Remember the mosquitoes? | "Learn to do by doing" Lessons from Grandma on how to slaughter chickens.

60: Mexico | Jillian Brooke Reimer May 24, 2001 | Joel Paul Reimer November 30, 2001 | Celebrating Mom's 80th birthday with family and friends, food and of course a program with singing, poems, and skit. | 2001 | Trip to Mexico with Dennis & Mandy to visit Jake & Lue.

61: 2002 | Joe graduated from high school in 2002 | Karen graduated from San Jose Christian College in 2001

62: 2003 | This summer Mom had an opportunity to take a road trip to B.C. with Jake, Lue and their granddaughter Rosanna. As much as Mom enjoys traveling,, she still enjoys her kitchen at home the best. Opportunities to go fishing and have a wiener roast will seldom be refused. | Meagan Danyele Reimer June 20, 2003

63: 2004 | This was a special Christmas for all of us, especially for Mom. She presented each of us with a painting; a gift that will long be cherished. The grandchildren also appreciate her interest in them; like the time she encouraged Tim and his friend to go hunt prairie chickens. What she did not expect was to teach them a lesson on skinning a rabbit and eviscerating a dove. She willingly took up the challenge. | Andrew Loewen and Michelle Dueck graduated from high school in June

64: Daniel's High School Grad | Hannah Ranae Reimer January 11, 2005 | Karen & Ted Keffer July 9, 2005 | Most of the family took a vacation to Wyoming attend the Keffer wedding. | Kassie, Jillian, Katie, Joel

65: Jake & Lue's first grandchild, Leander & Holly Klassen on their wedding day. | David crocheted a scarf for Grandma for Christmas | Dennis & Mandy 25th Wedding Anniversary | 2005 | Paul & Melody, David and Simon | 2005

66: Elyssa Catherine Keffer April 12, 2006 | 2006 | Weiner roast with the family | Mom's 85th birthday

67: David's High School Grad | Family Reunion | In July, the Loewen clan spent a weekend at Lawrence & Naomi's. We had a fashion show of some of the outfits Mom sewed for our family over the years. The cousins, according to tradition, enjoyed lining up for a picture from smallest to tallest! As siblings, we had a photo shoot beside the rock garden on the farm where we grew up. We visited the cemetary and Mom shared stories of the difficult times of the past and how God demonstrated his faithfulness in the life of our family.

68: 2007 | Paul & Melody's 25th Anniversary | Edwin & Elsie's 50th Anniversary | As a family we met for a weekend in Brandon to celebrate Paul & Melody's 25th anniversary. We enjoyed outdoor activities, a picnic and a nice family dinner at a restaurant. | 2007

69: Janae's High School Grad | Celebrating Tante Marie's (Dad's sister), 100th birthday | Cooking at the Heritage Center | Following in Grandma's footsteps | Christmas

70: 2008 | Joe & Jerilynn (Kreiser) Peters June 8, 2008 | Andrew & Deirdre (Splinter) Loewen June 14, 2008 | Michelle & Bob Wall September 20, 2008 | "The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

71: 2008 | Tim's High School Grad | Joe's Grad from University of Manitoba | Mom and sister, Sally

72: Brian & Melissa Degelder May 30, 2009 | Mom sewing dresses for Melissa's bridesmaids. | Before David left for Thailand

73: Lawrence & Naomi's 25th Anniversary | Steve's High School Grad | Janae's Grad from Bethany College | 2009

74: Kelsey Ann Degelder April 24, 2010 | Daniel's Grad from University of Manitoba | Daniel & Miranda (Sawatzky) Peters June 20, 2010 | Theodore Edwin Keffer December 15, 2010 | Four Generations | 2010

75: Janae's missions trip to China | David's second missions trip to Thailand | Christmas family gathering at Dennis & Mandy's | Luella's 60th birthday in May | Peters | In July, the Peters extended family gathered for a weekend in Pinawa to reminisce and reconnect with relatives. All the aunts and uncles and many cousins came for this occasion. Tears, laughter and a time of meeting God was an important part of the weekend. | Reunion

76: Lindi's High School Grad | 2011 | Simon's High School Grad | David's Grad from Columbia Bible College | Steve and Tim visiting Grandma before they left for Bethany College

77: In January 2010, Joe & Jer's house was tragically lost in a fire. This was a very difficult time for them. A year later, we rejoiced with them by sharing a meal in their new home. | Mom on her 90th birthday with her daughters.

80: Family Tree | Anna Bestvater & Phillip Wiebe | Helena Rempel & Paul D. Peters | Helena Wiebe & Henry P. Peters | Anna B. Kroeker & Cornelius J. Loewen | Susan, Anne, Henry, Helen, Mary, Mother Helena, Agnes, Tina, Father Henry, Paul, Sara | Helen Peters & John B. Loewen | Mary, Tina, Helen, Margaret, Jacob, John, Cornelius, Peter | Edwin & Elsie, Mom & Dad, Paul, Luella, Amanda, Naomi

81: Edwin & Elsie Dueck | Ted & Karen Keffer Elyssa and Theodore | Lawrence & Naomi Dueck Michelle & Bob Wall Janae, Steve, and Lindi | Lin & Laurie Reimer Jillian and Meagan | Greg & Brenda Reimer Kassie, Katie, Joel, Hannah | Jake & Luella Giesbrecht and family | Dennis & Mandy Peters Brian & Melissa Degelder and Kelsey Joe & Jerilynn Peters Daniel & Miranda Peters, TIm | Paul & Melody Loewen Andrew & Deirdre Loewen David and Simon | Helen B. Loewen

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