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Stewart Family 2011

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Stewart Family 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Stewart Family - 2011

FC: Stewart Family 2011

1: Jan 1-9: 1st weekend alone in a long time (Jess in Miami). Will had a rough time - lost his blue Bakugan. Owen started becoming a person - eye contact, smiles, tickles, giggles. He also started motorboating. Jan 7th Will started catching with his hands.

2: Jan 10-16: Mimi and Dude came in town to help with the boys while daddy was in Breck. DAddy almost missed his flight, but Dude saved the day. Big snowstorm hit Atlanta, and daddy lost his camera. Jan 16 was Owen's first night in his room. Alos, Suz tricked Will into eating his peas by telling him they would give him turbo speed. He ate his whole plate and sprinted all over!

3: MAKING MEMORIES | Jan 17-23: Will started saying "no thank you" to everything this week. Mommy and daddy took their first tour of Atlanta Academy. Jim sold some old band gear to buy another camera/

4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! | Jan 24-30: Money worries this week. To relieve the stress Suz made some tatziki. Stephen King had perfect timing when he approached us about Suzanne coming back to work. Jim made his 2nd ski trip to Breck - this time with Petty.

5: Jan 31-Feb 6: Suzanne's birthday week! Cookie cake and Mellow Mushroom. Dexter's birthday at the Renew building, and Christopher's birthday at Play. Chick-Fil-A nuggets for lunch and dinner! Walking outside after it rained Will said "Daddy, I smell the clouds". Daddy asked what they smelled like and he said "Strawberries..."

6: Feb 7-13: Kaitlyn Shettle's birthday party. will made a crown and bounced on the trampoline for the whole party. Will and Mommy saw Gnomeo and Juliet at the theater. Played at Hembree Park with Parker and went to Fuddruckers for dinner we the Hake's. Will called daddy "Booty". We told him that was a potty word and he argued it wasn't. Finally he said "Booty and the Beast is not a potty word!" Feb 12 - Will's first night with dry undies!

7: Feb 14-20: Valentines Day! Greek for lunch, Fajitas for dinner, and Alpine for dessert! Candy and animal cake pan presents. Suz and Owen went to Florida to surprise Mimi for her birthday. Will and daddy were home alone and of course Will got strep throat. We thought Owen got his first 3 teeth (vampire teeth), but it was a false alarm...

8: so many | Feb 21-27: Otterbox interviews for Daddy. Beautiful weather for a few days - lots of eating on the patio and playing in the circle with Will's Lightning ball. Bought Will's first soccer cleats and shinguards. Willisms: trash can = crash can, remote = ro-ta-mote.

9: Feb 28 - Mar 6: Will's first soccer game got rained out. Sunday morning McDonald's with "Faniel". Suz baked chocolate chip cookies - twice! We ate A LOT of cookies...

10: Mar 7-13: Jim's last snowboard trip with Petty. While he was gone Owen and Will both got sick. Mimi came to help out - hooray! Will had his first soccer game: Tigers vs Rhinos.

11: Mar 14-20: St. Patrick's Day family dinner. Lots of green! Daddy went to Scott Peebles' parenting seminar. Tried out the whining towel the first night! For Dennis's birthday we skyped and sang. Friday night blew up will's Batman balloon at Party city and hit Cheesecake Factory for dinner (Willism "brown bread place"). Saturday 2nd soccer game and Drew's wedding shower. Owen slept the whole night 3 nights in a row, but he insists on covering his face with a blanket. Will created 2 superheroes: Grassman throws grass/dirt and punches bad guys in jail. Bizzman has bees and can turn into a bee and sting. Sunday night chicken and waffles!

12: Mar 21-27: Mommy, Daddy, and Owen went to the Auto Show - Parked at Smooth Parking. No BMWs at the show! Own started shaking his head no this week. Rebecca Black Friday video. Started watching sunny in Philadelphia. Started trading nights of putting Will to bed and treadmilling. Jess had her first turn putting Will to bed. He tried to trick her into playing hide and go seek. Will made up "heavyman" - pronounced heppyman. He lifts heavy objects like chairs and ottomans.

13: Mar 28 - Apr 3: Jim got a raise to 100k - 1.07 compa! Will had his 1st dentist appt (so brave)! No cavities! Jim saw Red State with Darren and alli. Jess and Suz started to read vegan books. Owen's bottom middle teeth popped through (for real this time). Parker's bday party at Play. Kyson's head bonked Will's eye. Immediate lump and awesome black eye. Owen spit up 4 times on mommy. Jess came over for Sunday vegan dinner. Jess brought expired bread and newtons as gifts!

14: Apr 4-10: Owen's 6 month appt: 75% ht & wt. Suz had lunch with tony - Clearwater wants her back ASAP! Will got his first big-boy-bike. Will also had his first proud sharing moment! He shared hisshow and tell rc car with his friends at school! He was so proud and so were we! Pam and Dennis came to town. Will got sick at soccer and thrw up when we got home. He made it to the potty though! Fernbank with everyone - Naturequest, Unicorn, dragons, and Will pet a snake. Suz got very excited by lacing cards in the gift shop. Atlanta cupcakes on the way home - Yum!

15: Apr 11-17: Owen started drinking out of a straw at Ajima! Suz and Jim had date night at Inc. Jim had steack skewers and Suz had veggie tacos. Brownie empanadas for desert, then Krispy Kreme for double desert! Got hats at K.K. and mommy wore hers up to tell Will night-night. He said, "Mommy, look look good and handsome." Fri was surgery day for Owen. Went well and he was very brave. Lots of naps in the afternoon. Tornado warning that night. Suz, Jess, Owen, Will in the bathroom, Pam and Dennis in the Laundry room. Sat Wildflour lunch, then Malik (Megamind), and Nathaniel (Chuck-E-Cheese) birthday parties. Will's first Swim Atlanta lesson - cold, so he rode home naked!

16: EASTER | happy | Apr 18-24: Will scored his first soccer goal, and then 3 more! After the game we went to KC for Easter Bunny pics. Will got a tiger painted on his arm, had a wolverine claw made out of balloons for him, and spent 15 mins coloring a baby chicken. Suz went crazy all week getting ready for her Easter Eve party with the Hakes and Smiths. Owen started sitting up this week, and was finally healed up enough to get back in his jumper. Sunday was Easter. Will and Owen got lots of goodies. Went to swim lessons, but they were canceled. Will was sad so we went to the park and played to cheer him up. Mommy showed Will her big kid school (Roswell HS). Will asked "Is that your pre-k?". Suz says "No. That was my high school." Will asked "Is it in the clouds?"

17: Apr 25 - May 1: Owen fell of the bed for the first time during nap time. Mommy dreamed of opening a chocolaterie this week. Saturday after soccer we went to the "touch-a-truck" festival. Sunday after swim lessons we met Dexter and Parker at the park for some playtime. Then mommy met Jess for some furniture shopping and Daddy, Will, and Owen had their first boys naptime! Sunday night Mommy met Dina for coffee and they talked about Dina's party business. Willisms: Chicken pox = chicken spots, Incredible Hulk = Incredible Hwuk.

18: May 2-8: Owen started sitting up all by himself, babbling (lots of dadadada, no mamamama), and rolls wherever he wants to go. Flu week for Jim, Suz, Owen. Cinco de mayo!!! Suz made a mexican fiesta, Owen tried to steal Will's grapes. Will scored another goal even though a crazy mom was stealing the ball from the kids. Owen's first ride in his big boy car seat and first time in a big boy high chair (at moe's). Mothers Day - Will decorated a cake and picked out a card at publix. Woke mommy up with cake! Will went to swim lessons and was bad for the rest of the day (lost all of his toys and time out at least 8 times). Went to publix to shop and get subs for lunch - Owen sat in the cart for the first time. Went to cheesecake after naps, but it was packed so went to Cal pizza and met Jess.

19: May 9-15: Will and mom went for a haircut and played at Chicky. AC upstairs wasn't working - Will threw a fit about wearing short sleeves an chose to go to bed without stories instead. Cried himself to sleep. Will kept riding his bike hoping neighbor Amy would see him because she promised him a lollipop. Daddy went to Drew's bachelor party at the lake. Will's last soccer game of the season - scored the last goal, then played in the bouncy house. Sunday Will started real swimming and backstroke, then 1st ever family nap time! Will had first try of mustard and loved it! Survivor finale. Suzanne said Philip was "coco for cocoa puffs".

20: May 16-22: Jim put in for the Pomona kc job listing. Will did lots of bike riding - first time riding in the street. Friday night picnic at hembree park with publix subs and baked doritos. Will and mommy went to Mary Kate's birthday party then to Francos with mk and Kaitlin. They were crazy! Sunday last swimming lesson. Will just needs to swim 5 feet to graduate to p3. Dexter came over to ride bikes, but he brought the smallest bike ever and had to peddle 4 times more than Will to cover the same ground. He got exhausted, so they played inside instead. They made a "playground" in Will's room. Modern family marathon continued sat-sun nights.

21: May 23-27: Owen had a double ear infection on Monday. At dinner Owen pulled a plate away and almost threw it on the floor. Suzanne said in slow motion "ohmygod". So funny. We started telling Will stories before bedtime instead of reading books - so fun. And he started telling them back too! Daddy starts them with "once upon a time there was a boy just about your size, with blonde curly hair. And you'll never guess what his name was... Friday afternoon left for Hilton head. Good drive. Drove around traffic jam (Jodeco) and 1 long stop for Owen. Also drove through about 20 minutes of torrential downpour. Will was great, but kept asking if we were at the"ho-bell" yet.

23: Hilton Head Island

24: Jun 6-12: Owens first day of school and Suz's first back at work. Everything went pretty well. Owen was feeling much better, and was in a very happy mood all week... Until he got another ear infection. Will got a Spiderman video game for not peeing at night on vacation and was obsessed. On Thursday will said he gave Dexter a hug and a kiss at school because "I love him... I love his heart". And when he was brushing his teeth I told him he was doing a great job and he said "You like my skills?" Saturday farmers market -cinnamon bread! Then Will went swimming at Wills park and went off the diving board for the first time. Swimming like a fish and taking breaths on his own. Sunday went to the Filers to see Sophie and Maryn. Stacey was there too. Lots of craziness. Will had his first caramel. He kept calling it a candle. Dropped it when he fell asleep in the car, woke up and yelled "Candle!"

25: Jun 13-19: Will had swimming lessons all week including during a severe thunderstorm. His teacher said he was the most well behaved for te week. So proud! Lights were out at the pool, but they swam anyway! Jess came over to watch Bachelorette (Bentley week). Will was very proud of himself for being a good boy at school. He helped miss Elena clean the room and no one else would help her. Suz's computer crashed and we had a pic scare, but finally got them back. Suz and Jim watched lots of house hunters international and decided it was time to move overseas. Swimming with Parker and Suz went to Bambi's for a party. Fathers day! Fernbank superhero day. Will went as Batman. Got lost from mom when she was talking to Tom. Owen spent all weekend perfecting his inchworm maneuver. Mommy was trying to cut Will's toenails and he said "are you going to cut my fingerfoots?"

26: Jun 20-26: Will kept getting up early, going into Owen's room, and waking him up. So we had to start locking him in his room which did not go over well. Will got in trouble for flushing a toy car down the toilet at school. Friday Owen got a blister on his left big toe. He uses that foot to push him when he's inchworming and he drags his toe every step. Went to Christopher's house for a pool party. Suz made a strawberry shortcake that was the hit of the party. Sunday was cars 2 in the morning with Dexter. Afternoon went to the smiths' new house and then hit the pool.

27: Jun 27 - Jul 3: Thought Owen had another ear infection, but turned out was sore throat. Tuesday Will dressed up white and green bear in Owen's clothes. He named them Brady and Owen. Thursday was a big day for Owen. He started sitting up by himself and pulling himself up to standing! Both in the same day! Saturday berry patch farms for blueberry picking. Will had fun for 1 minute. Then ditched the buckets with mom and went exploring with Dad. Went to Jess's after nap and went to Cheesecake Factory (brown bread place) for dinner. Sunday went to Parker's pool and house for 4th of July party.

28: Jul 4-10: Monday July 4th! Lounging, Walmart, and moe's for dinner! Owen got ear and eye infections, and daddy got bad blisters from old shoes. Will went 5 nights without peeing in his night-night undies, and got a prize! Toy story yahtzee! All week Will snuck downstairs after bed time. When we caught him he twould say he was coming downstairs to tell us he loves us or that we're handsome and pretty. Saturday swimming in the morning for Will and daddy, publix for Owen and mommy. Naptime then Kaitlin and kyson's party at catch air. Lots of fun! Will got a big balloon that popped on the fan at home and made him cry so we went to target to get a new one, but ended up getting "flying balloons" instead.

29: Jul 11-17: Owen had his 9 month check up. 90th for height, 50-75th for weight. One shot, but he took it like a champ. Cleared to eat all table food, so he's been eating everything this week. Pancakes, quesadillas, you name it. Daddy cleaned the vines out of the backyard. Tuesday Daddy told will the murkmurk bedtime story. Wednesday Will told mommy stories at nightnight time (including murkmurk). Will started sneaking out of his room and sleeping in frot of Owen's room. Mommy found him there at 11pm and picked him up to carry him to bed. He mumbled some gibberish and "I was just looking at something" before passing out in his bed. Saturday was the kc golf tournament. Best day of Jim's golfing career. Suz took the boys through the carwash. Miss Berta came over to babysit and Jess, mom, and dad went to Bob's house for a relationship seminar. Profoundly genuine relationships - PGRs.

30: Jul 18-24: Mom taught Owen "uhoh" (uhhhh), and he started to really enjoy dancing. Free queso day at Moe's. Jim had to carry Will to his bed from the couch for the first time. Thursday was a cleaning frenzy for Suz. Friday PDJA arrived. Owen was scared of getting swarmed and clung to mommy for awhile. Will got LOTS of toys and played with them all night. Saturday Dad, Will, Jenna, and Ashley went swimming. Will shot his missiles in the air while Owen tried to steal them from him. Sunday went to practice softball early. Jenna and Ash were AWESOME. Jim hit some balls to them and hit Ash's shin and got Jenna to strain her hip. Jim took Pam, Ash and Jenna on a tour that included both Milton high schools and scaring a student driver. Fun! Suz had to her photography class and came home pumped to take some pics!

31: Jul 25-31: We all watched bachelorette, Ash and Jenna hated then loved it. Suz went to Long Le for the 1st time. Will got a Spiderman costume for not peeing in his night-night undies for 10 days. He chased Owen while Ashley carried him, and played Spiderman says with everyone. Owen scratched his eye. Scary, but healed in a day. Will had a 3 foot hot dog at Erwoods. Friday Cowboys and Aliens for Jim, Suz Dennis, Jenna, and Ashley, then Greek for dinner! Saturday night was date night at Sip. Really good! Will cried a bit when we left, but got over it and watched Goonies with everyone. Sunday zoo first thing. It was hot! Hit Moe's on the way home, then naps. Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Will hid a bunch of toys behind his curtains for bedtime. He kept checking his room to make sure he didn't lose anything and told us not to check behind his curtains. He also started getting OCD about his dresser drawers being closed.

32: Aug 1-7: Will let Seth wear the Batman costume without crying and was very patient. He was so proud and so were we! Jess came over to watch the Bachelorette finale. Suz and Will made his mad scientist birthday invitations. Suz and Jess got computers from Mimi and Dude. We signed the contract for Will at Atlanta Academy! Will was scared and told us he was going to miss his friends. Saturday morning swimming with Parker and Brady. Thunder came so we got out and went under the roof. It started pouring and Parker and Will played in it giggling and squealing the whole time. Sunday Will got up at 5:30 and told us he was sick. At 9:30 the throwing up started.Will slept in the movie room to help him feel better. Talk of the weekend was about Suz's new business idea. A place for superhero parties, retail hero stuff, and pictures of kids in costumes.

33: Aug 8-14: Owen had fifth disease which was just a rash all over. Then Daddy and Owen got the flu. Suz worked hard on 15 million in 15 weeks. Will got sick again (fever). "Can I have those cheese chips? I just chomp those up!". Ha! Friday was Will's last day at Crabapple Academy. They had a big end of summer party - Will brought bug cupcakes. Jack's bday party. Suz cwent baby shopping with Susan and Megan. Daddy had the boys by himself all day! Sunday daddy slept in until 9. While he was sleeping Owen took his first steps!!!

34: Aug 15-21: Mimi got in town just in time for Suz to get the flu. Daddy went to parents night at Atlanta Academy. Thursday was Will's 1st day of school at AA. Mommy and daddy dropped him off at 8. Will didn't feel good after school - took a long nap. Still sick when he woke up (fever) so daddy took him to the er. Threw up in the car on the way there. Saturday went to the mall. Macy's for daddy and mommy, Disney for the boys. When it was bed time he said "I'm not very sleepy because I haven't had any yawns yet." Ha! And Will was obsessed with the "Morty Muffin" Power Rangers.

35: Aug 22-28: Owen sick again. After work and school met Parker at his pool. Mommy was worn out getting them there by herself. Hakes ordered pizza and some good cinnamon dessert! Will's first time staying late in ESP. He was mad Dad didn't bring a snack. Thursday Mimi and Jess came over. Mimi gave Will his captain America costume birthday present and he wore it all night. Friday was date night! Dinner at Indigo. Will started saying "yessssss" a lot this week and Owen really started to walk everywhere. Harrison's Birthday party. Crazy mom, crazy kids. Firetruck and water slide. Sunday moe's for lunch then naps. Will was whining a lot so daddy said he needed to think about what he was saying or there would be trouble. "Awwww. I don't want to fink!" Daddy went to toys r us in Tucker and Duluth to pick up Will and Owen's bday presents.

36: Aug 29 - Sep 4: Owen had to get a shot in each leg for 3 days to try to get rid of his ear infections. Will had PE for the first time today. He made 10 baskets and got an award for helping Muziq make a basket. Saturday was Will's birthday party (science "tents" and bouncy house). Mom and dad postponed anniversary until Monday (too tired). Sunday was Will's 4th birthday! First thing in the morning he said he didn't feel any different. Will said, "daddy, let's not go outside because it's sweaty out there." Mommy and daddy both took him up for bedtime. He made mommy hold his hand on the way up and he told her "I'm so happy to be four." So sweet! Mommy and daddy took turns telling a story about transformers coming over to celebrate his birthday. He was such a good boy all weekend - made us do proud!!!

37: Sep 5-11: Anniversary celebration night! Ippolitos was closed. Drove around and ended up at Village Tavern - great time! Daddy forgot his card at work and got in big trouble. Will got a birthday sticker and got to be line leader 4 times at school. And everyone ate his brownies after lunch. Owen got his appt set up for tubes. Wednesday daddy officilly took a ew job! Will was a very good boy at school and got a special card from his teachers. Saturday the Knights came over to play in the bouncy house. Seth's party at Kangazoom. Sunday had Dexter over for bouncy house and pizza.

38: Sep 12-18: Wednesday was Owen's tube surgery. Mom and Owen left the house at 5 am, and Daddy took Will to school. By the time he got to the hospital Owen was done! He was pretty cranky at first, but was back to his normal self when he got home and drank some milk. Will brought home his "friends book" from school. It has all of his friends' pictures and a few facts - fun! Will watched "Star Wirls" before his first soccer game of the new season - he scored 6 goals for the Eagles!!! The Hakes came over for bouncy and dinner from Shane's. Parker and Will put on every costume in the house.

39: Sep 19-25: Owen got his 1st haircut and was such a good boy! A little nervous, but very brave! After mommy and daddy got lemonade from "Chick-Ma-Flay". Daddy said "I guess we'll go with the old visa tonight" - HA! Mommy went to Megan's baby shower in Edenwilde. Before Will's soccer game he picked a flower, gave it to mommy and told her he was sorry for being a bad boy in the morning. At the park Will told Parker, "If you close your eyes while you're swinging it makes you feel soft inside." Jess came over on Sat. to babysit so mommy and daddy could gave date night. Ippolitos, then the avenue. Chocolaterie (talked to the main guy and had best drinking chocolate ever). Barnes and noble, then movie time - crazy stupid love was great! Didn't get home until 12:30am!!!

40: Sep 26 - Oct 2: Owen's 1st day in the ones! Will's 4 yr check up - 90% weight,100% height, very brave about his shots! New mattress was too firm. Suz went to Jess's new place to help her unpack boxes. Suz rolled up the window on Daddy's finger at Greek. Owen's 1st birthday party!!! Will helped him open his presents and play with them. Some bouncy house time then birthday spaghetti fir Owen! Apple picking - 2 bags full, short and long slides, petting zoo, milked a cow. Col Poole's BBQ on the way home. Camden's birthday party at Jeronimo. Will said "I love my new school. And I love ESP."

41: Oct 3-9: Everyone got strep this week. Suz met with Andy and she was very disappointed with his plans for packaging. Wednesday was owen's 1st birthday!!! Unfortunately not much celebration - evryone was sick :(. The boys both stayed home with Mimi. Will's goose chase (lame). Will drank too much water at his soccer game and got sick. Dalton, Ivy, and Riese's birthday party. Bouncy house, face painting, and ponies, sword fighting with the boys. Will and daddy walked home after the party. Returned the mattress - Maury got called Jim mr. Fishman, gave Suz a kiss on the cheek and asked if we fasted for Roshashanna.

42: Oct 10-16: Dance party week for mommy and the boys. Lots of Transformer tent also. 1st teacher conference at AA. Said Will always called himself Will Stewart Pike. Jess taught Will how to play Clue. Will got a superstar at school for being extra good during music class! 6 goals for Will aand then to Monterrey's for lunch - delish! Hakes' lake house for party time! Chris and Courtney were there with their 6 month old cannon, Scott and his wife were there with their 2 year old nova. Will and Parker played, walked down to the lake, and rode on the rhino with parker's grandpa. Owen was mostly falling up and down the steps in the living room. The dogs followed him around because he was an easy target to steal crackers from. Suzanne made strawberry shortcake which was a hit. Scott bolted for it, and Owen loved it so much he clapped while he was eating!

43: Oct 17-23: Daddy taught Will how to play soccer against the garage door. Will told daddy "duh!" for the first time! "Will, did you wear your batman watch to school today?". "Yeah! Duh!" Will's first field trip - to a farm. He was in the "cows" group. Daddy told Will what he did at work. Will said, "That's boring. You should call it your boring work." Fall Festival day at CA. At soccer Will shared the ball, played very smart, played great defense, and didn't whine at all! Mommy put the bottles away (for good?) and got a little teary eyed. Met Ellen for first ever family picture shoot. Dina's Halloween party. Daddy was Frankenstein and mommy was Madonna.

44: Trick or Treat | Oct 24-30: Pam's birthday Skype. Will told her she was a Clemson tiger, and told her theBroncos were a stinky team. Owen started spinning in circles and everyone had a big laugh. Owen was very proud of himself. Suz said "Hans Solo". Will made a box fort, slept in there with his sleeping bag. He drew pictures of Owen and Will playing football for Clemson on the box and made some x's on it to say no daddies allowed. Only clemson mommies. Went to Jeff and Susan's house (old friends of Pike and Sherri). Sydney's gymnastics birthday party. Owen had a bad cough and made himself thow up at night. Will has had bad coughs for a few days. Today he told daddy "Daddy, my coughs feel spiky."

45: Oct 31 - Nov 6: Halloween! Owen still sick. Will used $1 for the school raffle and won the biggest prize - 4 huge Lego sets! Cold night for trick-or-treating. Owen lasted 4 houses, but Will toughed it out. Owen started stomping! Will got hives - ER from 12am to 5am. Will made a pattern out of his cars and told daddy he dreamed about it and knew how to make it. Will drove his Lightning car in circles around Owen - lots of laughs. When Owen is ready for bed he looks at us and says "na na". Willism "handzertizer".

46: Nov 7-13: Daddy asked Will what he wanted to be when he grew up. He though for awhile and said "I haven't planned it yet". Then decided snowboarding would be good. Will is totally obsessed with muffin knight and biker baron on his iPad. He also started doing the toot dance, the naked shake your bum bum dance, and started singing "who has the dog house. Oo. Oo". Owen got bit on his cheek. Will was telling us he was going to be a good boy and said "Whine, don't you ever come out!!" When Owen wants something he says, "da da da da," which really confuses Dada.

47: Nov 14-20: Nathaniel came over because Ethan took awhile to get discharged. He snuggled the ring stack before going to sleep. Daddy forgot Will at CA and drove off without him. Lots of questions about getting married to Ivy. Owen giggled a lot when daddy stole his milk and pretended to drink it. Friday Will sang at AA for grandparents day, then to the coffee shop with Mommy, then to his old school for the afternoon. He wore his sunglasses all afternoon and was a rockstar. After school we took a family trip to Ippolitos for dinner. Daddy was talking to Pam on the phone about trying to get Owen to call her Noni. Daddy told her "Owen will call you whatever Will calls you. You need to sell Will." Will heard this and yelled from the backseat "Don't tell mommy to sell me!!!". Date night - Tin Drum, Chocolaterie for hot chocolate (finally) and truffles. Thinning out Ally's knots turned into a full body shave - she ended up looking like a schnauzer (Schnaully).

49: Nov 21-27: Will to CA for 2 days. Daddy started working on the bed. Suz heard from Andy that they were only offering a pe4. Not happy. Will was so excited to see P&D. Owen put on a show shaking his head. Will and Dennis played Clue and football. Will was so good at catching and throwing. Turned Owen's carseat around. Owenism - more = ma. And some hand claps for good measure. He also learned how to "quack". Thanksgiving! Watched some of the parade, read the ads, ate lunch, watched football and naps. Watched Home Alone, and then to bed... Black Friday Suz and Pam went to Moops. Whole fam went to Cheeky's and the Avenue for dinner. Date night at Sip and the mall. Will was still up building legos with Noni. Sunday Xmas tree shopping and decorating!

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