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S: The Image of Your Love

BC: Made with LOVE for you!!! Happy Birthday.

FC: The Image of Your Love

1: Thoughtful lady, that works so hard, Always been there, my dear lifeguard. Places others before herself, Proud of pictures on her shelf. When in pain, maintains here smile, Multi-tasking, she’s versatile. With all of this; time she finds, Her love for us, constantly reminds. On her birthday, just want to say, I don’t know how, I will repay? Eternally grateful, I hope she will see, The greatest mother, she will always be. By Martin Dejnicki | Happy Birthday

2: Dear Granny, Happy Birthday Granny! I miss you a lot! I want you to know I love you soooooooooo much!! I love you because you do a lot of things with me and for me. I think you are very sweet and nice. I LOVE it when we go shopping and go get our nails done. So on your Birthday you should get a day alone and relax. Love your awesome granddaughter, Zoe Azriel Lamb | ".Because it's not grannies job to say no.."

3: Dear Granny, Happy Birthday Granny! I miss and love you. Thank you for our Christmas book I get to hear your voice. You are my friend. Love your baby granddaughter, Talia Monique Lamb

4: Dear Granny, I hope you have a fantabulous birthday. Granny, I've written you a poem for you to tell you how much I love you. Granny I love you the things that you do for us, like take us places and do things that are fun. Granny I always wish you the best. I love yo soooo much! Love your middle granddaughter, Sophia Cynthia Chenault | When I see or talk to Aunt Pattie, I think of white castle burgers. L0l i also think of her compassionate spirit and her love for God. She is also someone that has positive influence on people. - Jamie Jones

5: Patty, we love you dearly, you are fun and just plain old cool. You deserve the Best Birthday Ever! Your Michigan Family! Dwayne, Vicky Jones & A

6: A Smile As Sweet As Spring | I Love You!!! -Ricardo | When I think of Mama Pattie I think of a spiritual mother who cares so much and would do anything for her spiritual children. When I see her, I see a powerful woman of God who has the faith to move mountains. When I talk to her I feel loved and encouraged to continue the work of God. -Jesse&Liz Mendoza P.S. Mama Pattie! We love you very much and we pray that you have a Happy B-Day! Always know that God's protection is upon you and nothing will ever destroy you. Thanks for always being there and for your love. | "I need to stay saved today!" -- Mama Pattie, you always have our back, anywhere we go, we know your prayers go before us. Thank you for all you do! You are always willing to defend us and protects us, even when it means getting "unsaved" for us!! HAHA... love you and a very happy birthday! - The Martinez Tribe: Joseph, Sara, Jaida, Alyssa, and Noah | I love you Auntie Pattie! Thank you for being the sweetest person I know, and for all the love you give me! :) - DeeDee Oceguera

7: Patricia Origin: Latin Meaning: Noble | This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.! Psalm 118 : 24 | REJOICE!

8: You have touched many lives with your beautiful smile! | To my Best Friend in the WHOLE WORLD! Girl, We have been through a lot together in our lives. We seen our kids grow up,we have gone a lot of places and seen a lot together. Even though you moved away and I was not happy about it, I know God had to use you somewhere else, so I had to share you. You have been a blessing in my life and in my family's. You have always had time for me. I Love You and I am so blessed to be your Best Friend in the Whole World :) Love You Always <3, Naomi

9: Mama Pattie has been such a blessing to my life. She is a woman who encourage others and always makes time to help out others. I love her with all my heart! She is really like a mother to me. I LOVE YOU MAMMA PATTIE<3 Love Always, Alex | Put the spot light on her, and make it HOTTTTTTTTTTTT! - Michael :)

10: Even through our ups and downs, you are always there for me. I love you for that. Happy Birthday and thank you for everything! I love you :) - Ricky | We love you Mama Pattie! Cienna, Camila and Justin misses your mac and cheese! We wish you the very best birthday ever! And Lord, please bless Mama Pattie!! Carmina and the kids | Happy birthday to an awesome women of God. You have always been there for our family. You are a true friend and hold a very special place in our hearts. We love and appreciate you. - Bro. Juan & Sis. Jaime and family.

11: When I think of mama pattie, I think of a selfless woman. She puts anyone before herself wether she has know them for 10 years or 10 minutes... Also she's got the best sugar in all of town ;-) u better quit cheating on me!!! Happy birthday my love MUAHHHHH =) - James | When I think of Patti: courageous, compassionate, passionate about her loves, silly, loveable, love to be in her presence. Sis I love you. Happy Birthday Woman of Faith! - Debra Jean Spencer | Happy Birthday!! Honorary Mother Pattie, I love you. Thank you for always being such a great example to me. - Irma Colón | Your love for all of us is unique. Your smile lights up a room! You can truly feel Gods love from talking to you. Your smile your face is a clear reflection from God himself. You give and give with out expecting something back. When I met you I felt a sincere love from you. May the Lord bless you abundantly. Youl'llbe greatly rewarded in heaven as well. Love you mamma Pattie!!! - Madai Cavazos | When I think of Pattie, I think of a woman with a unique strength that encourages us all. A woman who takes the meaning of "servant" to another level. I see a woman of worship with an anointing that only comes from prayer and a warrior who's conquered it all. Most of all, I see a woman with a contagious smile and when she let's it shine, I see my friend! Happy Birthday to my Sister and Friend! Love you like crazy! - Deb Moran

12: " Laughter is the shortest distance between two friends." - Victor Borge | It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away. | Mama Pattie, When I think of you, I think of someone very special in my life. I met you at a very young age and I will never forget how much you and Jayson impacted my mom and I! You taught me to have fun with church and ever since then, it was "familia". You've been an awesome Auntie and I miss you and your unique personality and delicious homemade cooking! Wherever you go, I know you'll continue to impact and inspire others with your amazing story and gifts. Love you and miss you so much! Bennie Montes

13: GOOD MORNING! My dear sister from another mother!!! Even though your friendship started with my wife. You have become very special to all our family, as if we had known you all of our lives. Your friendship has meant so much to us, we have shared memorable moments whether worshipping together, sitting around the Christmas tree, eating or laughing, probably more eating and laughing than anything else :-). Your friendship has been so refreshing to us at a time when we've needed TRUE friends with whom we can be real. Being around you and in your home is like being around our natural family. You have impacted our lives more than you'll ever know. The first thing that comes to mind is your steadfast faith in God. In the good times and bad times, you have demonstrated maturity, trust and dependence on God. No one would ever know the pain and suffering that has come into your life through the years because you truly have the Joy of the Lord at ALL times, that's the REAL thing!! Your life of service is exemplary, the generosity, unselfishness and self denial is truly Christlike, it reveals that the pain and the cross you've had to bear is not in vain, you are truly being conformed to the image of Christ more and more, it shows. The way you edify, encourage, empower, respect and honor people, you make everyone feel important and loved. You are truly a JEWEL. I love you. Your brother from another mother, Pastor Joel Montes

14: Precious Ms. Pattie, The first thing that comes to mind when I think of you is "God made a special & unique mold". He sent you into the world and into our lives! Since than, everybody and anybody who has come across your path has been in for the "BEST TREAT" of their lives because we were fortunate enough to have me the ONE AMAZING PERSON that He created! My favorite girlfriend moment (there are many) is our date night in SF. We got all dressed up and ready to paint the town. We didn;t know what to do exactly, so we ended up spending our whole evening at Burlington Coat Factory in our best outfits and heels! Love you dearly, Velma | Sis pattie...... I remember seeing her for the first time speaking at our church during our RMS conference. I heard her testimony and was truly touched by her courage, strength and trust in God. I thought to myself, I would love to know her & have someone with such a testimony in my life. Someone that I could learn from. And wouldn't you know it God answered my prayer times 10 because I've been blessed not only by her but by her entire family! My family has grown very close to her and we thank God for her everyday! - Holly

15: Pattie Montes Aguilar is the bestest sister anyone could have or dream of! I LOVE her more than a lifetime together...because God gifted us with each other when we needed that companionship the most. We met at Camp Seally back in 1999, when my son Aaron was going through Cancer. We stayed together as a family. We were both working the camp. Aaron had a central line for his chemo, and she gave me tips and loving counsel on how to handle the painful journey we were on. Of course it was from the heart, she had personally lived the experience. We have been inseperable ever since. We always consult each other for major decisions, we pray for each others children(and we love them as our own). I would do anything for my sister or her family.. We encourage each other in our ministry and passion for souls, and equipping our beautiful Ladies to realize their potential. But, put us both in the kitchen together...guaranteed coma, after you eat all we are capable of whipping up together for you and the ones we LOVE!!! We are identical twins in every way...but as she likes to put it, "my sister from another mister"!!! LOL Pattie, Happy Birthday and praying for MANY MORE your way, and the health to enjoy them! I will always be here for you and know that you are deeply LOVED, cherished and prayed for daily. (((HUGS AND KISSES))) from Houston! - Linda Montes | Mama Pattie is what I call her. Like a mother to me is what she is. Unselfishly giving, loving and caring is what she does. Beautiful, strong and victorious woman of God is what she will always be! Happy Birthday Mama Pattie! I love you! - Isela

16: A true friend beautiful person inside and out She is unselfish and giving, always concerned about others above herself. Happy Birthday my dear friend! I cherish every moment we spend together and look forward to many more to come, I love you! - Veronica Thompson | Sis Pattie, Your an "Awesome Women of God", A true prayer warrior. I am so blessed to have you in my life, and to call you my friend. When I look back and remember how instrumental you were in the lives of my children, especially Philip, now that was Mama Pattie!! You're always giving of yourself and your time to the work of the Lord. May the Lord continue to enlarge your territory and increase your impact. You have touched my family by your kindness, they always ask about you, "How is Sister Pattie?' I love and appreciate you Pattie. When I think of you it warms my heart, your strength to endure!! Happy Birthday My Friend......Muah!! Love & Prayers Always, Josie

17: Whenever I see Sis. Pattie, I immediately expect to be greeted with a hearty embrace. She immediately engages me in a friendly conversation; it feels like we've talked long before that because of the joyful familiarity of it all. The last nine years* we've become good friends, she has tought me how to hug my friends, she has blessed my walk in Christ with encouragement, a caring heart and a willing spirit. I admire her lively & gracious spirit and feel especially blessed that our boys are "brothers". When our boys made up a story, I at first was a little put off by the part that I would give up my child but then I laughed and thought "Anything for Sis. Pattie!" For her birthday I wish her a day of blessings poured lavishly upon her through and through, and that all around would be splashed with her joy! Lot's of Love, Gloria Udoh | I think of someone who cares even while she needs to be cared for. A woman of conviction and compassion. I see her as clay in the potters hand spinning and making the best of the ride and coming out of it just FINE! I also think of great food and fellowship! Wife, mom, friend and best of all a grateful child of the King! My prayer is a blessed birthday and that see may see the answer to her prayer requests. I just love to hear and see her laugh loud and hard. - Dan Moran

18: JAEL WOMAN'S MINISTRY | Pattie was always a mystery to me. Who was this sexy black chick with all the moves who I had shared some of my youth with before she was swept away to the exotic land of Los Angeles? Who was this foxy mama who appeared on soul train and became a legend in my mind? Who was this amazing woman who bared her soul to help others when they didn't even realize they needed it? Who was this nurturing and thoughtful and caring being who opened up her arms and mind to things that she may not have understood but was always willing to try. Then as fate would have it, I got to discover all of these things and realized it was not a mystery at all. she was my inspiration, my confidante, my family and most of all she was my friend.. Cud'n patty, I love you and am thankful for every new moment we get to share. Happy Birthday my amazing cousin! - Michael Pattie is home and hearth. Pattie is family and friends. Pattie is food and sustenance. Pattie is loud (yes, I said it...LOUD.) Pattie is one of the most open spirits I have ever met. Pattie is funny. Pattie is a big smile from ear to ear. Pattie is laughter. Pattie is love.. I love you Pattie! - Hutch | When I think of Sis. Pattie, I think of comfort, strength, endurance and long suffering. She is loving and caring toward everyone and I am blessed to have met her and to have her in my life..... - Adriane Jacobs

19: A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home. | I hope these words let Mama Pattie know how important she is to my life. Mama Pattie is my God given Sister-Friend! I see a woman I respect love and trust. Her life testimony shows me that I can trust MY LORD with my life as well. Love, Sis Sally

20: I have always seen Momma Pattie as one of my heroes. Someone to look up to and even at times wished I could have some of her qualities. She is always see with a smile even though she has gone through a tough time in her past or is going through something at the moment. She will always receive me with a smile, a hug, and a compliment! She was always there when i needed her in academic, spiritual, and even family issues! During my time in UCCA me and my sister saw her as our second mom. She was always there. And for that I will always be in debt with her!:) The anointing she has over her life and the ministry. She is a great example for me she is a great example to follow. When I think of/see Momma Pattie, I see a warrior not only in the spiritual aspect but in the physical as well. I love her with all my heart!:) happy birhtday Momma!:) - Paula Rojas | When we see Momma Pattie, we see our special, loving, sweet, kind, unselfish, outgoing wedding coordinator!! She can definitely take care of business!!! Nonetheless, she’s a whole lot more than a wedding coordinator to us.she’s truly a momma to us!!! She has seen us grow. Her beautiful spirit and outgoing personality, her smile, her optimism, her way of worshipping (no matter her battle), has impacted us more than words could ever speak justice!! Oh and definitely her meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and pies!!!! Those have definitely impacted our lives and have left us desiring for more!!!! You’re the BEST Momma Pattie!!! We love and miss you soooooooooo much!!! We love you Momma Pattie!!! Have a blessed b-day!!! With Love, Your Son Mark Amin, Daughter Dalia Amin, and Your Granddaughters Shanti & Amani Amin (The Peace Twinsies)

21: MOMMA PATTIE (Ma-Muh Pat-Tea) 1. The sweetest most down-to-earth woman you'll ever meet. 2. A REAL woman 3. Sweet, sassy, & classy 4. A natural born leader 5. A nurturing mother to all & a caring friend to many | CJ DICTIONARY | EXAMPLE: Momma Pattie has the best home cookin'! | What can I say about this beautiful chocolate woman I've grown to love and admire all these years. Mama Pattie, I might not always say it, but I love you with all my heart. Looking at you inspires me to be a better Christian and woman. Thank you for stepping in and being my family and cooking the besssst soul food in the world. Farmer Brown's has nothing on my Mama Patti's food! Love Always- Your future daughter in law, Chirssy

22: When I see Mamma Pattie I see a valiant woman of God. The integrity, strength, faith, and love which she shares so freely with others... makes her the angel from heaven, which she is! I am so blessed to know you! Love you Mamma Pattie! - Angelo Rodriguez | Everytime I'm just around Momma Pattie, I feel sincere love, without out her knowing it. Momma Pattie has inspired me with her dedication to God and our church. Everytime I see her running around the church, I know she is giving everything she has with love. I thnak you for beign a part of my life and I love you with all my heart Mama Pattie! - Richard Cavazos | Sister Patty, you are like the FOXY OPRAH of Union City! Love, Cameron D. Lopez

23: Sister Pattie, When I see you I think of sun light. Something that shines over all us. That wams and conforts us all over. Like a bright sunny morning that always makes you smile. If it wasn't for you so many people would be lost cause they wouldnt know where to go. You have always been a great leader and I am happy to have u in my life. Have a Happy Happy Birthday and love you. - Jacob

24: Suga Mama A fighter and a lover. A women who will never surrender, who will let NO one take her out! A Mother and a Friend. When needed, always there with her oil to pray for you or even when you just need a strait woopen in the butt. Mama Pattie you have taught me so much, not only how to carry myself as a young lady in God, but also how to over come and stand still in my battles. You taught me how Prayer and Kindness can take you so far. You are a Woman Incognito armed and dangerous. I love you always ~ Prisma Walia P.s. I might need those woopens even when I'm married ;) P.P.S I L.O.V.E your cooking! | I Love Mama Pattie with all my heart and I hope she knows how special she is to me and my life. I Can always count on Mama Pattie to have my back in any situation and she can also be that person to tell me the honest truth, which I respect with everything in me. Mama Pattie doesnt just tell you she loves you, she SHOWS you she loves you. I hope to be a Strong, fighting, God-fearing woman like her when i grow up! Love you, Mama Pattie! MUAH! :) Love, Ashley

25: Mama Pattie, To me you personify possibility. As a great God fearing woman you have inspired so many to step outside of their comfort zone and to move forward toward their potential in Christ. I would be one of those people. Even if I thought you were crazy in the beginning, you pushed me to heed to the call. If it wasn't for you pushing me out of the boat towards Jesus I feel like I would have never tried. And yes, my feet shook on the water a little bit, your support helped me to keep my eyes on Jesus. I do not have any spiritual role models in my carnal family but I thank the Lord he sent me a Mama Pattie. If a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised, then I praise you with this message my Mama Pattie! I love you. Never grow weary or underestimate the impact you have through Jesus. Thank you allowing the all powerful God to use you for His glory. - Alicia Gutierrez | When I think of/see mamma pattie, I see an inspiring woman of Faith. A loving mother and wife. A devoted servant to the work of the Lord. A powerful woman of prayer. Above all I see Jesus in her big heart! :) Mamma Pattie I pray the Lord will continue to bless you abundantly and grant you all the desires of your heart. May he permit you many many many more years in this walk with Him to eternity. I love you and miss you! - Lety Ramos

26: Dear Mother, You're deserving of every word in this book for all the lives you've touch in one way or another. You give to the church selflessly for the sake of the kingdom. If a friend is in need, you're there to provide without hesitation. From sunrise til' sunset you constantly give of yourself, yet you find time to make sure I am always taken care of. I'm grateful that God created you to be my mother. Happy Birthday!!!! Love, Jayson

27: it's always spring in a mother's heart | Hey Mom, This is your “favorite” son (I hope Jayson and Ricky aren’t reading this - but if they do, oh well - they should mind their own business!!!) When I see or talk to you, I literally feel a sense of comfort and safety. There is something about your spirit that can calm my spirit. There is a spiritual strength in you that I soooo appreciate. I have gleaned from that quality in you! You have touched my life in so many ways that words cannot express. To know that my children have a Granny that loves them to pieces is priceless. You’re everything I envisioned as a grandparent for my girls (even my extended girls, Sophia and Amoure.) What you have given us is unforgettable memories that nothing or no one can take from us. Know that you are truly loved, adored and cherished - now and forever. Love Puffy

28: Dear Mama, There are no words to explain the gratitude and love we have for you. Your love and support are always withs us in the good and bad times. You are teh best MAMA in the world! Love, The Bazans | Mama Pattie, since I can remember, you've always been there for me! You never stop giving of yourself and you never give up on the ones you love! Fighting for what you believe in! Always giving God the glory! I respect you so much! For the life lessons you've taught me, your strength, your integrity, your wisdom! Thank you for being you! I love you with all my heart! - Marissa

29: Patti, There are no words to describe how much you we love you. You have been a blessing to me, my family and my church and I am forever indebted to you for always being there. There is none other like you! I pray Gods blessings on your life always and in every way possible! Your amazing and you inspire me!! Love you. - Eli, Dar & Aviana | “Spiritual Giants” are not measured by the size of their height, but by the size of their heart! The House of Ruben has not been the same, since this GIANT crossed our path. Patty Aguilar has become a household name in our family! From the moment we were introduced to her, we became kin. Her smile was so contagious, her spirit so genuine, her embrace so warm, her presence so encouraging. Patty’s nature is always thinking about others. She gets lost in giving of herself, and knows no boundaries. The House of Ruben has been blessed, and will never regress, because of this “GIANT” named Patty. - Deborah Avila

30: Mama Pattie is a mother is a mother to us all. She loves, cares,disciplines, passionate and fighter for our rights,and so funny .She is so giving in every thing. Thank you Mama Pattie for being such a Godly example to us! Love you so much! - Destinie (DeeDee) | I write this note to a woman, but not just any woman but a wonderful woman, a gorgeous beautiful woman, a courageous woman, a women who will go out of here way just to help anyone in need. She is a prayer warrior. She is ferocious in battle. She is highly favored by God and much hated by the enemy. She was hand picked straight from Gods hands Himself. She is a mother to all who will not deny anybody. She has impacted my life in ways she couldn't think of. As she speaks you tremble at her voice because she has that much authority and plus she might just whoop you lol. You may ask who is this woman I speak of, and this woman is you Mama Patty. You truly are the greatest and I just want to say Happy Birthday and I pray for many more years of life. Love you! Love, Turtle | When I think of Mrs. Pattie Aguilar, I see a woman of true faith, beauty, strength, and class. She has impacted me by being a great mentor and friend showing me what true courage is. She also impacted me by trying to show me how to properly stape papers together in the exact correct location. - Catonya

31: A woman of valor makes the world change Her strength is the content that guides through the days Defined by her actions that bring light to all dreams Valor is something that's defined by her deeds She stands up to the challenge no matter the way It can't be held back or defined by her age Divine is Her Presence, be it joyous or sad -- A Woman of Valor -- May offer little, but it will be all that she has A woman of valor makes the world change Happy Birthday Mamma Pattie may the Lord continue to Bless you abundantly! You are such an inspiration to me & my family. Love you with all my heart :) - Rose Ramos | Dear Sis. Pattie, What can I say there is just no words to express how much I love you and how much you mean to me!! You are my spiritual mama and I know that I can always count on you for anything! Like that time I was by myself in the early morning and my garage door flew open and I was terrified because I thought someone was breaking in. You were the only one I could call because I knew you were the only one that would answer and be awake. I know you pray for my family and me and for that I am eternally grateful!! Thank you for always being there for me and watching out for me. We love you soo much! God Bless You Yesenia | Mama Pattie, You have definitely been like a second mom to me! You have changed my life and surely gotten me closer to God! I am very grateful for what you have done for me in just these short months that we’ve known each other and I will do anything to help out my Mama Pattie! Love, Errol

32: Granny makes me think of the song....Love is kind, its kind all the time. Every time I see her she is doing something for someone else..she always puts others first and makes everyone in her presence feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment. Happy Birthday, Granny! - Richard, Kathy, Taylor and Tyler | Dear Mommy, I thought that by the time I was done with this book, I wouldn't have any words to say because everyone has pretty much said it all! I hope, as you are reading everyones note, that you can are able to see the appreciation and love everyone has for you. This book is truly the "Image of Your Love". You have been my strength when needed, my mentor, my best friend, and most importantly, my mother. I love you dearly and am proud to say " That's MY MOMMA and she's the best mom anyone can ever have!" Love, Ashy

33: Dear Mom, You have been in my life since I was a teenager. From the very beginning you accepted me with open arms, love and affection. You have always had an infectious personality which causes others to want to be in your presence. These past twenty plus years have had high moments of love and friendship, triumphs and victories; as well as deep sorrows and pains, loses and griefs. But you have stood strong in your faith and have not let anything steal your passion for life and living it! You are a true inspiration! You are fully dedicated to your family, friends and helping people. I loved you deeply before I had your granddaughters, but I have an even deeper love for you now. Your commitment to them and your obvious love and affection for them lights my heart and soul. Thank you for being who you are. There are many more sentences i could write to speak of how you have helped to make my husband the man he is, or how you are devoted to ALL of your kids. How you have not let the test and trials of life make you think less of God but more of Him. I pray that God always holds you close to Him and you always feel His loving arms wrapped around you. As much as you have survived, I know you are one of God's favorites and if you are a favorite of God; I can only be blessed for you to be one of favorites. I love you more than words can express. Thanks for all you do and all that you are!! Your love and support is priceless!! Happy Birthday and enjoy your day. Make it ALL about YOU!! I wish we could be together all the time, but I send you my love, hugs and kisses!! Your Daughter, Natalie "Peanut"

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