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Simbides Family Tree

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S: Simbides History and Family Tree

BC: The End Author Carol Ann Simbides Ealy | Fred & Marie Through the Years

FC: S | M | B | I | D | E | S | F A M I L Y | I | Marie & Fred

1: Fred James Simbides This book is made for you, my Father, a Wonderful Man. Dad, I hope you enjoy this book. I've tried to get all the information I could find and remember from you and grandma Helen telling us stories about your lives growing up through the years. To each and every person that you show and who reads this book, I want you to know, my father is an honest, loving, hard working, brave man. I am blessed to have grown up having such a wonderful man as my father in my life and I'm proud to call him Dad. Our family has had our share of ups and downs but in the end, you've always been there for each and every one of us. All three of us children had a wonderful life growing up with you and mom and we couldn't have asked for anything better. Love Carol (Evan) Ealy Steve (Tracy) Simbides & Rita (Jeff) Graves | Copy right December2011 Author Carol Simbides Ealy

2: Fred's Mother was Helen Junice Miller Simbides. Helen was born on May 23th,1908 in Wellsberg, IA to Fred & Elmda Miller. Helen grew up in the Ackley,,Hampton Wellsberg area until she made her home in Marshalltown,IA with her husband James and their 2 children George & Fred. Soon after Helen's husband James death, Helen moved in with her son Fred and daughter -in-law, Marie's, for about 17 yrs until 1985, when she moved into a senior living home Odd Fellows Apts. On December 29th,1993 Helen passed away in her sleep. | Mom

3: Fred's father was James George Simbides. He was born on October 26th, 1892 to George James & Maria Kolanis Simbides in Sparta, Greece. When James was a teenager he decided to move to the United States by himself. James served in the US Army from January 24, 1918 until June 22, 1919 during World War II. James made his home in Chicago from 1944 until 1946. Then he moved to Marshalltown, IA with his wife Helen and 2 sons, George & Fred Simbides James died in his home on May 27, 1951.

4: Fred's Simbides Fraternal Grandparents Lived in Greece, Jim Tsimbides & Maria Koclanis TSimbides | Fred's Father James and his Grandfather George | Fred's father's mother Maria Koclsanis | S | I | M | I | B | D | E | S

5: Fred J. Simbides maternal grandparents (Helen's Father) Fred M. Miller was born June 30th, 1881 in Alden,Iowa to Mr & Mrs John Miller. Fred M. Miller had two children from his previous wife Frances born Dec.19, 1901 & Freddie Jr. March 17, 1903. On January 9, 1908 Fred M. married (Helen's Mother) Elmda in Ackley, IA. They had five children together: Helen Junice May 23, 1908 Julia June 26, 1910, Heike June 26, 1912 Mae (Cornlia) April 1, 1918 Warren born Feb. 26, 1922 | Helen, Mae, Warren, Heike, Frances

6: Fred's Parents James George Simbides & Helen Junice Miller United in Marriage on August 15th, 1927 in Garner, Iowa | S | I | M | B | I | D | S | E | M | R | M | R | S | & | . | .

7: Fred''s Older Brother George Fredrick Simbides was born July 26, 1928 in Ackley Iowa to To James & Helen Simbides | The family became Four Generations when George was born. George, his mother, Helen, his grandmother, Elmda, & his great grandmother, Hilda. | George | George

8: i | e | s | d | i | b | m | S | i | Fred's Childhood family photo's His Father James, Mother, Helen, Older Brother, George, and Fred, | George & Fred | The

9: Fred's older brother George Fredrick Simbides was born July 26, 1928 in Ackley, Iowa. George married Evelyn Pinta on May 6, 1950, in Albert Lea, MN. They made their home in Hampton until moving to Marshalltown in 1946. Evelyn was born April 15th, 1927 in Mason City, IA to Tony & Minnie Pinta. George & Evelyn's children where James George Simbides April 20th, 1953 Patricia Ann Simbides Born May 21, 1954 Debra Kay Simbides Born April 9th, 1956 On June 16, 1963 George, his Son Jimmy. and his daughter Pat where in a bad car accident. George and Jimmy where killed at the scene of the accident and Pat was in critical condition for weeks, but made a full recovery.After George's death Evelyn remarried Edward Coffin, they made their home in Marshalltown.

10: Jim & Helen | George | Fred | Married | Evelyn | George | Pat Jimmy Deb | Married | Marie Fred | Rita Steve Carol | Simbides

11: Pat | Jim & Helen | George | Fred | Simbides | Evelyn Pinta | Marie Praska | George & Evelyn May 6, 1950 | Fred & Marie June 9,1956 | Deb | Jimmy | Rita | Steve | Carol | Fred Helen James George

12: Georges Simbides girlfriend was Evelyn Pinta. Evelyn was born on April 15th, 1927 in Mason City, IA to Tony and Minnie Pinta. | George Simbides met Evelyn Pinta in 1949

13: George and Evelyn united in marriage on May 6, 1950 with just a few close friends and family at their side in Albert Lea, Minnesota to exchange their wedding vows. | Mr. & Mrs George & Evelyn Simbides

14: Evelyn's parents Tony & Minnie Pinta | Minnie, Debbie, Patty & Tony | Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

15: Helen & Jimmy at the Hampton Cemetery placing flower's on Grand pa James Graves | Memorial Day

16: George

17: Fred

18: P T | A | S | '

19: Patrica Simbides Gauerke Robbinnet Was born May 21, 1954. To Evelyn and George SImbides Pat married Mike Gauerke on April 1, 1972. Mike was born on July 10, 1953. They had two children: a son Che who was born November 25, 1972 and a daughter Cody who was born November 1, 1973. April of 1983 Mike and Pat divorced but remained good friends. Pat lived with David Robinette for over 20 years. David was born on December 23, 1952. David and Pat finally united in marriage on January 25, 2011. David died February 17, 2011 after his battle with cancer. Che married Tiffany who was born on December 12, 1973. Tiffany and Che had a daughter Chelsa born August 17, 2006 Che and TIffany later divorced. Cody married Kevin Pain but later divorced.

20: D | E | B | S | '

21: Debra Simbides, Kohler, Shively, Alman Was born April 09, 1956. Deb married Richard Kholer who was born October 20, 1952 and they had a daughter Tanya. She was born February 24, 1975 later Dick and Deb divorce. Deb married Craig Shively born January 27, 1957 and had 3 children Craig Allen Jr. (CJ) January 5, 1983 Amber Jo born in 1984 and Ashley Marie born September 16, 1985. Deb & Craig later divorced. Deb married Danny Alman, born September 11 ,1960. Danny had four boys from his previous marriage: Daniel Jr., Casey, Cory, & Billie. Later they had a son together, Trever, born May 30 ,1989. Deb and Danny divorced. Deb married Mike Alman born June 27, 1957 (Danny's brother). Mike had four children from his previous marriage. Deb's oldest daughter Tanya married Jay Schamacher and had a son Dylan born May 30th ,1992. Tanya and Jay divorced. Tanya married Nat Perkins they had 2 daughters Ariel and Jayda. CJ married and his first son was born July 2012 Amber died during a heart transplant surgery on Easter day. Ashley married Brandon Campbell and had four children: Xavier, Kia, Analisha, & Xavieyn. They later divorced. Trever had a son.

22: Fred Simbides' girlfriend was Marie Ann Praska. Marie was born September 30th,1936. Marie graduated from St. Marys Catholic School in Marshalltown, Iowa. | Fred James Simbides Served in the US Army in 1953 when he was 18 years old. He served for 2 years and was discharged in 1955. This is when he met the love of his life, Marie. She was babysitting for his brother George's children.

23: Fred asked Marie to marry him and Marie said yes!

24: Evelyn as a Bridesmaid & Shirley as Maid of Honor | The Praska Family Gertrude, Ralph, Marie, Ray, & Shirley | Marie's Maid of Honor, Her Sister, Her Best Friend , Shirley

25: Fred | Marie | On June 9th, 1956 Fred J. Simbides & Marie Ann Praska United in marriage. They had a beautiful Catholic wedding with family and friends in Marshalltown, Iowa.

26: Marie's parents were Ralph & Gertrude Praska. Gertrude was born March 18, 1913 and Ralph was born on July 4, 1913. Ralph andGertie united in marriage on September 25, 1933.

27: Ray was born September 30, 1935. Marie, the middle child, join Ray one year later to the day. | Ray and Marie's youngest sister, Shirley Karns was born January 24, 1940.

28: Ralph & Gertie | Ralph 7/1913-12/1985 | Gertrude /1913-1994 | Ray | Shirley | Marie | Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Linda Praska | Mr. & Mrs. Kenny & Shirley Karns /..; | Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Marie Simbides | P R A S K A | John & Stella Kubic

29: In 1958 they became a four generation family: Stella Kubic, Gertie Praska, Marie, & Rita Simbides | In 1978 they became a 5 generation family: Stella Kubic, Gertie Praska, Marie Simbides, Rita, & Shanna Steward.

30: Marie's sister, Shirley married Kenneth Karns. They had 4 children Kelly, Kent, Shelly,& Kip. | K | A | R | N | S

31: Shirley & Kenny Karns' children | Kent Karns & his wife, Sherry, have two daughters Nicole and Heather. Nicole wed Ricardo Avila and have 2 boys Kristopher & Nicolas . | Kip Has a son Kameron with Angela Vest. | Shelly Karns Married Kevin Lynnk and has 2 daughters: Shaybree & Sidney. Shaybree married Shane Goshon and they have a daughter, Savea. Kelly Karns has one child, a daughter named Ashley, She has 3 children of her own. | Kevin & Shelly | Shaybree & Shane | Kent & Sherry | Heather | Nicki & Ricardo

32: Ray Praska united in marriage with Linda Momberg. Linda was born April, 13th 1940. Ray & Linda have 3 daughter's: Machelle, Lori, and Kendra. | Marie's Brother Ray & Linda Praska | Machele & Linda | Ray, Machelle, Linda Lori & Kendra | Fred, Marie & Ray

33: Machelle married Joe, Lori and has 3 children: Cory, Candra, & Cali. Kendra married Denny has 2 daughters, Kylie & Kelsi.Latter Divorced and now she's married toKyle | Machelle & Linda | Linda, Lori, Kendra, & Machelle | Ray & Linda | Candra, Linda, Ray, & Phil

34: Sister's/ Best Friends Something everyone knows about Marie is that her and her sister, Shirley, are best friends forever. It is remarkable how two sisters growing up together would stay best friends. They even were the maid of honor at each others wedding's but even after the years and marriages and family's of their own the two remained best friends. They camped together, rode motorcycles together, they went on vacation together with their families, and later down the years they even where brave enough to go to Las Vegas just the two of them together (They even got pulled over by the police in Vegas twice). As cute as the two where together even the officer couldn't give them a ticket. They played cards together, gambled together, did crafts together, they even went as far as opening up their own business together, of course it had something to do with gambling.... A BINGO HALL, called THE VFW BINGO. In December 2011, Shirley experienced a severe headache and told Marie, who was visiting her, how she felt something was wrong, how she had never felt this pain before. Marie called 911 and Shirley was taken to MMSC and was life flighted to Iowa City Hospital. Shirley experienced a brain aneurysm and stroke and later slipped into a coma for almost three weeks after having surgery. By some kind of miracle Shirley made it through it. It's been a long road for Shirley but she keeps making improvement everyday and of coarse with her sister right by her side through out the whole deal.

36: George

37: Married Marie Ann Praska June 9 | George&Evelyn | Che | Pat | Cody | Che & Chelsa his daughter | George Family | Debra | Married Mike Alman | Tanya's FamilyHusband Nat | Jimmy | CJ | Amber | Ashley | Tanya | Trever | Pat Married DavidRobinette He died in 2011 | CJ & His wife Kathy | Cody | Pats Family

38: Fred

39: Fred & Marie | Jordyn | Taylor | Steve Married Tracy | Steve | Rita | Shanna | Aaron | Carol | Carol Married Evan | Kadyn Xavieyn | Kassidy | Kyler | Kanalisha | Shanna Married Chad | Rita Married Ron | Shanna | Kolton | Alyssa & Autumn

40: On | By some kind of miracle Pat survived the accident with major injuries but made a full recovery. | On June 16, 1963 George, his friend Ed Shutt along with George 2 children Pat, and Jimmy went to a horse show in Webster county. Nobody could of Imagen how that day would changed The Simbides family lives changed forever

41: 3 Are Killed, 2 Injured as Cars Collide WEBSTER CITY, IA Three Iowans were killed early Sunday morning when the car they were riding in collided with another 10 Miles northwest of Webster City. Dead are George SImbides 36, his son James, 10 and Edward E. Shutt, 22, the driver, all of Marshalltown. The injured in the accident were Simbides daughter Patty 9, and Gary Randall 18, of rural Highview, driver of the other car. Both are in a Webster City hospital and listed in fair condition, according to Hamilton County Sheriff E. R. Lear. Lear said late Sunday that he had not determined the cause of the collision. John Faulkner of Marshalltown, Shutts father in law was driving ahead of the Shutt car in a truck loaded with horses from the sale Lear said that when Faulkner reached Webster City and noticed the Shutt car was not following him, he returned to the accident scene.

42: George Simbides July 26 1928- June 16, 1963 | George Simbides Services Will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Pursel=Davis Memorial Chapel for Mr. Simbeides and his son. The Rev Roger Linser will be in charge. Burial will be at 12;30 p.m Wednesday in the Hampton Cemetery. Mr Simbides was born July 2 1928, at Ackley, to Helen and James Simbides. On May 6, 1956 he was married in Albert Lea Minn, to Evelyn Pinta.. They made their home in Hampton until moving to Marshalltown in 1946, He was a veteran of World War II and had been a switchman on the Chicago-Great Westrn Railroad. he was a member of the Switchmen's Union of North American and Veterans of Foreign Wars.. survivors include the widow, Evelyn,his mother Helen, two daughters Patricia Ann and Debra Kay 7 and his brother Fred James Marshalltown. He was preceded in death by his father Jim in 1951. His son Jimmy was born April 20, 1958 and was to have been in 5th grade at Fisher School next fall

43: Jimmy Simbides April 20,1953 - June 16, 1963 | Rites Set For three City Crash Victims Services have been set for three Marshalltown, residents killed early Sunday in a head on two car collision 10 miles north of Webster City, Highway 60. George Simbides 36, his son James 10 of 423 W. south st and Eward E Shutt 23. Services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Pursel Davis Memorial Chapel for Mr. SImbides and his son The Rev. Roger Linser will be in charge Burial will be 12;30p.m Wednesday in the Hampton Cemetery. Mr. Simbides was born July 26, 1928 at Ackley to Helen and James SImbides. On May 6 1950, he was married in Albert, Lea, Minn to Evelyn Pinta. They made their home in Hampton until moving to Marshalltown in 1946. He was a veteran of World War II and had been a switchman on the Chicago-Great Western Railroad. He was a member of the switchmen's Union of North American and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Survivors include the widow, his mother, two daughters Patricia Ann, and Debra Kay 7, and a brother, Fred James Marshalltown .He was preceded in death by his father in 1951. His son Jimmy was born April 20, 1958, and was to have been in the 5th grade at Fisher School next fall. Bearers were Lloyd Johnson Don D. Johnsons Edward K Brainerd, William E. Mulstay, Edgar R. Coffin Eugene G Jones, JJohn Cable, Richard Levings, Carlton Bonner and William Haloupek.

44: Fred & Marie had 3 children: Rita Kay born Feb 7th, 1958 Steve James May 11, 1964 Carol Ann October 8, 1968 all where born in Marshalltown IA.

45: Steve & Carol | Carol & Steve | Carol, Steve, Rita | RIta, Steve Grandma Helen | Steve & Carol | Steve, Carol, Rita

46: Simbides Family

48: Rita Kay Simbides, Steward, Graves Rita was born on Febuary 7, 1958 to Fred & Marie Simbides, born in Marshalltown, Iowa. The oldest of three children, Rita grew up and was raised in Marshalltown, Iowa. She Graduated in 1976 from Marshalltown High School. She married Ronald Steward on May 20th, 1977. Ronald was the son of James & Shirley Steward. He was born October 14th, 1951. Ronald has an older brother Steve. Rita & Ron had 2 children Shanna Marie born January 4th, 1978 and Aaron Steward born September 27, 1982. In 1996 Rita & Ron divorced but remained good friends. On August 24th, 2010 Ronald passed away. Rita then married Jeff Graves.

49: Rita united in marriage to Ronald James Steward on May 20, 1977. Ron was the son of Jim & Shirley Steward Ron had a older brother, Steve. Ron was born October 14, 1951. Rita & Ron had 2 children: Shanna January 4, 1978 Aaron September 27, 1982

50: Rita & Ron Steward oldest daughter Shanna married Chad Blink in August 16, 1999 A | Rita & Ron Steward's oldest daughter, Shanna, married Chad Blink on August 16, 1999. | Chad is the son of John & Jane Blink Chad has an older brother Shawn Shanna & Chad have 2 daughters Alyssa born December 27, 2004 Autumn Jan 5th 2006 | Shanna & Chad

51: Aaron Steward Still single we all just keep praying... Maybe someday... | Aaron has been dating Kristi for a few years now. SO....hopefully someday soon Aaron will pop the question

52: Kyler Kissing cousin Taylor | Taylor & Jordyn | Steve & Tracy

53: Steven James Simbides Was born On May 11, 1964 to Fred & Marie Simbides in Marshalltown, Iowa. Steve was the middle child of three children. Steve's older sister Rita Kay and his younger sister Carol Ann Simbides. Steve grew up in Marshalltown, Iowa Graduated from Marshalltown High School in 1983. Steve Married Tracy Lynn Kurth on July 29, 1989. Tracy was born January 21, 1969 to Tom & Sara Kurth. Steve & Tracy have 2 daughters: Taylor born June 23, 1993 Jordyn born April 24, 1996 | Grandma Helen Holding Steve | Tom & Sara Kurth

55: Taylor 2011 | Taylor is a student at U of I. | To become a Doctor | Taylor Graduated From MHS 2012

56: Mr. & Mrs. Evan & Carol Ealy

57: Carol Ann Simbides Ealy Was born on October 8, 1968 in Marshalltown, Iowa. Carol was the youngest of three children born to Fred & Marie SImbides. She has an older sister Rita and an older brother Steve. Carol grew up in Marshalltown and graduated from Marshalltown High School in 1988. Carol married Evan Doyle Ealy April 21, 1990. Evan is the son of Lloyd & Betty Ealy of Tama. After uniting in marriage, Evan and Carol made their home in Tama, Iowa. They have 3 children , Kyler Doyle born November 21, 1992, Kolton James Born May 24, 1996, and Kassidy Marie born October 27, 1999. In March of 2005 Evan and Carol moved to Marshalltown to be closer to Carol's Parents. Within one year Evans mother Betty moved to Marshalltown also.

58: Evan & Carol Ealy had 3 chlidren: Kyler Doyle born November 21, 1992 Kolton James May 24, 1996 Kassidy Marie October 1999

59: Kyler Doyle Ealy graduated In 2012 from Marshalltown High School

60: On November 19th, 2011 Evan and Carol Ealy expanded their family by adopting 2 children. They are George's (Fred's brother) great-grandchildren. His daughter Deb is their biological grandma and her daughter Ashley is their biological mother. | Kanalisha Kay | Kadyn Xavieyn

61: Jeff & Rita Graves united in Marriage on February 10, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jeff's parents are Ron Graves & Becky Yost. Jeff was born October 29, 1965 Des Moines, IA.

62: Helen Simbides Grandchildren Trever, Deb, Shanna, Carol, Cody, Rita, Pat, Tanya, Grandma Helen, Amber, Ashley, Cj, and Aaron.

63: Fred SImbides Family | Kassidy 2nd row Marie & Fred 3rd row Kolton, Jordyn, Taylor, and Alyssa 4th row Carol, Rita, Tracy, Shanna 5th row Kyler, Evan, Jeff, Aaron, Steve, and Chad

65: All because Two people fell in love... The Simbides Family

66: Helen Simbides Born May 23, 1908 Died December 29, 1993 | Our Family Loved Ones Who Are Gone... | Amber David | Evelyn | George | Jimmy

67: Our Hearts still ache in sadness, Secret Tears still flow. What it meant to lose you only God knows. | Kenny Karns Born November 6 Died March 24, 2005 | Kent Karns Born July 31, 1960 Died March 25, 2010 | Kelly Karns Died April 9, 2012 | Gertie Praska Born March Died May 23, 2002 | Ronald Steward Born October 14, Died August 24 | But Not Forgotten

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