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Stories and Memories of the Cottage

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Stories and Memories of the Cottage - Page Text Content

S: Stories and Memories of the Cottage

BC: created by Jill Hughey with an abundance of help from Julie Clark 2010

FC: Stories and Memories of The Cottage

1: What a beautiful place!

2: The beauty does not change...

3: But, the story continues to evolve...

4: History of the Property | Frank and Anna Sacho purchased the "Terry Doughty" property across the lake sometime in the mid-1940's for their retirement home. At that time, they were living in the Panama Canal Zone, along with their son and daughter-in-law, Wallace and Mildred Sacho. It is believed this property may have originally been owned by the LaBarron's.

5: A few years later, in the late 1940's, Frank and Anna purchased the "Hughey" property from the Lawlers. There are many stories about the Lawlers, involving a nudist camp and a fox farm. These stories would be interesting to follow up on...at another time. It is believed that the "Hughey" property was acquired sometime in 1948. At one point, they owned both parcels of land totaling over 250 acres and 1500 feet of shoreline. Currently, the property consists of 90 total acres on the north shore of Lake Hughitt and across County Hwy Y.

6: Wallace and Mildred Sacho (my parents) were married December 27, 1941, and left Green Bay on their honeymoon for Panama. Mom was 28 and Dad was 23. My grandparents, Frank and Anna Sacho, were living in the Canal Zone at the time, but returned to the States and their "retirement home" in Hazelhurst sometime in 1947 or 48. Mom and Dad lived in the Canal Zone until the fall of 1949, when they came back to the States and joined Grandma and Grandpa in Hazelhurst. Frank, my brother, one year older and wiser, and I have fond memories of the Wagon Wheel. Frank, who was 6 at the time, was enrolled in the 2-room schoolhouse in Hazelhurst. He went kicking and screaming to school the first day. | The story begins...by Julie Clark

7: Mom and Dad had to retrieve him to ensure the teacher's sanity. Eventually, he came to love school, and I would wait for him each afternoon at the end of the driveway. I was jealous that I had to stay behind and couldn't wait to start school. What carefree days we enjoyed, winter was | wonderful; cold and snowy. We sledded down the hill behind the Lodge to the "dump" and down the driveway's hill. We trudged through the snow on the lake. | Sometime in 1950, we moved to Green Bay where my dad worked for Beamster's Electric. We moved into an apartment on Pine Street. I was so excited about finally going to kindergarten in the fall. My balloon soon burst! While playing, I jumped off the porch and broke my leg in late August. So much for kindergarten...

8: About the Cottages | Anna and Frank eventually moved into the Lodge and opened the Wagon Wheel Resort. It included rental of the 2 cottages across the lake and the 3 cottages adjacent to the Lodge. "Anna of the Woods," or so she was nicknamed, operated the cottage rental business, along with managing the beer bar (located in the garage of the Lodge), renting boats, and operating the entire resort. Frank, worked as a custodian in the hospital in Woodruff. The Hugheys purchased the property from Anna Sacho in June, 1965. The owners became Esther Hughey, Julie Sacho (who became Julie Hughey in August 1965), and Paul Spahn. They shared equal thirds. After a few years, Paul Spahn sold his third to Wayde Hughey (George's father and Wayde's great grandfather). Another change in ownership occurred when Julie and Wes divorced in 1978, with Julie's third going to Wes. At that time, George and Esther decided to build their retirement home on the property, now known as the House.

9: The Lodge | Grandpa's, formerly known as "Wes and Julie's Jumpin' Joint" & "Squeakin' Springs" | The Throne | The Honeymoon | The House

10: Wagon Wheel Resort- My brother, Frank and I, were lucky to spend our summers at Wagon Wheel with Grandma Anna and Grandpa Frank. We have many memories of those happy and fun-filled days. Grandma rented the cottages and boats to friends, relatives, and tourists. Frank and I were busy keeping the occupants happy and supplied fishing bait. Our daily chores were bailing out the boats and helping Grandma clean and ready the cabins for the new guests. We also had time for play, including swimming, water-skiing, catching snakes, hiking the Mickey Mouse trail, collecting clam shells, picking wildflowers, and fishing. Grandma would clean our "catch" and fry them for dinner.

11: How delicious those pan-fried fish were! We also were treated to weekly trips to Minocqua for toys and fudge. My grandparents opened a beer bar in the garage of the Lodge, with a cooler of soda and beer, and candy bars on the backbar. A jukebox in the corner played tunes, such as the "Hoop De Do Polka." Aunt Gladys (Grandma's daughter) and her husband, Lenny, were always a part of the family gatherings. With a 25 hp motor, he used to pull us water-skiing around the lake. We were also treated to the "Minocqua-Bats" water-ski show and an ice cream cone at Bosacki's.

12: Memories of the Past... | Grandma Anna and Grandpa Frank Grandma was an excellent seamstress and crocheter. She made all her own clothes and many of mine and my dolls'. She loved bright colors, especially red. She was an exceptional woman; a pioneer in her day. Grandma Anna had many friends in the North Woods and was the driving force of the family. I made several trips to the blueberry patches with her. Grandpa would drive us, or we would walk. I can still hear her, "Stop the car, Daddy, the woods are blue." All the flies, sweat, and stained fingers were worth the savoring taste of her blueberry jam and pancakes. Grandpa Frank was a quiet man with a beautiful smile; he was about 6 feet tall, slim, handsome and could fix anything. He was an outdoors man and loved the woods. He loved to fish and hunt, but Grandma remained the "master fisherperson."

13: Grandpa had a heart attack in the living room of the Lodge, where he died. He was in his early 60's. Grandma continued to live in the Lodge and was happy to be in her North Woods. She remained there until the early 60's when she moved in with Gladys and Len because she was beginning to have health problems. She lived with them in Green Bay and Townsend until she died at age 82. | Christmas "Up North" Our Christmases in the Lodge were exciting and eventful. I remember going down in the basement looking for something when I encountered my dad at his workbench trying to covering up a doll bunkbed he was making for me as a Christmas present. I can picture the dolls in that bed. Also that Christmas, Dad threw all the wrapping paper in the fireplace which caused a spectacular chimney fire. Sparks were flying inside and out!

14: Hughey Family Memories | Motto Eat when you want Drink when you want Sleep when you want

15: Sleeping under the stars during roof remodel of The Lodge | The fire in the sand pit that blew Grandpa George's hat off! | Beaver Dams, snowmobile rides, Barb and Freds, woodcutting weekends.... | Bars 1 mile up and 1 mile down the road. | George's New Year's Eve parties! | THE CAN OF CORN! | Noah's Ark buried deep under the fire pit. | Copper on the fire and that poor tree. You know the one! | Waterskiing, fishing, boating, and endless games of cribbage and Yahtzee. | Squirrels, deer, and ticks! OH MY! | The Mickey Mouse Trail

16: .....on the road to paradise.

17: The Family Trees by Julie Clark Dig them up Fun with Grandma Dig a hole Sweat and flies Feathery, prickly needles Laughter and wrinkles We need more trees! Back to the woods The trees take root Life goes on... Survival through drought, heat, and frigid winters Loneliness and more laughter Driveway is defined Family is expanded Glorious archway to the lake More laughter, sadness, call of the loons Pink dots appear What will happen to our family?

20: If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; If you think in terms of 10 years, plant a tree; If you think in terms of 100 years, teach people. -Confucius

22: Present... | When Grandpa George passed away in 2006, we knew the cottage was about to go in yet another direction. Who would take care of it? Who would finance it? Who would make decisions? Now the property was in the hands of Uncle Matt, Wayde, Ann, Jilly, and Victor. The Lake Hughitt North Shore Owners, LLC was established in 2007 to help answer the underlying questions and preserve it's future. | MOTTO: Eat when you want to eat. Sleep when you want to sleep. Do what you want to do.

23: ...and Future | The cottage has always been a place to have fun with family and friends, relax, and to get away from the toils of daily life. The amount of work provided by so many on a daily basis is never underestimated and always appreciated. As current owners, we will continue to do what we can so that future generations may enjoy it's natural beauty and wonder.

24: Memories, especially good and thoughtful ones are great to recall. They are also gifts to pass on to others. I have put down some of my memories as a keepsake to share with our family. They can never fully describe all the love and caring that has been a part of our family for the past 60 years. To my children; Jilly, Ann and Tom, and Wayde and Jill, and my grandchildren; Kelsey, Drew, Mckenna, Connor, and Ian, this is a "journal in progress" and it's up to you to keep it going....Love, Mom

25: This book was created for all those who have ever been able to experience the beauty and pleasure of the Cottage. But mostly, it was created as a keepsake for the family to be proud of and to cherish. Thank you for letting me into the "story" and for being able to share all the great memories of a place so near and dear to your hearts....Love, Jill

27: In loving memory of: Esther Hughey Peggy Hughey George Hughey Wes Hughey who have chosen to reside up at Lake Hughitt forever... | George | Esther | Wes | Peggy

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